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Exhibiting diverse ethnicities, artistic vibes, vibrant festivals, iconic attractions, amalgamated architecture from contemporary and conventional worlds, and scrumptious delicacies in every nook, the film city of Canada, Vancouver offers an absolute experience to travelers and much more. Nestled amidst the surreal marvels of mother nature, this city is paradisiacal for nature admirers and thrill-seekers. Vancouver lakes, fierce surrounding mountains, magical waterfalls, and luxuriant foliage are bound to take away the breath of travelers who are seeking to get closer to nature.

Taking a dive in the picturesque lakes with calm and composed crystal clear water and forest-clad mountains setting up a perfect backdrop acts a perfect element to help visitors rejuvenate and destress on their Canadian holiday. Scan through this list of some of the most majestic lakes that one can surely pay a visit when traveling to the vivacious city of art, theatre, and unlimited music.

8 Best Vancouver Lakes

Taking a dip in the cool waters of expansive lakes or basking on the shore with the sun shining brightly on top of the heads is one experience that makes a holiday a perfect one. Take a look at this list of Vancouver lakes that will be nothing less than a cherry on top of the Canadian escape this year!

1. Rice Lake

Rice Lake

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Accessible after an easy but exciting hike of a couple of hours, Rice Lake is one of the calmest and beautiful lakes near Vancouver city. Sitting in the Seymour Conservation Reserve, the peacefulness and calmness surrounding the atmosphere of this lake make the jaws drop of the visitors. Offering an ideal setting for a family outing, this lake in Vancouver attracts flocks of tourists to relax, soak in the sun or engage in the fishing of the famous rainbow trout. Lake also gives an opportunity to the visitors to witness the magnificent birds such as Owls, Heron, Eagles, and much more, making it a great escape from the usually bustling city life.

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2. Cabin Lake

Cabin Lake

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One of the most visited lakes near Vancouver Island, Cabin Lake is sitting in the lap of the iconic and proud Black Mountain. Providing accessibility to travelers all year round, Cabin Lake offers ample opportunities to travelers to engage in a number of outdoor adventures such as hiking, skiing, trail running, and much more. Allowing travelers to bring along pets and enjoy an absolute vacation with their best friends by their side, this lake is a great location for an ultimate family outing. This picturesque lake located just a few kilometers of hiking the fierce Black Mountain blankets clean and calm waters that makes it difficult to resist a dive into the pool!

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3. Sasamat Lake

Sasamat Lake

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For those who are looking to jump into the warm water and get rid of body aches only to calm down their minds, bodies, and souls, Sasamat Lake is definitely a place to be without any shadow of a doubt. Sitting in the Belcarra Regional Park, the reflecting, glass-like surface of Sasamat makes it one of the most appealing lakes near Vancouver, Canada that tends to take away the breath away of the spectators, leaving them in awe of nature. The white, sandy White Pine Beach embarking the shoreline of this lake makes it a perfect location to spend some quality time with the loved ones, away from the crowds. Sasamat Lake is also home to a walkway that allows visitors to take a romantic stroll along the river, taking in the beauty and tranquility.

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4. Buntzen Lake


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Exhibiting clouds-reflecting pool of water surrounded by luxuriant green foliage and towering vegetation that forms magnificent trails, Buntzen Lake is nothing less than paradise on earth for those who are seeking to witness nature at its best. One of the most alluring Vancouver Lakes, Buntzen Lake encounters flocks of tourists during summer months that are looking for ways to escape the heat and soak in the beauty of nature simultaneously. Often tagged as a favorite recreational park by the locals, this lake blankets some of the most surreal and scenic views of the forests. The visitors get to pass through some of the most jaw-dropping sites and suspension bridges located amidst the lush greenery in order to access this lake.

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5. Burnaby Lake

Burnaby Lake

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Offering an ideal setting to bring along a basket with cheese, wine, loaves of bread, casseroles, checkered mats, and outdoor games, Burnaby Lake is one of those lakes near Vancouver that attracts families and couples alike to enjoy a picnic lunch together and spend time with each other. Burnaby Lake calls out to all those travelers who are seeking to reconnect with the marvels of mother nature and simply forget about the busy city life. Apart from spectating the enchanting nature, this lake is also renowned as a stunning wildlife sanctuary that houses magnificent birds such as Blue Herons, Kingfishers, Eagles, and much more.

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6. Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake

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Also known as the jewel of the Fraser Valley, Cultus Lake is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful Vancouver Lakes. Tagged as one of the most popular and visited campgrounds near the Vancouver city, Cultus Lake lounges in the heart of a gigantic park where travelers get to set up their camps and just lose themselves in the entrancing wonders of nature. The pristine beaches on the shore, exciting trails, an extensive number of fun-filled activities, and refreshing waters of this lake leave no stone unturned to ensure the rejuvenation and relaxation of the visitors. A favorite amongst the locals and tourists alike, Cultus Lake is definitely one of the must-try locations when on a Canadian vacation!

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7. Lost Lake

Lost Lake

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Combined with perfect weather conditions, Lost Lake located just a few steps away from the Whistler Village is one of those lakes near Vancouver area that offers experiences of hiking, biking, and nature escape all in one. A popular destination amongst the skilled bikers, the trail of this lake comprises of wooden logs, bridges, and paths surrounded by fragrant trees. One of the most famous lakes near Vancouver, Lost lake appeals to those who are looking to either jump in the lake or just sit by the lake only to recharge and relax on their time away. Accessible after almost a 7-kilometer long hike, the ever so stunning Lost Lake can be covered in just a days trip which makes it immensely appealing!

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8. Alice Lake

Alice Lake

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A great destination for those who are seeking to embrace their outdoorsy inner selves, Alice Lake is one of the popular camping sites amongst the locals, especially during the summer season. Surrounded by mighty forest-clad mountains, dense luxuriant forests, and grasslands, Alice Lake is home to four freshwater lakes that allow travelers to engage in swimming and fishing. The mesmerizing landscapes formed by the lakes and the hilly areas makes this location look right out of a fairytale. Appealing to each and every kind of traveler, irrespective of their ages, Alice Lake is known for tranquility and peacefulness that encircles the atmosphere of this destination.

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From camping and birdwatching to swimming and fishing, Vancouver Lakes are ideal spots to embrace the magnificent and marvelous wonders of mother nature. With every lake forming picturesque landscapes and scenic views, these lakes are certainly the spots that deserve some space on the bucket list of travelers on their Canadian holiday. Without further ado, plan a vacation to Vancouver and lose yourself in the dripping beauty offered by each and every lake near this film city of Canada!

Frequently Asked Questions Vancouver Lakes

What kind of fish are in Vancouver Lakes?

There are various types of fishes, Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Largemouth bass, Bluegill and Yellow perch which you can spot in the Vancouver lakes. Apart from these fish, you can also spot Black and White crappie, Channel catfish and Common carp.

Are Vancouver Lakes man-made?

Most of the lakes are natural. There is one lake in Vancouver which is manmade that is Capilano Lake. It is located in the district of North Vancouver and West Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. It a part of Metro Vancouver watershed, and it accounts for almost 40% of Greater Vancouver’s supply.

Can we swim in Vancouver Lakes?

There are many lakes in Vancouver which is suitable for swimming. The water of these lakes is so clean that you can have a look inside the water.

Are dogs allowed at Vancouver Lakes?

Dogs are allowed in most of the parks and lakes in Vancouver but there are some rules and regulations which you have to follow. But dogs are strictly prohibited in the areas of beaches and grasslands near these lakes from April to October.

What is Vancouver best known for?

Vancouver is a famous city in Canada where you can find many special things. Basically, Vancouver is famous for its fresh, local seafood, etc. It is mostly famous for its salmon and local halibut.

Which lake is the most popular in Vancouver?

Generally, all the lakes of Vancouver are beautiful and attractive but the most famous lake in Vancouver is Cultus Lake. It is located in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver city, Canada. It is a large and warm freshwater lake that is surrounded by scenic forest-clad.

Do we get any accommodations near these lakes?

Yes, there are many hotels and resorts where you can stay while having a tour of these lakes. For example, there are The Inn on Long Lake, Slumber Lodge Motel, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Hotel Eldorado, Harrison Beach Hotel and many more. These hotels provide a great facility at a cheap rate. Slumber Lodge Motel is the best hotel near these lakes and it comes at number one in all 46 hotels near Vancouver lakes.

What kind of food can we find near these lakes?

Near these lakes, you will get various types of food. You can taste the famous food of Vancouver city that is salmon and local seafood. Beyond these foods, you can also taste some famous foods like B.C Rolls, Coffee, Salmon Candy, Spot prawns, West Coast oysters, Chinese Cuisine, etc.

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