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Fondly called Jo’burg by the residents, the golden city of South Africa has enough attractions to be a worthy addition to your South African itinerary. Like a phoenix, the city has risen from the ashes of its past to come up as the vibrant heart of the country. With its cool vibes and hipster neighborhoods, amazing street art, museums, and galleries, there’s a lot happening here that you mustn’t miss out on. With endless shopping avenues, buzzing local markets and a scintillating nightlife, Johannesburg is a hard-to-refuse tourist package. Attractions like the Gold Reef City offer wholesome entertainment for the entire family and add to the charm of the city. Here’s our complete Gold Reef City information guide to this premier entertainment destination in the heart of Johannesburg.

About Gold Reef City

one-stop fun destination

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Completely modelled around an authentic mining town reminiscent of the gold rush era of the city, Gold Reef City in Johannesburg is a one-stop fun destination for the entire family. Located close to the city centre and just 20 minutes away from the airport, this premier entertainment destination offers luxurious 4-star hotel stay at the two in-house hotels, a fantastic theme park with thrilling rides, a state-of-the-art casino, wonderful restaurants and a spectacular theatre with live productions. An overnight stay is recommended for exploring all the amazing attractions of this magical city at leisure, or else you can hop on to the train or horse carriage to discover Gold Reef City in Johannesberg.

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Gold Reef City Theme Park & Rides

spectacular theme park

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There’s nothing more exciting than getting a chance to dip your toes and dive into the adventure that unfolds before your eyes at this spectacular theme park. The thrill rides at gold reef city are as much fun for the adults as for the younger ones getting their first taste of adventure. With its 16 high-adrenaline rush rides, 14 rides dedicated to the kids and many more fascinating attractions, Gold Reef City literally is a gold mine of entertainment and fun. Here our top picks from gold reef city rides that you must try at least once:

Top 3 Thrill Rides In Gold Reef City

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1. Anaconda: For those who love twists and turns, this is one helluva ride that will make you shout your lungs out as you slither along the crazy loops and drops at crazy speeds. Sit back and embark on the adventure of a lifetime with this giant Anaconda!
2. The High Flying Maverick: named after the daredevil pilot in Top Gun, this unique ride allows you to experience the rush inside a crazily spinning aircraft at accelerations close to 4G’s. The heart-stopping ride in a twisting, turning aircraft is for those who’re seeking unmatched thrill and adventure.
3. Tower of Terror: With a fear factor of 10 on 10, this one is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Those who dare to brave it out will be rewarded with an exhilarating and hair-raising experience of falling down at breakneck speeds from a height of 50 metres, into an open mine shaft. Assured adrenaline rush like never before in your life.

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Most Fun Gold Reef City Rides For Family

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1. Log Ride: This one is a must-do with the entire family to experience the excitement as you ride on a floating log through the twisting stream. Hear the kids squeal in delight as the log accelerates and turns suddenly, soaking you up with water as well as adrenaline rush!
2. Wave Swing: It’s time to relive the childhood carousel ride but with a thrilling twist. Swing in your seats suspended in mid-air as this cool ride rotates merrily. The excitement of floating freely in the air while securely belted to your seat makes this a fun ride for everyone.
3. Tornado: Enjoy this whirlwind ride in cool cars that race with the others through twists and turns along the way.
The Mermaid, Lazy Boats, Giant Wheel and Vintage Cars are other fun rides to enjoy with the family at Gold Reef City.

Restaurants In Gold Reef City

food outlets offering yummy food

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With so much excitement and activity during your hours at gold reef city, there’s nothing like taking a break at one of the many restaurants and food outlets that will spoil your for choice with the range of cuisines & ambience to suit everyone’s tastes and budget. For those who want a quick bite, there are 10 fast food outlets offering yummy food on-the-go. Here are our top picks for restaurants in gold reef city:
1. Back O’ The Moon: This stylish, jazz themed restaurant allows you to sit back and unwind in its lavish setting, as you’re served delectable dishes from their exquisite selection. There’s live entertainment and a fantastic bar too.
2. Boston BBQ: This one’s for those who want to have it all in one meal. Their great selection of starters, mains and desserts is sure to satiate the taste buds of all hard core foodies.
3. Ocean Basket: Those craving their favourite seafood dishes must head to this famous restaurant outlet for lip-smacking fresh sea-food delights and their fill of great fish-n-chips.

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Other Popular Gold Reef City Activities

Other than the theme park and food outlets, there’s a lot more to entice you to this entertainment paradise and spend a fulfilling day here with the entire family.

1. Casino

Gaming enthusiasts will love

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Gaming enthusiasts will love the world-class casino in Gold Reef City, offering exciting gaming options with its 1700 plus slot machines and 50 tables. Open 24×7, the casino is manned by professional staff and also offers a ‘Prive’ lounge for those seeking a private luxurious setting to indulge in their betting fetish.

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2. Shopping

igital prints of your memorable moments

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With a wide selection of interesting stores, shopping can be a whole lot of fun at Gold reef city. You can pick up souvenirs, homemade goodies, African prints, lovely glass work and carving pieces to take back home. At the souvenir store you can pick up digital prints of your memorable moments at the theme park, along with key-rings, mugs and magnets.

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3. Gold mine tour & gold pouring

gold pouring are experiences of a lifetime

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Through a well-crafted JOZI’s Story of Gold Heritage Tour, you can embark on an exciting historical adventure as you’re told the story of South African gold rush and then taken on a unforgettable underground mine tour. Gold panning through the earth and watching the dazzling molten gold pouring are experiences of a lifetime.

4. Lyric Theatre

happily entertained at Gold Reef City

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Located right next to the casino, this is the site for wonderful gigs by famous comedians and awarded South African musicians that will keep you happily entertained at Gold Reef City. If you’re into theatre or even if you aren’t, this is one place that’ll make you fall in love with the art of words right away. So, make sure you don’t skip this place at all!

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Gold Reef City Entrance Fee and Timings

For an entire day filled with fun and excitement, the admission ticket prices are quite reasonable.
Gold Reef City Entrance Fee 2022: R195/adult (above 1.3m height); R125/child. There are discounted tickets for students and pensioners.

The Gold reef city open days are from Wednesday to Sunday all year round except during Gauteng school holiday when the park is open on all days of the week.
The Gold reef city operating hours are from 9:30AM to 5PM. Ride availability is updated at 9AM every morning on open days.

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With so much to experience and savor, a visit to Gold Reef City is one rollercoaster ride you don’t want to miss out on when in Johannesburg. So hop on, fasten your seat belts and zoom away by planning your trip to South Africa with TravelTriangle right away!

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