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One of the most popular and liked beverages in the world is coffee. This product is strongly connected to our daily life in Australia. From this special and favorite word came another word known as, “café” usually people used to think of cafes, only providing hot and sipping coffees,. But now the trend has changed and there are lot more to do in the café. Now Australian Cafes are not limited to just sipping coffee anymore, but larger space, more friends and off course a large variety of things to much upon!

Enjoy food and good company in Australian Cafes

As per the Australian Traders Association (2006), there are more than one billion cups of coffee and snacks consumed and munched upon in the café, restaurants and other small hubs and outlets, annually. 65% increase over the last 10 years has been recorded dramatically, making the food industry a rapid growing industry in Australia.

1. Operator 25

Operator 25

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Operator 25 is a place that offers exceptional food, drinks and a very warm service. This place is good to go for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, so it is a right choice if your are visiting in a group with people with different food preference. It serves nice lunches and brunches on a moderate to highly priced menu.

Location: 25 Wills St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
Contact: +61 3 9670 3270

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2. Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters

Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters

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This place is a great place if you want to try for good sweet things. This place serves the famous hash candy floss with hot chocolates. The food is very delicious and the spices are very different yet amazing and tasty.

Location: 113 Hardware St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
Contact: +61 3 8529 0284

3. Two Birds One Stone

Two Birds One Stone

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Two Birds One Stone restaurant is rated well for its delicious food and amazing ambience. This place serves from its best picked dishes. One can normally go for different options of lunch, brunch and breakfast. The restaurant offers some comfortable options of outdoor seating, takeout, seating, waitstaff.

Location: 12 Claremont St, Melbourne, Victoria 3141, Australia
Contact: +61 3 9827 1228

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4. Axil Coffee Roasters

Axil Coffee Roasters

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This place deals well in child-friendly, groups, kids, and business meetings. This place has great and bigger spacious seating area. Despite the morning crowd of takeaways, this has made the dining in comfortable. They offer good and prompt servicing.

Location: Hawthorn Not Camberwell, Melbourne, Victoria 3122, Australia
Contact: +61 3 9819 0091

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5. The Hardware Societe

The Hardware Societe

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This place is good to visit in the morning. The best dish one can order is lobster. Coffee is also amazing and they serve it with the cool and high tinge of hot chocolate. It’s better to visit I the morning or make the reservations beforehand, so we can skip the long line of waiting for the table and get to order as soon as we enter this amazing place!

Location: 120 Hardware St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
Contact: +61 3 9078 5992

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6. Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds

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This small motel by the roadside is pretty good in food and in coffee. The ambience and the warm staff make it an absolute to go for place. The all days through the week availability of the café makes it a good option to show up anytime in the place.

Location: 114 Berkley Street | Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Contact: +61 3 9347 8664

7. Kinfolk


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The café, Kinfolk is a very prominent place to address the social involvement through the combination of great coffee and seasonal food. The volunteers of the kinfolk are the driving force of this place. Their contribution to the social enterprise and their selfless service make a difference: no doubt in this! We try and do the donation of 100% of their profits to the charities, we are entrusted to every year!

Location: 673 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
Contact: +61 412 711 381

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8. Bowery to Williamsburg

Bowery to Williamsburg

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Established in 2013, Bowery to Williamsburg (B2W) has made all the possible efforts of bringing the best of America in a very refined and elegant style. It has tried its best to keep the surroundings that Melbournians expect and come. This place is the diner style joint and pays homage to the NYC’s Bowery subway station. The place can accommodate 60 people, with a large communal table within and undercover cafeteria-style tables outside. This place also has plenty of smaller cozy spots for something more private conversations. It is the perfect place for casual coffee sipping or quickly scoffing a bagel before rushing off to your next destination.

Location: 16 Oliver Lane, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
Contact: +61 3 9077 0162

9. Brunetti


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Being good and renown place, this place has taken over the hearts of many. The café provides an inside to the old and traditional culture of Australia. This is done by the styling, décor and the kind of art pieces and the paintings the café is been done with. Apart from the ambience you can find some really good and warm staff who will be alongside of you helping you out what all to choose from!.

Location: 380 Lygon St | Carlton Vic, Melbourne, Victoria 3053, Australia
Contact: +61 3 9347 2801

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Australia has more to offer being such a happening place. The adventures here, varies between the moderately priced and high classy ones! We hope this post has helped you right there in your time of confusion, over the decision of selecting which one to best help you out! As you enjoy your best time here, never miss your great chance of ranking the best place of adventure! Plan a trip to Australia now and treat your taste buds at these amazing cafes.

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