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    If you are planning to escape to a place far away, where the wild adventure awaits you, there is no better place than the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. Australia in October gives you all the more reasons to pack your bags and flee to the country down south.

    It is one of the rare countries on the globe where you will find all the experiences in one place. From beaches, deserts, and dense national parks, from swimming with the sharks and bungee jumping from a dam, the outbacks of Australia guarantee you all kinds of vivid and eclectic experiences. While the leaves shed the trees here, the landscapes in Australia are livelier than ever. Here is all you need to know about visiting Australia in October.

    Weather In Australia In October

    weather sydney australia

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    If you are wondering what season it is in Australia in October, it is springtime. While in India we experience autumn during this month, spring blooms in full form in Australia in October. Australia climate in October is pleasant and welcoming. It is a great time to enjoy water sports and other events that take place during this season.

    The temperature in Australia in October lies between 18- 22 degrees Celsius during the day while the temperature in the night drops to 14 degrees Celsius. Your packing list for Australia in October will mainly include cotton tees, shorts, and flip-flops. Carry a light jacket for it can go nippy in some parts of the country.

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    Top Things To Do In Australia In October

    October is the best time to visit Australia since there are plenty of events and festivities happening around this time. Here are all the things that should entice you to book your tickets and take a plane to Australia.

    1. Festivals: Attend plenty of them

    music festival in australia

    Image Source

    October is the time of festivities in Australia. Get ready to attend back to back fests and events on your holiday in Australia. Gorge on lip-smacking food at Crave Sydney International Food Festival, and dance to the good music at Melbourne Festival. Smell the fragrance of thousand beautiful roses at Renmark Rose Festival in Adelaide and experience the island culture at Island Vibe Festival Queensland.

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    2. Water sports: Plunge deep into the ocean

    world famous coral reef system
    If you are visiting Australia in October, it is a great opportunity for venturing into the watersports. Surf on the wild waves or explore the depths of the ocean with scuba diving in Great Barrier Reef. If you love paddling, you are even going to love kayaking and canoeing in Sydney Harbor. Weather in Brisbane, Australia in October is perfect for getting soaked in water and enjoy watersports at the nearby beaches.

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    3. Beach Hopping: There are thousands of them

    Panoramic view at Bondi Beach

    Do you know how many beaches are there in Australia? There are over 10,000 beaches in Australia so you will never run out of places to get that beautiful tan in the sun. The best thing would be to book a luxury resort by any of the beaches in Australia and enjoy a laidback Aussie vacation. While Bondi Beach is one of the famous beaches of Australia, 75 Mile Beach is where you can find sharks even in the narrow water.

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    4. Adventure sports: Boost your adrenaline

    climbing sydney harbor bridge

    Image Source

    Doesn’t Australia sound synonymous with adventure? That is because it is. It is only in Australia where will get to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge or do the world’s highest dam in Abseil. Swim with the white sharks in the east coast of Eyre Peninsula. Bungee Jumping in Cairns is the most famous adventure activities of all in Australia.

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    5. Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne

    spring festival melbourne

    Image Source

    The weather in Melbourne, Australia in October is warm and inviting. It is also the time when the happening city hosts Spring Racing Festival which is a major tourist crowd puller. The social scenes lure socialites and fashionistas from all over the country to attend the happening race. The event is organized at various venues including Flemington, Caulfield, Cranbourne, and Seymour.

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    6. Wine Tour In Barossa Valley

    Barossa Valley australia

    Image Source

    Barossa Valley in South Australia opens its gates to the country’s best vineyards for the wine connoisseurs to taste the best wine in the country. Australia season in October is when the new leaves begin to form. The warm weather in October calls for a cross-country road trip to the Barossa Valley and enjoy sipping wine with picturesque scenery in the backdrop. It is one of the best ways to enjoy October holidays in Australia.

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    7. Staircase To The Moon In Broome

    moon reflection on low tides

    Image Source

    Consider yourself lucky if you are visiting Australia in October because the Broome’s season is towards its end. October is the last month when you can experience the rare phenomenon when the moon reflects on the low tidal waves creating a spectacular illusion of staircase to the moon. Apart from that, there are a lot of things to do that will keep you busy in Broome, Australia. It is one of the best places to visit in Australia in October.

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    Either you are planning an Aussie-moon or a leisure trip to Australia, October is a perfect time for you to spend your autumn vacation on the adventurous island. What awaits you to plan a vacation to the ‘land of kangaroos’?



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