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    Whenever one thinks of rich ancient civilizations, Greece automatically comes first; be it culture, or wealth, or even sheer military power. If you like visiting places with much historical importance, Greece is one place you must not miss. And while in Greece, stay in one of these best villas in Athens we are talking about below. While there are a number of multiple star hotels, or other places to stay in, in Greece, or even in Athens; won’t it be something to have a villa in Athens for rent, for however long it may be? Athens is the capital of Greece, undoubtedly the most powerful civilization in human history. On top that, Athens was at the heart of what we now call Ancient Greece.

    So, let’s read more about the various lavish villas in this glorious city that will completely blow your mind!

    10 Best Villas In Athens

    Here is a list of some of the best villas in Athens, Greece. It is also the best way to enjoy the year-round pleasant weather. Of course, be sure to check out each of the villas before you decide upon one, as each has something different to offer.

    1. Apartment Nina

    Luxury Apartment

    Image Source

    In operation since 18th May 2015, this villa is located in Pendeli. Pendeli is roughly 13kms from Athens City, and the terrace of the villa boasts and guarantees a breathtaking view of the mountains. Meant best for the couples, the villa is well equipped, with equipment like a dishwasher, an oven, a coffee machine, and a microwave. It also has a flat screen TV, with satellite connection for when you are done staring at the mountains to your heart’s content. The TV is accompanied by a DVD player, for a more customized kind of entertainment.

    Apart from the luxuries, the villa will urge you to hike around the area or provide you with free cycles to bicycle around.

    Location: Pendeli

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    2. Villa Adrali

    Luxury Villa

    Image Source

    Talk about luxury villas in Athens, and this is definitely one of them. This villa is located in Kamari, which is on the Eastern coast of Santorini; and thus guarantee an excellent view of the Gulf of Kamari, as well as the Aegean Sea. The villa comes with a swimming pool of its own. There are three bedrooms in the villa, which can easily accommodate eight people, making this villa for a family reunion, or even for your college gang.

    And what more will attract your attention is the building itself. It has an ancient traditional taste to it; which have been so perfectly blended with the contemporary. It is just a treat to the eyes.

    Location: Kamari

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    3. Villa Lanira

    Luxury Villa Lanira

    Image Source

    This is probably one of the best villas we are talking about in this list. This villa is near Kolymari, built among picturesque, sprawling, 3000 sq. m of orchards and landscaped gardens. This three bedroom villa has stunning views of seas to offer to you; the Crete sea, along with a view of the White Mountains. It will also provide ample privacy to your whole gang, to indulge in a wood-burning barbeque, or to simply bask in the sun.

    Location: Kolymari

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    4. GAIA Villa

    Amazing view from villa

    Image Source

    If you are looking for villas to rent in Athens, Greece then this is the one. Enough of the sea and mountains view. Now brace yourself for an exciting volcanic view in this one; a bakery villa. Yes, this was what once a bakery has now been transformed into a very private villa. This villa will definitely provide the needed privacy to a couple, or even a small group of friends. A uniquely designed villa, this one has two cave houses. Whoever rents the villa, rents both of these houses, which are connected with exterior stairs. Oh yes, they are set in two levels; has two terraces, and a Jacuzzi plunge pool!

    5. Villa Aura

    Villa Aura

    Image Source

    Now to the village of Firostefrani in Greece. This is a newly built villa, which is set between the cliff and a hillside. It definitely comes with its perks. Perfect for a romantic getaway, or a friends’ get-together, this villa has three rooms cut into rocks. Apart from a breakfast cook, and a housekeeper coming in, you have the whole villa to yourself. Fantastic, right?

    Location: Firostefrani

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    6. Palace Villa

    Palace Villa in Athens

    Image Source

    As might the name suggests, the Palace villa is all traditional business. It is a luxurious stone house in Zakynthia. This place is definitely suitable for a soul-searching trip, with easy access to the sea, and the Priest’s Cave. While here, you should also visit the nearby harbor town called Agios Nikolaos. You can treat yourself to some Greek fishing and snorkeling.

    Location: Zakynthia

    7. Alisahnea

    Pool side view

    Image Source

    Looking for some seclusion on your Greek trip? This is just the place for you. Set on the sandy beach of Kapari, the Alisahnea villa will let you swim in an infinity swimming pool, along with a host of other recreational activities. It was probably the liveliest city then, as it still is. And traces of that are distinctly visible around the city. One will find plenty of imposing 5th Century BC constructions around the city.

    Location: Kapari

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    8. Neptunes Villa

    Fabulous villa

    Image Source

    It is one of the best holiday villas in Athens, Greece. This is a waterfront villa for rental. It is in the Mykonos area. It is definitely perfectly made for a total family holiday. It will provide you the whole seclusion you need with your family on a vacation, while also keep you a short drive away from important places like Agios Ioannis, in the Mykonos town. So don’t you think it would be nice to have a villa to rent in Athens, Greece, and also visit the hilltop citadel called the Acropolis, or the oh so many ancient buildings, say the Parthenon temple?

    Location: Mykonos

    9. Kymothoe Villa

    Pool side

    Image Source

    Another blend of Greek traditions, and worldly modernity, this is a beautiful oceanfront villa in Mykonos. Just next door is the Villa Okyroe, and the secluded sandy beach of Kapari is just a few minutes away. Along with the Greek traditional aesthetics, this villa has a lot to offer among the modern amenities. While in Athens, also make it a point to visit the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum.

    Location: Kapari

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    10. Almyra Villa

    Almyra Villa in Athens

    Image Source

    Time to be back to the panoramic view of the mountains. A luxurious three-bedroom villa, this is perfect for the families on vacation. Situated on the most stunning part of Athens, this villa has the perfect seaside view for the perfect evening. These museums have very delicately preserved ancient Greek scriptures, vases, jewelry, and many such fascinating items. And who knows, the villa next to you might be a villa in Athens to another Indian family! Believe us when we tell you that a number of Indian people go to visit Greece around the year.

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    If you are looking for luxury villas in Athens, this is the list to go to. Villas in Athens with private pool is the best location for you to spend a laid back vacation. This is our sincere advice to you to look at and book your favorite villa well in advance. Most of the villas come with almost a similar capacity, while each of them has a whole different host of facilities and luxuries to provide. People tend to stay for longer periods in these villas. So, getting on the line earlier never hurts, plan your trip to Greece for a thrilling holiday experience like never before!

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