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New Jersey is home to the beauty of history, castles, that make it worth a visit. The historic castles in new jersey are open for exploration and educational researches to the general public. More so, there are castles in new jersey for weddings and other celebratory events on a grand scale. Both men and women who dream of a fairy tale wedding with royalty and grandeur as the main aspect, have known to choose the state of new jersey as their favourite spot.

Apart from just celebrations and visits, there are castles to stay in new jersey, for which one needs to make prior bookings. Every year, there are thousands of tourists who come down to the Garden State to get a first-hand show of these marvelous structures. Everything that one reads in books seems to come alive when visiting these places.

10 Magnificent Castles In New Jersey

For your convenience, we have made a list of ten of the best castles in new jersey that you should visit when you are here.

1. Lamberts Castle (Belle Vista)

Lamberts Castle (Belle Vista)

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The Lambert Castle was built in 1892-1893, by Catholina Lambert in Paterson, NJ. The castle was named Belle Vista by the lady herself. It is known that prominent people would often visit this place which also include president William McKinley. In the year 1934, the Lamberts Castle was transferred to the Parks Commission. The Passaic County Historical Society then established it as a museum and library.

Location: 3 Valley Road, Paterson Avenue, New Jersey
Timings: Wed to Sat, 12pm to 4pm
Entry fee: NA (Not Applicable)

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2. Liberty Hall


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Liberty Hall is now a part of Kean University. it was built in the year 1772 in Elizabethtown, NJ by lawyer William Livingston. After William Livingstone retired, he moved into his enormous home with his family permanently. Soon, he came out of his retirement and went on to server in the First and Second Continental Congress. In the year 1811, Peter Kean purchased the building after the death of Livingston and transformed the structure into a 50-room mansion. Hence, the participation the structure to Kean University.

Location: 1003 Morristown Avenue, Union, New Jersey
Timings: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm
Entry fee: NA

3. Alnwick Hall: The Abbey

Alnwick Hall

Image Source

Situated in Morristown, during the Golden Years of the town, only a handful of estates were built from 1880 to 1929. The castles in an around this place are vestiges of the states Tudor Gothic revival. This castle belonged to Rosalie Meany, who loved throwing lavish parties, playing host to the highest of high society. Built in 1904, the Alnwick Hall was an inspiration of the Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England. This 32-room home has served as the set of Hogwarts for the first two Harry Potter movies.

Location: 355 Madison Avenue, Morristown, New Jersey
Timings: Open during ‘Open House’
Entry fee: No entry fee as it is up for sale

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4. Skylands Manor

Skylands Manor

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The architecture and making of the manor have inspirations from various European countries. Each and every material of the house was a personal choice of McKenzie, who brought in the best professionals to make his dream come true. In the year 1953, McKenzie had sold all 1117 manicured acres of the property to the National Bible Institute. In 1966, the state of New Jersey purchased the property and two decades later, Governor Tom Kean designated the 96 acres surrounding the manor as the official state garden. It is a popular wedding venue in the modern age, operated by Frungillo Caterers.

Location: 5 Morristown road, Ringwood, New Jersey
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

5. Iviswold Castle

Iviswold Castle

Image Source

This is an interesting piece of architectural history that embodies a curious tale. David B. Ivison, a book publisher, bought a stone home on a Rutherford hilltop in 1887. He hired New York based architect William H. Miller, who expanded the stone house into a 25-room high-Victorian castle. It was complete with towers of brownstone quarried in Belleville. Until the crash of the stock market in 1901, Miller lived there. After multiple bankruptcies, Peter and Sally Sammartin convinced several investors to back their plan and founded the Fairleigh Dickinson University. But soon tragic hit them hard and the castle was again forgotten until Felician College purchased the campus and initiated the restoration by Historic Building Architects.

Location: Rutherford, New Jersey
Timings: NA
Entry fee: Open to student body only.

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6. Natirar


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Walter Graeme Ladd and his wife Kate created a 40 room Tudor styled mansion on their 1000 acres property in Peapack, which was completed by 1912. The castle was named Natirar as an anagram for the Raritan River. The castle is trimmed with limestone, has oak panelling and decorated with designer plaster ceilings. After Mrs Ladd’s death, Hassan II (King of Morocco) purchased the property. He died in the year 1999. In 2003, Somerset County purchased the property and transformed into a cooking school, restaurant, farm and other useful utility centres.

Location: 2 Main street, Peapack Gladstone, New Jersey
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

7. Drumthwacket


Image Source

This structure was built by Charles Smith Olden in the year 1835. Currently, it serves as the official residence of the governor of New Jersey. The estate also houses the office to the Drumthwacket Foundation. The Castle also acts as an educational centre for children.

Location: 354 Stockton street, Princeton, New Jersey
Timings: NA.
Entry fee: NA. Building is used by and for official use.

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8. Glynallyn Castle

Glynallyn Castle

Image Source

This building was home to the publisher, George Marshall Allen. It was built in 1917 and modelled after the post-medieval house at Compton Wynyates in Warwickshire, England. The structure was fitted with historic features along with a 400-year-old oak panelling and interiors salvaged from the English mansions. It is now a private residence.

Location: 12 Canfield road, Morristown (Convent station), New Jersey
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

9. Emlen Physick Estate

Emlen Physick Estate

Image Source

The Emlen Physick Estate was completed in 1879 after which Emlen Jr., his widowed mother and his aunt moved in. During the 1970s, the mid-Atlantic centre for arts and humanities saved and restored the 18-room structure. It now serves as a museum.

Location: 1048 Washington street, Cape May, New Jersey
Timings: Monday to Sunday, 10.30am to 4pm
Entry fee: NA

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10. Stronghold


Image Source

George B Post, an architect, purchased the 104 acres of land in hopes of turning it into a high rolling, self sufficient estate of the English Lords. Then on, the property has been resold to many buyers. Currently, it is a private residence and is up for sale. It is exclaimed to be one of a kind and homes like Stronghold can no longer be built anymore.

Location: Bernardsville, Northern New Jersey
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

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