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      Corona News

      Famed as the hottest destination, Death Valley recently caught everyone’s attention as it broke the highest temperature ever recorded on the Earth. Our planet is on fire and the United States’s lowest, driest and hottest location is burning at 54 degrees Celsius. Read more

      India is a land of vibrant festivals and each of them is celebrated wonderfully and in a grand way. With so many interesting stories behind these festivals and the rituals that take place, attending the festivals is one of a kind experience. Read more

      Here is finally some good news for all the international travelers out there. After a 4-month long interval, International flights from Chennai have resumed, though the travel is limited to countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah currently. Read more

      It is almost six months into the timeline of COVID’19, a global pandemic that shook the world and gave many economies an expensive halt. The ease of transmission of this newly discovered coronavirus let no part of the world escape its outbreak. However, a few countries managed to flatten the curve with great disparity and in a short time frame. At times, some nations even emerged with an early success story but soon faced an out lash beyond control. Therefore, it is best to reflect on the learnings from countries that impressed with their handling of the COVID’19 outbreak overtime.

      Countries That Are Better At Battling The COVID’19 Outbreak

      The continuous efforts and innovative approaches of some nations showed note-worthy outcomes. The following nations best understood that the pandemic was less of a race and more a marathon of effectively dealing with the crisis.

      1. Vietnam

      Vietnam Image Credit: Quang Nguyen Vinh for Pixabay Vietnam’s speedy recovery along with effective control on the spread of COVID’19 truly narrates an impressive tale. As per recent numbers, Vietnam has had zero fatalities caused due to the spread of the virus so far. Neighboring Countries: Cambodia, China, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand

      2. Taiwan

      Taiwan Image Credit: Pixabay A majority of people who were tested positive for COVID’19 in Taiwan have successfully recovered. The country reports very few casualties so far and is taking constant constructive steps to further reduce it. Neighboring Countries: The Philippines, China, Japan

      3. Iceland

      Northern Stars Image Credit: Pixabay As of now, Iceland has more than 1800 confirmed cases of COVID’19 and has effectively managed a recovery rate of 98%. The method of aggressive testing played a substantial role in the increased recovery rate. Neighboring Countries: Scotland (Nearest)

      4. Australia

      Sydney Opera House Image Credit: Patty Jansen for Pixabay International border closure, spatial distancing, and access to telehealth facilities were some of the key aspects that helped Australia to sustain the spread of the virus. Australia is also conducting many lab tests to work out the vaccine of this virus. Neighboring Countries: New Zealand

      5. New Zealand

      New Zealand Image Credit: Pixabay Early precautionary actions along with strict nation-wide lockdown, kept on hold the spread of this easily transmitted disease in New Zealand. The strictness of the precautionary measure also inculcated a sense of awareness among the citizens at an early age. Neighboring Countries: Australia, Fiji

      6. Finland

      Finland Image Credit: Pixabay In order to combat the spread of this virus, Finland put into use the hybrid strategy. Through this strategy, all the restrictions imposed on the nation in order to cope with this pandemic will be strategically and slowly be laid off. This will not only ensure cases to not rise drastically and but also to start living with the new normal. Neighboring Countries: Norway, Russia, Sweden

      7. Malaysia

      Image Credit: Pixabay Timely enforcement of the Movement Control Order in Malaysia helped the country to keep a track on the number of COVID’19 positive cases. The order was imposed by the Malaysian government on 18th March 2020. Neighboring Countries: Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam

      What Do These Countries Have In Common?

      Covid19 Poster Image Credit: Pixabay When it came to dealing with the COVID’19 outbreak, each country had its own measures based on its geography, economy, and disaster management, however, there were some striking similarities. The following points state the common measures taken by the countries that best dealt with the pandemic.
      • Ensuring strict social distancing rules across the nation and especially in areas that were majorly affected
      • Imposing a strategic lockdown and containment strategy
      • Inculcating awareness of the disease, its spread, and symptoms, with a healthy account of knowledge of the consequences
      • Instilling a sense of personal responsibility in the citizens with a mass awareness program
      • Well-planned disaster management with flexible crisis management measures
      • Ensuring effective health control measures and frequent testing of people for COVID’19 in various parts of the country

      Further Read: India Announces Air Bubbles With US And France, International Flights Expected Soon

      It was noticed that a balance of both strict social distancing rules and health control measures helped many countries to move a step further in making things better for their citizens. Moreover, it helped things to get close to normal and so helped their economies to get back on track. Even though some countries like Taiwan and Vietnam were at a great geographical disadvantage with respect to the spread of this disease, taking effective and timely measures helped a great deal. On the contrary, some nations like Australia, Iceland, and New Zealand used the geographical advantage as a stepping stone to further take control of the outbreak. Stepping into the new normal, countries that impressed with their handling of the COVID’19 outbreak not only set examples that other areas can learn from but also made clear that learnings are not rigid. Read more

      Countries around the world are looking to ease Covid-19 restrictions and this has led to major changes in international flight operations. While the countries try to resume internal operations smoothly, they are also gearing up to welcome international travelers. Additionally , the Indian Aviation Authority, Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has decided to resume international flights following a travel bubble.  Read more

      Bonjour Travelers! Finally, some good news is rolling in. As France reopens tourism, you can not only visit the iconic Eiffel Tower, but also Disneyland Paris for a fun-packed outing with your loved ones. Read more

      A ray of hope for all wanderlust-stricken souls! As we entered Unlock 2.0, India began opening up for tourism, and finally, travelers can pack their bags and head straight to the destination they are eager to explore! However, in crucial times of COVID-19, nothing comes without restrictions and so is the case with the reopening of the tourism sector. While India is battling its way out of coronavirus and the cases are still on an increase, it is of utmost importance to pack our new travel essentials i.e a mask, gloves, and a negative report of your COVID-19 test.

      Read more

      Stay Updated. Stay Aware: Know everything about COVID-19 In Less Than A Minute!

      Get the latest updates on what’s going around the world amidst Coronavirus Pandemic. Learn what’s best to do to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Practice social distancing.

      Delhi Airport To Resume Flights From Terminal 3


      After the lockdown is over, commercial flights will begin operations from Terminal 3 at Deljhi Airport. Self check-in bays and machines will be allocated to airlines to avoid crowding. All food, beverage, and retail shops will remain open in order to avoid overcrowding. Ultraviolet disinfectation tunnels will also be in place.

      India To Bring Back 14,800 Nationals From 12 Countries


      The Central Government has given a green signal to launch 64 special flights from May 07 that will bring back 14,800 Indian nationals stranded in 12 different countries.

      Delhi Increases VAT On Fuel

      Delhi Alerts


      Chhattisgarh Begins Home Delivery Of Liquor In Green Zones


      Chhattisgarh Begins Home Delivery Of Liquor In Green Zones In order to avoid long queues at the liquor shops in bid to fight coronavirus, the Chattisgarh government has decided to begin home delivery services of liquor in green zone states. A person can place an order online for a maximum of 5000 ml liquor at a time with a delivery charge of INR 120.

      Rajasthan Govt To Send Migrant Workers To Other States Free Of Cost


      Rajasthan Transport Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas announced on Tuesday that no migrant workers were charged of train fare by the state. This came after Sonia Gandhi announced that she would bear the cost of train tickets for migrant workers traveling back home.

      Exam Dates For JEE-Mains, JEE-Advanced, NEET Announced



      Read more

      Stay Updated. Stay Aware: Know everything about COVID-19 In Less Than A Minute!

      Get the latest updates on what’s going around the world amidst Coronavirus Pandemic. Learn what’s best to do to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Practice social distancing.

      Remdesivir Shows Significant Fight Against Covid-19


      The drug remdesivir developed by Gilead Sciences has shown tremendous impact over Corona patients. Early clinical trials show that it helped patients recover 31% faster than normal. Anthony Fauci calls the drug 'highly significant'.

      Free Flu Clinic In Jammu



      A free flu clinic has been built in Ganderbal as a precaution against Covid-19.

      10 Out Of 11 Districts Green: Meghalaya


      Meghalaya has declared 10 out of the total 11 districts to be green. The government has also allowed inter-district movement within these districts.

      Drug For Covid-19 In 2 Months


      Gujarat-based Cadila Pharmaceuticals has revealed a drug for Covid-19 that could be available in the next 2 months. After trials, the Cadila immunomodulator called Sepsivac has helped 4 critically-ill patients in the trial. After further testing in conjunction with Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, the drug will be put to mass use.

      Australia Ramps Up Testing


      In a country which has kept the infections at bay will be testing even more. Health minister Greg Hunt has confirmed that testing will be ramped up in order to make sure that the virus has been defeated.

      Only Streamed Films Eligible For Oscars 2021


      The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will only allow streamed films to be chosen for the prestigious awards. In a first, this has been the direct consequence of Covid-19 on the entertainment industry.

      Australia Opens Beaches And House Visits


      As the virus spread at snail's pace in Australia, the country has decided to open its beaches and encourage houses visits as part of easing lockdown.

      Brazil And Russia Emerging Virus Epicentre


      A report by the WHO has verified that doubling rates in Brazil and Russia have been as low as 2 days. It also said that these 2 countries are becoming the next epicentre for Covid-19.

      Beijing Shuts Covid Hospital


      As the cases have dropped in Beijing, the authorities have decided to shut the covid-special hospital. The Beijing to shut coronavirus special hospital which was also used as a special hospital during SARS outbreak in 2003 has been shut.

      No Case In 80 Districts: Harsh Vardhan


      No fresh case of the novel coronavirus has been reported in 80 districts since last 7 days, according to a press briefing by Health Minister Harsh Vardhan.

      Thiruvananthapuram Removed From Hotspot


      The capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram has been converted into a green zone after cases dropped significantly.

      Cops Turn Samaritans In Kerala


      One of the most successful states handling Covid-19 maturely, Kerala, has indeed been blessed with good hearts. The police in the state are helping with delivery of items including cakes, oxygen cylinder and giving cheer to people battered in the crisis.

      Researchers Develop Molecule For Treatment


      Researchers From Shiv Nadar University in Greater Noida have developed a molecule with potential to treat Covid-19. The research is awaiting patent and then will go forward for clinical and animal trials.

      Indore Starts Plasma Therapy


      Trials for plasma therapy to treat Coronavirus was pretty successful in Delhi. The same is now being done in Indore. A private hospital in the city will start trials from tomorrow.

      Goa Also Wants To Continue Lockdown


      Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant would write a letter to PM saying the lockdown should continue. He would also write about not continuing rail and flights in the state.

      New Zealand Eases Restrictions

      New Zealand

      New Zealand CM Jacinda Ardern has decided to ease the lockdown restrictions in the country. She said the country has done enough to combat the virus spread. So, after 5 weeks of Level Four restrictions, the country will go down into Level Three restrictions.

      Meghalaya CM Wants Lockdown To Continue



      Total Lockdown Announced In Parts Of Tamil Nadu

      Tamil Nadu

      The Tamil Nadu government has decided to completely lockdown in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem and Tirupur corporations. Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami announced in a press release.

      IIT Professor Develops 5 Second Covid-19 Detection Test


      An IIT Roorkee Professor has developed a software for detecting Covid-19 in patients usingan X-Ray scan. It only takes 5 minutes to provide results whether the suspected person is a Covid-199 carrier or not. It toook him 40 days to develop the software that will reduce the test of costing and risk of exposure to healthcare professionals.

      South Korea Tracks People Under Quarantine Electronically

      South Korea

      The South Korea administration will keep a track of people who have been ordered to follow strict home-quarantine with the help of electronic wrists bands. These bands will keep a track of their whereabouts. those who refuse to wear the band will be sent to shelters.

      Char Dham Temples To Reopen


      Char Dham Temples To Reopen Char Dham temples of Gangotri, Yamunotri and Kedarnath will be opened in a low-key ceremony amidst the coronavirus pandemic. It is an important inaugural event that takes place in summer after the temples are closed during the long winter season. However, no pilgrims will be allowed to enter to avoid spreading of the virus.

      Remdesivir Fails In Human Trial


      The much anticipated drug, Remdesivir for treatment of coronavirus has failed human trials. The drug developed by Gilead Sciences was a lead against the virus but has failed the first set of trial.

      Now Tripura Is Corona-Free


      Good news related to corona is coming in phases as Tripura, a state in the north-eastern part of India has zero cases. The second patient in the state has tested negative after repeated tests.

      2 Districts In J&K Become Corona-Free

      Jammu & Kashmir

      2 districts, Kishtwar and Pulwama become coronavirus-free as all patients in the region have recovered. It seems J&K has managed to effectively slow the virus with effective measures like tracing, testing and treatment

      UK To Test Actual Spread

      United Kingdom

      United Kingdom will be testing 20,000 random households to check the prevalence of the virus within the general population. This is an effort to see the level of community spread in UK.

      New Zealand Reports Only 3 New Cases

      New Zealand

      The downward slump in New Zealand's infection rate continues to be observed. The country has reported only 3 new infections taking the total infected tally to 1451.

      Sikkim To Cancel Mansarovar Yatra


      The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra will not be taking place this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, Sikkim Tourism Minister B S Panth said. Border trade between India and China through the Nathula pass will also not take place.

      Spelling Bee Cancelled For First Time


      The prestigious spelling bee tournament has officially been cancelled for the first time since World War 2. The event has now been rescheduled to June 1, 2021.

      Contamination Sources Traced In J&K


      Division Commissioner of Kashmir in a new press release has claimed that all contamination sources of the infected have been traced. The government is keeping surveillance on them 24x7. The statement also claimed that this might help in curbing the spread in J&K.

      Sydney's Bondi Beach Will Partially Reopen Next Week


      Australia will partially open its most popular beach in Sydney from April 28 onwards. The beach will be open to locals from 7 Am to 5 PM on weekdays. However, land activities like jogging, sunbathing, and gathering will be prohibited.

      Delhi-Gautam Budh Nagar/Noida Border Closed



      IIT Roorkee Develops Portable Covid-19 Booth



      Potential Covid-19 Vaccine To Be Tested


      A potential vaccine for Covid-19 developed by researchers at Oxford is going to be tested on people this week. Lead scientist Sarah Gilbert said in a statement. She believes if the vaccine shows the right results, then it could be available as early as September for public.

      No New Infections In Goa


      Goa is the first state in the country to go corona-free as the 7th patient recovered. However, the state government is still keeping the areas under lockdown with regular surveillance.

      Australia Government Eases Restrictions


      Australia is on the road to recovery with very few new coronavirus infections. The hospitals will resume many elective surgeries and schools will be reopened for more children. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Tuesday that Australia could relax some more restrictions from next week.

      MHA Has Issued Data Related To Doubling Rates


      Here is a snapshot of the data released by MHA related to doubling of Covid-19 cases in states:

      - Delhi: 8.5 days
      - Karnataka: 9.2 days
      - Telangana: 9.4 days
      - Andhra Pradesh: 10.6 days
      - Andaman & Nicobar: 20.1 days
      - Haryana: 21 days
      - Himachal Pradesh: 24.5 days
      - Chandigarh: 25.4 days
      - Odisha: 39.8 days
      - Kerala: 72.2 days

      Indonesia Bans Ramadan Mass Exodus


      Indonesia, one of the biggest Muslim-dominated countries has banned the Mass Exodus tradition followed during Ramadan to curb virus spread. Indonesia has around 6,700 active infections with around 750 recovered patients.

      Patients Responding Well To Plasma Therapy


      Multiple patients in Delhi have started to see a positive impact on their health as doctors are trying the "Convalescent Plasma Therapy." Doctors agreed that this is not a treatment but a good preventive measure. Other states like Kerala and Karnataka are already using this method. While states like Punjab have already written to the ICMR for plasma therapy approval.

      Flights Suspended Till May 3



      Manipur Becomes Coronavirus-Free



      New Zealand Extends Lockdown For A Few Days

      New Zealand

      New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has decided to extend the lockdown for five more days till next Monday. The Level 4 lockdown was supposed to end on Wednesday earlier. 1440 coronavirus cases have been reported in the country so far. Of those, 12 have died and 974 have recovered.

      Germany Relaxes Covid-19 Lockdwon Measures


      Germany is all set to reopen its economy after a long period of ockdown. The situation seems to be under control and the number of new cases are in decline. Europe's largest economic zone, Germany will be the first to methodically reopen its economy.

      High Quality Cloth Developed To Make N-99 Masks


      Ahmedabad Textile Industrys Research Association (ATIRA) in collaboration with Defence Research & Development Organization has produced a high-quality cloth for N-99 masks with 99% filteration rate, highest among all the masks available in India. ATIRA will produce 5 lakh N-99 masks for India.

      Toll Collection Resumes On National Highways


      Toll collection will be resumed from April 20 onwards under the goverment directives across the country. Central Governmnet had suspended operations following the directives by the Ministry of Affairs in the wake of coronavirus.

      Lockdown To Be Eased In Non-Containment Zones From Today


      Those areas that do no come under the radar of Covid-19 hotspots will be given relaxation from April 20. These exemptions include agricultural acivity, employment opportunities for daily wage earners, health services, and continuation of supply of essential goods.

      Uber Teams Up With MedLife To Provide Supplies


      Uber has teamed up with MedLife to deliver medical supplies in five Indian cities. These cities include Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow and Pune. Customers would be able to get access to prescription and other over-the-counter medicines,

      New Portable UV Racket Designed


      A new portable UV racket has been designed that can disinfect surfaces just by waving. You can disinfect anything from from groceries, e-commerce packets, keys, currency notes to vehicles.

      IIT Ropar Designs 'WardBot' To Deliver Food


      A robot named "WardBot" has been designed to deliver food and medicines to patients. There is no human intervention required in the room.

      Karnataka Scales Up Covid-19 Tests


      Karnataka government has scaled up the number of coronavirus tests done in a day by five times. Karnataka wants to ramp up testing in order to flatten the curve which is currently moving up in a slow manner.

      RBI Announces Second Stimulus Package


      The Reserve Bank Of India has announced the second stimulus package for India. Here are some highlights:

      - Rs 50,000 crore to help SMEs
      - Special refinance packages for SIDBI & NABARD
      - Fixed reverse repo rate cut by 25 BPS
      - Moratorium period has now been excluded from NPA classification
      - Under WMA, states' borrowing limit increased to 60%

      India To Supply Hydroxychloroquine To 55 Countries


      Indian would be supplying Hydroxychloroquine to 55 other nations including neighbors Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Maldives and Myanmar. The drug would also be to nations in Africa, South America, Europe and Central Asia.

      11/11 For Andaman And Nicobar Islands


      In an awesome positive news for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, all 11 patients from Andaman and Nicobar Islands have recovered. Out of these 10 were part of "Special Operations" and 1 came in contact with the the 8th victim. Officially, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is free of Coronavirus as of now.

      E-Commerce Can Sell Electronics From April 20


      Mobile phones, refrigerators, televisions, laptops, and other stationery items would be sold on e-commerce platforms like Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon from April 20.

      China Supplies 650,000 Medical Kits To India


      China on Thursday dispatched 650,000 coronavirus medical kits to India to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Indian Ambassador to Beijing Vikram Misri said. Over two million test kits being procured from China will be sent to India in the next 15 days, he told PTI.

      NIT Researchers Create A Disinfection Chamber From An Old Fridge



      A Remote Controlled Robot "Co-Bot" Provides Food To Patients



      India To Sell Hydroxychloroquine To Malaysia


      The anti-malarial drug, hydroxychloroquine would be sold to Malaysia for treating Coronavirus. Being the largest producer, sales have soared recently with various exports across the globe.

      Ola Partners With BMC To Carry Medical Supplies


      Bengaluru-based Ola has partnered with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to start medical trips across Mumbai. Ola has provided dedicated cars to BMC for every ward. Health workers and paramedical staff would be ferried across wards and their homes.

      Indian Aviation Sector Moves 407 Tonnes Of Medical Supplies Across Nation


      Over 407 tonnes of medical supplies have been transported using 227 flights till April 13. A total of 2,20,129 kilometers distance has been covered by the flights under the initiative so far, according to a release. AirIndia, Air Force, and other private carriers have been operating on war footing to help the nation in its fight against Covid-19

      Kerala Houseboats To Be Converted Into Covid-19 Isolation Facilities



      Railways Cancel 39 Lakhs Tickets Booked Between April 15 & May 3


      Due to the nationwide extension of lockdown till May 03, Indian Railways will have to cancel more than 39 lakh tickets that were booked for period between April 15 and May 03. Railways have also stopped advance bookings for the time being to avoid any further cancellations.

      What's Allowed In Lockdown 2.0 From April 20?


      • Activities related to agricultural, horticultural, farming, procurement of agri products will resume.
      • Manufacturing units of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, construction of medical infrastructure will remain open from April 20.
      • Highway 'dhabas', truck repairing shops, call centres for govt activities will also resume.
      • Bank branches and ATM will also reopen from April 20.

      Note: These exemptions are not permitted in Covid-19 hotspots.

      MHA Revised Guidelines For Lockdown 2.0


      As the phase 2 of lockdown begins, MHA has issued revised guidelines for industries and people:

      • Wearing mask when stepping out of home is mandatory.
      • Transportation of goods without any distinction of essential and non-essential goods will be allowed.
      • Domestic travel remains banned till May 03.
      • All cinemas, malls, gyms, schools, and other socio-cultural centres will remain shut till May 03.
      • Some industries and manufacturing units will be allowed to function.
      • Taxis, cabs, and aggregrator services will remain shut till May 03.
      • All health services to remain functional.

      Goa Might Become Green Zone By April 17


      Goa CM Pramod Sawant has announced that the state will be declared "green zone" by April 17 if no more cases of Covid-19 are found in the region. Union Health Ministry has already declated South Goa as green zone. Five out of seven patients have already recovered.

      More Than 1/3 of Medical Staff Suffer From Insomnia, Says Study


      A study has revealed that more than a third of health staff in China may have suffered from insomnia during the peak of Covid-19 in China. These workers are more likely to have depression, anxiety, and stress-based trauma.

      7 Commandments By PM Modi To Fight Covid-19


      Here's the gist of PM Narendra Modi's address to the nation.

      • Take care of elders and ailing people in your home.
      • Respect health welfare workers.
      • Help and serve food to poor families.
      • Make your own masks at home.
      • Follow lockdown and social distancing norms.
      • Download the Aarogya Setu Mobile app for contact tracing and motivate others.
      • Don't lay off employees at work.

      Lockdown Till April 20 To Be Extremely Strict


      PM Modi also spoke about a strict phase of lockdown to be followed till April 20. Post evaluation, some areas might be allowed more essential services.

      PM Thanks The Entire Nation


      PM Narendra Modi has thanked the entire nation in their participation to follow the lockdown. He applauded the efforts of frontline warriors like doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, police and assured services would be delivered to the poor.

      Lockdown Extended In India Till May 3


      India with a population of 1.3 billion has chosen to extend the lockdown till May 3. The move comes on the backdrop of PM Narendra Modi's rapid efforts to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

      PM Narendra Modi To Address Nation At 10 AM Tomorrow



      PM Narendra Modi will address the nation tomorrow at 10 AM. The decision is likely to be regarding the extension of lockdown in India till April 30. However, there have been talks of a controlled lockdown in which some factories and industries will function to boost economic growth.

      Tokyo Airport Provides Cardboard Beds For Passengers


      An area at Tokyo airport has been dedicated for the international passengers who cannot afford the government-mandated quarantine in hotels as they await their coronavirus test results. Makeshift beds using cardboard have been provided to these passengers where they can take shelter meanwhile.


      Thailand's Most Popular Island Goes Into Lockdown


      Thailand's most beloved island destination, Phuket has gone into lockdown to stop the surge in the number of coronavirus cases. All beaches have been closed, a curfew is in place, and people are ordered to wear face masks when leaving their premises.

      Karnataka Launches 'Sanitizer Bus' To Disinfect People In Public Places


      The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has launched old buses as sanitizer buses for the benefit of police personnel, health workers, and others carrying out services during the lockdown. The buses have been branded as "Sarige Sanjeevini".


      Plasma Therapy Successful In 3 Indian-American Patients


      Three Indian-American patients who were hospitalized in US under critical conditions of coronavirus have shown tremendous recovery after they were treated by infusing plasma from Covid-19 recovered patients. Since the vaccine may take some time, doctors across the world are testing new methods to cure the novel coronavirus.

      Here's The List Of All Containment Zones In Delhi

      Delhi  Alerts

      "The authorities have identified 43 containment zones in Delhi so far. These areas have been sealed to contain the spreading of virus. Here is the complete list of 43 containment zones:
      1. Entire affected street near Gandhi Park, Malviya Nagar
      2. Entire affected street of Gali No 5, 6 &7, L 1 Sangam Vihar
      3. Affected area around H. No.A-176, Deoli Extension
      4. Shahjahanabad society, plot no 1, Sector 11, Dwarka
      5. Dinpur Village
      6. Gali No. 5 & 5A, H-2 Block, Benagli Colony, Mahavir Enclave
      7. Markaz Masjid and Nizamuddin Basti
      8. Nizamuddin West (G and D block) areas
      9. Area of Street/Gali No. 18 to 22 of Zakir Nagar and nearby area of Abu Bakar Masjid of Zakir Nagar 10 (Core) rest of Zakir Nagar as Buffer Zone
      11. H. No. 811 to 829 and 842 to 835 - Khadda Colony, Jaitpur, Extension, Part-II
      12. H. No. 1144 to 1134 and 618 to 623 - Khadda Colony, Jaitpur, Extension, Part-II
      13. Gali No. 16, Kachhi Colony, Madanpur Khadar, Extension, Delhi
      14. Mehela Mohalla, Madanpur Khadar, Delhi
      15. H-Block, Near Umra Masjid, Abu Fazal Enclave
      16. E-Block, Abu Fazal Enclave, Delhi
      17. H No. 97 to 107 and H. No. 120-127 Kailash Hills, East of Kailash
      18. E-Block (E-284 to E-294) East of Kailash, Delhi
      19. H. No. 53 to 55 & 25, Shera Mohalla, Garhi, East of Kailash
      20. B Block Jahangirpuri
      21. Gali No. 1 to 10 (1 to 1000) C Block Jhangirpuri
      22. H. No 141 to H. No 180, Gali no. 14, Kalyanpuri
      23. Mansara Apartments , Vasundhara Enclave
      24. 3 Galis of Khichripur including Gali containing H. No. 5/387 Khich ..
      25. Gali No 9, Pandav Nagar
      26. Vardhaman Apartments , Mayur Vihar, Phase I , Extension
      27. Mayurdhwaj Apartments , I P Extension, Patparganj
      28. Gali no. 4, from H. No. J- 3/115 (Nagar Dairy) to H. No. J- 3/108 (towards Anar wali Masjid Chowk), Kishan Kunj Extension
      29. Gali No. 4, from H. No J- 3/101 to H. No. J - 3/107 Krishan Kunj Extension
      30. Gali No. 5, A Block ( From H No. A- 176 to A-189), West Vinod Nagar
      31. E-Pocket, GTB Enclave
      32. J & K, L and H pock ..
      33. G, H, J, Blocks old Seemapuri
      34. F- 70 to 90 block Dilshad Colony
      35. Pratap khand, Jhilmil Colony
      36. Shastri Market, including J.J. Cluster of South Moti Bagh
      37. Bengali Market/ Babar Road adjoining area of Todarmal Road, Babar Lane and School Lane Sadar Bazaar
      38. Chandni Mahal
      39. Nabi Karim
      40. In and around area of G-174, Capital Greens, DLF, Motinagar
      41. In and around area of B- 1/2, Paschim Vihar
      42. In and around area of 11/3, 2nd Floor Ashok Nagar
      43. In and around area of H. No. A-30, Mansarovar Garden"

      Haryana Govt Makes Wearing Masks Compulsory


      Haryana Government has made wearing mask in public places mandatory across the state to avoid the spreading of coronavirus.

      BMC Initiates Door To Door Supply In Dharavi


      The BMC has confirmed that they will be supplying door to door essential items to the Dharavi slums. Experts fear that there are high chances of community transmission in the slum. So, the area has been sealed completely.

      Odisha To Extend Lockdown Till April 30

      Odisha  Alerts

      Odisha government has planned to increase the lockdown till April 30 as an additional measure. CM Naveen Patnaik has requested the centre to curb complete movement of trains and flights till April 30.

      PM Modi's Tweet To Donald Is Trending

      India  Trending


      Australia Virus Spread Slows


      The Australian health ministry has reported less than 100 new infections, the lowest in 3 weeks. The decline is pretty dramatic. With the lockdown in place, the government expects the cases to decrease.

      Rapid Testing Will Begin In Delhi & UP

      Delhi, UP

      With hotspots identified and sealed, the governments of Delhi and UP would soon begin rapid testing. This model is similar to that followed in South Korea and China. The government is confident of the results as it helps in data research.

      BMC Makes Wearing Masks In Public Mandatory


      Due to an increase in number of coronavirus cases in Mumbai, BMC has made wearing masks in public places, hospitals, and offices compulsory for everyone.

      Chandigarh Health Department Starts Door-To-Door Campaign


      Health officials in Chandigarh have started door to door campaigns in the risk zones. Details are being collected about travel history, flu symptoms, etc. The campaign is successful until now.

      Indigo Suspends International Flights Till April 30

      India  Alerts


      Lockdown Lifted From China's Wuhan


      After remaining under lockdown for more than two months, Wuhan - coronavirus epicentre in China is resuming to normal life. Trains and flights will resume operations except to and from Beijing. More than 55,000 passengers will leave Wuhan to their respective destinations. People have to screen their QR Codes at the airport and will only be granted entry if it's green.

      Japan Pledges Contribution To IMF


      Japan has pledged to support the International Monetary Fund (IMF) trust to offer debt relief to low-income countries hit hard by Covid-19. The funds are part of the $990 billion package announced by Japan for dealing with the pandemic.

      More Than 29 Million Hydroxychloroquine Bought By USA


      A sizeable number of more than 29 millions doses of hydroxychloroquine have been bought by US. After last week's conversation with PM Modi, US President Donald Trump has acknowledged the contributions made my India.

      Centre To Take Final Call On Lockdown On 11 April


      The final call on the extension of lockdown will be taken on 11th April after PM Narendra Modi's meeting will all Chief Ministers via video conferencing. PM has also held a meeting with leaders of various leades to brainstorm on the situation and come up with possible best solutions.

      Salman Khan Transfers Fund To Daily Wage Workers


      The actor has pledged to financially support 25,000 daily wage workers in the film industry who have been hit due to the coronavirus pandemic and has transferred 3,000 rupees each.

      Chandigarh Makes Wearing Masks In Public Mandaory


      Chandigarh becomes the first Union Territory to make wearing masks compulsory when venturing out of house. "Use of mask or cloth on nose and mouth in public places is mandatory for people in Chandigarh," the Department of Public Relations, Chandigarh stated.

      Delhi CM Kejriwal Announces 5 T Plan To Fight Covid-19



      "Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced 5T action plan to contain Corona outbreak in the Capital. Delhi govt to follow south korea model of mass testing using Covid test kits.
      T1 - Testing
      T2 - Tracing
      T3 - Treatment
      T4 - Team Work
      T5- Tracking and monitoring"

      China Donates 50,000 Masks To Gujarat


      "50K masks donated by Guangdong Province of China to its Sister State Gujarat have arrived in India today. Hand in Hand we stand to overcome this difficulty," Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong tweeted.

      Mumbai's Wockhardt Hospital Becomes Containment Zone


      After several members of medical staff at Mumbais Wockhardt Hospital tested ostive for coronavirus, the hospitali has been declared a containment zone. The source of infection is belived to be a 70-year old man who was admitted in emergency on March 17 due to cardiac arrest.

      Lockdown Extended In Telangana Till 3 June


      Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced that the lockdown in the state will continue from14th April till 3rd June as a measure to contain the spread of coronavirus.

      Goa To Conduct Health Survey From 11-13 April


      Goa Government will conduct a health survey in its state to track the travel history of the citizens and to check whether anyone is showing symptoms of Covid-19. 7,000-8,000 government servants will be engaged in the state-wde activity.

      Google Maps Show Covid-19 Food & Night Shelter Locations

      India  Trending

      People can now locate food and night shelters for Covid-19 across 30 cities in India with the help of Google Maps. The feature will aslo be soon available in Hindi. Google India is closely working with state and central government authorities for relief.

      Pope Marks Holy Week Alone

      Vatican City

      Pope Francis held the Palm Sunday mass alone in the St Peters Basilica for the first time ever in history. An important religious festival in Catholic calendar, rites were not held in the Vatican Square as usual, as Italy is under complete lockdown.

      Here Are The New Isolation Coaches Prepared By Indian Railways



      Japan To Declare State Of Emergency


      As the number of coronavirus cases spikes in the country, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to declare emergency in the country, especially in Tokyo and other cities. The number of hospital beds in Japan will soon reach their capacity.

      Germany Reports 4th Straight Drop In Cases


      Germany has recorded 3,677 infections in the last 24 hours. However, this has gradually decreased from 5,936 infections the day before. The curve is going down and health experts say that Germany has passed its peak.

      Tiger In US Zoo Becomes First Animal To Test Positive For Covid-19

      New York

      The four-year old Malayan Tiger, Nadia in Bronx Zoo in New York City has become the first animal to test positive for Covid-19 after she showed symptoms of dry coughing and loss of appetite. WHO had ruled out dogs from catching coronavirus but it appear that feline family is not safe from the virus. It is suspected hat she got infected by one of the human visitors at the zoo.

      South Korea Detects Less Than 50 Cases

      South Korea

      South Korea, the country hailed as one of the best in terms of fighting Covid-19 has detected less than 50 new cases. After they peaked on February 29, 2020, the country has undertaken massive steps to test and has been successfully able to contain the spread.

      Singapore To Shut Down For A Month


      Amidst growing concerns of the spread of Coronavirus, Singapore will go into lockdown for 1-month from April 7. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced essential services and key economic sectors will remain open.

      Odisha Government Imposes A Complete Lockdown For 2 Days


      The Naveen Patnaik government in Odisha, as an additional measure has decided to impose a 48 hour complete lockdown in Bhubaneswar and Bhadrak. These 2 cities are currently under radar to stop the transmission chain.

      Google To Publish User Location Data


      Tech giant Google has announced that it will publish user location data of users to allow governments to measure the effectiveness of lockdowns. Google will effectively collate data from 131 countries and put it in a website.

      WHO Team Reaches Rajasthan's Tonk District


      Due to spike in the number of coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours in the Tonk district of Rajasthan, a WHO team has arrived to conduct a survey and take the situation under control

      Corona Beer Suspends Operations Over Virus

      Mexico  Trending

      The Mexican-based brewer Corona has suspended operations till April 30 after health emergency was declared in Mexico. The memes did not discourage the world-famous beer producer to stop production but health concerns did. Since it is a non-essential activity, the plant will keep its productioin to bare minimum.

      Raipur Parents Name Newborn Twins Corona & Covid

      Raipur  Trending

      A couple in Raipur, Chhatisgarh gave birth two twins during the coronavirus lockdown and named their baby boy and girl 'Corona' and Covid' to remind of their triumph over all the hardships. God bless their kids as they will have a hard time making friends. LOL

      Global Companies Extend Hand To Supply Kits


      4 MNCs are gearing up to provide 1 million testing kits to India. As India ramps up testing, US-based Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germany's Siemens and Altona, and South Korea's Seegene would be providing kits within a week.

      PM Requests Citizens To Turn Off Lights On Sunday

      India   Alerts

      PM Narendra Modi has requested all the citizens of India to turn off the lights for 9 minutes on April i.e. Sunday and light a diya or candle of hope to stand in solidarity against coronavirus. He also requests people to maintain social distancing during the activity.


      Batch Of 324 People Released From Quarantine: Srinagar


      The third batch of people were released from quarantine, a total of 324 people. They were put in quarantine facilites to make sure that the virus doesn't spread rapidly. The quarantine was successful and such steps are important to contain the virus, said a health official from Srinagar.

      Don't Have A Mask? Make Your Own


      Indian Ministry of Science & Technology has released a press release sharing a turorial to create own masks for those who do not have the access to face masks amid coronavirus pandemic.

      Learn more

      Aggressive Contact Tracing Campaign In J&K


      J&K government has launched an aggressive contact tracing campaign in which nearly 2,000 people have been identified. The hotspots have been isolated and sealed for public safety. The officials said that people would be out under quarantine and health samples would be taken for tests.

      Indian Railways, Airlines Accept Bookings From April 15 Onwards


      After the government has clarified that no extension on 21-day nationwide lockdown will be imposed, commercial airlines like Indigo, Spicejet, and GoAir have begun taking booking for April 15 onwards. Railways have also started accepting bookings, however, no official statement has been made.

      Read more here

      Indian Navy Develops Infrared-Based Temperature Sensor



      Dharavi Man Tested Positive For Coronavirus


      A man in India's largest slum Dharavi was tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday and was announded dead at Mumbai Hospital. He had morbid symptoms like fever, cough, respiratory issues and condition of renal failure.

      Wimbledon Canceled Amid Coronavirus Crisis


      Wimbledon Tournament that was due to be played between 29 June and 12 July has been cancelled keeping in view of coronavirus pandemic. No tennis matches will be played up until 13 July.

      Gurugram Launches 'Mobile Grocery Bus'


      Gurugram's Municipal Corporation has launched a mobile grocery bus for the residents to supply essential food items and medicine. The bus will deliver food items at your doorstep. The residents can contact Residents Welfare Association at rwa.covid@mcg.gov.in with requirements to avail the service.

      Uber Launches 24/7 Transport Service For Health Workers


      Uber has announced UberMedic, a 24/7 transportation service for doctors and health workers working at frontline to fight coronavirus. It is working with a network of hospitals to facilitate smoother transportation of health workers in the field and help the government in stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

      IIT Researchers Developing Robots


      Researchers from IIT Guwahati's electronics and mechanical department are developing robots to assist in hospital work. The robots would be responsible for delivering food and medicines to patients in the isolation wards.

      Cuba Suspends Arrival Of International Flights

      Alerts   Cuba

      Cuba has decided to ban the arrival of international flights in the country to curb the spreading of virus in the country. It also suspended May Day parade to avoid social gathering amidst fear of Coronavirus.

      Endangered Turtles Hatch On Deserted Brazil Beaches


      As the world goes into a lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, nature is blooming at its best. Over 100 endangered sea turtles hatched on the deserted Janga Beach of Paulista. Usually the beach is crowded with humans hindering the hatching of turtles but after the lockdown these vulnerable turtles were able to make into the ocean safely.

      States Start Hunt For Tablighi Jamaat Participants


      The authorities have launched a nationwide search to hunt down participants of the Tablighi Jamaat. It has been noted that nearly 50% of the cases in some states are a direct or indirect result of the religious event.

      Rajasthan To Screen Entire Population


      Rajasthan will be the first state in the country to screen the entire population of 7.5 cr people. This comes in an effort to gather actual transmission data and to check the status of whether there is community transmission in the state.

      14 Samples In Goa Test Negative


      The tests on 14 samples conducted in the laboratory of state-run Goa Medical College and Hospital have been tested out negative. This is the second batch of samples that has tested negative for coronavirus.

      Kerala Distributes Free Ration From April 1


      From 1st April, Kerala will distribute free rice through its 14,250 ration shops during lockdown. Priority car holders can purchase ration till noon while non priority card holders can approach the shops in the afternoon.

      Andhra Pradesh Defers Salaries Of Govt Employees

      Andhra Pradesh

      Keeping in view of the coronavirus pandemic, the Andhra Pradesh administration has decided to defer 10%-100% salaries of the government employees depending on the slab. These include CM/Ministers/MLAs/MLCs, Corporations members, elected representatives of local bodies.

      Read more

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      Ministry Of Tourism Launches Portal For Stranded International Tourists



      Airlines, Cargo Operators Transport Medical Supplies


      The domestic airlines and cargo operators along with the Indian Air Force have transported nearly 15 tons of medical supplies in 62 flights between March 26 and March 30 now.

      #21DayNationLockdown: Here's A Shocking Fact


      The government data has revealed that India's electricity consumption has fallen down by 25% in five months. This comes as no shock as the businesses come to standstill after lockdown. However, some states have seen load in residential areas due to lockdown.

      Money Crisis In The Time Of Covid-19? Here's A News Of Relief


      The Labour Ministry has allowed employees to withdraw money from their EPF account to deal with the money crisis during the coronavirus pandemic. The employees can withdraw an amount not exceeding their three months basic pay and dearness allowance from their EPF account, according to the new amendment in the Employees' Provident Fund Scheme 1952.

      UP Govt Lodges Medical Staff In 5-Star Hotels


      The Uttar Pradesh Government has taken over 4 five-star hotels to lodge doctors and medical staff who are in constant contact with coronavirus patients. These hotels include Hyatt Regency, Lemon Tree, The Piccadily, and Fairfield by Marriott. These people are at a huge risk of getting infected by the coronavirus contagion. Lucknow administration took this measure to keep its doctors, medical staff, and their families safe.

      Centre Extends Validity Of Government Issued IDs Till June 30


      The validity of government-issued IDs like driving license, permits, and registration that expired since 1st February have been extended till June 30.

      Human Testing For Coronavirus Vaccine Will Start This Fall


      Healthcare company Johnson & Johnson has selected a lead candidate for vaccine trials for the Coronavirus. The testing will start in September and a vaccine could be ready by early next year. The company has signed a $1 Billion agreement with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority.

      Here Are 5 Countries With Highest Coronavirus Deaths


      More than 37,600 have died due to novel coronavirus worldwide and these are the 5 countries with highest number of coronavirus deaths:

      • Italy 11,591
      • Spain 7,716
      • China 3,305
      • France 3,024
      • US 3003

      Infosys Commits Rs 100 Crore To India


      The corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Infosys has donated a very generous amount of INR 100 crores to fight the coronavirus pandemic in India.

      Mexico Declares Health Emergency Due To Coronavirus

      Alerts  Mexico

      As the number of cases rose above 1,000 in Mexico on Monday, the country declared "health emergency" to combat the spreading of coronavirus.

      Anushka Gives Virat Haircut Amid Lockdown



      Rajasthan Acquires 84 Private Hospitals In Jaipur


      As the number of coronavirus cases rises in the state of Rajasthan, the government has acquired 84 private hospitals in Jaipur to accomodate coronavirus patients.

      Food Packets Being Prepared For Needy In Ahmedabad Guruduwara



      Central Park In NY Gets Field Hospital

      New York

      As the situation in New York worsens, the authortiies have decided to build a 68-bed field hospital in Central Park. The hospital is a joint initiative of Central Park Conservancy, Mt. Sinai Hospital and Samaritan’s Purse and will be operational by tomorrow.

      UK Researchers Develop Breathing Machines For Covid-19 Patients


      Medical researchers in Britain have redesigned a breathing aid to help the patients with coronavirus-related respiratory problems. It will help them with sleep apnea and keep them out of intensive care unit.

      OLA Gives 500 Cabs To Ferry Doctors


      The Indian cab-aggregator service Ola has come forward in the time of the pandemic and offered 500 cabs to ferry doctors and medical staff who are fighting Coronavirus to the hospitals.

      Tokyo Olympics Rescheduled Dates Confirmed


      The Tokyo Olympics has been rescheduled for next year amidst the Coronavirus scare. The new and confirmed dates for Olympics are July 23 to August 8. The organizers said that the opening ceremony will take place on July 23, 2021, almost exactly after one year after the games were due to start this year.

      Kochi Super Fab Lab To Produce Low Cost Ventilators

      Alerts   Kochi

      The Kochi Super Fab Lab has created a low-cost ventilator support which is a working prototype as of now. The company will soon send additional 100 units for approval which would be put to use later on.

      Bhutan Increases Quarantine Period



      The government of Bhutan has increased the quarantine period to 21 days starting tomorrow in order to contain the limited spread of the novel Coronavirus.

      Wuhan Shrimp Seller Identified As "Patient Zero"


      A 57-year old woman is identified as the first-ever victim of Coronavirus. The lady identified as Wei Guixian caught the infection on December 10, 2019 while at the Huanan Seafood Market. She recovered from her 'flu' after 1-month of treatment. Scientists say this could help with the research process.

      Infection In China Drops: Zero Cases In Wuhan For 6th Day


      China has recorded a drop in the infection levels on a per-day basis. Fortunately enough, Wuhan has registered Zero cases for the 6th day. Can the world learn anything from this?

      PM Narendra Modi Shares Fitness Video From Home: Says Stay Safe & Healthy



      Google Pledges To Support Corona Fight With $800 Million


      Google has promised to pump another $800 million to charities and support initiatives to lessen the impact of the pandemic. The funds would also be donated to WHO, Google Ads credits for SMBs and Google Cloud credits.

      JSW Group Contributes 100 Crores To PM Fund


      JSW Group, a metals and mining company to contribute INR 100 cr. to the PMCARES Fund in order to support the fight against Coronavirus. The company will also convert some of its facilities into isolation wards to relieve pressure from local hospitals.

      Indian Air Force Readies Critical Medical Supplies



      Mann Ki Baat: PM Says Strict Measures Necessary But Apologizes For Discomfort


      PM Modi came on 'Mann Ki Baat' today to address the situation. Here are some highlights:
      - Tough decisions were necessary as the fight against Coronavirus is a life and death battle
      - PM seeks forgiveness from country for difficult yet necessary decision
      - PM applauded India and said ""fighting disease from start is a good measure""
      - Humanity must unite or the virus will take over
      - Urges citizens to show courage and resolve, follow ""Lakshman Rekha""
      - People who did not follow quarantine are now repenting
      - We should take inspiration from front-line soldiers
      - PM praised sanitation, utility workers, bank staff, delivery agents and grocers
      - Maintain social distance, not emotional and human distance

      CBSE Contributes Rs 21,00,000 To PMCARES Fund


      The Central Board of Secondary Education has contributed Rs 21,00,000 to PMCARES Fund to support the Coronavirus cause. The fund is part of salaries of all the CBSE employees.

      Everyone Entering After March 1 To Be Checked: UP CM Yogi Adityanath

      Uttar Pradesh

      Philanthropist and BJD MP Achyuta Samanta has taken to the streets of Bhubaneswar to distribute food. Vegetables, snacks, fruits were distributed to children and the needy.

      Achyuta Samanta Distributes Food In Odisha



      Philanthropist and BJD MP Achyuta Samanta has taken to the streets of Bhubaneswar to distribute food. Vegetables, snacks, fruits were distributed to children and the needy.

      Social Distancing Slowing Infections In Australia


      Australia PM Scott Morrison said that the people exercising "Social Distancing" has slowed infections in the country. The rate of new infections has halved in recent days, from 25-30% to 13-15%.

      Tata Trusts Commits Rs 500 Crore


      Tata Trusts has committed a sum of Rs. 500 Crore to all affected commmunities. The funds would majorly be used for Protective Equipment for medical personnel, respiratory systems and testing kits to increase per capita testing. The funds might also be used for modular treatment facilities for infected patients, knowledge management and training of health workers.

      Here Is A List Of Government Helpline Numbers For Coronavirus



      Indian Army Distributes Food In Jammu and Kashmir



      Mumbai Police Arrests Three Persons with 5000 Bottles of Hand Sanitizers Illegally


      Mumbai police has seized 5000 bottles of hand sanitizers worth Rs 2.5 Lakh in a raid in Mahim area. The godown had illegally stored the hand sanitizer bottles. Three persons have been arrested in connection with this.

      Coal India Set To Build A 500 Bed COVID Hospital In Odisha


      Coal India has decided to build a 500 bed hospital in Odisha to deal with Coronavirus cases. The hospital will be setup overnight and all equipment to be transferred in a day to keep it prepared and ready.

      Virologist Delivers Kit And Then A Baby Girl


      A virologist Minal Dakhave Bhosale, from MyLab Discovery is an honorable woman who supported her country in a time of need. She is responsible for developing testing kits for the Indian government in an effort to ramp up testing. Ms Bhosale also said that the kit was created in record time and can detect samples in two and a half hours. Meanwhile, she also gave birth to a baby girl but said "It was an emergency, so I took this on as a challenge, I have to serve my nation." She along with a team of 10 developed the kit.

      India Quarantines 40,000 People Due To 1 Man


      The state of Punjab as quarantined 40,000 villagers in an effort to stop a possible transmission chain started by a Gurdwara priest who defied quarantine orders. A 70-year old man, who up until now is the only fatality in the state had a travel history of Europe. The police is keeping a close eye on the villagers.

      China Offers To Build Makeshift Covid-19 Hospitals: India


      China has offered to build makeshift Covid-19 hospitals in case a situation like that arises. 2 hospitals with 1500 beds were built in Wuhan in a week's time to combat the rising pandemic. The a China Railway Construction Corporation would be undertaking the project if such a request is made by the Indian government.

      Covid-19: India Prepares For Massive Screening Effort After April 14


      India, which is under the largest lockdown in the world, is readying to undertake a massive testing programme to identify COVID-19-positive cases after the 21-day period ends in a move that public health experts have been calling for. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) sought quotations earlier this week from suppliers for a million antibody kits (for screening through blood tests) and also 700,000 RNA extraction kits (the swab-based test for confirming COVID-19). As on Friday, a total of 157 laboratories were gearing up for testing — of these around 121 are government labs (109 are functioning and 12 are being operationalised) and 36 are private labs.

      Russia Starts Shutdown After Cases Rise


      Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered a week-long shutdown to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Although, the country claims to have not being infected on a large scale, Putin said the shutdown is more like a "non-working week." The move has confused many citizens who are not sure about the move.

      Dollar Sinks To Its Worst Since 1985


      Amidst all the trade-offs, dollar sinks to a new low with the Coronavirus boiling down in US. As Asian markets stabilize a little bit, a stumbling dollar are signs of a huge economic depression.

      China To Share Data Related To Coronavirus With US


      As America is now the new epicenter of the virus, Donald Trump went for an hour long conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Xi has assured full assistance and cooperation from the Chinese side regarding Covid-19. Therefore, China would be sharing all its data regarding Coronavirus with US, said Trump.

      Bengaluru Oncologist Claims Coming Close To A Cure


      A Bengaluru-based oncologist has disclosed information about finding a cure that might be effective against the Covid-19. Dr. Vishal Rao claims that Interferon could be used to develop a cure. He, along with his team, have sent a proposal to the government citing assistance.

      India Prepares For Stage 3 Transmission


      As cases spike, India is readily getting ready for stage 3 of Coronavirus transmission - which is the "community transmission" phase. In this phase, the source of the infection is unclear and new positive cases can no longer be traced.

      Ports Turn Stranded Ships Away


      Cruise ships around the world are forced to stay stranded at sea as ports are not letting any passenger out and sending the ships away. One of the world-hit ships is Zaandam, which carries 10,000 passengers and is not allowed to dock in San Antonio in Chile.

      India Considers A Larger Doctor Force


      India is considering a move to turn final-year medical students to treat Coronavirus patients. The move is aimed at decreasing the doctor-patient gap that India might face in the coming days as cases continue to increase. India is also planning to call back retired doctors to further improve the gap.

      Indian Armed Forces Hospitals Reserved For Covid-19


      The Indian Armed Forces has ensured that 28 of its military hospitals are equipped to battle the inflow of patients and on stand-by awaiting further government orders. Armed Forces is getting prepared by the day with "Operation Namaste" being rolled out for fighting Coronavirus.

      Lab In US Unveils Portable 5-Minute Covid-19 Test


      Abbot Laboratories is working on a portable Covid-19 test kit that gives results in as less as 5 minutes. The US Food and Drug Administration has given it emergency authorization to begin making the test available as early as next week.

      China Reports Zero Local Transmissions


      The Chinese health ministry have not reported any locally-transmitted case of the novel Coronavirus. However, imported cases also slowed a slight decrease. The officials have still decided to restrict foreign travelers into the country as a precautionary measure.

      Karnataka: Villagers Use Logs To Block Entry


      Some villagers in the Sagara Taluk of Shivamogga district has put down logs of wood to avoid entry of people coming from outside.

      Indian Railways To Use Train Coaches As Isolation Wards


      The Indian Railways has offered a solution to use the empty train coaches as isolation wards for patients. Currently, the authorities are working on a plan. Once finalized, the coaches would be disinfected and pantry cars would be used as a kitchen.

      Uttarakhand Releases Covid-19 Control Room Numbers



      UK Health Minister Matt Hancock Tests Positive



      UK's Health Minister Matt Hancock has now tested positive for Coronavirus. The virus has spread to more than 11,000 citizens living in the UK, Prince Charles and British PM Boris Johnson. Matt has self-isolated himself since only mild symptoms were detected.

      Facebook Launches Messenger Chatbot For Sharing Information


      Facebook has launched a chatbot to share COVID-19 information that will reach out to the Health ministry for official news, updates, and emergency helpline numbers. Available in both, Hindi and English language, users can visit the Facebook page on MyGov Corona Hub and start a chat by typing 'Get Started'.

      People In Tripura Put "Lockdown" Barricades


      The people have put up 'lockdown barricade' at entrance of a village in Tripura. A due notice in the village declares that no one will be allowed to enter without washing hands with soap.

      Odisha Government To Provide Under Food Security Scheme


      The state government in Odisha will provide 3 months advance PDS ration to all its beneficiaries. A total of 94 lakh beneficiaries will receive Rs 1,000 each. For the welfare of the weaker sections of the society, the CM sanctioned a Rs 2,200 cr. package.

      Britain PM Boris Johnson Tests Positive



      First Prince Charles, and now Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for Coronavirus. He is in self-isolation now! It seems that the virus is spreading rapidly in UK with more than 11,000 infections.

      Odisha: Malls, Stores, SHGs Roped In For Home Delivery


      The civic bodies in Odisha have roped shopping malls, stores and self-help groups (SHGs) to ensure doorstep delivery of essential commodities and make sure that people remain indoors.

      Armed Forces Step Up To Battle Covid-19


      The Indian Army has taken more steps to fight the COVID-situation. Tests have been conductd at AFMC in Pune, Army R&R Hospital in Delhi, Army command hospitals in Lucknow and Udhampur and IAF command hospital in Bengaluru. Additionally, six more military hospitals are being equipped shortly with resources to begin testing.

      Delhi Police Releases List Of ‘Dangerous’ Coronavirus-Related Websites


      "Delhi Police's cyber division has released a list of websites that are dangerous and you should not open.
      DO NOT Open these website:
      - Coronavirusstatus(dot)space
      - Coronavirus-map(dot)com
      - Blogcoronacl.canalcero(dot)digital
      - Vaccine-coronavirus(dot)com
      - Coronavirus(dot)cc
      - Bestcoronavirusprotect(dot)tk
      - coronavirusupdate(dot)tk
      - Coronavirus(dot)zone
      - Coronavirus-realtime(dot)com
      - Coronavirus(dot)app
      - Bgvfr.coronavirusaware(dot)xyz
      - Coronavirusaware(dot)xyz
      - Corona-virus(dot)healthcare
      - Survivecoronavirus(dot)org
      - www(dot)Survivecoronavirus(dot)org"

      GoAir Follows IndiGo: Dedicates Crew, Aircrafts


      Domestic airline carrier GoAir has decided to offer aircraft, crew members to the govt for carrying emergency and special services. The move was initally done by IndiGo Airlines.

      World Bank Provides Advisory To Travel And Tourism Industry


      Source: World Bank

      In a time of crisis, especially for the travel, aviation and hospitality industry, the World Bank has provided some tips and advisory. With the billion dollar industry, currently dealing in losses, the World Bank believes these tips will keep the industry afloat for a longer time.

      Engineering Students Create District-Wise Covid-19 Tracker


      Engineering students, under faculty guidance at Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering have developed India's first live district-wise tracker to detect Covid-19. The app named "CovidIndia" is the only app that could prove helpful for people traveling within the country. It would also help authorities mobilize resources efficiently.

      Drones To Start Disinfecting Chennai


      The Chennai Corporation has conducted trials on drones to disinfect inaccessible and congested neighborhoods in the city. Developed by the Abdul Kalam Advanced UAV Research Center in the Anna University, each drone can spray disinfectants over a large area - up to 2 lakh square meters when deployed.

      Hima Das Donates 1-Month's Salary To Assam


      Indian sprinter Hima Das has donated her one month's salary to the government of Assam. Das has joined a growing list of sports personalities, including wrestler Bajrang Punia, shuttler P V Sindhu, and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly.

      Uttarakhand To Distribute Food Packets


      Amit Negi, the Disaster Management Secretary has directed District Magistrates to prepare a list and distribute food packets among the elderly, pregnant women and daily wage labourers.

      RBI Steps Up To Assist Banks


      The Reserve Bank of India has decided to inject Rs 3.74 trillion into the system to keep the banks afloat. The Cash Reserve Ratio has been cut by 100 bps. The Indian banking system is and would continue to be safe & sound, assures RBI governor, Shaktikanta Das.

      Bengal Hotels Set Up Quarantine Units

      West Bengal

      A total of 31 hotels in West Bengal have set up quarantine facilities. All citizens who have been advised to stay under quarantine can use the "pay-and-use rooms" provided by the hotels.

      Auto Drivers In Bengaluru Turn Into Delivery Boys



      To help with the Corona crisis, now, auto drivers in Bengaluru have turned into delivery agents delivering basic essentials such as groceries and medicines to people.

      Ramayana To Start Retelecasting On DD National


      On public demand, popular show 'Ramayana' would be retelecasted starting Saturday, March 28 on DD National. One episode would be telecasted in the morning from 9 am to 10 am while another in the evening, from 9 pm to 10 pm: Minister Information & Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar said.

      Health Workers In Rajasthan's Bhilwara District Keep Spirits Up



      Indian Air Force Creates 9 Quarantine Facilities


      To combat the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the IAF said it has created 9 quarantine facilities with a capacity of 200 -300 personnel each at its nodal bases across the country. The IAF has also launched a 24x7 helpline cell at the IAF Headquarters and various command headquarters for instant communication.

      More Private Labs Approved By ICMR


      The number of private labs for Coronavirus have increased in accordance with approval by ICMR. the total number of private facilities for testing has increased to 29 from 12. Labs are present in Delhi (4), Gujarat (3), Haryana (3), Tamil Nadu (3), Maharasthra (9), Telangana (4), West Bengal (1) and Karnataka (2).

      Holiest Site Of Christianity Closed Amid Covid-19 Fears


      Jerusalem's sacred Church of the Holy Sepulchre shut its doors on Wednesday in order to tighten its restrictions amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Located in Israel, the church is believed to be the site where Christ was crucified, buried, and later resurrected.

      IAF To Fly Medical Supplies, Doctors To Leh


      Indian Air Force will fly a team of doctors and medical supplies to Leh and will bring back samples for testing in the laboratories in Delhi and Chandigarh.

      Police In Kerala Start Kitchens To Feed Homeless


      Police in the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram, in association with a few NGOs have started kitchens to feed the homeless. Steps like these will help curb the barriers on Corona transmission in the city, said an official.

      Senior Citizens In Uttarakhand To Get Doorstep Delivery


      The district magistrates in Uttarakhand were asked to ensure doorstep delivery of essentials to all senior citizens, the sick and helpless during the 21-day lockdown. Orders are also to advertise the contact details PDS distributors and nodal officers in their area for proactive communication.

      Odisha To Set Up India's Largest Covid-19 Hospital



      Ayushmann Khurrana Pens A Beautiful Poem During Self-Isolation



      Supplyco Kochi Partners With Zomato To Start Online Food Delivery From March 27


      The Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation or Supplyco will start delivering essential food products online in Kochi within 8 kms of Gandhi Nagar area from from March 27. Zomato has signed a contract for the delivery.

      Uttrakhand Government Has Started A Helpline Service For People



      5 Apps That Make Social Distancing Fun!


      While public health and everyone’s is of utmost priority at the moment, know how you can still be in touch with your friends, family, and loved ones while practicing social distancing at the same time with the help of these apps. Read more

      31 Kolkata Hotels Set Up Quarantine Facilities

      Alerts   Kolkata

      Hotels near Rajarhat and New Town areas in Kolkata have set up quarantine facilities amidst the coronavirus pandemic after the resquest from the Bengal government. People who have been asked to remain in isolation for 14 days can utilize "pay and use quarantine" facilties at these hotels that are equipped with all the necessary faciltiies in accordance with the protocols set by the health department.

      Nagaland: Petrol Pumps Open On Alternate Days, Grocery Shops 4 Hours Daily

      Alerts   Nagaland

      The petrol pumps in Nagaland will remain open on alternate days during 21-day nationwide lockdown to encourage people to stay indoors. The grocery shops will remain open daily for 4 hours as directed by the state authorities.

      The Viral Video Of Doctors Singing Will Melt Your Heart



      FM Nirmala Sitharaman Announces Rs 1.7 Lakh Crore Relief Package For Poor


      "FM Nirmala Sitharaman has announced a slew of measures to deal with the economic distress caused due to Coronavirus. Here are some highlights:
      - PM Gareeb Kalyan Scheme will entail Rs 1.7 lakh crore
      - This includes cash transfer and food security
      - Rs 50 Lakh insurance cover for government workers, paramedics, doctors and all personnel working with COVID-19 patients
      - 5 kg rice/wheat to each gareeb for next three months for free
      - Rs 2,000 for each farmer to benefit a total of 8.70 crore kissans
      - Rs 500 per month for the next three months for women Han Dhan Account Holders
      - All women under Ujjwala scheme to be given free cylinders for the next three months
      - MGNREGA wages to be increased, Hike of Rs 2,000 per worker"

      Spicejet To Convert Booked Tickets To Credit


      To provide relief to its customers,Spicejet has announced that tickets booked between March 25 to March 31 will automatically get cancelled. The airline will convert them to credits with a validity of 1 year. The booking has to be done by the name of the same person and can be availed anytime during the year!

      AirIndia To Operate Relief Flight To Tel Aviv


      AirIndia will run a special relief flight to Tel Aviv for Israeli nationals who are stranded in India affter visa and travel restrictions on foreign citizens.

      Special Spicejet Flight To Bring Indians To Delhi


      142 Indian nationals who were brought back from Iran and placed in quarantine in Jodhpur will be flying to Delhi in a special Spicejet flight. A special Boeing 737 will be deployed as per the government of India's request to facilitate transportation of people.

      Jharkhand Will Provide 2 Months Ration In Advance


      Hemant Soren, Chief Minister of Jharkhand said his government has decided to provide 2 months of ration in advance to the users of public distribution system. The government has stepped up in order to curb the movement of people and avoid panic following lockdown.

      Lucknow Jail Inmates Start Mask Production


      At a time when humanity is at risk, now UP jails are trying to ramp up efforts in their fight against Coronavirus. The inmates at district jails of Barabanki and Adarsh Karaga in Lucknow have started producing face mask.

      Apple Follows Samsung: To Temporarily Halt Production


      Apple has temporarily halted production in India amidst the 21-day lockdown. Apple's manufacturing partners including Wistron and Foxconn have temporarily closed production keeping safety of workers and to comply with government's decision.

      M&M Helping Ventilator Manufacturer To Scale Up


      Pawan Goenka, MD of Mahindra & Mahindra said the company is partnering with 2 public sector units to assist an existing manufacturer of high-spec ventilators in simplifying and scaling up production capacity.

      Russia To Ban International Flights From March 27


      In view of the rising cases in Russia, the government has ordered the aviation ministry to suspend all international charter flights to Russia from March 27.

      Sourav Ganguly Donates Rice Worth 50 Lakhs

      West Bengal

      BCCI chief and former cricketer Sourav Ganguly has donated Lal Baba Rice worth 50 lakhs to the state. The government applauded the effort and said it would be used to feed people put in government schools for safety and security.

      Sugar Mill In Up To Sanitise 75 Nearby Villages

      Uttar Pradesh

      A sugar mill in the Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh will be sanitising nearly 75 villages to prevent the spread of coronavirus, as said by an official Thursday. The Doab Sugar Mill has also vowed to provide free food to its employees who are engaged in the fight against Coronavirus, said R B Khokhar, chief operating officer of the mill.

      No Disruption In Vegetables And Essential Items In Srinagar


      Traders in Srinagar are not facing any issues regarding suppply. Despite the lockdown due to coronavirus, the fruit and vegetable markets in Srinagar have not taken any hit. The people residing in the region are able to buy essential commodities without any hassle .

      Amul To Home Deliver Tetra Packs In Ahmedabad


      In a joint effort with district administration, Amul MD RS Sodhi has announced that it will deliver tetra packs of milk to the homes in Ahmedabad during the crisis of coronavirus. All its units in the country are operational and allowed to procure milk from the village cooperative societies.

      Download Free Books From NBT Website


      To encourage the habit of reading among the citizens during #21DayLockdown, the National Book trust (NBT) has launched #StayHomeIndiaWithBooks initiative wherein it will provide its select and best-titled books for free download on its website.

      Collection At Toll Plazas Suspended Across India


      Keeping in the health of toll plaza workers and spread of coronavirus, Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari announced on Wednesday to temporarily suspend the collection of toll at all national highways.

      People In Shimla Practice Social Distancing



      US Senate Passes $2 Tn Relief Package As Economy Takes A Hit

      Alerts  USA

      As more than one million report losing their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic crisis, US Senate has passed a historical $2 trillion relief package to safeguard its citizens against coronavirus and dropping economy. The bill would provide up to $1,200 in direct relief for American adults, create a $500bn lending program for businesses, cities and states and $367bn fund for small businesses. The plan also provides $130bn to hospitals, and expands unemployment insurance.

      What's Open During National Lockdown?

      Alerts  India

      Here is a list of what remains open during the 21-day lockdown:

      • Chemist shops & pharmacies
      • Grocery shops
      • Newspaper services

      Here is what remains shut:

      • Theatres
      • Malls
      • Cab services
      • Private buses
      • metro services
      • E-rickshaws
      • weekly markets factories & godowns
      • Private offices
      • Interstate bus,
      • Schools
      • Religious places
      • Guided group tours
      • Construction activities
      • Flights
      • Shops selling non-essential good
      Read more

      Stay Updated. Stay Aware: Know All About The Current Scenario in Delhi-NCR On COVID-19 In Less Than A Minute!

      Read latest information on the coronavirus pandemic from reliable sources. Find information on helpline numbers and tips to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Practice social distancing.

      Citizens Applauding Delhi Police Efforts



      Govt Schools Converted Into Temporary Shelters



      Food Being Prepared In Gurudwara Bangla Sahib For Feeding The Needy



      Following Lockdown Key To Stop Covid-19: Kejriwal


      Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that following the lockdown imposed by PM Narendra Modi is to be strictly followed. Only then, there could be a plausible solution to Corona infection.

      Delhi Police Distributes Food Packets In Shaheen Bagh



      Huge Gathering Of People At Delhi-Ghazipur Border



      Huge gathering in Delhi's Ghazipur area near Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border as police stopped people from heading to their native places in different districts of UP. Most of these people are migrant laborers looking for a way back to their homes.

      Coronavirus Impact: Pollution Level Decreases In Delhi


      Coronavirus has led to a lockdown across the nation. It means vehicles, factories are not allowed to move along with movement of people. This Has impacted the pollution levels in Delhi as they have gone down drastically. The Air Quality Index in many parts of Delhi was below 100, which is considered satisfactory and good.

      Arrangements Have Been Made: Arvind Kejriwal


      Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has said that even if there is an increase of 100, 500, or 1000 cases in a day, we are ready for it. It includes testing kits, ambulances and ICU beds. "We are not saying the cases will increase, we are just preparing ourselves for any eventuality." he added.

      Delhi Night Shelters To Provide Food


      Night shelters run by the Delhi government have been providing food and accommodation to hundreds of daily wage workers who are stranded in the city amidst the lockdown.

      Delhi Police Feed The Hungry In Sadar Bazar Area



      Delhi Police Will Clarify Doubts From 4 PM To 5 PM Today



      Adequate Facilities, Free Food And More: Kejriwal


      Here is a list of provisions that the Delhi government will provide:
      - Free food to four lakh needy people
      - 325 government schools of Delhi to be used
      - 2 lakh people will be provided food from today onwards
      - Adequate facilities will be made in case cases rise to more than 100 a day

      Kejriwal To Address Media


      Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal to address media at noon. Stay tuned for updates!

      Noida Admin Issues Orders For Delivery Services


      The administration of Gautam Buddh Nagar allowed home-delivery services, including food, medicine and grocery delivery. Hawkers selling fruits and vegetables will also operate without any passes. Online sellers that were allowed are Zomato, Flipkart, Amazon, 24Seven, BlueDart, DTDC, Wow Express, Swiggy, Grofers, BigBasket, Milkbasket, Dunzo, Big Bazaar, Snapdeal, Licious, Medlife, PharmEasy, Urban Clap, Ninja Kart, Honasa Consumer, Healthians Diagnostic, Delhivery, Nutrimoo Milk Dairy, More Retail Ltd, Easy Day, Jabong, Myntra, Spencer's, Reliance Fresh, Jubilant Food works (Dominos Pizza), Food Panda, Faasos, Pizza Hut, Uber Eats, Needs Supermarket, 1mg, Dr Lal Path Labs, Max Path and Satva Cart.

      Delhi Police Distributes Food Packets To Slum-Dwellers

      Alerts   Delhi

      The Delhi Police distributes food packets to slum-dwellers in West Delhi's Raghubir Nagar and Ghondewala Mandir. Police, along with NGO "Ek Noor" is also educating the slum-dwellers about the precautions to be taken during the outbreak. Approximately 1,000 food packets were distributed.

      Home Delivery Services Allowed 24x7: Kejriwal


      All food home delivery services have been allowed in Delhi 24x7. The delivery agent must carry their ID cards at all times and that will be sufficient, said CM Arvind Kejriwal. All Mohalla clinics will also continue to function but with all safety precautions.

      Gurugram Police Provides List Of Technical Services For Free Movement



      Delivery Service In Gurugram Available During Lockdown



      Kejriwal Government To Issue E-Passes To Grocers


      In an effort to avoid panic buying, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's government will provide e-passes to vegetable-sellers and grocers others to ensure that essential supplies stay afloat during the 21-day lockdown.

      Delhi Govt Offers Free Ration, INR 5000 To Construction Workers



      The Delhi Government has made adequate arrangements to ease the lives of people during #21DayLockdown. Free ration will be given to 72 lakh Delhi residents and INR 5000 to each construction labor. Free food will also be distributed at homeless shelters.

      Delhi Temples Closed For Navaratri Following Lockdown


      All major temples in Delhi have been shut down after a nationwide lockdown was announced on Tueday evening despite the occassion of Navaratri. Very few devotees were see offering prayers from outside the temple.

      PM Modi Declared 21-Day Nationwide Lockdown


      Prime Minister Modi announced a complete lockdown across the country for 21 days on Tuesday. All road, rail and air services will remain suspended during the lockdown. However, freight movement will continue to carry essential commodities across the country. He also urged people to stop panick-buying. There will be no shortage of food and essential items during lockdown, he assured.

      Noida: Entry In All Parks Closed Till April 15


      Entry to all parks in Gautam Buddh nagar region have been prohibited for all residents except workers till April 15.

      Delhi Govt Gives INR 5000 Each To Construction Labours



      Delhi Police Field #Lockdown Questions On Twitter



      No New Cases In Past 24 Hours: Delhi CM


      Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal briefed the press on Tuesday that no new cases were detected in past 24 hours. Five patients who tested posotive for coronavirus were also discharged this morning. "The biggest challenge now is to not let the situation go out of control. Need your (people''s) cooperation for this," Kejriwal added in his tweet in Hindi.

      Separate Lanes For Emergency Vehicles At Delhi-Noida Border

      The Delhi Police have assigned a separate lane to facilitate the quick movement of emergency vehicles. These includes ambulances, doctors, police, press and other exempted vehicles.

      ABCD Learn The COVID-19 Journey

      Understand how the untamed virus spreads and why social distancing is so important.
      #StayHomeStaySafe #covid_19 #coronaawareness #TravelTriangle


      Uber, Ola Suspend Services In Delhi, Mumbai

      Alerts   India

      With business taking a blow due to Janta Curfew and subsequent lockdown, taxi aggregator services like Uber and Ola have decided to suspend their operations in Delhi and Mumbai until further notice. The sharing facility was already removed on 21st March from the apps to maintain social distancing.

      2/3 Of CNG Stations In Delhi Ordered Shut To Encourage Offroading


      After passengers were seen on the road ignoring lockdown orders in Delhi, IGL has decided to shut about two-thirds of CNG stations in the capital to encourage people to stay at home. A massive traffic jam on Delhi-Noida was observed on Monday morning.

      DSGMC Offers Majnu Ka Tila Gurudwara For Quarantine Facility

      Alerts   India

      Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee has offered Gurudwara in Majnu ka Tila as a quarantine faciltiy in a lettter to CM Arvind Kejriwal. All the 20 rooms in the inn are equipped with modern facilties and ample space for parking is also available as mentioned by DSGMC president Manjinder Sirsa in the letter. The committee has even offered free food (langar) to patients and health staff.

      Delhi HC Suspends Breath Analyzer Test Till 27 March


      After a plea from Delhi Police, Delhi high Court has decided to suspend the breath analyzer test through tube process till 27th March to avoid the transmission of virus.

      Delhiites Come Out To Balconies To Express Gratitude



      Delhi Imposes Section 144 From Tonight


      Section 144 will be imposed in the capital from tonight till 31st March. The decision was taken by CM Arvind Kejriwal after seventh death due to coronavirus in the country.

      IIT Delhi Develop Affordable Test For COVID-19


      The researchers at IIT-Delhi have developed an affordable method to detect Covid-19 for larger sections of people. The validation of test is already under progress ar National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune.

      Streets In Delhi Empty In The Wake Of #JantaCurfew



      As the whole country comes in suport of Janta Curfew to ward off the coronavirus pandemic, Delhi woke up to the empty streets on Sunday morning. Delhi Police also gave flowers to the commuters on the road to encourage them to stay indoors.

      Delhi Police Encourage Commuters To Stay Indoors By Giving Flowers



      Autos, Taxis To Remain Offroad In Delhi


      Autorickshaws and taxis in Delhi won't be operational on Sunday i.e. 22nd March in support of #JantaCurfew. Delhi Metro service will also be suspended on Sunday.

      Buses From Haryana Not To Enter In Delhi


      No bus from Haryana will be allowed to enter Delhi during "Janta Curfew" on Sunday after the orders from the Central Government. The action has been taken to combat the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the region.

      AIIMS Suspends Walk-In OPD from 23rd March


      As India bolsters measures to combat Covid-19 by preparing hospitals across the country to fight the pandemic, AIIMS-Delhi has decided to postpone all non-essential elective surgeries and procedures for the time being. The medical institution will maximize its resources and manpower to handle coronavirus cases.

      Markets In Delhi Shut For 3 Days


      After more confirmed cases rose in the capital, trade leaders took a decision to shut down all markets in Delhi from 21st March to 23rd March in the light of the coronavirus outbreak. "The situation will be reviewd on 23rd March to decided actions on future.", said Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal said.

      Delhi Metro To Remain Closed On 22nd March



      In the wake of 'Janta Curfew' Delhi Metro will suspend its services on 22nd March from 7 AM to 9 PM to encourage people to remain indoors and stay safe.

      CP Will Remain Closed On Sunday Due To 'Janta Curfew'


      cp new delhi

      New Delhi Trader's Association president Atul Bhargava has announced that the famous Connaught Place in Delhi will remain shut on 22nd March to support 'Janta Curfew' in the wake of the coronavirus situation.

      All Delhi Malls To Be Closed In View Of COVID-19 Threat: CM Kejriwal


      As the fresh coronavirus cases surge in the country, CM Kejriwal orders all malls in Delhi to be closed. However, grocery, pharmacy and vegetable stores in these malls will remain open for public. There are total 16 cases of coronavirus in the national capital as of now.

      JNU Asks Its Students To Vacate Hostels


      After direct orders from the lieutenant governor Anil Baijal, JNU has asked all its students to vacate hostels amidst coronavirus fear. The mess facilities will only be available to the foreign students. Visitors are also barred from entry. Many events like seminars and workshops have also been cancelled.

      Premier Hotels Near IGI Airport Offer 'Pay & Use Quarantine' Service


      Delhi Government has arranged quarantine facilties at luxury hotels near IGI Airport. These include premier hotel chains like RedFox, IBIS and Lemon Tree. Travelers reaching Delhi from abroad can pay for these hotel rooms and use their quarantine facilities for a luxurious isolation.

      No Standing Passengers Allowed In Delhi Metro: DMRC Advisory


      Standing passengers in Delhi Metro will not be allowed after DMRC issued an order on Thursday as a precautionary measure. Alternate seats will also be left vacant to maintain 1-meter distance. DMRC also urges passengers to use metro only when it's "essential and unavoidable".

      All Restaurants In Delhi To Remain Shut: Kejriwal


      Kejriwal announced on Thursday to shut down all restaurants in Delhi in order to curb the spreading of the virus. However, take-away and home delivery services shall be available. 10 cases have been confirmed in Delhi so far.

      No International Commercial Aircrafts To Land In India From 22 March For A Week


      The government has ordered a new advisory following which no international aircraft carrying passengers will be allowed to land in India for a week from 22nd March. The step has been taken to limit the number of cases in India.

      Gurugram Goes Into A Lockdown Till 31st March


      All gyms, shopping malls, spas, theatres, weekly bazaars, and social centers in Gurugram will remain shut till 31st March amidst coronavirus outbreak. As per the orders from District Administration, the restaurants with in-dining facilities and family gatherings will also be restricted to maximum 50 people.

      Read more

      Cover Image Credit: Shutterstock The recent order for a 21-day lockdown is a cause for anxiety, as it is an official prohibition on everyone’s social life. However, if we keep a positive outlook during these testing times, these few weeks would turn out to be a cakewalk. Read more

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      Indigo, Spicejet Suspend Flight Operations Till April 14

      Alerts  Airlines

      In view of the complete lockdown for three weeks, airline operators like Indigo and GoAir have also decided to suspend their operations until April 14. Indigo will provide the amount of cancelled flights as 'credit shell' that can be used to book flights till September 20, 2020. SpiceJet said that the credit amount must be exhausted before 28 February.

      Tests At Govt LabFree, Pricing Capped For Private Labs

      Alerts  India

      Health ministry official Lav Aggarwal has announced on Wednesday that testing for covid-19 will be conducted for free at the goverment authorized labds. The pricing has also been capped for tests at private labs to avoid any exploitations.

      Railways Extend Cancellation Till April 14

      Alerts  Railways

      After PM Modi announced the nationwide lockdown for three weeks, Indian Railways have extended the suspension of all passenger trains until April 14.

      Thailand Announces State Of Emergency

      Alerts  Thailand

      With the coronavirus cases emerging rapidly in Thailand, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha the state of emergency in the island nation starting 26 March until April 30. The necessities will be available to the citizens during emergency.

      No Newspaper Delivery In Mumbai Till 31st March


      After many newspaper vendors and distributors faced harassment from the police amidst lockdown, the newspaper vendors' association has decided to suspend deliveries in Mumbai till 31st March.

      After Bus Service, China To Resume Domestic Flights In Wuhan


      China will lift all travel restrictions from Wuhan, the epicentre of coronavirus, from April 8 and allow will domestic flights to fly to and from Hubei province. The decision was taken after no new cases have been observed in the mainland China except the imported cases. Great Wall of China is also now accessible to visitors.

      Prince Charles Tests Positive For Covid-19


      Prince Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth, has sadly tested positive for coronavirus. The heir to the British throne has displayed mild symptoms but otherwise is in good health. The Prince of Wales along with Duchess of Wales are self-isolating themselves in their Scotland home. Duchess of Wales have also tested positive for coronavirus but does not show any symptoms

      Census 2021 And NPR Postponed


      The first phase of Census 2021 and NPR updation, which was to begin on 1st April 2020 has been suspended. State governments and other union territories have postponed activites related to this until further orders by the central government.

      Mamata Banerjee Directs Police For Doorstep Food Delivery

      West Bengal

      To ensure no scarcity of food, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has directed all police stations to take responsibility of supply to each doorstep. The process would be monitored by District Magistrates & Police Superintendents.

      EC Allows Use Of Indelible Ink To Identify Quarantine Cases


      The Election Commission of India has allowed authorities to use indelible ink to stamp people who have been advised to stay in quarantine after testing positive with Covid-19. It will allow to identify suspected cases and curb the community transmission of virius.

      DRDO Manufactures Sanitizers, Masks

      Trending  India

      DRDO has begun manufacturing hand sanitizers in its laboratories to cater to the demand in the time of coronaviruus pandemic. It will use its sanitizer at its stations and supply to other government offices at INR 20 per litre. It will also manufacture its own N 95 masks.

      Residents Laud Doctor For His Service

      Trending  India


      In the times when there have been a number of cases of harassing medical and aviation staff, this video of residents welcoming the doctor in their locality with huge applause is everything. These people are putting their lives on line to save the common man. Instead of harassing them, let us all show some gratitude for their selfless and relentless service.

      Kerala To Deliver Food Kits To Poor


      The first Indian state to launch such an initiative, the Kerala Cabinet has announced home delivery food kits for the families below poverty line during 21-day nationwide lockdown. Ration shops will remain open from 9 Am to 5 Pm.

      Italian Engineers Make Innovative Effort Towards Treatment


      2 Italian engineers have made an incredible and innovative effort to turn snorkeling masks into breathing equipment for local hospitals. Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Romaioli who belong to Brescia - one of the worst-hit regions said that the new equipment seems to be working fine when tried on patients!

      Vivo India Donates Masks To Maharashtra Health Workers


      Vivo India has contributed to coronavirus situation in Maharashtra by donating over 1 lakh masks to the health care workers. Of this, 5,000 of them are N95 masks that have a 3 layer coating to filter any airborne particles

      UK Home Secy Extends Visa For Foreigners

      Alerts  UK

      After the UK went into lockdown, Britain's Indian-origin Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced to extend the visa for all foreigners who are stranded in the UK after many countries, including India, imposed travel restrictions. This comes as a relief for Indian nationals who were unable to return India amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

      Engineering Students Develop Coronavirus 'Kawach'

      Trending  Jalandhar

      The engineering students at Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Jalandhar have taken creativity and innovation to a whole new level by developing a pendant to ensure social distancing. The pendant device name 'kawach' vibrates and glow in case someone breaches one-meter distancing rule. It also reminds you to wash hands every 30 minutes. The low-cost and easy to carry device also comes with a temperature sensor alerting users via SMS.

      Austrian Village To Change Its Name From 'Saint Korona'

      Trending  Austria

      After the coronavirus pandemic wave has swiped all nations along the tide, the mayor of Sankt Korona, a village in Austria, is planning to change its name. The name has drawn some unwanted attention hurting its tourism campaign.

      A Unique Punishment For Violaters In J&K



      Those who were seen violating the rules and restrictions that have been imposed during the lockdown were made to sit in circles to maintain social distancing by J&K police. Even the police are getting creative with the ideas for punishment during the lockdown. Lol!

      Maharashtra's First Covid-19 Patient Recovers


      A Pune-based couple who was among the first coronavirus patients in Maharashtra has fully recovered and tested negative twice for the test. The couple will be discharged from the hospital on Wednesday.

      Tripura Artists Use Art To Raise Awareness



      The Tripura Puppet Theatre (TPT) group has undertaken the responsibility to educate people about the raging COVID-19 through the traditional “Putul Nach” or puppet dance. The group believes such an act will definitely draw people’s attention and help grasp the reality fast.

      Mumbai Police Issues Covid-19 Helpline Number



      UN Expresses Solidarity With India On Lockdown


      The UN has expressed solidarity with India amidst the lockdown implementation. A top UN official said, "The plan to lock the entire national was a "robust and comprehensive" move to the contain COVID-19 pandemic."

      Great Wall Of China Reopens To Visitors


      The Chinese government has planned to reopen the Great Wall Of China for tourists. However, due to health concerns, the government has decided to open only the popular Badaling section for now.

      People Practice Social Distancing Amidst Lockdown



      Many grocery shops in various cities across the country were seen practicing social distancing as people flock to the shops to buy groceries ahead of nationwide lockdown for three weeks. #21DayLockdown

      Curfew Relaxed In Punjab


      On Wednesday, the Punjab government decided to relax curfew in the state so that people could go out buy groceries and other essential items and prepare for 21-day nationwide lockdown.

      Wuhan Resumes Bus Services After 9-Week Lockdown


      China has decided to lift the three-month lockdown on 56 million people in the Hubei province and resume bus services in Wuhan,the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. Even though the situation seems to be getting normal in the mainland China, 47 new imported cases were reported from the country, threatening a second wave of infections.

      BigBasket Services Affected Due To Lockdown



      Following the nationwide lockdown, the delivery services of Alibaba backed online grocer BigBasket have been impacted. “We are working with the local authorities for the passes and permits that allow movement of personnel and vehicles involved,” BigBasket said in a statement. The delivery slots are already booked for seven days in most Indian cities.

      Australia Bans Overseas Travel, Tightens Restrictions

      Alerts Australia

      Australia PM Scott Morrison announced on Tuesday that the overseas travel has been banned in the country to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The social distancing measures have also been extended. Wedding with no more than five people and funeral with no more than 10 people are allowed. People are also expected to maintain 6-ft distance between each other at these gatherings.

      Bangladesh Shuts Down Public Transport, Educational Institutions

      Alerts  Bangladesh

      Bangladesh Shuts Down Public Transport, Educational Institutions Amdist the fear of the coronavirus pandemic, Bangladesh government has decided to shut down public transport, educational institutes, offices, and other places of social gathering.

      OYO Hotel Chain Offers Free Stay To Doctors, Ivanka Applauds



      Flipkart Suspends Services, Amazon Stops All Non-Essential Orders


      After a nationwide lockdown was announced on Tuesday evening, Flipkart has released a statement on its website that it will be suspending all its operations until the lockdown is over. Amazon India also halted all non-essential deliveries amid lockdown to cater to only the critical needs of customers.

      277 Passengers From Iran Arrive In Jodhpur


      277 nationals were evacuated from virus-stricken Iran in a s pecila flight that landed at Delhi Airport this morning. They will be taken to Army Wellness Facility in Jodhpur Military Station for a 14-day quarantine.

      PM Modi Declared 21-Day Nationwide Lockdown

      Alerts  India

      Prime Minister Modi announced a complete lockdown across the country for 21 days on Tuesday. All road, rail, and air services will remain suspended during the lockdown. However, freight movement will continue to carry essential commodities across the country. He also urged people to stop panic-buying. There will be no shortage of food and essential items during the lockdown, he assured.

      Olympics Postponed Till Summer 2021


      Japan and International Olympics Association (IOC) have agreed to postpone Tokyo Olympics 2020 to the summer of 2021.

      No Need To Cancel Train Tickets: IRCTC


      IRCTC informs passengers that there is no need to cancel their train tickets as they will automatically get refund. Earlier, Indian Railways had announced to cancel all train tickets till Jan 21.

      Kerala Police Launch State Covid-19 Control Room


      The Kerala Police has set up a control room to inform police about any violations of government imposed lockdown orders against covid-19. Here are the control room numbers: 9497900121, 9497900112

      Egypt Declares Curfew For Two weeks


      Egypt has declared a nation-wide curfew starting from Wednesday 7 PM for two weeks to keep the spread of virus in check.

      Thailand Declares One Month Emergency


      Starting Thursday, Thailand will go into emergency mode to prepare itself for the fight against coronavirus. The emergency decree will help the authorities to implement strict measures and keep the spreading of virus in check.

      Uttar Pradesh Extends Its Lockdown

      Uttar Pradesh

      The lockdown that was imposed on major districts in Uttar Pradesh till 25th March will be extended to the entire state on Wednesday. "All of UP to be locked down by Wednesday," Additional Chief Secretary of Information Awanish Awasthi was quoted as saying. The districts currently under lockdown are Agra, Lucknow, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Varanasi, Lakhimpur Kheiri, Bareilly, Azamgarh, Kanpur, Meerut, Prayagraj, Aligarh, Gorakhpur, Saharanpur, Pilibhit, Jaunpur.

      Last Date Of ITR Filing Extended Till June 30


      In an address to the press by Finance Minister this afternoon, the last date of ITR filing has been extended till 30th June 2020. Many other tax relaxations have been provided to medium and small businesses to help the economy in the difficult times. Debit card holdes can withdraw cash from any ATM without any charge for the next three months.

      Uttarakhand Provides 3-Month Ration In Advance


      The government of Uttarakhand has decided to supply ration for 3 months in advance to its citizens through the public distribution system as the state prepares for coronavirus.

      West Bengal Under Lockdown From 5 PM Today

      West Bengal

      The West Bengal government has decided to put the state under a lockdown from 5 PM Tuesday as a precautionary measure to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. West Bengal observed the first coronavirus death on Monday after a 55-year old man died dure to coronavirus.

      Manipur Declares State-Wide Curfew After First Positive Case Confirmed


      The government of Manipur has declared an indefinite statewide curfew to curb the spread of coronavirus after the first positive case emerged in the state.

      350-Bed Isolation Ward To Be Ready By Wednesday: TN Minister

      Tamil Nadu

      Tamil Nadu Health Minister C Vijayabskar has declared that a 350-bed isolation ward at a city government hospital would be all set by Wednesday. After a total of 12 positive cases in the state, the TN government is scaling up the infrastructure for its fight against Covid-19

      India's First Dedicated Covid-19 Hospital Set Up By Reliance


      Reliance Industries has set up the first Covid-19 hospital in Mumbai dedicated to aid those who are affected by the coroanvirus pandemic. In just two weeks, the conglomerate has been able to set up 100 bed facility at Seven Hills Hospital, Mumbai. The establishment is a firt-of-its-kind including a negative-pressure room that avoids cross-contamination of the virus.

      Indian Forces Invent Supercool Hand Sanitizer #Salute



      2 Covid-19 Patients In Ladakh Completely Cured


      Two patients in Ladakh who tested postive for Covid-19 have been completely cured and discharged from the hospital.

      Chandigarh Stadiums, Sports Complex Turned Into Prisons


      Chandigarh authorities have decided to convert all the stadiums and sports complex into a temporary stadium under Section 16 of the shared capital of Punjab and Haryana to keep all those as prisoners who will violate the prohibioty orders amidst lockdown till 31st March.

      Govt Includes Coronavirus Treatment In Ayushman Bharat Yojana


      The government of India has decided to include the treatment of coroanvirus in Ayushman Bharat Yojna. All the beneficiaries of the scheme will be elegible to seek the treatment for Covid-19.

      Entire Haryana Under Lockdown


      Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar has decided to extend lockdown to the entire state to contain the spread of coronavirus. Earlier, only 13 districts inluding Gurugram, Faridabad, Sonipat, Panipat, Jhajjar, Rohtak and Panchkula were under lockdown till 31st March.

      Sikkim Goes Into Lockdown From 6 PM Tonight


      The Sikkim Government declares the lockdown from 24th March 6 PM till 31st March to check the spread of coronavirus in the state.

      Kerala Appoints 276 Doctors To Prepare Against Covid-19


      The Kerala government ramps up its health security by appointing 276 new doctors to tackle the rising cases in the state. The state Public Service Commission selected these doctors from the existing rank list to be included as a part of health ministry in the fight againt coronavirus. Kerala is under lockdown since Monday.

      11 Nations Approach India To Evacuate Their Citizens


      Israel, Malaysia, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium, Peru and Afghanistan are in talks with the Indian authorities to launch special flight services to evacuate their nationals from the virus-stricken country.

      China To Lift Travel Ban From Hubei, Including Wuhan


      With no more cases being reported in the mainland China, the authorities have decided to lift travel curb from Hubei province. This also includes Wuhan, the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak. More than 70 cases have reccently been reported in China, all of whcih were imported.

      Indian Army Evacuated 1,186 Nationals From Abroad


      The armed forces have evacuated 1186 citizens who were stuck abroad, including medical staff and air crew. 796 people who were brought back are in quarantine under military supervision. More evacuees are expected soon.

      PM Modi To Address Nation At 8 PM

      Alerts   India


      Toshimaen & Legoland Japan Partially Resume Operations


      With the coronavirus situation under control in Japan, Toshimaen and Legoland Japan have decided to partially open its operations to the masses. Though massive precuations will be taken like checking each individual's temperature before entry, providing hand sanitizing stations at various spots, and regularly disinfecting "high-touch" places with alcohol. Haunted houses and some indoor facilities will remain closed to discourage large gatherings of crowd.

      First Indian Company Gets License To Sell Covid-19 Kits


      Mylab, an Indian-based private company has recieved a green signal from CDSCO and the goverment to manufacture and sell Covid-19 testing kits. These kits will come at the cost one-fourth of those currently available in market. The company also claims that it will reduce tetsing time by 65% due to its advance protocols.

      Volunteers From Tech Giants Like Amazon, Google Build Covid-19 Tracking Site In 6 Days


      A team of 30 volunteers from giant tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple built a coronavirus-tracking site - "Covidnearyou" in merely six days. The site aims to track the spread of coronavirus. The idea came up to Prem Ramaswami, the head of product at Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, when he was denied the access to test as he showed no symptoms.

      ABCD: Learn The COVID-19 Journey

      Understand how the untamed virus spreads and why social distancing is so important.
      #StayHomeStaySafe #covid_19 #coronaawareness #TravelTriangle


      China Reopens Its Tourist Attractions

      Trending   China

      As the situation in China returns to normal with no more new cases in the mainland China, tourist attractions and stores begin to open. Many A-level designated tourist attractions and retail stores have opened their gates to public. Cherry blossom season also arrives in China giving residents a perfect opportunity to head outdoors.

      Telcos Want Netflix, Prime To Suspend HD Streaming

      Trending   India

      As more than 1 billion people go into a lcokdown in the country, COAI orders OTT service providers like Netflix and Prime to temporarily suspend HD streaming to SD streaming to ease loading on the network.

      Uber, Ola Suspend Services In Delhi, Mumbai

      Alerts   India

      With business taking a blow due to Janta Curfew and subsequent lockdown, taxi aggregator services like Uber and Ola have decided to suspend their operations in Delhi and Mumbai until further notice. The sharing facility was already removed on 21st March from the apps to maintain social distancing.

      McDonalds & Nandos Shut Down UK Operations

      Alerts   UK

      Starting Monday, McDonald's and Nando's will suspend all their operations in the UK to stop the transmission of virus. Even deliveries and take-out services will be shut down until further notice as people ignore the social-distancing norms.

      Section 144 Imposed In 19 States & UTs

      Alerts   India

      Many Indian states like Kerala, Punjab, and Maharashtra have announced complete lockdown till the end of the month to enforce strict measures against coronavirus. Puducherry, Ladakh, and Jammu Kashmir are among the union territories to impose Section 144.

      Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Health Ministry, said, "States/UTs under complete lockdown are Chandigarh, Delhi, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir, Nagaland, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Ladakh, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Tripura, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh."

      Assam Under Lockdown From 24 March

      Alerts   Assam

      Assam has imposed lockdown in the state to curb the spread of coronavirus in the state. The lcokdown will begin at 6 PM from 24th March till 31st March. All non-essentials will be barred during the lockdown.

      Domestic Flight Operations Halt From Tuesday Midnight

      Alerts   India

      The government of India has banned all domestic flights within India to enforce total lockdown and curb the spread of coronavirus. It will be in effect from the midnight of 24th March. Airlines have been requested to plan their flight landings before 23:59:00 hours of 24th March.


      Here's The View Of Disney World With No Visitors

      Trending   USA


      From the official Facebook page of 13abc

      Arunachal Pradesh Invokes Epidemic Act

      Alerts   Arunachal Pradesh

      After Assam, Arunachal Pradesh becomes the second state to invoke Epidemic Act in the region. All non-essential services will be suspended from 5 PM today till the midnight of 31st March.

      New Zealand Prepares To Go Into A Lockdown

      Alerts   New Zealand

      As the number of cases increases in New Zealand, the nation is preparing itself to go under a lockdown for two days where all non-essential services, restaurants, abrs, and social centers will remain closed.

      Hong Kong Bans Entry To Non-Residents

      Alerts   Hong Kong

      As it struggles to contain the infection, Hong Kong has decided to ban entry to non-residents to fight coronavirus pandemic. Other Asian countries have also launched similar strict measures to contain the spread of virus.

      UAE Suspends All Flights, Closes Malls

      Alerts   UAE

      All inbound and outbound flights will be suspended for two weeks in coming two days. All visas for tourists are also rejected. All the malls, bars, and restaurants except take-out and delivery services will also be shut down for two weeks.

      Corporates Can Utilize Social Funds To Fight Covid-19



      Olympics 2020 In Doubt: Canada Says It Won't Send Its Teams


      Tokyo Olympics 2020 hangs by a thread as the number of cases increases worldwide. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has hinted to a possibility of postponing the Olympics game this year.

      ITC Lowers Savlon Sanitizer Price To INR 27 From INR 77


      As the number of coronavirus cases surges in India, ITC has decided to slash the price of Savlon hand sanitizers by INR 50. It will be sold at INR 27. “As per the Government order, we have already started manufacturing Savlon sanitisers with the new reduced prices and are working overnight on rushing the new stocks to the market,” it said.

      #ForTheFirstTime Supreme Court Hears Matters Via Video Conferencing

      Trending  Delhi


      Nepal Borders Closed For India, China

      Alerts   Nepal

      Keeping in view the rising number of cases in India and coronavirus-struck China, Nepal has shut its borders with India and China to contain the spread of virus in the country. All cross-border movement will come to a halt from today till midnight of 29th March. However, supply of goods between the countries will continue as usual.

      SC Orders To Decongest Prisons

      Alerts   India

      Supreme Court has asked all state high courts to form a High Power Committee that will oversee which class of prisoners can be released on parole or interim bail to avoid overcrowding in jails.

      Russia Releases 500 Lions In Streets To Keep People Indoors

      Trending  Russia


      Wait, what?

      Fake news has been doing rounds on the internet that says Putin ordered to release 500 lions and tigers in the streets across Russia to enforce coronavirus lockdown and encourage people to stay indoors. The picture is from South Africa in 2016.

      DGCA Issues Social Distancing Measures For Airports

      Alerts   India

      Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued a set of guidelines for airlines and airport operators regarding social distancing to limit the spread of coronavirus.

      • Airport staff is to ensure adequate spacing between passengers at check-in counters.
      • Hand sanitizers will be provided for staff and passengers.
      • Seat between the two passnegers on the flight will remain vacant.

        Domestic Flights won't be barred from entering Delhi Airport.

      Here's The Updated List Of Testing Centres In India

      Alerts   India

      These are the government-issued testing centres pan-India for the detection of Covid-19 near you. Read More

      SC Shuts Physical Courtroom Due To Covid-19

      Alerts   India


      Supreme Court will not be in session from Tuesday 5 PM onwards. Emergency hearings will be conducted via video conferencing. High Court in various states have also declared holidays till the end of the month.

      Legal Action Will Be Taken Against Those Who Violate Lockdown: Centre


      15 Historic Landmarks Shut For First Time Due To Covid-19

      Trending  World

      To avoid further spread of COVID-19, governments and organizations across the world are contributing together to build a strong line of defence. Unfortunately, that defence line has led to the shutdown of many popular places that have carried years of history, culture, and heritage. Read More

      FDA Approves New Test That Can Detect Covid-19 In 45 Minutes

      Trending  USA

      US Food & Drug Administration passed a new test on Friday that could detect coronavirus in 45 minutes. The more efficient testing will decrease the pressure on the labs to test a large set of samples. The shipping begins next week.

      China Sends Medical Team To Cambodia

      Trending  Cambodia


      A Chinese team of 13 medical doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals has arrived in Cambodia to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the rural sections of the country. The team will spend 20 days in three Cambodian provinces.

      Indians Come Out To Their Balconies To Express Gratitude

      Trending  India


      India Under Lockdown: 75 Districts Declare Shutdown Till 31st March

      Alerts   India

      All trains, buses, metro will come to a halt from midnight till 31st March all across the country. Many Indian states and union territories have already announced lockdown till 31st March to fight cotonavirus pandemic.

      Here's a list of all the 75 districts under lockdown till 31st March:

      Rajasthan: Bilwara, Jhunjhunu, Sikar and Jaipur

      Tamil Nadu: Chennai, Erode and Kanchipurum

      Telangana: Bhadradri Kothagudam, Hyderabad, Medchai, Ranga reddy and Sanga Reddy

      Uttar Pradesh: Agra, GB Nagar, Ghaziabad, Varanasi, Lakhimpur Kheri and Lucknow

      Uttarakhand: Dehradun

      West Bengal: Kolkata and North 24 Parganas

      Karnataka: Bangalore, Chikkaballapura, Mysore, Kodagu and Kalaburgi

      Kerala: Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Idukki, Kannur, Kasargod, Kottayam, Mallapuram, Pathanamthitta, Thiruvananthapuram and Thrissur

      Ladakh: Kargil and Leh

      Madhya Pradesh: Jabalpur

      Maharashtra: Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, Mumbai Sub-Urb, Pune, Ratnagiri, Raigad, Thane and Yavatmal

      Odisha: Khurda

      Puducherry: Mahe

      Punjab: Hoshiarpur, SAS Nagar and  SBS Nagar​

      Andhra Pradesh: Prakasam, Vijaywada and Vizag 

      Chandigarh: Chandigarh

      Chhattisgarh: Raipur

      Delhi: Central, East Delhi, North Delhi, North West Delhi, North East Delhi, South Delhi and West Delhi

      Gujarat: Kutchh, Rajkot, Gandhinagar, Surat, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad

      Haryana: Faridabad, Sonepat, Panchkula, Panipat and Gurugram

      Himachal Pradesh: Kangra

      Jammu & Kashmir: Srinagar and Jammu​

      Railways Order To Shut Mumbai Local Trains From Tonight


      Mumbai local trains will shut down its opertions from tonight till March end after the orders from the Railway Ministry.

      J&K Declares Holiday For 3 Days


      Jammu & Kashmir administration has declared 3-day off for all the offices from 23rd March to 25th March.

      IIT Delhi Develop Affordable Test For COVID-19


      The researchers at IIT-Delhi have developed an affordable method to detect Covid-19 for larger sections of people. The validation of test is already under progress ar National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune.

      Indian Gov Issues Testing Guidelines For Private Labs


      The government has ordered fresh guidelines private testing labs including the cost of testing samples at not more than INR 4500. Private labs are also authorised to collect samples from home.

      Punjab Under Lockdown Till 31st March

      Alerts   Punjab

      The Punjab Government has announced a lockdown till 31st March as the situation of coronavirus intensifies in the nation. The emergency service shall remain open during the shutdown.

      Nationwide Trains Halted Till March 31

      Indian Railways

      According to the sources in Railway Ministry, all passenger trains already on their respective routes will stop running till 31st March once they have reached their destinations. It has been done to avoid people from rushing to their hometowns. More than 13,000 running daily will be stopped. The shutdown may extend if the need be. All major railway stations wil also be vacated to avoid gathering of crowds amid coronavirus pandemic.

      Charminar In Hyderabad Sanitized


      Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) took the charge of sanitizing Charminar and nearby areas amid coronavirus scare. It is a major tourist attraction which is visited by locals and foreign tourists in large numbers. All tourist hotspots around the country are timely sanitized to avoid the transmission of virus.

      Russia Sends Coronavirus Help To Italy


      Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered to send military help to virus-struck Italy from Sunday to battle the coronavirus pandemic. Italy has become Europe's Wuhan with cases rising each day.

      India Observes #JantaCurfew To Fight Against Covid-19



      Air India Rescues 263 Indians From Rome


      The special Air India flight that took off from virus-struck Rome has landed in Delhi bringing back 263 Indian students. All the passengers have been taken to Chhawla quarantine facility for observation.

      Will Airlines Operate During Janta Curfew?

      Alerts   Airlines

      While most international flights by airlines have already been cancelled, few domestic flights will operate between curfew hours on 22nd March. In case you flight is cancelled, you need not worry as the airlines have waived of cancellation or rescheduling fee. Your ticket will be protected at its unutilized value.

      Bihar Shuts Down Bus Services, Restaurants Till 31st March

      Alerts   Bihar

      Bihar takes stringent measures to fight coroanvirus by shutting down its bus services, restaurants, and banquet halls till 31st March to contain the spread of virus.

      111 Covid-19 Testing Labs Operational From Today


      More testing labs have been made functional across the country to be able to test samples in high number. The count of testing labs for coronavirus in India is now 111.

      Chhattisgarh Govt Offices To Remain Shut Till 31 March

      Alerts   Chhatisgarh

      The government of Chattisgarh has decided to close down all its offices till 31st March except essential and emergency services. Bus operations have been suspended till 29th March until further notice. All restaurants, malls, multiplexes, swimming pools, and educational institutions will also remain shut.

      4 MP Districts In Lockdown For Two Weeks

      Alerts   Madhya Pradesh

      After the first four cases were found positive in Madhya Pradesh's Jabalpur on Saturday, MP CS M Gopal Reddy ordered a complete lockdown in Jabalpur, Rewa, Seoni and Narsinghpur. The lockdown will be in effect from midnight 22nd March and will continue for two weeks.

      Lockdown In 5 Odisha Districts, 8 Major Towns

      Alerts   Odisha

      After the orders from Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, five major cities including the capital Bhubhaneshwar and eight major towns have gone into lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. These cities have a history of foreign visitors. Two people in Odisha have reported positive for Covid-19 but their condition is stable.


      Pakistan Suspends International Flights For 2 Weeks

      Alerts   Pakistan

      Pakistan has suspended all international flighst for two weeks to handle the coronavirus crisis in the country. There are currently more than 500 cases in the country.

      31 Funny Corona Tweets That Will Make You Chuckle In The Bleak Times



      Read more funny tweets here

      West Bengal Orders Shutdown Till 31st March

      Alerts   West Bengal

      West Bengal government has ordered to shut down all public place like malls, museums, zooos, rstauarnts, and pubs till 31st March to check the spread of coronavirus in the state.

      Thailand Shuts Bangkok Malls For 22 Days


      After a spike in cases was observed, Thailand decided to shut down all the malls in the capital Bangkok for 22 days, from 22nd March to 13th April to contain the spread of virus.

      Singapore Confirms First Two Deaths


      Weeks after its drastic measures to fight coronavirus pandemic, Singapore has reported its first two deaths. The country has been appreciated globally for its effort against fighting the virus. Both the patients were above 60 years old and had previous ill-health conditions.

      Australia's Bondi Beach Shuts Down


      Australia Government has ordered to close down Sydney's Bondi Beach after thousand people were seen flocking to the beach despite orders of "social distancing". The country has seen a sudden rise in the number of coronavirus cases lately.

      Starbucks Shuts Its Cafes In US, Canada


      Starbucks has decided to shut most of its cafes in the US and Canada amidst coronavirus fear.Most company-operated cafes in North America will remain closed for two weeks except those near hospitals and health centres. The service will be limited to drivethrough.

      Pakistani Man Turns Metallic Drums Into Handwashing Sinks

      Trending  Pakistan


      Govt Caps MRP On Hand Sanitizers & Surgical Masks


      The Indian Government has set a maximum retail price on 200 ml hand sanitizer bottle at INR 100 till 30th June to control the inflation in prices. Earlier this month, the government had also declared hand santizers as "essential" commodities. The prices of 2 ply and 3 ply surgical masks have also been set INR 8 and INR 10 respectively.

      Chennai's Marina Beach & Elliot Beach Shut From 3 PM Today

      Alerts   Chennai

      Chennai Corporation has decided to shut down the famous Marina Beach and Elliot Beach in the wake of coronavirus epidemic on 21st March from 3 PM onwards until further notice. Thiruvanmiyur Beach will also remain shut amidst coronavirus scare.

      CHD Admin Labels Houses Of Those In Home-Quarantine

      Alerts   Chandigarh


      Goa Imposes Section 144 Amid Covid-19 Scare

      Alerts   Goa

      Goa imposed Section 144 on Saturday amidst coronavirus fear following which gathering of four or more people won't be allowed in public. The state has also put a ban on inter-state transport to take reigns on the situation.

      Assam Invokes Epidemic Act In The State

      Alerts   Assam

      Assam has put Epidemic Act 1897 in the state to fight the coronavirus pandemic. All Assamese people who are stuck abroad will be given $2000 as compensation. Assam is so far free from coronavirus and the authorities are taking strict actions to keep the virus at bay.

      Mumbai Metro Suspended On March 22

      Alerts   Mumbai


      In the support of Janta Curfew, Mumbai Metro will suspend all its operations on Sunday i.e. 22nd March for the entire day to encourage people to stay indoors and stay safe.

      Gujarat: Section 144 Imposed In Bharuch District

      Alerts   Gujarat

      After Ahmedabad, Section 144 has been imposed in Bharuch district of Gujarat. All shopping malls, multiplexes, schools, and tuition classes will remain shut till 31st March to bring the coronavirus situation under control. 132 people in the district are under home-quarantine.

      Twitter India Launches A Dedicated Covid-19 Page



      @TwitterIndia has made a commendable effort by launching a dedicated page on Covid-19 to keep the citizens posted about all essential information in real-time from various Indian authorities.

      Bangladesh Bans All International Flight Except On 4 Routes

      Alerts   Bangladesh

      Starting Saturday, Bangladesh will ban all internation flights till 31st March except on four toutes; UK, China, Hing Kong, & Thailand. The action has been taken to curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the country.

      #InAFirst Goa Launches Self-Interactive Coronavirus App

      Trending   Goa

      As announced by Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane, a new self-assessment interactive app on Coronavirus has been launched for the first time in India.The state is taking all the necessary measured to keep the virus at bay. The minister has alos requested all tourists to keep their travel plans for Goa on hold until the situation settles.

      Section 144 Imposed In Kangra, HP

      Alerts   Himachal

      The district administration in Kangra has imposed section 144 after a man tested positive for coronavirus. Banks and most offices have been closed. Gathering of 4 or more people in the streets is strictly prohibited. Over 35 foreign tourists from Nepal and Israel were also sent back from Mandi to check the inflow of tourists in the state.

      "O Corona Kal Aana" Posters Ward Off Covid-19 Evil In Varanasi Streets

      Trending   Varanasi


      Posters with tweaked slogans "O Corona Kal Aana" can be seen in the streets of Varanasi. Inspired by the Bollywood movie Stree starring Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor, the posters have been put to create awareness and educate locals in Varanasi about social distancing.

      Indian Coffee House In Kolkata Closes First Time In 60 Years Till March 31


      The fear of coronavirus has led so many global spots to put their shutters down. Indian Coffee House in Kolkata's College Street is one of them. Kolkata's famous hangout spot will remain closed till 31st March to maintain social distanci
      ng. Two positive cases have been confirmed in West Bengal so far.

      China Reports No new Cases For Third Day In A Row


      While the rest of the world is struggling with coronavirus, China seems to be getting control on the situation. The mainland China has reported no new domestically transmitted cases for the third day in row according to China’s National Health Commission (NHC). The news provides a ray of hope in the bleak times.

      Indian Embassy In Vietnam Releases Travel Advisory

      Advisory  Vietnam

      indian embassy in vietnam

      The embassy of India in Vietnam has released a travel advisory for Indian nationals who are stuck in the country amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

      Indian Railways Cancel All Trains On March 22

      Alerts   Trains

      In line with Janta Curfew, Indian Railways have decided to stop all trains from running on March 22. Only the passenger trains that are cheduled at 0700 hrs will run according to their timetable.

      Kashi Vishwanath Temple To Remain Closed Till 24th March

      Alerts   Uttar Pradesh

      Kashi Vishwanath Temple in UttarPradesh will remain closed from Saturday morning till Tuesday to control the spread of pandemic in the state. The decision was taken by District Magistrate and shrine board members in a meeting on Friday. The rituals will take place as usual by the priests.

      Malls & Restaurants In Lucknow, Noida, & Kanpur To Be Closed

      Alerts   Uttar Pradesh

      Uttar Pradesh government has decided to close all the malls, restaurants, cafes, and dhabas in Lucknow, Noida, and Kanpur till 31st March as more cases rise in the state.

      Gujarat Updates: Section 144 Imposed In Ahmedabad

      Alerts   Ahmedabad

      Ahmedabad city police commissioner has imposed Section 144 in the state capital as the number of coronavirus cases rises in Gujarat. The decision has been taken in view of coronavirus outbreak.

      Sri Lanka Imposes Nationwide Curfew From Tonight

      Alerts   Sri Lanka

      Sri Lanka Churches

      Sri Lanka has imposed a nationwide curfew to combat the spread of coronavirus in the island nation. The curfew will be in effect from 6 PM Friday (local time) until 6 PM on Monday. So far, 66 cases have been confirmed in Sri Lanka out of which, 25 were foreign tourists.

      Meghalaya To Close All Shops, Establishments From Tonight

      Alerts   Meghalaya

      Meghalaya imposes a state-wide ban on all establishments shops, and markets in effect from midnight of 20th March midnight to midnight of 21st March. The movement of public transport is also restricted to contain the spread of coronavirus outbreak.

      Uttarakhand Bans Domestic & Foreign Tourists To Enter 'Devbhoomi'

      Alerts   Uttarakhand

      Following the footsteps of Himchal Pradesh, the Uttarakhand Government has banned the entry of all domestic and foreign tourists in the state to control the spread of coronavirus.

      Govt Launches Whatsapp Chatbot For Queries On Coronavirus

      Alerts   India

      The government has created a Whatsapp chatbot called MyGov Corona Helpdesk to field queries from concerned citizens. Save the number 9013151515 on Whatsapp and get automated response on questions related to Novel Coronavirus.

      Thackeray Orders Partial Shutdown In Maharashtra

      Alerts   Maharashtra

      Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thckrey has ordered all the workplaces in metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur to remain closed till 31st March. All shops and establishments in these cities will also remain shut. However, the decision to stop public transport has been ruled out.

      "Babydoll" Singer Kanika Kapoor Tests Positive For Coronavirus

      Trending   Lucknow

      Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor, who rose to fame with hits like Chitiyan Kallaiyan and Babydoll, has reportedly been tested positive for coronavirus. She has entered self-quarantine mode at her house in Lucknow. Unlike other celebs, she has not taken it to social media yet.

      Ram Navmi Mela At Ayodhya Expected To Be Called Off

      Alerts   Ayodhya

      The grand Ram Navmi Mela in Ayodhya will be cancelled to avoid large gatherings during coronavirus pandemic. It was scheduled to be held from 25th March to 2nd April. The official announcement will be released soon.

      COVID-19: How To Identify The Early Symptoms


      The Covid-19 scare has been on the rise and so has the number of people affected by it across the world. Make sure you know how to identify the early symptoms, understand how to prevent the spread of the virus as directed by WHO themselves, know the precautionary measures that India has been taking for the welfare of its citizens, and be aware of the contact helplines to make use of it at the right time!Read more

      Kartik Aaryan's New Monologue Is Winning Hearts On The Internet #CoronaStopKaroNa



      The 'Punchnama Baby' kills it yet again with his monologue on social distancing. He posted a video on Instagram for his fans to urge them to practice social distancing and stop cribbing about the quarantine mode. #CoronaStopKaroNa

      These Inspiring Human Events In Virus-Sticken Countries Are Everything!


      As India is grappling with the fear of coronavirus, it is important to remain inspired by the acts of the undying human spirit that have been displayed by other virus stricken countries. With doctors dancing to remain lively and the locked-down people of Italy taking the help of music to keep cherry, let’s take a look at some of the inspiring stories that have come out in these adverse times. Read more

      HP Govt Bans Entry Of Tourist Buses Amid Coronavirus Scare

      Alerts  Himachal

      Himachal Pradesh Government banned the entry of tourists buses in the state on Thursday to check the spread of the epidemic in the state. Isolation wards in the state hospitals have been set up. All vehicles and buses entering the state are also being sanitized.

      3 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In Mauritius

      Alerts  Mauritius

      Mauritius in September

      In a statement released on Thursday, Mauritius has confirmed 3 positive cases of coronavirus so far. Two of the nationals had returned from working on cruise ships and one from the United Kingdom.

      "Corona Pyar Hai": B-Town Producers In A Bid-War For The Movie Title


      Bollywood wastes no time in seizing the opportunity to register newsy titles for the movies. With producers rushing to register titles, soon you may witness a release of the movie "Corona Pyaar Hai" which is a fun spin on Hrithik Roshan's debut Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. The entertainment industry has come to a standstill due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

      Looking For Covid-19 Testing Centres Near You? Here's The List


      The government has set up nearly 50 Covid-19 detection centers around the country. If you or somebody you know show any symptoms, then visit the nearest testing center immediately.

      Read more: India Today

      PM Modi Declares 'Janta Curfew' On 22nd March #IndiaFightsCorona


      PM Modi urges citizens to adopt self-imposed curfew and remain indoors on 22nd March from 7 AM - 9 PM. The lockdown will help the country to chart measures for its fight against coronavirus. He asks all the citizens to practice social distancing and keep patience. “Those above 65 years of age must avoid going out at all costs,” he said.

      Airlines Cancellation Policies For COVID-19 Updated!

      Alerts   Tips

      Major Indian airlines have updated their canceling and rescheduling policies in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. If you happen to have booked a flight in this period, here are the highlights that you must go through before making any decisions.Read more

      Will Tokyo Olympics 2020 Happen Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak?

      Alerts   Japan

      With the Tokyo Olympics 2020 just around the corner, Japan feels confident to continue its plan. With only 14 domestic cases, the country has taken strict measures to overcome the spread of the infection. The event is expected to take place as scheduled until further notice.Read more

      Taj Mahal Shut Down Amid Coronavirus Crisis

      Alerts  Agra

      Taj Mahal In Agra

      With the comment that tens of thousands come to visit the "monument of love", the cultural ministry of India decided that it is "imperative to shut down" the Taj Mahal. This is the first time since the floods of 1978 that the monument will be closed for tourists.

      Katrina Kaif Gives Tips On Working Out At Home During Social Distancing



      Fitness does not take a break even during the time of self-isolation. Katrina Kaif has shared tutorials on her Instagram to help our fans with working out at home. Watch her doing planks and mountain climbers with her trainer, Yasmeen for self-motivation.

      Indian Railways Cancel Several Trains Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak


      As many as 80 trains in different zones have been cancelled between March 18 to April 1 due to low occupancy amidst coronavirus fear. The prices of platform tickets have also been increased to minimize the crowd at the stations.

      PM Modi To Address The Nation On Covid-19 Tonight


      PM Narendra Modi will address the nation on Thursday at 8 PM to review the ongoing efforts to contain COVID-19. He will be focusing on the stringent measures taken by the government to flatten the curve. PM Modi has also been in discussions with the global leaders to take on the epidemic in partnership.

      Gurugram Goes Into A Lockdown Till 31st March

      Alerts  Gurugram

      All gyms, shopping malls, spas, theatres, weekly bazaars, and social centers in Gurugram will remain shut till 31st March amidst coronavirus outbreak. As per the orders from District Administration, the restaurants with in-dining facilities and family gatherings will also be restricted to maximum 50 people.

      Coronavirus Updates: What Will Your Travel Insurance Cover?


      Travel insurance companies and airlines are updating their terms and conditions after travel restrictions by various countries have been put in place. Know how to check what all will be covered in your travel insurance.Read more

      Significant Drop In Coronavirus Patients In South Korea

      South Korea

      South Korea is emerging as a sign of hope for other nations as a significant drop can be seen in Coronavirus patients without locking down the cities.Read more

      European Union Closes Its Borders To Non-Essential Travel


      Better late than never. Europe has announced a total shutdown to curb the spreading of the virus. The borders have been closed to all non-essential travel. All public establishments like bars, museums, and theaters will also remain close to fight coronavirus.

      Vaishno Devi Yatra Suspended, No Interstate Buses Allowed To Enter J&K


      The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and J&K government have decided to close Vaishno Devi Yatra for the time being. The cave shrine temple will remain closed from 18th March to for the sake of pilgrims. No interstate buses will be allowed to enter the union territory.

      Board Exams & JEE (MAIN) Postponed For 10 Days


      The HRD Ministry has ordered all educational institutions to postpone the ongoing exams for a further 10 days as the number of coronavirus cases in India increases. All CBSE Board, University examination and JEE (MAIN) falling between 18th March and 31st March will be rescheduled.

      Take Virtual Tour Of Famous Museums & Theme Parks While In Quarantine Mode


      On a more positive note, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the museums, zoos and theme parks that have had to temporarily close its doors have started to offer virtual tours. So, while you're stuck inside your homes take a tour of your favourite tourist spots right from your couch.

      Read more

      UAE Still Remains Open For Visa On Arrival Countries

      UAE has decided not to close it's doors to travelers yet. Although the country has detected 12 positive cases of coronavirus recently they are still open to passengers with a valid passport and a visa on arrival.

      Public Transports Are Being Sanitised in Mumbai

      From Mumbai locals to Delhi Metro, the state governments are making rigorous efforts to keep public transport cleaner for the citizens. Similar measures can be seen at the railway stations across the nation. From Mumbai locals to Delhi Metro, the state governments are making rigorous efforts to keep public transport cleaner for the citizens. Similar measures can be seen at the railway stations across the nation.

      Namaste London: Prince Charles Ditches Handshakes & Greets Everyone With Namaste


      The Indian way of greeting is picking up worldwide even Prince Charles cannot help it. Namaste would be the second biggest cultural import after Yoga. A video of Prince Charles greeting everybody with Namaste at an event in London went viral.#Proud

      Govt. Restricts Travel Of Indian Passport Holders


      The government of India has decided to restrict the travel of Indian passport holders with immediate effect. This order will be restricting Indian passport holders who are traveling from the European Union, European Free Trade Association, the United Kingdom, and Turkey from entering the Indian sub-continent.

      Coronavirus Quarantine: 5 Exciting Things To Do For Vacation-Like Feels At Home


      Stuck in self-quarantine? Who says you cannot have fun? Get creative and enjoy a pseudo-holiday experience right from your home. Here are some inspirational ideas to utilize your time while you’re stuck indoors.Read more

      India Now Bans Travelers From The UK, Europe, & Turkey


      In the latest updates, India has banned travelers from the UK, Europe, and Turkey to avoid the spread of the virus. The ban will be in effect from 18th March to 31st March, and reviewed subsequently.Read more

      IPL 2020 Comes To A Halt: BCCI Postpones The Event Amidst Covid-19 Outbreak!


      The Corona scare has spread across the world, and India too has not been behind in taking all the precautionary measures. Along with imposing a travel ban on various countries, the much-awaited IPL 2020 too has come to a halt as BCCI postpones its date to 15th April 2020.Read more

      Current Updates: Coronavirus Cases in Different Countries


      Total Cases

      New Cases

      Total Deaths

      Recovered Cases

      Active Cases































      S. Korea








































































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      Saudi Arabia






      Hong Kong



































      San Marino








































      South Africa


































      Read more

      Image Credit: Pixabay Coronavirus has petrified the whole humankind with its emergence. In not more than three months, the virus took over the whole globe and the World Health Organisation declared it a pandemic. The next thing we knew was we locked ourselves in our homes - an act that has been officially declared as the Read more

      March 23rd, 2020: The outbreak of COVID 19 in India has surely taken its toll on the citizens. As the government is doing whatever is in its power to control the outspread of the virus, various corporate and economic sectors are also joining hands to help in whichever way they can. With the hotel industry, food chains, private hospitals, and the IT industry taking the necessary steps to reduce the impact, the war between Corporate vs Covid-19 is on. Read on to know how various sectors of the corporate are putting a leash on this deadly virus. Read more

      March 23, 2020: People all over the world are devastated with the Covid-19 outbreak, and social distancing seems to be the only ray of hope at this critical time. While small acts of humanity are lifting up the spirits of the people in various parts of the world, most of the places in India are now under a complete lockdown which can be a bit too much to handle for some. Read more

      Do what you need to cope with the crisis; Memes are the new therapy for netizens. One of the most rapid reactions to arise amid the chaos and confusion is memes.

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      Cover Image Credit: Marvel.com March 20th, 2020: Superheroes may be fictional but the life lessons that they teach us are for real. Be it character building, doing the right thing, standing up for justice, or saving people from every trouble, superheroes have never left any stone unturned to inspire us in ways that are indescribable. Read more

      March 10, 2020: The Covid-19 scare has been on the rise and so has the number of people affected by it across the world. Having said that, off lately people have been a lot more alert than they were in the past, post WHO came up with ways to identify its early symptoms. However, believing prevention is better than cure on any given day, India as a country too stepped up in taking precautionary measures and rolled out helplines that everyone should be aware of, for their own good!

      Read more

      March 17, 2020: In the rise of the pandemic COVID-19 that originated from China, the speculations on countries canceling their global events have been making the rounds day by day. With the most extravagant Tokyo Olympics 2020 right around the corner, Read more

      March 17, 2020: The Corona scare has spread across the world, and India too has not been behind in taking all the precautionary measures. Along with imposing a travel ban on various countries, the much awaited IPL 2020 too has come to a halt as BCCI postpones its date to 15th April 2020.

      With a focus on public health, well-being, and the viewer’s safety, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has apparently postponed the most-awaited event of the year - the IPL 2020. As the number of cases tested positive for Coronavirus are on the rise, the chances of witnessing the magic of the 13th edition of IPL 2020 seems to be declining day by day.

      Read more

      March 17, 2020: In the latest updates, India has banned travelers from the UK, Europe, and Turkey to avoid the spread of the virus. The ban will be in effect from 18th March to 31st March, and reviewed subsequently. Read more

      March 11, 2020:  It seems like the government of various nations are finding new ways to manage the frenzy. These countries have announced a travel ban for Indians. Read more