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13 million people visit Singapore every year making it one of the top tourist destinations. One can do a lot of things in Singapore such as sightseeing, water sports activities, adventure sports activities, tasting the delicious Singaporean food, visiting various temples etc. Singapore is an all in one package as it has a lot to offer to the travelers. It is also famous for the delicious food that it offers to the travelers. Also the unique and diverse culture of Singapore should be explored. Redhill is a subzone in Northwestern Bukit Merah and is flocked by a large number of tourists every year. Here we have listed some top things to do in Redhill in June for you to have an amazing vacay with your family. Also, don’t forget to taste the lip smacking food of Singapore.

Singapore In June

Singapore June Weather

June and July are the peak months of tourism in Singapore. The weather is a bit dry in June in Singapore.
Also there are various interesting events that happen in Singapore in June. One of the most fascinating events is the Singapore Food Festival. It is for every foodie out there who loves trying new cuisines. Also don’t miss out on the Hari Raya Puasa festival as you will experience the amazing Islamic culture at this time. The famous Dragon Boat Festival also happens in June making June the perfect month to visit Singapore.

3 Things To Do In Redhill In June

June is an amazing time to visit Singapore. Here we have listed 3 things to do in Redhill in June for you to have a wonderful vacation in SIngapore. You will surely have a mesmerizing experience in Singapore.

1. Going For Water Sports


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Kallang has got a plenty of options for you when it comes to playing water sports. If you are an adult, head over to the water venture and indulge yourselves into various water sports activities like kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, and dragon-boating or sea rafting. You can even take a one-day course on kayaking for just $25.
Or if you are someone who wants their kids to enjoy the same, then take them to Kallang mall where the children aged between 3 to 12 can enjoy splashing and surfing in the water at a special area provided. Coming to the land of sports activities, water sports is something you should definitely not miss adding in your list of things to do in Kallang.

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2. Indoor Sky Diving

Indoor Skydiving at iFlySingapore

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Wanna skydive but afraid of heights- Here’s how you can experience this thrilling activity staying in a safe environment. Simulate the thrill of a 10,000ft freefall in the safety of this five-storey indoor wind tunnel. Go body-flying in the worlds largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving for a rush like no other. It is one of the most exciting adventurous things to do in Singapore.

Location: iFlySingapore, Sentosa island; 9 am-10 pm (All Days), 10.30 am-10 pm (Wed)
Cost: $119 ($109 for pre-booking)
Recommended for: Sports, Family

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3. Have Unabashed Fun At Sentosa Island


Get ready for some thrilling and fun experiences in Sentosa Island. Sentosa has a lot of interesting things for couples to enjoy. You can explore Universal Studios Singapore where you can enjoy exciting water rides, roller coaster rides, live shows, rock climbing, river rapid, jurassic park adventure etc. This is the most happening island near singapore for honeymoon.

If you are not in a mood for adventure, then you can spend the day lazing around or swimming in the blue waters. Theres a good variety of beach bars and restaurants for you to spend a romantic day out. If you want some more privacy and peace then you can head to Tanjong Beach. Get your beachwear ready!

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How To Reach Singapore

arriving in port louis

One can easily reach Singapore via various options available. All the options of air, road and water travel are available to reach Singapore. Air travel is the most feasible option available to reach Singapore. It will take you just 4 hours to reach Singapore via air. It is very well connected to India via Changi Airport. The other option of roadways is a fascinating one. It will take you around 96 hours to reach Singapore. Singapore is connected to India via a causeway in Malaysia. There is also an option of traveling by ferries and cruises but there is no direct link established between India and Singapore yet. So you can choose as per your convenience.

Planning a trip to Singapore? Singapore is a small yet beautiful island which is a must visit tourist destination. Don’t forget to check out the various interesting places in Singapore to visit such as the Singapore Flyer, Redhill, Sentosa Island, Little India, Universal Studios and many more. Also add these interesting things to do in Redhill in June to your plan and have an amazing vacay in Singapore with you family and friends. You can even travel to Singapore as a solo traveler. So, what are you waiting for? Book a tour to Singapore with TravelTriangle and have a mesmerizing experience on the island.

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