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Amarkantak is one of the pilgrim hubs of Madhya Pradesh that is surrounded by the exquisite beauty of Vindhya and Satpura range. This destination is known as the origin of two great rivers of India, the Narmada and the Sone that attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to pay their respects at these ancient temples and wander the stunning landscape in the absolute serenity of the verdant hills. Read on to know more about the best 8 places to visit in Amarkantak and unravel the stories of several dynasties and empires, such as the Pandavas and modern time foreign intruders as well who have contributed to make this destination significant historically

This holy city boasts several attractions and is home to many ancient temples of Kalachuri period. The temples are describing the elements of different eras and of different rulers respectively.

Amarkantak in Sanskrit literally translates to ‘eternal source,’ which is the significance of this ancient town as it’s the source of the sacred river Narmada, and is popularly known as ‘Teerthraj’ – the king of pilgrimages.’ Having a link to the rich cultural heritage and natural diversity, this offbeat destination serves as a quick hideaway for people looking for respite and seeking blessings at one of these ancient temples. The forests surrounding Amarkantak will give your eyes some rest and will be a perfect escape to beat the heat.

8 Places To Visit In Amarkantak

Amarkantak is a beautiful pilgrimage site that attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to pay their respects at one of these ancient temples and relish the serene atmosphere, having a perfect laid-back weekend with family and friends. Make your holiday experience the best one by making sure you add these places to visit in Amarkantak in your itinerary list.

  • Narmada Kund & Temples
  • Ancient Temples Of Kalachuri Period
  • Dudh Dhara Falls
  • Shri Yantra Mandir
  • Kapil Dhara Fall
  • Mrityunjay Ashram
  • Bhrigu Kamandal
  • Kabir Kothi

1. Narmada Kund & Temples


Located in the heart of the ancient town, Narmada Kund is the place of origin of river Narmada, and it is surrounded by 16 pristine stone temples. Few of the main temples in this complex are Narmada Temple, Lord Shiva temple, and Shri Radha Krishna temple. This temple provides eternal peace and calm to the visitors who can delve into the stunning views that exude positivity and good vibes.

Aarti timings: 6 am – 12 pm, 4 pm – 9 pm

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2. Ancient Temples Of Kalachuri Period


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These ancient temples date back to the 1042 – 1072 AD and are located just behind the Narmadakund towards south. Marvel at the famous architecture that includes the Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple and the Machhendranath Temple. The temples belong to the Kalachuri period and were built by Kalachuri Maharaja Karnadeva.

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3. Dudh Dhara Falls


Dush Dhara is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India, and the second waterfall of Narmada River that gets its name from its colour which is milky white. Dudh is a hindi word that literally translates to milk and the locals compare the colour of the waterfall to milky white. Hence, the name Dush Waterfall. You’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of this pearls dropping and jaw-dropping waterfall that will come as a respite on your trip.

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4. Shri Yantra Mandir


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This unique temple features an interface of interlocking triangles, snake hoods and a stunning architectural structure rising out of a valley. The whole temple is a geometric representation of the Primal Force, Maha Shakti and it attracts worshippers and well-wishers from across the globe.

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5. Kapil Dhara Fall


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The Kapildhara waterfall is a major attraction for people travelling to Amarkantak. The holy waters of the Narmada river plunge from a height of about 100 feet and this cascade of waterfall gets its name from the famous sage Kapil, who had resided at this place and performed severe religious austerities.

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6. Mrityunjay Ashram


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This is a very peaceful ashram where you find some solace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Find yourself a quaint spot in the ashram and do introspection, spend some time alone that will truly rejuvenate your soul. Take a stroll in the garden and feast your eyes on the lush greenery around you.

7. Bhrigu Kamandal


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Go on a blissful walking trail amidst the thick jungle of Bhrigu Kamandal. According to the locals, Rishi Bhrigu resided in a small cave here during the months of monsoon, a very holy and quaint place, this forest has a rock which is said to be the water tumbler of Rishi.

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8. Kabir Kothi


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One of the most prominent tourist spots in Amarkantak, it’s where the famous saint Kabir resided and spent many years doing meditation amidst the lush surroundings and a serene environment.

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How To Reach Amarkantak


By Air: Jabalpur airport is the nearest airport to Amarkantak, located approximately 254 km.

By Rail: Pendra Road is the nearest railhead to Amarkantak, located 17km away from the holy town.

By Road: You can take bus to Jabalpur and Rewa that are well connected to Amarkantak or take State Buses to Amarkantak from Pendra Road.

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A visit to this holy town includes these places to visit in Amarkantak if you want your holiday experience to be truly blissful and unique. Make sure you add these places to your itinerary and tell us about your amazing experience once you’re back from your Madhya Pradesh vacation.

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