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Boulders Beach is located just outside of Simon’s town, not very far from the popular Cape Town. It is a beautiful beach that has a lot of massive granite boulders even in the water. Also known as Boulders Bay, this beach is located in the Cape Peninsula which falls under the Western Cape province of South Africa. There are plenty of watersports to take part in and great spots to visit to make your trip even better.

Best Time To Visit Boulders Beach

Best Time To Visit Boulders Beach

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You can visit at any time throughout the year, but the best time to visit Boulders Beach would be during the months of October to March when there is comparatively less rainfall. The busy months tend to be from March to April. The Boulders Beach entrance fee 2018 is INR 387/- and the Boulders Beach opening times are from 8 AM – 5 PM.

How To Reach Boulders Beach

How To Get To Boulders Beach

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If you are unsure of how to get to Boulders Beach from Cape Town, here are the most popular ways. Pick one as per your and your co-traveller’s convenience:

By Train: You can catch a train from Cape Town station to Simon’s Town and enjoy the scenic trade ride. After you deboard the train, you can either take a 30-minute walk through the historical little town or you can catch a taxi to Boulders Beach.

By Car: You can hire a car that can take you an hour from the Central Business District in Cape Town to Boulders Beach, be sure to pass by Chapmans Peak and Kommetjie for the scenic route.

By Bus: You can opt for a tour bus like City sightseeing Cape Point Explorer. It goes all the way to Cape Point but you can get off at Boulders Beach and take your time or hop back on any of their buses.

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Things To Do In Boulders Beach

From indulging in watersport activities to having a picnic under the sun, there are a myriad of things you can do in Boulders Beach. We’ve compiled a list of 4 things to do:

1. Boulders Beach: Swim with the penguins

Swim with the penguins

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Although Boulders Beach has much to offer, the highlight here would be the colony of African penguins that you can find. Everyone seems to flock here for this exact reason. You can get close to the Boulders Beach penguins and even take pictures with them. You can even take a dip in the water while they’re in there. However, You’re not allowed to feed them or play with them.

2. Boulders Beach: Take part in the watersports

Take part in the watersports

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If you visit during the Boulders Beach opening hours you can get a chance to go swimming, surfing, kitesurfing and much more. If you love sports then don’t miss out on the opportunity as there are plenty of service providers offering these different kinds of activities on the beach itself. However, if you don’t want to go for any activities you can just have a sunbath!

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3. Boulders Beach: Go scuba diving

Go scuba diving

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There are many great diving spots in the False Bay such as Justin’s Caves, A-Frame, Clan Stuart Wreck, Pyramid Rock and much more. You will get to see a variety of sea life both small and large such as pineapple fish, octopus stingrays, and Bluefin Gurnards. There are also many shipwrecks that can be found around.

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4. Boulders Beach: Have a picnic under the sun

Have a picnic under the sun

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The shore is a great place to have a little picnic with your family while you get a great view of the sunset reflecting off the rolling waves. The landscape is the epitome of serene during this time. If you happen to visit on a day when there is no rain, you can spend the rest of the evening here during the Boulders Beach hours.

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Places To Stay On Boulders Beach

You’ve the option to crash at a lounge, beach house or a hotel on your trip to Boulders Beach. We’re offering you 3 choices. Take a look at them and choose accordingly:

1. Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant

Lodge and Restaurant

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This Boulders Beach Hotel has a great view of the beach and the penguins since it is located right on the beach itself. They provide clean and comfortable rooms and delicious food at reasonable rates. It is located right above the Southern breeding area for the penguins so be ready to see and encounter many penguins.

Location: 3, Secluse Avenue, Boulders Bay, Cape Town 7995
Starting price: INR 3335/-

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2. Boulders Beach House

Beach House

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The Boulders Beach House is 4 minutes away from the beach and offers great sea views, a pool, and a sun terrace. The rooms are spacious and clean, and you even get a great balcony view of the Bay. There is even a deck where you can relax with your loved ones and have a little evening get together.

Location: 185 McFarlane Ave, Boulders Bay, Simon’s Town 7975, South Africa
Starting price: INR 6032/-

3. Aha Simon’s Town Quayside Hotel

Aha Simon’s Town Quayside Hotel

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This is the best Boulders Beach accommodation that you can find. You can get some amazing rooms that overlook the harbor. If you get a room with a balcony, you can have a beautiful view of the False Bay surrounded by the Table Mountains. This quaint hotel might be a little on the expensive side but the staff are friendly and the rooms are clean and comfy.

Location: St. Georges Street, Jubilee Square, Simon’s Town, Cape Town, 7975, South Africa
Starting price: INR 6900/-

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Restaurants On Boulders Beach

Make sure to stop by at the restaurants on Boulders Beach to try South African delicacies, especially seafood. Here’s a list of restaurants for you to pick from on your vacation to Africa:

1. Seaforth Restaurant

Seaforth Restaurant

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This restaurant is the best one to visit because you can sit on the deck and get a great view of the penguins while they waddle around and jump in for a swim. You can get some great seafood here at reasonable prices and once you are done with your meal, you can take a slow stroll along the beach and enjoy the pleasant landscape.

Location: Boulders Beach, Seaforth Road, Simon’s Town 7975, South Africa
Timings: 12 PM – 9 PM
Cost for two: INR 1602/-

2. Boulders Beach Lodge & Restaurant

Boulders Beach Lodge & Restaurant

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If you visit Boulders Beach in South Africa, be sure to stop by this restaurant after you have visited the beach and seen the penguins. Take a break and have an afternoon lunch here in this simple and cosy restaurant. You can sit near the windows and have a good Oceanic view and enjoy the sunset. If you visit, be sure to try the fish and chips.

Location: 3, Secluse Avenue, Boulders Bay, Cape Town 7995, South Africa
Timings: 8 AM – 8 PM
Cost for two: INR 2167/-

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If this guide to Boulders Beach interested you then let us help you plan your incredible vacation in spectacular South Africa.

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