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      With the new year just around the corner, we are sure that everyone is all set to update their travel bucket list for the year 2020. There is an extensive number of tools that individuals use to plan out their vacations- be it domestic or international. Read more

      If there any sea surfing place in India, it is the Butler Bay Beach in Little Andaman. This beach is a surfer’s paradise. This little island is surely going to become an international destination for sea surfing in a short time.

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      For those who live out of suitcase, be it a wanderer, a photographer, a working professional or all three, it is of extreme significance that their bags don’t give up on them mid-way. A bag that caters to every need and preference of the user is extremely essential, without any shadows of doubt. With an extensive variety of travel backpacks in the market, travelers are spoilt with choices. Investing in a travel backpack that not only holds your prized belongings but also crosses every hurdle on your escapade is surely a smart choice, but usually an expensive one. Taking out time to arrange the belongings can sometimes connect with missing out on so much. But what if we told you that there’s a backpack that makes all of the above untrue? 

      Meet CarryPro


      Welcome this new baby to the world of carriers, gliding in our lives to make it so much easier. CarryPro Travel Backpacks are the latest addition to the market and certainly deserves to be an addition to your collection. Extending the love to all that expensive equipment, these travel backpacks from CarryPro would be there to save the day. We promise! 

      Adjusting to the contemporary lifestyles in this modern world, the travel backpacks offered by this brand are as easy to pack as they are to unpack. Calm that OCD down by organizing your belongings in the neatest way possible. The quality of material and YKK zippers leave no stone unturned to ensure that the travel backpacks go a long way with you on your adventures.  

      PANGO Travel Backpack

      Crisscrossing through the countries and cities, backpacking is an adventure like no other. Dedicated specifically to content creators, photographers, and digital wanderers, the PANGO Travel Backpack is an ultimate camera backpack that helps one declutter and reduces the pain of carrying the additional bags. This specially designed bag exhibits around 25 innovative features that have been added to make life easier while avoiding any sort of compromises in terms of quality. 


      • Manufactured with high-quality water-repellent ripstop fabric. 
      • Opens and closes using long-lasting YKK zippers. 
      • All sides are covered with good quality foam, saving expensive equipment from sudden jerks and falls. 
      • It offers a detachable and portable camera cube that photographers and travelers carry, leaving the rest of the belongings behind. This also gives allows non-photographers to make use of this extra space available.  
      • An 18-inch laptop can easily slide into the bag along with an iPad mini. 
      • The CarryPro the ultimate travel backpack includes a sling belt and 2 G-hook belts for the convenience of the user.
      • The rain cover included in the bag makes it possible to protect those tools from any sort of harm. 
      • The anti-skid flattened bottom makes it possible for you to rest the backpack wherever possible, keeping it vertical and hold firmly to the ground.  
      • The front lay flap packing diminishes the chances of rummaging through the bag to find that tiny piece of gadget. 
      • There are net pockets available to keep your batteries, USB cables, pens, or such tools. 
      • The side access to CarryPro the ultimate travel backpack makes it easy to quickly grab the small equipment when needed while on the go.
      • Wallet pocket, side pocket for tripod or water bottle, and a front pocket for documents are also included. 
      • The power bank pocket allows you to pass the cable through the bag for use without opening the entire bag to take out the charger.  
      • There are dedicated tripod base holders and belts for keeping your hands free from carrying anything additional. 
      • The chest strap helps to reduce the weight of heavy equipment on the shoulders while the waist belt help to distribute the weight. 

      Cost Of The Bag: INR 9,999/- only 

      HOBO40 Travel Functional Backpack

      For travelers looking for hopping from one destination to another with a light burden on the shoulders, HOBO40 Travel Functional Backpack is the modern solution to modern problems. Be it mountains, a city, or anything beyond, this travel backpack will get you through it. The durability and versatility of usage in this travel backpack are capable of keeping one in awe of the quality that this bag possesses.


      • This travel backpack weighs only around 1200g which keeps the bag weight minimal.
      • The front lay flap with a side zipper makes it easier and more convenient for the users to have access to the bottom items, without having the need to take the top items out. 
      • The designated pockets for power banks, mobile phones, chargers, and other backpacking tools make it easy to arrange the tiny belongings. 
      • When the bag is fully packed, the sponge padded cushioning on the backside of shoulder straps helps travelers ease off the weight. 
      • The backpack includes side pockets, secret pockets, wallet pockets, and more compartments for other valuables, eliminating the need to access the entire backpack while making sure of the safety of your belongings.
      • The water-repellent PU coated fabric ensures that your belongings are kept safe at all times.
      • The rain cover that is included in a separate pocket makes it possible to seal any sort of entries for water through zippers. 
      • The meshed pockets on the side of the bag can be used to keep the water bottles that are pretty essential. 
      • The storage of 40 L of this CarryPro the ultimate travel backpack also provides a separate laptop compartment and a separate shoe compartment, helping you organize in the best manner possible.

      Cost Of The Bag: INR 3,499/- only 

      HOBO25 Everyday Utility Rolltop Backpack

      The present contemporary times are all about maintaining the work-life balance. The individuals with a fixed routine and varied hobbies are bound to fall in love with CarryPro’s HOBO25 Everyday Utility Rolltop Backpack. After being a part of the list of top 8 innovative designs by Amazon, this travel backpack earned its fame because of its features that make it easier for individuals to balance their professional life and personal life. Be it holding the camera gear, gym attire, or a quick weekend getaway right after work, this backpack is the only accessory you would need. Bid adieu to the times when you had to carry multiple bags for multiple purposes! 


      • This CarryPro the ultimate travel backpack includes two totally separate compartments to store work-related gadgets and for the items for life after office.
      • The compartments in this bag come with a side opening that makes it possible for you to access the items that you require immediately, instead of making you rummage through your belongings.
      • The backpack offers a detachable and portable camera cube/box. This makes it easier for you to carry your beloved camera to take snapshots of the beautiful surroundings of your getaway destination.
      • For those who are not pro-camera can simply remove this box and use the extra space as their shoe compartment. This space is also accessible from a side zipper. 
      • For working professionals, this bag is capable of holding laptops up to 17 inches that is easily accessible from the side and top zipper.   
      • For travelers who are either planning to leave directly from work or traveling for work, the roll-top feature of this travel backpack allows you to carry just this one sack, eliminating the need to pack two separate bags for varied purposes. 
      • The bag includes a front zipper that makes access to the bottom items much easier. 
      • There are separate mesh pockets to fit in the little belongings like chargers, batteries, swiss knife, mobile phones, and others, helping travelers to avoid losing their products. 
      • The Sponge padded cushioning under the well-designed shoulder straps helps in distributing the weight. 
      • The bag is manufactured with water-repellent fabric and also includes a rain cover to protect the belongings from all four corners. 

      Cost Of The Bag: INR 5,500/- only 


      Now that you have gone through the features, we are sure you are looking for an opportunity to get your hands on these travel-friendly backpacks. But what if we tell you that you could grab the most beloved PANGO Travel Backpack without shedding a single penny? Take part in this contest that is right around the corner and get a chance to win this extremely intriguing carrier. 

      Just follow these simple steps mentioned below to enter the contest on social media and give your life a chance to get easier. 



      To participate in this contest, CLICK HERE!



      One lucky winner will be picked among those who do all the above-mentioned steps to the point. 

      Grab It Before It's Gone!


      Photography and traveling are two of the most interesting yet the most high-priced hobbies. Keeping the expensive belongings safe and sound at all times usually tends to be the topmost priority of individuals. These jewels of travel backpacks offered by CarryPro are such that protect the prized possessions of individuals like its own. Without giving a second thought, grab your favorite among these three and get rid of all those unnecessary hassles in an instant! 

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      Fasten your seat belts for the exciting adventures, tummy-twisting rides, glitzing shows, hair-raising activities, and endless theme-based fun at your very own Dubai Parks and Resorts! Blanketing something for every mood, this destination is totally capable of making spaces in the hearts of travelers, irrespective of the ages. Read more

      Turkey, a destination that can make millions fall in love- either with the place or with the fellow humans, blankets hidden jewels that reeks of romance immensely. With little hints of mystique in nooks and in the air, the day of love, Valentine’s day in Turkey is celebrated in the most charming way possible. Read more

      "To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven." This ancient proverb still holds true in every sense. Food is something that not only brings people together but also makes them bond like nothing else. When a couple of old friends are planning to meet after long, what is that first stop that comes into their minds? Read more

      Fasten your seat belts for it’s time for ‘Gol guttam lakad battam de danadan pratiyogita’!

      Eighty minutes. Twenty overs. Nine Fielders. Two Batsmen. One Bowler. And more than a billion people coming together and praying for the victory. That is exactly what cricket is. Bringing this sport to a whole new level is the famous T20 World Cup 2020 that is nothing less than a fast and the furious one-day version of the most-awaited matches.

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      A land with its one leg in the splendid past and one leg in the intriguing future, the most famous emirate of UAE, Dubai is emerging as one the most alluring destinations in the world. Exhibiting magnificent alchemy of conventional architectural marvels, ultramodern constructions, luxurious shopping destinations, expansive deserts, and crazy adventures, Dubai is a one-stop destination unlike any other.

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      Exhibiting a fine amalgamation of the countryside and contemporary charm, Jalandhar is all about ‘wakhri shaan’. From lush green ‘khet’ to steel and glass buildings, Jalandhar gives travelers an opportunity to witness both at a glance.

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      Exhibiting the finest juxtaposition between traditional and cosmopolitan lives, Yogyakarta or ‘Jojgjakarta’ is one of the purest and the most authentic Javanese regions in the world. Being ruled by a sultan who resides in a walled city palace that oozes out the essence of traditional lives along with housing an expansive metropolitan area complete with motor-vehicles, fast-food chains, malls, and other elements, Yogyakarta is a destination that showcases old-world charm in a modern setting.

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      If iconic monuments showcasing deeply rooted history, hotels oozing out the essence of luxury, restaurants serving delicacies that will take you on an extensive culinary ride, architecture proving to be a feast to the eyes, and vibes of old-world charm encircling the atmosphere of a destination is your choice of vacation,

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      A motor-vehicle free land with an exotic and spellbinding underwater world, Lombok is a lesser-known island nation of Indonesia that is a great escape for those who are seeking for the roads less taken.

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      Sri Lanka. A land of fragrant tea plantations, fun toy trains, everlasting ruins, deeply rooted history, and beautiful ancient temples has silently and quickly emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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      If you wish to undertake an Alaskan adventure then there is no city better than Vancouver to do the same. Enjoying a great location and offering some of the most beautiful views, enjoying the unique experience of cruises from Vancouver is the ideal way to enjoy your vacation.

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      Getting married anytime soon? Need some of those offbeat places where you can go wild and crazy to mark the end of your singlehood? Looking for something to do more with your boys other than getting sloshed? If you answered yes to all of that, we have got you covered! Montreal bachelor parties not only blankets some of the most sensational club scenes but also gives to-be-grooms and their squad an opportunity to take part in the most Canadian activities that are bound to make them enjoy some of the great times of their lives.

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      Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

      Exhibiting diverse ethnicities, artistic vibes, vibrant festivals, iconic attractions, amalgamated architecture from contemporary and conventional worlds, and scrumptious delicacies in every nook, the film city of Canada, Vancouver offers an absolute experience to travelers and much more.

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      Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

      Known as the dine-out capital of Canada, Vancouver is one destination where you get to discover everything from elite restaurants to the rich cultural heritage. With a very efficient transportation system, exploring Vancouver is very easy.

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      Vancouver, one of the liveliest cities of Canada is all about good vibes. Culture intertwined with natural beauty and glorious architecture, Vancouver is everything beautiful. Also known as the dine city, Vancouver is bursting with some amazing and out of the world cafes and restaurants for the visitors to choose from and we mean who does not love good food.

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