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Much loved and awaited Sugar feast is here and if you’re still wondering where to go for Eid holidays, your search ends here. Think no further because after the long fast, it’s time to rejoice and take a vacation with the people you love.

7 Places To Visit During Eid Holidays

So, here’s a list of awesome places to visit during Eid holidays with your family:

  • Sri Lanka- Bundle of Activities
  • India- Kaleidoscope of Culture
  • Turkey- Scenic Beaches, World Class Cuisine and Rich History
  • Malaysia- Staggering Urbanisation and Enchanting Wildlife
  • Mauritius- Tropical Luxury
  • Thailand- A Package Full of Surprises
  • Maldives- A Slice of Paradise

1. Sri Lanka- Bundle of Activities

Family having fun in Sri Lankan beach

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Sri Lanka is without a doubt the first on our list of best places to visit during Eid holidays. Apart from its obvious charm, there is so much more to do and see in this wonderful destination that you’ll forget all your worries and enter into a state of absolute bliss.

Best Experiences:
Indulge yourself in the range of delicious delicacies, thrilling water sports, and a shopping extravaganza. It is a highly recommended destination for you to spend your Eid ul-Fitr vacation.

Why to Visit?
The perfect weather will have you and your kids pumped up to go out and play! Not to mention the lucrative cheap prices of everything!

Approximate Package cost: Starting from 299 USD per person for 4 nights and 5 days

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2. India- Kaleidoscope of Culture

Camel safari in India, one of the places to visit during eid

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Out of all places to visit during Eid holidays, India surely is the most unique. The country comes alive in the spirit of celebrations as the Ramadan feast is one of the major festivals in India.

Best Experience:
What’s going to act in your favour here is the fact that the country is massive and diverse not just in is culture but also its landscapes. You get hilly terrains, sunny beaches, ancient history, quaint villages and hip urban lifestyle all in one place.

Why to Visit?
Diverse in the truest sense, India offers you with a range of choices to pick from. For a medium range trip the place definitely offers everything at reasonable prices. The people are also ever welcoming and hospitable. You just couldn’t think of a reason not to visit.

Approximate package:
USD 175 per couple (Darjeeling- Gangtok Package 3 Nights 4 Days)
USD 135 per couple (Rajasthan for 3 nights 4 days)
USD 267 per couple (Kerala 6 nights 7 days)

3. Turkey- Scenic Beaches, World Class Cuisine and Rich History

family having fun in the beach in Turkey

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Turkey is one of the best places to visit during Eid holidays this year. Wondering why, read on.

Best Experience:
Istanbul is one of the most historic marvels in the world, favourite among holidaymakers since a long time. Its surreal beaches, divine delicacies, scenic mountains and archaic architecture that is still capable robbing one off their senses

Why to visit?
This is a utopia of a food lover’s dream! A bite into a succulent Turkish delight and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Not to forget the delightful shopping experience!

Approximate package: Starting from 400 USD per person (Istanbul for 3 nights and 4 days)

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4. Malaysia- Staggering Urbanisation and Enchanting Wildlife

Eid holiday in Malaysia

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If Kuala Lumpur is all about sprawling urbanisation, Sabah will let you see some of the rarest animals living in the wild and Sarawak’s quaint villages will steal your heart. That’s Malaysia for you!

Best Experience:
Visit the eerie caves of Batu and bask in the sunny beaches. Do try out the world class Malay cuisine and spoil your loved ones in a shopping extravaganza.

Why to Visit?
Malaysia is one of the highly recommended places to visit during Eid holidays this year. With Eid ul fitr celebrated with greatest vigour and zest, you can have the best experience there at this time of the year.

Approximate Package Price: Starting from USD 314 per person for 3 nights 4 days

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5. Mauritius- Tropical Luxury

Family enjoying eid holiday in Mauritius

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Mauritius is a fascinating island with unmatched beauty in a small speck of land. Pack your bags and head to this amazing place for some a fun vacation this Eid-ul-Fitr.

Best Experience:
Famed for its sapphire seas and the powdery white sandy beaches, Mauritius has long held the tag of being a luxury destination. However, today it has become quite affordable for all kinds of travellers to come and enjoy the trove of activities offered here.

Why to Visit?
The best part about Mauritius at this time is that you can join the celebrations of the Ramadan feast with the locales. You’ll also get awesome travel deals due to off season travel!

Approximate Package Price: Starting from USD 315 per person for 6 nights and 7 days

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6. Thailand- A Package Full of Surprises

Wildlife of Thailand

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You may think that Thailand isn’t the best place to holiday with your kids but let me correct you only by saying that it is in fact one of the best. Yes and you wouldn’t believe what a treasure trove it has in store for you.

Best Experience:
This fun, friendly and exotic tropical haven has something for all its guest. The landscape Thailand is diversified from soaring skyscrapers to tropical forests to surreal beaches. You have a wide variety of option to pick your favourite.

Why to Visit?
There is so much to do in Thailand but the best you’ll like in this holiday after the great fast of the year is the laid back environs. The ambience of the entire place will distress your body and you’ll have a great time with your family.

Approximate Package Price: Starting from USD 188 per person for 4 nights and 5 days

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7. Maldives-A Slice of Paradise

family enjoying eid holidays in Maldives

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Maldives is a slice of paradise in a little island! The pristine beaches and the cobalt-blue seas will win your heart right away.

Best Experience:
The luxurious resorts on the lovely beaches offer amazing retreat for families and couples. Maldives is amazing for all kinds of watersports that can be enjoyed by everybody. Starting from world class scuba diving to jet skiing the island will fulfil your thirst for adrenaline rush.

Why to Visit?
Apart from being surreal beyond explanation and offering awesome water sports Maldives celebrates Eid with great vigour which makes it one of the best places to visit during Eid holidays. Also, since it’s off season the prices of everything will be very cheap.

Approximate Package Price: Starting from 550 USD per person for 3 nights 4 days

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So, you must have made up your mind about where to go for Eid this year. Now be a little generous and help out your friends with this information by sharing the article on your walls.

Frequently Asked Questions about Places to Visit during Eid Holidays

Where should I go on the Eid holiday?

Sri Lanka, India, Turkey, Malaysia, Mauritius, Thailand, Maldives, UAE, etc. are the best places to plan your Eid holidays. Makkah, Dubai, Singapore, Georgia, and Germany are other popular choices to plan your holidays during this time.

Which countries have Eid holidays?

Not all the countries have Eid holidays, however, places including UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and more celebrate the festival with unmatchable zeal and zest.

Is it safe to plan Eid holidays during Covid times?

You need to follow all the mandatory travel guidelines mentioned by the authorities to ensure a safe travel experience. Avoid crowded places and keep sanitizing your hands after touching surfaces. Maintain social distancing and remain masked in public places.

How long is the Eid holiday in UAE?

The country celebrates Eid for almost 9 days. All the citizens are given leaves for 9 days and the festivity is truly admirable for those who wish to sneak a peek at the culture and religious beliefs.

What can you do on the Eid holidays in Dubai?

You can witness Eid celebration fireworks, visit Al Seef & Bluewaters, go for a city walk, explore Bluewaters, attend local festivals & celebrations, and go shopping at the Dubai Festival City Mall and Mercato Mall for the best experiences during the Eid.

Where to go on Eid in Abu Dhabi?

The following are the popular things to do in Abu Dhabi during the Eid - attend Al-Ayyala & Al-Harbiya performances at Al Ain Palace Museum and Al Ain Oasis, explore tourist attractions such as Al Jahili Fort, Qasr Al Muwaiji, Al Ain Palace Museum, Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa, Al Qattara Art Centre and Al Ain Oasis.

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