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Unlock the world of fun-filled road trips as far as you are in-check with all the safety measures of the new normal. Road travel during COVID’19 times comes with its own set of safety checklists. It sure is the safest mode of travel at this time. Moreover, road trips can cease to be impromptu but they can remain to be fun. The way to do so is to embrace the change. There are plenty of places that are open for exploration. So gear up for that long due road trip, get behind the wheels, and start your engines, but not before you take these safety essentials.

8 Tips For Safe Road Travel During COVID’19 Times

Get back on the road with this safety checklist especially designed for the new normal. Go through the following safety measures and ensure safe road trips during COVID’19 times.

1. Travel To Safe Zones – Better Safe Than Sorry

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Take your time to shortlist places that are safe zones before you start making travel plans. This step will ensure that you are not dragging yourself into a situation that is not wanted. Throughout the country, there are recognized green zones that are now safe for road travels. So make a list and choose your travel destination wisely. Best avoid traveling to containment zones.

2. Take A Planned Route – Not The Best Time For Detour

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Detour is not the best option when it comes to taking a road trip during COVID. The answer lies in the constant changes in the travel policy of different states. Therefore, it is best to make notes of the state checkpoints and abide by the travel policies of each state you are crossing en route. If you don’t stick to a planned route, chances are you may drag yourself into the complexity of crossing the border of a state that you didn’t mean to pass.

3. Pack Safety Essentials – Precautions Are A First

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Pack these safety essentials and you are good to go for road travel during COVID’19 times. Masks, spare masks, separate sanitizer bottles for everyone, a common sanitizer spray bottle (placed at the center), face shields, disposable gloves and bags, enough wipes and tissues, and car dustbin are some of the safety essentials. Most importantly, wear masks, they drastically minimize the rate of transmission. Moreover, the Delhi government has issued strict traffic rules to ensure everyone is wearing a mask even inside a car.

4. Practice Social Distancing – The More Is Not Merrier

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This goes without saying but practicing social distancing is an absolute must. At the break of COVID’19, the more is surely not merrier. Therefore, avoid any type of social gatherings or functions. Be it while making payments at gas stations or checkpoints, social distancing cannot be compromised. The adequate distance that should be maintained when you are in the outdoors is a minimum of 6 feet, i.e., two arm’s length.

5. Keep Yourself Updated – The Need of E-Pass

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This will surely cross your mind if you are headed for road trips during COVID’19 times. Many states have issued the need of an e-pass for travel during certain days. Note that state policies keep on changing as per the change in the number of active COVID’19 cases. Therefore, it is better to do thorough research and keep yourself updated. Moreover, different states function on different state policies regarding the COVID-19 test, booking of government-approved hotels, etc., so it’s best to double-check.

6. Sanitize Your Car – The Foremost Step

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Before heading out for a road trip, make sure to completely sanitize your car from inside and out. This step is a must to ensure the safety of your travel companions. Since most of the time of the road trip will be spent inside the car, it is an important step. It is also recommended that you also sanitize car nobs from time to time. Also, if you are switching drivers, make sure to sanitize the steering wheel.

7. Pack Traveling Essentials – Make A Double-Check

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Another key point for road trips during COVID’19 times is keeping yourself equipped with the travel essentials. First and foremost is to pack the car emergency kit along with a spare tire. Other essentials include a personal first-aid kit, power bank, water bottle stock, insect repellent, toiletries, toilet seat sanitizer spray, paper napkins, eye mask, cash, etc. These may seem small things but will surely enhance the experience of your journey.

8. Stock-Up On Dry Snacks – Make No Halts

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If you are headed for a long road trip, then you better not get-going without enough stock of dry snacks. During COVID times, it is best to adore the beauty from behind the windshield. The more stops you make, the more you are increasing the chances of exposure. Therefore, it is recommended that you plan ahead and stock up on chocolates, biscuits, dry fruits, chips, etc. It is also wise to pack separate bottles and spoons and carry paper plates.

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With road trips being the new face of travel, it is best to reboot ourselves with the safety measures of the new normal. Remember that a break from the mundane is not a break from Corona, at least for now. So wear your masks, sanitize your hands, and get going for safe road travel during COVID’19 times.

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