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    Watch a movie under the stars in Athens

    The vibrant city of Athens is a dream destination for many owing to the fact that there are so many things to do in Athens. Famous for its rich cultural heritage, shopping sites, delicious food, and a happening nightlife, Athens never fails to surprise travelers. You need not worry about what to do in Athens, as there is a lot that awaits you in this beautiful and interesting city.

    Top 10 Things To Do In Athens Like A Local

    Here’s what all you can do in this attractive city.

    1. Swim in Lake Vouliagmeni

    Swim in Lake Vouliagmeni in athens

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    One of the internationally acclaimed things to do in Athens, Greece is to visit this lake located in the suburbs of Athens approximately 25 km from the city centre. It is popular for its waters that have a therapeutic value and 24°C of temperature year-round. There is a quaint cafe nearby where you can gorge on scrumptious meals and a playground where children can enjoy.

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    2. Cha-Cha-Cha on the streets

    Cha-Cha-Cha on the streets in athens

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    8 years ago, an Athenian couple fond of Tango placed a portable stereo in Ermou and started dancing in the street. Gradually, their friends followed their steps and the troupe kept increasing in size. Now, each Monday, a “Street Dancing Milonga” is organized where people from every age come together with their dancing shoes on. This is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Athens at night.

    3. Tour the oldest surviving residence

    Take a tour of the oldest surviving residence in athens

    Image Source

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    Surviving even today, the Benizelou Mansion from the times of the Ottoman empire belonged initially to an aristocratic family of Revoula Benizelou, who renounced her life and became a nun to be finally canonized. The house is also known as St Filothei, the Athenian on the name of the nun. It is a museum today and gives an Old Greek feeling to tourists via its audio and video screenings, and interactive digital applications for kids.

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    4. Try an Escape Game

    Try an Escape Game in athens

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    Escape Games are evolving into a very interesting concept around the world. One of the most popular things to do in Athens is to visit the Lost Statues of Knossos escape room where you can spend a good number of hours with your their friends trying to solve tricky riddles and escaping the room.

    5. Take a My City My Sounds tour with your phone

    Take a My City My Sounds tour with your phone in athens

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    This is definitely one of the most interesting things to do in Athens. Try this guided walk where your smartphone is your only guide helping you all the way through! Just install the free application My City My Sounds and download the English version to playback a soundtrack containing narrations, interviews and even noises on the streets of Athens.

    6. Shop at the Monastiraki flea market

    Shop at the Monastiraki flea market in athens

    Image Source

    This flea market is unlike any you have ever seen. Visit on a Sunday when hawkers from the hills set out their blankets and sell all sorts of wacky stuff. If this scene appears a little too crowded for your liking, you can just sit in the cafes overlooking the ancient agora for some quiet times. The highlight is the street musicians and stores selling fur around the street.

    7. Indulge in a steam bath

    Indulge in a steam bath in athens

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    If you are thinking what to do in Athens, Greece, you should consider visiting ‘Al Hammam’, the traditional bathhouse in Plaka. Lay down on the warm marble to relax in the hands of experts equipped with ‘aketse’ (a special sponge for exfoliation) and natural olive oil soap. It’s the best place for a soothing massage and head wash and there are special packages for couples.

    8. Go for a picnic in the Diomedes Gardens

    Go for a picnic in the Diomedes Gardens in athens

    Image Source
    One of the best things to do in Athens is visiting the Diomedes Botanical Gardens. It is a 18.6-hectare oasis and houses about 500 species of flora along with more than 2,500 plants from around the world. The plants are segregated into ornamental, medicinal, aromatic, and historic types.

    9. Walk through the Plaka

    Walk through the Plaka in athens

    Image Source

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    If you are looking for fun things to do in Athens, Greece, you should consider walking through the oldest neighborhood in Athens, the Plaka. The best time to visit Plaka is early in the evening when one can attend workshops and browse through hundreds of shops.

    Walk through the Plaka in thens greece

    The Plaka also houses the nicest restaurants in Athens with traditional Greek food, amongst the best things to do in Athens.

    10. Watch a movie under the stars

    Watch a movie under the stars in Athens

    One of the most popular Athens Greece things to do is to go to an open-air cinema and watch a movie with traditional Greek snacks in hand, homemade spoon sweets, gourmet Greek fish roe (avgotaraho), wine, and fiery tsipouro. Cine Paris is also a great place where one can catch fascinating views of the Acropolis.

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    We bet you didn’t know there were so many enthralling things to do in Athens! It has been living in the shadow of popular overcrowded tourist destinations for too long now. Book a trip to Greece at once and experience the never-ending charm of this fabulous place on Earth.

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