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If iconic monuments showcasing deeply rooted history, hotels oozing out the essence of luxury, restaurants serving delicacies that will take you on an extensive culinary ride, architecture proving to be a feast to the eyes, and vibes of old-world charm encircling the atmosphere of a destination is your choice of vacation, Petra is the place to be at, without any shadows of doubt. A favorite amongst the history aficionados, Petra is an archaeological city in Jordon that has earned itself a spot in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Not only known for its historic significance, but the city is also famous for the authenticity and flavors that one can find in their food. Restaurants in Petra serve those dishes that are bound to make the tongues tingle. Making diners crave for more, the ancient city of Jordon is all about flavor-packed dishes and beautifully located eateries. Go through this list of restaurants that you should definitely pay a visit to when traveling to the historic city of Petra.

Top 8 Restaurants In Petra

Offering the authentic and true taste of Jordon, all restaurants in Petra are must-try to get an extensive insight into the diverse culture that this city blankets. Catering to taste buds of every kind of traveler, irrespective of their budgets, these eateries are capable of taking the diners on an impeccable gastronomical journey. Scan through this list of restaurants that should be on your bucket list when traveling to the mystical city of Petra.

1. Basin Restaurant

Basin Restaurant In Petra

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Giving travelers an opportunity to lose themselves in the lip-smacking flavors of an extensive spread of international dishes and decadent desserts, Basin restaurant is a top choice amongst the restaurants in Petra, Jordon for indulging in lunch buffets. The touch of Petra via naked brick walls, tables, and an open setting under the camps makes the whole experience all the more exciting. Catering to every taste bud, this restaurant not only serves international meals but also gives travelers a chance to get a genuine taste of the local side of Jordon.

Location: Petra, The basin restaurant، Colonnaded St, Wadi Musa, Jordan
Timings: Noon to 4 pm
What To Try: Grilled Chicken, Salads, Dips, Fried Fish, Beef Stew

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2. Al Wadi Restaurant

Al Wadi Restaurant

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Serving mouth-watering Middle Eastern cuisine along with a delicious variety of vegan dishes, Al Wadi Restaurant is another one of the top restaurants in Petra. The friendly and courteous staff of this eatery welcomes diners with big smiles, making the dining experience extremely warm and comforting. Apart from being a great place for indulging in Middle Eastern cuisine, this restaurant has also earned itself a spot in the list of top places for late-night drinks and sheesha amongst the locals.

Location: Main St, PO Box 48, Wadi Musa, Jordan
Timings: 9 am to 11 pm
What To Try: Baklava, Pita With Hummus, Traditional Chicken With Rice

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3. Al Qantarah

Al Qantarah

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Tagged as one of the best restaurants in Petra, Jordon, Al Qantarah is a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Serving a massive spread of lunch and dinner in buffet style, Al Qantarah has plenty of dishes to offer. There is no fixed menu for this restaurant- diners are spoilt with the choices between fifteen different kinds of salads and mezze, eight soup and meat dishes, and moreover, eight different variety of desserts for all the sweet tooth out there! The live cooking stations and live music performance is nothing less than a cherry on top. The fixed rates for buffets are quite a bargain.

Location: Lower Wadi Musa, Jordon
Timings: 11:30 am to 4:30 pm, 7 pm to 10 pm
What To Try: Salads, Spicy Tomato Chutney, Fish Stew, Meatballs, Rice Chicken

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4. The Rock Camp

Cuisine Food Meat

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Surrounded by fierce rugged mountains of Petra, this campsite-like restaurant in Jordon is bound to make people fall in love with itself. Serving the authentic and true flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine at the prices that won’t burn a hole in your pockets, this is one of those restaurants in Petra that are must-visit. Sitting in the sandy desert of Petra, this restaurant gives travelers an opportunity to enjoy spell-binding views while enjoying a scrumptious homecooked meal.

Location: Beidha, Petra – Wadi Musa, Jordan
Timings: N/A
What To Try: Bedouin Food

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5. Oriental Restaurant

Oriental Restaurant Food

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For those who are seeking to indulge in some of the tastiest and most scrumptious grills, Oriental restaurant is certainly the place to be. Sitting along the main street, this restaurant serves the beverages that possess magical refreshing elements, taking away the fatigue of people and making them crave for more. Travelers who die for indulging in some good meat or those who don’t want their first experience with meat to go downwards, the Oriental Restaurant should be on your bucket lists, without any shadow of a doubt. The oriental restaurant houses an outdoor terrace adorned with Doric columns, which makes the restaurant in itself look appealing to tourists after a long hike.

Location: Main Street, Petra – Wadi Musa, Jordan
Timings: 10:30 am to 10:30 pm
What To Try: Grilled Chicken, Grilled Lamb

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6. Three Steps Restaurant


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Another favorite amongst the locals and tourists alike, Three Steps Restaurant is an ideal eatery for those who are seeking to indulge in some barbeque and international flavors along with authentic Middle Eastern dishes. The comfortable vibes paired with a luscious meal is what this restaurant tends to achieve. Spread over two massive floors, this restaurant is capable of housing more than a hundred diners at once, making it one of the largest restaurants in Petra. The restaurant blankets an open kitchen that allows diners to witness their meals getting prepared. Catering to every kind of occasion, be it a business meeting, a romantic date, or some family time, this restaurant is ready to host it all!

Location: Wadi Mousa, Tourist Street | Nearby Petra Palace Hotel, Petra – Wadi Musa 71811, Jordan
Timings: N/A
What To Try: Coffee, Dips, Variety Of Rice Dishes, Beef Shawarma

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7. Petra Kitchen

Petra Kitchen Food

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Travelers who are seeking for vegetarian restaurants in Petra serving an extensive variety of mouth-watering delicacies, Petra Kitchen is your answer. Offering a perfect setting to unwind and just relax after a busy day, Petra Kitchen serves an impeccable menu of Jordanian drinks and snacks. Pairing a perfect wine to go with the food one orders, this restaurant has set the levels high. To add to the experience, Perta Kitchen offers culinary classes that allow travelers to bring the true Jordanian flavors in their dishes even when they are miles away from this nation!

Location: Tourism St, Wadi Musa, Jordan
Timings: 8:30 am to 11:30 pm
What To Try: Tahina Salad, Shourbat Adas, Fattoush

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8. Sandstone Restaurant

Sandstone Restaurant Food

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Another one of the popular choice amongst the locals, Sandstone Restaurant is the second great option for those who are craving to indulge in some the juiciest and yummiest grills, salads, and mezze. The outdoor terrace setting ensures that travelers get to enjoy a perfect view with their perfect meal. Alcohol, mainly beer and wine, is served discreetly in this restaurant, although, the indoor parties have full access to the alcoholic beverages along with tasty Jordanian dishes.

Location: Tourism St, Wadi Musa, Jordan
Timings: 9 am to 11 pm
What To Try: Mint Lemonade, Makluba, Lentil Soup

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With an extensive number of restaurants in Petra that serves lip-smacking delicacies, Jordon is a destination that is nothing less than paradise on earth for those who are seeking to indulge in foods from various cultures. Oozing out the authenticity of its culture with its flavors, Jordanian dishes are worth a try. Making one crave for more and more, the dishes tend to tingle the tongues of diners, taking them on an impressive culinary roller coaster like no other cuisine. Plan your foodcation to Jordan and indulge in some of the most delicious cuisines one has ever tasted!

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurants In Petra

What are the cuisines offered by the restaurants in Petra?

Most of the restaurants provide all the international cuisines as well as the local food of Jordan. You should opt for the local cuisines as they are delicious enough. However, you can opt to eat any type of cuisine.

Which is the best restaurant in Petra?

It is very hard to specifically pinpoint the best restaurant in Petra. All have their specific qualities but some are of top class. For example, The Rock Camp restaurants provide delicious food along with providing a mesmerizing view of the mountains.

Is there any specific cuisine that is the specialty of Petra restaurants?

Yes, one of the mouth-watering dishes from Petra is Mansaf. It is a communal eating dish of tender meat layered with flatbread and aromatic rice. It is served in a big platter. Good for a group of friends or a 5-6 member family.

What is the additional recreation provided by the restaurant?

Some of the restaurants provide live music performances while some arrange a high-end party.

Is there any restaurant that serves only vegetarian food?

Yes, there are numerous restaurants that provide food for vegetarians only. Petra Kitchen is one of them. There are others also who provide vegan food in Petra.

What type of service is offered in the restaurants in Petra?

The hospitality in most of the restaurants in Petra is top-notch. They provide warm greetings and good food which are indeed delicious.

Which is the best family restaurant in Petra?

Most of the restaurants are preferable for family. They provide a safe and sound environment, as well as good food, which is the incentive.

Is booking facility available in the restaurants in Petra?

Yes, numerous restaurants have the facility of booking. This makes them more hospitable and provides a stress-free holiday for tourists.

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