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    • Holiday packages
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      Travel Tips

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      Visiting Koh Samui is like landing on a heavenly island where the best of Thailand is offered to you on a bewitchingly beautiful canvas. The pretty landscapes and breathtaking seascapes will enchant you, the delicious gastronomic delights will satiate your palate like no place else and the range of luxurious stays will make you want to stay here forever. Read more

      The sky kissing skyscrapers, cheering neon lights and the bustling crowds can be a delightful experience for some but can also be a frenetic visit for many. The enormous number of places and mammoth amount of activities to choose from makes it difficult to decide what to do and what not to do in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a fusion of the eastern and the western culture. Almost every district in Hong Kong can be considered as a tourist destination.

      15 Things Not To Do In Hong Kong

      But having the right knowledge of do’s and don'ts can make your trip joyous and pocket friendly. Here we will tell you about the things not to do in Hong Kong.

      1. Don’t Be A Snail

      Hong Kong Street
      Image SourceHong Kongers are fast doers and walkers. Try not to walk slow and block anyone's way as this will surely leave the locals irritated. Whether in restaurants or in public transport try to match the pace and manners of the local population.

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      2. Don’t Only Travel In Taxis Or M.T.R.

      ferry Hong Kong
      Image SourceOpting for local buses for travelling is cheaper than taxis and also gives a better view of the place than M.T.Rs. Also don’t forget to take the ferries. Travel by ferries for an awesome boating experience and beautiful scenery watching. Try double decker trams for exploring Hong Kong. Trams will provide you the experience of a bygone era and a slow relaxed city tour.

      3. Don’t Shop Only In Malls

      street market
      Image SourceHong Kong has a plethora of malls but that does not mean that you shop only in malls. Try shopping locally. There are tons of shops in Square Street, Tai Ping Shan and Chateau Zoobeetle. These shops will be easy on your pocket and will give you an insight of the local culture. Don’t forget to bargain.

      4. Don’t Just Shop And Eat

      Image SourceHong Kong dates back to around 6000 years.Visit places like Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbor and Avenue of Stars during the day and experience the Symphony of lights at night. Don’t forget to visit the three famous museums -The History Museum , The Art Museum and The Museum.

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      5. Don’t Just Carry Beach And Casual Wear

      Image SourceChinese people are very particular about their dress code. If you want to dine in ritzy places, wear an appropriate dress or you might not even be allowed to dine in.

      6. Don’t Just Eat Chinese Food

      Image SourceHong Kong offers cuisines from all over the world. Expats from all over the world have opened different types of restaurants here. Hong Kong offers excellent Japanese,Thai, French and African cuisines. If your taste buds love delectable cuisines, you must try all the cuisines here.

      7. Don’t Stay On Hong Kong Island All The Time

      Image SourceHong Kong is one of the 260 islands in the region. Nearby islands are 30 to 60 mins away by ferry. These islands offer a different flora and fauna experience. Big Lantau is famous for hiking and camping. Relax at the Lamma Island and savor its natural beauty. Cheung Chau is a shopping destination. So shop till you drop!

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      8. Don’t Just Stay In Any Hotel

      Image SourceResearch well about the hotels before going to Hong Kong. Touts try to rip you off and provide substandard services. Try to avoid a stay in places like Chung King. They might offer a interesting experience but things like scams, thefts, and even violence might just spoil your trip. Don’t ever leave cash or jewelry unlocked and revealed in a hotel. Talk to a reputed Travel Agent about your requirements for a comfortable and safe stay.

      9. Don’t Smoke In Prohibited Areas

      no smoking
      Image SourceHong Kong levies a fine of 800 USD for smoking in restricted places. Smoking a cigarette in prohibited areas might prove to be a very costly mistake.

      10. No Outings During Typhoon

      Image SourceYour shelter will not collapse during Typhoon but your chances of getting hurt are high so keep a tab on the warnings and wait for the Typhoon to subside.

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      11. Don’t Blindly Cross The Road

      Image SourceUnlike in the west, the traffic in Hong Kong is unruly and can flow both ways on a single street. So watch your sides and cross safely.

      12. Don’t Spend Too Much Time In The Sun

      Image SourceChinese heat is oppressing. Locals there always carry an umbrella for protection. Keep yourself hydrated and always carry an anti sun lotion in your hand bag.

      13. Do Not Shop On Weekends

      Ladies Market at Mongkok is one of the most popular shopping places in Hong Kong
      Image SourceIt’s the best way to avoid the local crowd while shopping . Malls and local markets are hell crowded on weekends. You will end up feeling tired and fatigued in crowded places.

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      14. Don't Forget Octopus Card

      octopus card
      Image SourceIf you are using any public transport in Hong Kong such as MTR metro, buses, trams and ferries, the Octopus card can save you a lot of time as its a prepaid tap-and-go smart card almost like a de facto currency. These cards can be purchased at metro stations and ferry offices and any unused cash will be refunded to you.

      15. Do Not Break The Laws

      Image SourceBefore we just end up the list of things not to do in Hong Kong, here is the most important one to follow. Chinese are notorious for inflicting severe punishments for petty crimes. So follow the laws and do not get carried away by words or flesh. Always keep the number of your embassy or consulate with you.Planning a trip to Hong Kong anytime soon? Besides the typical to-do list in Hong Kong, don’t forget to check out the things not to do in Hong Kong else they could be a mood spoiler during your well planned trip. So make sure you streamline your choices, and enjoy on a safe and an awesome trip.

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