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Indian dishes are well known for their spicy flavors and exquisite aroma and are popular across the globe for their varieties. If you are an Indian residing in New Jersey and have been trying different Indian restaurants for authentic Indian delicacies lately, the below list of the Indian restaurants in New Jersey USA, will be a big help to satisfy your taste buds. Try each of them and have an amazing dining experience.

Top 10 Indian Restaurants In New Jersey

Here is the perfect list of Indian restaurants in New Jersey that you should definitely visit and relish scrumptious Indian dishes. Take a look!

1. Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar

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Traditional Indian dishes are prepared with the use of Indian spices and this restaurant leaves you with the modern & intimate dining experience. A wide variety of Indian food is available in the menu and the highly experienced chef cooks it with full conviction. You will find the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes from the list of Indian cuisines at this place.

This place is best for vegetarian and non- vegetarian lovers. Your taste buds will sense to wow once you will have dinner at this place. They serve you with very innovative culinary ideas in Indian cuisine. Must try dishes such as dahi aloo papri, Cashew-nut-rolls, Cocktail samosa, dosa balls. Spice Bazaar is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in new jersey.

Location: 114-116 Quimby St, Westfield, NJ 07091, USA
Cost for two: INR 1000
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 10

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2. Mithaas


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Mithaas is one of the best restaurants in the New Jersey which serves traditional Indian street food and sweets in a quick-service storefront. Mithaas, as the name suggests, specializes in Indian desserts and you will surely love them after giving a try. The food ranges from Very spicy to moderately spicy and normal which suits the taste of different people.

People love Dahi Puri, Bhel Puri, Dabeli, Pao Bhaji and Choley Bhaturey are very tasty. Mithaas special Thali is very famous and includes Rajma, Choley, Butter Paneer and green peas. There are 2 Rotis, rice and Dahi served with vegetable salad and a piece of sweet. The food is tasty and filling.

Location- 795, Newark Ave, NJ – 07306-3808
Cost for two: INR 1424
Ratings: 3.5/5
Reviews: 38

3. Deccan Spice

Deccan Spice

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Deccan Spice is the one-stop destination for the authentic Indian food in the New Jersey. It is more of a local, family-owned joint and not a gourmet restaurant but its excellent preparation is what makes it better from most of the local Indian restaurants. Deccan Spice is one of the top Indian restaurants in new jersey

Deccan Spice restaurant serves Vegetarian dishes as well as meat. While most of the people liked Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala in the Deccan Spice, there were people who loved the traditional South Indian dishes.

Location- 771, Newark Ave, NJ – 07306-3808
Cost for two: INR 3204
Ratings: 3.5/5
Reviews: 27

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4. Sapthagiri


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Sapthagiri is an Indian restaurant in New Jersey famous for its South Indian dishes. There are some North Indian curries served as well but Sapthagiri is an all and all South Indian restaurant. The main attraction of this restaurant is that it serves only pure vegetarian dishes which brings people to this place every time.

Most of the customers who visit Sapthagiri, come for Dosa. There are different varieties of Dosa served with a tangy Sambar which gives you a real flavor of Indian spices and an aroma that remains with you even after you have left the place.Sapthagiri is the ultimate place to visit when looking for south Indian restaurants in new jersey

Location- 3854, 804 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 360 (approx.)
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 40

5. Egg Mania

Egg Mania

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Egg Mania as the name says is an Indian restaurant famous for its Egg Food. They have a variety of Egg dishes and people from all over the town who love Indian Egg dishes visit this restaurant to satisfy their food cravings. The Indian spices on the Eggs take the experience to a different level altogether.

Excellent authentic Indian Egg dishes cooked with Indian spices is what Egg mania is famous for. If you love Indian food and Eggs, this place is where you must check in. The eggs from Poached to scrambled everything tastes heaven.

Location- 14 Liberty Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 3560
Ratings: 2.5/5
Reviews: 9

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6. Honest


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The Honest restaurant is honestly one of the best restaurants in New Jersey if you are looking for the spicy authentic Indian dishes. They have almost all the dishes you would get in any restaurant in India and the preparation is the same. You get exactly the same taste with more than sufficient quantity which keeps you stuffed all day.

The Pav Bhaji which they make is mouth-watering and super spicy. You can actually feel the butter on your tongue for a long time.

Location- 3808, 811 Newark Ave, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 700
Ratings: 3/5

7. Biryani Pot

Biryani Pot

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Biryani Pot is an Indian restaurant in USA that excels in Indian style Biryani. They have different varieties of Biryanis to quench your thirst for the tastiest Biryani in the city. You will find the taste no different from India and the spices added will give the texture same as that cooked in Hyderabad.

Most of the restaurants serving Biryanis in New Jersey serve the leftovers in the lunchtime which was not at all the case with the Biryani Pot. They serve the tastiest Biryanis in the city cooked fresh and long till the texture of meat gets mixed well with the rice.

Location- 824 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 2848
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 5

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8. Ganesh Dosa House

Ganesh Dosa House

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If you have a craving for Dosa and you live in Jersey City in NJ, Ganesh Dosa House is the one-stop destination to satisfy your craving for Dosa. It serves a wide variety of Dosa served in a comfortable environment which makes you feel that you are sitting actually in a restaurant somewhere in South India.

It is very obvious that people who visit Ganesh Dosa House visit there to have the yummiest Dosa in town. The stuffed Dosa is loved by everybody and they serve them with two types of chutneys and a sambhar soup which tastes fresh and delicious.

Location- 809 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 1424
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 27

9. VaibhaV Indian Spice Journey

VaibhaV Indian Spice Journey

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You will hear many things about Indian food in New Jersey. This is a nice place to visit, you will find many dishes of chicken specialty and even you will find a Dosa bar at the back. Yes and don’t forget to eat dahi poori whenever you visit this place.

They make awesome rice cheese balls, chicken 65, Pav bhaji, Chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, fried rice and tofu in chili sauce which are also few famous dishes of this place. The ambiance is very cozy and nice and staff will welcome you with a smile when you will enter the restaurant.

Location- 737 Newark Ave, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 4272
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 28

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10. Golconda Chimney

Golconda Chimney

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Golconda Chimney is the place which offers you special flavors and entrees in a nice and comfortable atmosphere. The menu of this place reflects the food diversity of incredible India. Some excellent non-vegetarian dishes (especially meat) are served at this South Indian venue with a simple and roomy interior.

This restaurant is specialized in Indian Mughlai dishes, Indian Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Punjabi and tandoor dishes. You will really have an intimate dining experience at this place. You will experience memorable dining moments at your every visit.

Location- 806 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 2136
Ratings: 3.5/5
Reviews: 10

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The above list contains the name of the best restaurants in New Jersey surely ends your search for the best restaurants in the city. You feel like a little India when you enter these Indian restaurants and expect them to serve you the best of Indian delicacies to quench your thirst for Indian foods. Visit the Indian restaurants mentioned above to feel at home and explore the wide varieties of Indian cuisines served in a friendly and comfortable environment. So, plan your trip to USA and enjoy Indian dishes!

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