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Augrabies Falls National Park came into existence in 1966. Just as its name suggests, the national park includes a massive water fall which is a popular tourist spot. It falls over a height of 90 m high roughly (with a 56m free-fall). It is said to be one of the five greatest on the planet! Down stream from these falls, courses through a thin, obviously wonderful 18m deep crack. The area around the fall is a protected environments for wildlife and vegetation.

About Augrabies Falls National Park

A hill top view of the Augrabies Falls National Park

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Around 120 km west of Upington in the Northern Cape is a scene that could be from another planet. In spite of the fact that it’s the Augrabies Falls that draws guests here, you’ll also discover dried out creatures and plants, fascinating rocks climbs and that’s just the beginning. The Khoi people called it “Aukoerebis”, or place of Amazing Loud noise, as this intense stream of water is released from rough surroundings showed by the 18km void of the Orange Deep division.

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Best Time to Visit Augrabies Falls National park

Best Time to Visit Augrabies Falls National park

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Augrabies Falls National Park isn’t a goal that is known for wildlife tours. The ideal time for a visit is between April to September when the famous three-day Klipspringer Trail is open. This is also a cooler season. Augrabies has a semi-bone-dry atmosphere and summer months can get unbelievably extremely hot and humid.

In any case, the waterfall is great when in surge – mostly from February to April. You will have the opportunity to take independent short drives and guided night drives with those in charge. If you are lucky enough, then may just spot wild animals like springbok, gemsbok, kudu, African wild cat, spotted genet, giraffe, panthers and wild birds.

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How To Reach Augrabies Falls National park?

How To Reach Augrabies Falls National park

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On the off chance that you are going out to Augrabies Falls, you will almost certainly begin your routing at either O.R. Tambo Worldwide Air terminal in Johannesburg or Cape Town Universal Airport in Cape Town.

Augrabies Falls is arranged 902 km from Johannesburg (11 hours) and 796 km from Cape Town (10 hours). Augrabies Falls is generally visited as a self-drive goal, and you can lease an auto at whichever airplane terminal you fly into. It is also conceivable to take a similar flight into Upington Airplane terminal (UTN). This other choice would you with a much shorter driving separation: 250 km. A standard 2WD will have the ability to travel safely through the recreation center, however, the Wild Street is closed to anything other than 4WD, so they are the main vehicle compose permitted on it.

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Places To Stay Near Augrabies Falls National park

Places To Stay Near Augrabies Falls National park

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There are 59 chalets and lodges as Augrabies Falls convenience, and in addition band and outdoors offices. There are the long variety of hotels close Augrabies Falls like Bundi and Plato. The nearest ‘fundamental town’, Upington, is around 140 km or an hour and a half drive from Augrabies Falls National Stop; none the less, there is one place in the recreation center, and one visitor house near the recreation center for guests to stay.

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Things To Do Near Augrabies Falls National park

1. See the Augrabies Falls

See the Augrabies Falls

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The Falls is the first behind why almost all visit the Augrabies Falls National Stop. Walk along the footpath in basecamp to the six survey decks for alternate points of view of the miracles of the 90m high Augrabies Falls, with a freefall of 56m. See the water roar over the stone lip and hurry into the deep crack underneath; hear why the native Khoi called this Aukoerebis, or ‘place of awesome noise and craziness’. In spite of the fact that the usual water stream of the falls is around 40-60 cubic meters for each second, in the middle of the January 2011 sudden rushes somewhere in the range of 4 800 cubic meters of water bubbled over the falls each second.

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2. Climb Moon Shake

Climb Moon Shake

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This huge stone hill or ‘whaleback’ isn’t a long way from the first camp. Drive to the parking space and walk up to the summit for an amazing of the including scene. In case you’re more (full of life and energy) you can walk there on the roundabout Dassie Trail, which takes you to Bolt Point, Twin Falls and Moon Shake before making a straight line for camp. The trail is 5.5-7km long, dependent upon whether you incorporate the circles to Spies Point and Moon Shake. In extremely hot and humid climate, take a cap, shades and a lot of water and sunscreen.

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3. Spend a night at Canyon House

Spend a night at Canyon House

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At Oranje Kom you’ll locate the glowing Canyon House underneath the survey stage – and I swear there’s no better view anyplace in SANParks. Once different guests need to leave them to come back to camp before sunset, you’ll have the whole place to yourself in emotional. It was burning hot when we visited in Spring yet a sun-oriented driven cooling is now being arranged. Hot as it seemed to be, it was brilliant to watch the softening of the light as the sun set, to see the important deep division see through gigantic sliding glass entryways that seem to bring the outside in.

4. Drive along Hartmann’s Circle

Drive along Hartmann's Circle

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Head advance west into the recreation center to Hartmann’s Circle, setting aside the opportunity to value the scenes and shake arrangements, the solid planets like three-thistle, guide’s tree and wild tamarisk. Here you may spot creatures like klipspringer, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, giraffe, kudu, energy and enthusiasm, gemsbok and springbok. Watch out too for feathered creatures like the friendly weaver, dwarf bird of, Verreaux’s (dark) falcon and swallow-followed honey bee-eater.

You can, obviously, dependably drive yourself around Augrabies Falls National Stop – and there’s a little system of streets near the rest camp which is available by 2WD. Take as much time as necessary – and there are a bunch of opinions over different land areas owned or controlled by someone of the deep division to visit. On the off chance that you have your very own 4WD, at that point, there’s a more drawn out (94 km) drive that will take you around 6 hours to finish.

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Is your mind traveling around the Augrabies Falls National Park already? The majestic water fall, the rocky mountains, the winding canyons and the amazing wildlife are waiting to welcome you. Plan a trip to South Africa now and pay a visit to Augrabies Falls National Park, to enjoy the most exciting experiences in the lap of nature.

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