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If there any sea surfing place in India, it is the Butler Bay Beach in Little Andaman. This beach is a surfer’s paradise. This little island is surely going to become an international destination for sea surfing in a short time. Andaman is an island territory of India in the Bay of Bengal. It is a tourist-friendly place with ample amount of experiences hiding in its lap. Apart from sea surfing, Butler Bay Beach is also an exotic place to visit by all ages of people. It boasts yellow sandy beaches, rain forests, seawater sports, resort tourism, and waterfall. Booking an all-inclusive Little Andaman tour package is the best way to save money and time.

Things To Do In Butler Bay Beach

Here are the top things that one should definitely engage in when hoping for some exciting experiences.

1. Butler Bay Beach

Beautiful Beach in Andaman

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This beach is the ideal place to see the sea surfers surfing the high tide waves. If you do not know how to surf, you can watch others surfing. This beach is the best for taking a beach walk alongside the sea waves kissing your feet. This beaches beauty is it has got palm-fringed and forest-fringed shores. It will surprise you to see some cows and elephants on the beach. Yet, you cannot take a sunbath as the sandflies can disturb you. This beach is the best one to sit and watch tourists taking various seawater adventure sports activities available here.

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2. Sea Surfing

Sea Surfing in Andaman

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Butler Bay Beach in Andaman is popular for its high-tide sea waves. This feature makes this beach as a surfer’s paradise. You can find the professional surfers and intermediate surfers trying their best to lash out the high-tide waves. This beach is not good for beginners. It is advisable to watch others surfing if you do not know how to surf. You can find many international tourists including women surfers pumping up their adrenaline rush by escaping to waves covering overhead on them. You must be here from April to June to see this seawater adventure sports happening on this busy beach. You can find most of the foreign tourists surfing in the seawater.

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3. Trekking In Butler Bay Beach Forest

Enjoy Trekking

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Trekking is one of the exotic things to do at Butler Bay Beach. You can find lush green rainforest cover in the entire Little Andaman. This forest will look more exotic after the monsoon rains. December to June is the best time to explore this forest and relax on the lap of Mother Nature. You can breathe fresh air once in the Little Andaman forest cover. You will be surprised to see a distinguished species of flora and fauna of this island. A day trip is the best to trek this forest and come back to the beach. This is a perfect place to take photos with the thick forest as the background. You will feel cool in this forest even in the summer season.

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4. Swimming

Enjoy Swimming

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Swimmers can just dive in the waters of Butler Bay Beach and enjoy this recreational activity once on the beachfront. It is not advisable to venture into the deep sea even if you wear a swim vest. You must swim when sea tides are low only. The best time to visit here for swimming is from December to May. It is advisable to be in a group even if you are coming with your family while swimming. You can hire swimming gear and accessories from the beachside vendors.

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5. Snorkeling

Snorkeling in White Water

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Snorkeling at Butler Bay Beach is best to do when the sea tide is low. You can find this seawater in emerald color, during the low tide or not tides. You can get snorkeling gears on rental hire from this beach. It is advisable to wear an additional safety vest while going for snorkeling alone. This island has some of the unique marine life and coral to see. One can find small turtles, color fish and colorful coral down the seawater. The turtles you see here are one of the extant species. It is not advisable to harm them.

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6. Explore The LightHouse

LightHouse in Andaman

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This lighthouse is an important one in Little Andaman. This is because it guides the ships coming via the India Ocean and its local fishing boats. It is advisable to reach the top of this lighthouse. You will be 134-ft above the mean sea level when you reach the viewing place. You must not forget to take your photo cameras. You can find the vastness of the sea from the top. It will be eye-soothing to see the long yellow sand Butler Bay Beach. If you are lucky, you can see a cruise ship passing by to reach Port Blair. You can also sight huge fish diving above the sea. It is the finest place to take a 360-degree photo of this beach, its surrounding forest and the vastness of the Indian Ocean.

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7. Hut Bay, White Surf Waterfall

Beautiful Place in Andaman

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This waterfall sight is a nearby attraction in Butler Bay Beach. Yet, you must take a day trip to enjoy this waterfall to the fullest. You have to carry foodstuffs if you are spending your daytime here. This waterfall will relax you as it falls from an exotic evergreen rain forest. You can take a bath from this flowing shower and its cascade. You can find water from June to December. It is the best place to hike the waterfall surrounding, as it is a forest cover in Hut Bay.

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8. Kayaking

Kayaking in Beach

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Sea kayaking is the best for tourists who know how to swim. Yet, those who do not know how to swim can do this seawater adventure activity by wearing swim vest. The beginners must try this activity during the low tide. Kayak rentals are available in Butler Bay Beach. They charge you on an hourly basis. If you come under any of the Little Andaman adventure tour packages, you will get a trainer who comes for tandem kayaking. Kayaking on this beach when tides are high is not safe for those who know how to swim. You must return to shore as you can find the sea waves are rising.

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9. Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari Ride

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The elephant safari is available in Butler Bay Beach by its villagers. This is the best way to explore the beach and forest cover of Little Andaman. It will be a different feel to be on the back of an elephant and exploring the beach. They are the best guide to take you inside the forest and show its attractions. A day trip is the best to see the beach and forest attractions. If you are coming here with your children, it is the best choice to take them on the elephants back. You can locally find them on this beach and entire shores of the Little Andaman.

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Ideal For

Butler Bay Beach is ideal for seawater adventure seekers. The family and solo tourists can come here and enjoy the beach and seawater recreational activities. It is the best beach for the corporate employees to relax their minds in the rainforest and pump up their adrenaline rush by doing water adventure sports. Tourists of all ages can find something of their interest in this beach in Little Andaman.

Ideal trip Duration

Mesmerising View of Beach

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Butler Bay Beach visits alone will take a day trip. Yet, a day trip is possible if you come here by Helicopter. This is because the boat journey will take 4 to 6 hours. If you wish to enjoy the seawater, adventure sports, beach recreational activities, rain forest trekking, and lighthouse visit and see the waterfalls may take a weeklong trip.

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Weather In Butler Bay Beach

Butler Bay Beach is in Little Andaman. It lies in the southernmost part of the Andaman and Nicobar group of Islands. It faces three seas. Therefore, the humidity of this island is over 70% every day. Little Andaman comes under the tropical zone. A tropical climate prevails throughout the year. The summer temperature may rise to 35-degrees Celsius. The winter temperature may drop below 20-degrees Celsius.

Best Time To Visit Butler Bay Beach

Nature view in Andaman

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Sea Surfing
The professional sea surfers and surfing enthusiasts must visit Butler Bay Beach from April to June for sea surfing.
Beach Recreational Sports
April to June is the right time to visit for all ages of tourists to do recreational sports available on this beach.
Summer Season
March to June is the summer season. It is best to visit here to do sea surfing and other water sports activities available here. There will be hot sunny days. The sea breeze will compensate for that hot condition.
Rainy Season
June to November is the rainy season. During this time, sea tides will be high. It is not advisable to travel here, as you will not get passenger boat and private boat transportation due to bad weather conditions.
Peak Season
December to June is dry months. It is ideal for exploring its beaches, forests, and nearby attractions.

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How To Reach Butler Bay Beach

Riding Boat

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By Air
Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair is the place to alight for Butler Bay Beach. From here, you have to book a passenger helicopter to reach this beach.
By Boat
There are Government passenger boats and private boats to reach Butler Bay Beach from Port Blair. You have to travel 100-km to reach Little Andaman. It will take 3-4 hours to reach via boat travel.
Note: There are no rail or road networks available in Andaman.

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Butler Bay Beach in Little Andaman is the best sea surfing place in India. This is the only island to see high tide waves splashing the entire shores of this island. One must visit this island once in a lifetime to see its rainforest, sea surfers, and the coral life present under this sea. It is advisable to visit in dry seasons to cover the enter attractions in a weeklong tour to Little Andaman. Plan your escape to Andaman and get ready to embrace the serenity like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Butler Bay Beach

Is Butler Bay Beach is the best for beginners in sea surfing?

No, the sea tides are high allover Little Andaman. It is not the right place for any beginner to visit Butler Bay Beach and learn to surf. Threats are there even if you wear a swim vest.

Can Experienced Surfers try Butler Bay Beach?

Yes, the Butler Bay Beach is specially meant for experienced surfers. They can do sea surfing from anywhere in Little Andaman shore and from Butler Bay Beach.

Is Butler Bay Beach ideal for women surfers?

Yes, any experienced women surfers can surf in Butler Bay Beach. It is advisable to wear safety vests and come in a group to have a vigil on you while surfing in the high tide waves.

Are there surfboards available for rental in Butler Bay Beach?

Yes, there are many seawater sports gear, equipment, and accessories rental providers in Butler Bay Beach. You can hire them for a day or on an hourly basis at an affordable cost.

Are there any threats for the surfers from the shark attacks in Butler Bay Beach?

As of now, there are no such shark attacks reported by sea surfers from Butler Bay Beach and entire Little Andaman. Yet, you can see giant fish in the deep sea.

Is Butler Bay Beach forest is safe for trekking?

Yes, there are no tribal people and man-eater animals in the forest cover present in the Little Andaman. It is safe to trek from Butler Bay Beach to the forest and return before dawn.

Is it safe to camp in Butler Bay Beach?

No, you cannot expect when the sea waves will engulf the Butler Bay Beach shores. There are chances to get washed away with high tides along with your camping kit.

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