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The purpose of every vacation is to seek respite. Taking a trip to a different city with completely varied views is something more than a rest for our eyes. Now, we all know that a vacation hangover is real. Leaving everything at home and heading back for the trip is a true and mutual feeling. But we also know that it is simply not possible to get our leaves approved. This is what enhances the beauty of a weekend getaway.

Just imagine leaving on a Thursday night to a destination that is famed for its royalness and heritage. Every city, every town of Rajasthan has an aura of its own. One such city is the ever so bustling Ajmer. This city not only has plenty to offer on its own but also is nestled amidst many marvelous spots that one can head to.

In the light of a conversation on short trips and the Islamic city of Rajasthan, here are a few weekend getaways from Ajmer. Do not forget to note down your preferences!

Top 14 Weekend Getaways From Ajmer

Ajmer is a destination that is known for its heritage. This city has Islamic historic and cultural significance latched to itself, making it earn its fame. Here is a list of some famous places near Ajmer that one can surely consider on their vacation.

  • Pushkar: An Ancient Escape
  • Khuri: A Magical Desert Village
  • Kishangarh: Welcome To The Snow Land
  • Jaipur: A True Rajasthani Experience
  • Sikar: Vibrancy At Its Best
  • Bundi: Quaint Vibes
  • Jodhpur: The Sun City
  • Chittorgarh: Land Of Royals
  • Phalodi: An Exquisite Salt City
  • Shekhawati: With Old-World Charm
  • Ranthambore: A Wild Affair
  • Udaipur: Land Of Luxury
  • Kumbhalgarh: Second Longest Wall
  • Pali: The Industrial Touch

1. Pushkar: An Ancient Escape

Pushkar is a destination unlike any other.

Image Credits: Deepankar Verma for Pexels

Pushkar is a destination unlike any other. With a charm of its own, this destination got its fame because of the extra vibrant Camel Fair. The Fair might take place for just a month towards the end of a year but this destination attracts travelers throughout the year. It is among the famous places near Ajmer. Mostly the ones who pay a visit to Ajmer do include Pushkar in their itineraries. Pushkar is among the timeless short weekend getaways from Ajmer. Pushkar is majorly just a long street where vendors can be seen selling hippy and chic souvenirs to the crowds. This town is home to the few Brahma temples that are spread across the world.

Distance From Ajmer: 15 kilometers

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2. Khuri: A Magical Desert Village

authentic Rajasthani experience

Image Credits: Wikimedia

Another one of the weekend getaways from Ajmer within 100km is Khuri. This is one of the most magical desert villages of Rajasthan. A destination where the time has stopped, Khuri gives one a true and authentic Rajasthani experience. There is an array of fascinating elements here, right from the camel polo to camel races. You can end the night by sitting around a bonfire and devouring the traditional Rajasthani food. There are also folk dance performances that take place after the sun sets in Khuri. A desert sky is perfect to indulge in some stargazing.

Distance From Ajmer: 80 kilometers

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3. Kishangarh: Welcome To The Snow Land

this is best place for go

Image Credits: Janardanprasad for Wikimedia

Kishangarh is also known as the ‘Marble city of India’. Kishangarh got its second name after the city was converted into a dump yard of marble. When visited under the bright sun, it is quite difficult for one to open the eyes. The entire white region gives one the vibes of ‘Rann of Kutch’ that is situated in Gujarat. The sole temple dedicated to the planets of our solar system can be found here in this destination. There are also some beautifully constructed forts that one can visit when in Kishangarh for family weekend getaways from Ajmer.

Distance From Ajmer: 32 kilometers

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4. Jaipur: A True Rajasthani Experience

The most historical town

Image Credits: AdventureTravelTrip for Pixabay

The most historical town is the capital city of Rajasthan. Jaipur is among the best weekend getaways from Ajmer. The bustling streets, lively atmosphere, colorful markets, and the dazzling souvenirs are what define Jaipur. The best thing about Jaipur is that it is the finest example of the ancient architecture of Rajasthan. From Palaces to Forts, there is plenty to see here. Jaipur is the place where you can witness the perfect blend of ancient and contemporary features of this world.

Distance From Ajmer: 131 kilometers

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5. Sikar: Vibrancy At Its Best

it is best place for visit

Image Credits: Raj Kumar for Wikimedia

Sikar is a rather unexplored jewel of Rajasthan. This is truly one of the must-visit weekend getaways from Ajmer. Sikar earned its popularity by virtue of being home to an abundance of painted Havelis and towering forts. These Forts do not fail to take one back in time. Sitting in Shekhavati, Sikar is the place you would want to head to when seeking for Mughal Era architecture. Sikar offers an absolute experience with innumerable bazaars, monuments, and palaces covering its floors.

Distance From Ajmer: 179 kilometers

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6. Bundi: Quaint Vibes

best place for go

Image Credits: Raoankit for Pixabay

Bundi is a destination that is definitely underrated. If you are the one to get off the beaten path, Bundi could be your idyllic escape. This destination in Rajasthan is still one the verge of earning its true fame and hence it is the perfect time to avoid a clamor of tourists. This is one of the most photogenic towns with hundreds of Brahmin-blue houses sitting on either side of narrow lanes. The majestic hills behind the town happen to form a great backdrop. The crystal clear lake, intriguing step wells, and the old world charm are unmatchable. This is certainly among those few magical weekend getaways from Ajmer that still creates the atmosphere of the golden days.

Distance From Ajmer: 171 kilometers

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7. Jodhpur: The Sun City

best place for visit in jodhpur

Image Credits: Hhach for Pixabay

Blue rooftops and narrow streets are the major features of Jodhpur. Jodhpur has earned fame and love from many locals and tourists alike. ‘Blue City’, ‘Gateway to Thar’, and ‘Sun City’ are just a few among many names that have been given to Jodhpur. When one looks at Jodhpur from up high in the sky, the view that one gets is similar to looking at a sea. The blue structures of Jodhpur are what truly make this city stand out. One of the must-visit weekend getaways from Ajmer, Jodhpur is a chirpy town. Quaint little shops, cute guesthouses, and the splendid eateries make it one of its kind.

Distance From Ajmer: 203 kilometers

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8. Chittorgarh: Land Of Royals

Chittorgarh was the land of heroism and huge sacrifice

Image Credits: Noopur for Wikimedia

Chittorgarh earned its popularity because of the Bollywood blockbuster – Padmavat. This city was once a capital of the Mewar kingdom and has some tales bravery to tell. Chittorgarh was the land of heroism and huge sacrifices. It was the Chittorgarh Fort where the Rani Padmavat performed Jauhar once Alauddin Khilji won the battle. This town is extremely close to the heart of Rajputs of Rajasthan. There is plenty to see here. With forts and temples to palaces and tunnels, Chittorgarh is truly among the remarkable weekend getaways from Ajmer.

Distance From Ajmer: 204 kilometers

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9. Phalodi: An Exquisite Salt City


Image Credits: Chinmayisk for Wikimedia Commons Famous for being known as the salt city, Phalodi is perhaps among the famous places near Ajmer. This destination is sitting in Jodhpur. Phalodi has an essence of ancient city spread all around. Sandwiched between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, Phalodi is all about elegant shoes, locally produced jootis, vibrant bangles, exemplary silver jewelry, and colorful outfits. This town has its floors covered in ancient architectural marvels in the form of forts, havelis, and temples that date back to more than 300 years. Phalodi is your answer to a true Rajasthani experience of tradition blended with luxury. Distance From Ajmer: 89 kilometers

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10. Shekhawati: With Old-World Charm


Image Credits: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra for Wikimedia Commons Shekhawati is one of the famous places near Ajmer that is known for its humble locals and attractive monuments. This desert region is sitting in the north-east region of the city of Royals. Shekhawati got its fame by virtue of being referenced in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It is believed that the Holy texts from the Hindu religion were written in this very region. The name of this destination was derived from the Shekhawat Rajputs, the royals that were the dominant rulers of this region back in the day. This is the town where you can witness the true examples of Rajasthani architecture from ancient times. Distance From Ajmer: 130 kilometers

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11. Ranthambore: A Wild Affair


Image Credits: pxfuel If you are someone who has a thing for the exotic species of wildlife, Ranthambore is where you should head. A tiger reserve sitting in Rajasthan and a few kilometers from Ajmer, Ranthambore is famous for its lush greens and rejuvenating atmosphere. The tranquility that you can embrace in this region is not something that can be found anywhere else. Rajasthan never fails to surprise when it comes to experience. If you are tired of strolling around the forts and finding yourself in the middle of a jungle, take a trip to Ranthambore and enjoy meeting some exquisite species of wildlife! Distance From Ajmer: 250 kilometers

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12. Udaipur: Land Of Luxury


Image Credits: wallpaperflare Also famed as the ‘Lake City’ of Rajasthan, Udaipur is a world on its own. Udaipur has an essence of opulence dropping from every nook. The houses in this city adorn the authentic haveli architecture, the markets are bustling with tourists and vendors, and the locals are as helpful and humble as you can imagine. The aesthetic tourist places that Udaipur hides in its lap and the terrific cafes that appeal to all the food bloggers makes this destination one of its kind. You can find artists in their little workshops, vast gates on the forts, boats along the lake, and a different vibe of something that lies between city and nature but cannot be explained. Distance From Ajmer: 260 kilometers

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13. Kumbhalgarh: Second Longest Wall


Image Credits: needpix Rajasthan tour is incomplete without paying a visit to the forts and havelis. One destination that has plenty to offer in terms of architectural marvels in Kumbhalgarh. This is home to a fort that possesses the second largest wall in the world, after the Great Wall of China. This snake like wall will leave you in awe of craftsmanship in the ancient vibes. Like every other spot in Rajasthan, this destination is also famous for the ancient vibes that it exudes. The historic town is renowned for its enigmatic monuments, extravagant palaces, plenty of temples and flamboyant chattris. Distance From Ajmer: 230 kilometers

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14. Pali: The Industrial Touch


Image Credits: Piyush Tripathi for Wikimedia Commons Also known as ‘the industrial city’, Pali is a small district sitting in the state of Rajasthan. This is among the popular tourist destinations and lies on the banks of the Bandi river. Initially this place was tagged as Pallika and Palli. The town earned its name from the Paliwal Brahmins who used to reside there back in the ancient times. Pali got its fame by virtue of a large number of textile industries and has been a trading centre since the old times. Distance From Ajmer: 162 kilometers

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Weekend getaways from Ajmer are what people would call an idyllic respite. With so much history and so much magnificence covering the floors, one is never out of reasons to plan a trip to Rajasthan. While one destination might boast Mughal Era architecture, the other one is known for the bravery. This is the true essence of Rajasthan. No destination and no experience is the same!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Weekend Getaways From Ajmer

What are the top weekend getaways from Ajmer?

Ajmer is surrounded by some of the most beautiful places such as Bundi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Chittorgarh, Kishangarh, and many more. All of these places are perfect for a weekend holiday.

How far is Jaipur from Ajmer?

Jaipur is located around 130 kilometers from Ajmer. One can easily cover the distance between the two by means of roadways.

What are the places to visit in Jodhpur?

There are plenty of places to visit in Jodhpur including Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, Kaylana Lake, Jaswant Thada, and many more.

What is the best time to visit Ajmer?

It is best to avoid the entire region of Rajasthan during the summer months. The best time to pay a visit to Ajmer is during the winter season. The months from October to March are the most ideal ones.

Why is Chittorgarh famous?

Chittorgarh is famous for being home to some heroic and brave Rajputs. It was in Chittorgarh that Rani Padmavat performed Jauhar when Alauddin Khilji won a battle against the Rajputs of Chittorgarh.

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