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      Man meditating

      These are the changing times when Hollywood travels all the way to ... Read more

      Christmas Festivities

      Christmas is a good time to be in Toronto, the city is lit up and illuminated in every noo... Read more

      Kerala-In-March_19th oct

      Known as the ‘God’s Own Country’ and for all the right reasons, Ke... Read more


      Wayanad in Kerala is known for its exquisite beauty in the l... Read more

      a beautiful blend of history and culture

      Jakarta, Indonesia’s massive capital, is an interesting amalgamatio... Read more

      cover for Places To Visit Near Coorg_4th november

      Experience pure bliss amidst lush greenery as you plan your escapade to Coorg this winter. Co... Read more

      Losar Festival

      Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

      Ladakh is a destination in India that attra... Read more

      ramada udaipur

      New Year’s is just two months away and it feels like it was just ... Read more

      Philippines Budget Trip

      Philippines is an exotic island country that boasts over 7,000 tropical islands to choose fro... Read more

      Awesome place

      Andaman & Nicobar Islands are an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. Made up of o... Read more

      Soft ocean breeze, surreal sunsets, swaying palm trees, white sand beaches, and unlimited Bin... Read more

      Amarkantak cover

      Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Amarkantak is one of the pilgrim hubs of Madhya Pra... Read more


      Leisure Valley Chandigarh, is a continuum of several theme gardens that attract people from a... Read more

      Temple bells

      Located near Pathankot on Shahpur Kandi Dam Road, this quaint temple houses the shrine of Lor... Read more

      Best Museums In Bhubaneshwar

      Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia Bhubaneswar’s history goes back in time ... Read more

      Disneyland amusement park in Paris

      Who said Disneyland was an amusement park meant only for kids? ... Read more

      Lexie Alford posing in front of a pyramid in Egypt

      196 countries at the age of 21, now that’s a figure that we nee... Read more

      Jamaica Nightlife

      Come and experience the electrifying Jamaica Nightlife that will get you ... Read more

      temples in jalandhar cover

      An ancient town in the state of Punjab, Jalandhar holds a significant cultural and religio... Read more

      Akal Takht In Amritsar

      The Akal Takht that translates to the throne of the timeless one or throne of the immortal is... Read more

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      Best Beaches Near Davao City

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      Bhakra Nangal Dam cover

      Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia

      The Bhakra Nangal dam is one of the most st... Read more

      Quezon City cover

      Philippines is blessed with pristine beaches that will give you a tiny break from the mundane... Read more

      Rangla Punjab In Jalandhar

      Rangla Punjab in Jalandhar is a traditional Punjabi themed village that offe... Read more