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    Avneet at Chandra Tal Lake

    Avneet talks about her delightful trip to Spiti Valley which was organized by TravelTriangle. Describing her journey to be a surreal experience, she elaborates on the beauty, culture, and the hospitality that she witnessed in the hills. She booked her package from TravelTriangle for INR 10,999 and it included her transport, accommodation, sightseeing, treks, and meals. Let us hear her story.

    Trip type: Solo traveler on group journey!
    Duration: 5 nights 6 days (More than a week of adventure, yay!!)
    Budget: INR 10,999 per person + a little extra money for miscellaneous expenses
    Destination: Spiti Valley and all the charming places on its way (Delhi-Manali-Kaza-Tabo-Kunzum Pass-Chandratal Lake)
    Inclusions: Accommodation, meals (breakfast and dinner at all hotel & camps), transfers (tempo/Xylo/Innova), treks and walks, and bonfire dinner at select places

    Avneet in Himachal

    I am a solo traveler and have visited almost all corners of the country. However lately I was longing for a holiday to the hills, preferably at an offbeat place that would dazzle my mind. Luckily, my wish was granted, thanks to TravelTriangle.

    I found TravelTriangle on Facebook and saw their Spiti Valley trip details on their page. Upon inquiring, I was happy to know that a solo traveler like me was also welcome on a group trip. Thus, my decision was made and it was now time to answer the call of the mountains!

    So post some more queries and their answers, I finalized my trip to Spiti Valley and was now all set for a mountain adventure.

    Day 1: Overnight road journey to Manali

    (Friday) – 23rd Sept Delhi to Manali (560 km/ 12 hrs )

    I boarded the bus from R.K. Ashram Metro Station and after everyone had arrived and all the verification was done, the journey started. The night road trip was a smooth one and had multiple stops for refreshments and other things. In the morning, when we had almost reached Manali, we took one more stop to soak in the mesmerizing views of the mountains and also to have some tea and snacks.

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    Day 2: Feeling the magic of mountains and the journey onward

    (Saturday )- 24th Sept Manali- Kaza (205 km / 6-7 hrs)

    Upon our arrival in Manali, we were taken to a hotel that had temporary rooms for us to change and freshen up. This hotel was nice and was located at a little distance from the mall road. Taking advantage of its offbeat location, we roamed around a bit on our own and soaked in the beauty that the surroundings offered.

    Avni posing for the camera in Manali
    River and mountains in Manali
    Avni on a bike in Manali

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    After we were given permission to proceed for Spiti, the group soon got into the traveler and our journey to Kaza began. On our way to Kaza, we passed by Batal and the Lohar village. The treacherous roads, mountains, and valleys, all added to the charm of the journey and by the time we reached Kaza, my head was full of wonder and awe for nature.

    We reached Kaza by 1AM and after we had checked in, we proceeded on for dinner. Surprisingly, the hotel staff was very active and served us a hot and delicious meal even at 1:30AM in the night. Tired but happy, I retired for the night.

    Sheeps on the road in Manali
    Nature in Manali
    Beauty of nature in Himachal

    Day 3: Exploring in and around Kaza

    (Sunday) 25th Sept Kaza – Local Kaza sightseeing

    This was an exciting day for us since we were to visit a lot of places today. After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we went on to visit the famous Key Monastery and boy it was an awesome experience! I interacted with locals and monks here and speaking to them about life had a profound impact on me. Post the monastery, we visited the Kibber village which was also the highest village in the valley. It was very nice visiting this place and again we met a lot of local people and children here. Everyone was nice and seeing their smiling faces truly made me feel happy.

    Avni in Kaza
    Monks in Kaza
    Avni at the famous Key Monastery
    Mountains in Kaza

    Next stop was Komic village which is also the highest village in the world and being here naturally made me feel very special. We also visited the post office here which was once again the highest post office in the world and I even wrote a postcard to my loved ones – something which I had never done before.

    This day was well spent and ended beautifully with a sumptuous dinner.

    Children at the Komic village
    Couple in the valleys of Kaza
    Mountains and nature of Kaza
    Avni sits on a stone in Kaza

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    Day 4: Indulging in history at Tabo

    (Monday)- 26th Sept Kaza- Tabo – Kaza ( 50 Kms/ 3 Hrs )

    We visited the Tabo Monastery or the ‘Ajanta of the Himalayas’ today and it was a fabulous experience. The ancient monastery has idols that were hundreds of years old and it was truly fascinating to hear tales about the place. I also interacted with a few monks here in hope of gaining some wisdom which I definitely did. Moving on, we also explored the local areas of Tabo and bought souvenirs from the place.
    Overall, it was a beautiful experience and the day ended on a happy and peaceful note for me.

    Avni with a monk in Tabo
    Apple tree in Tabo
    Avni and her friend jump for a photo
    Avni and other travelers in Spiti

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    Day 5: Chandratal Lake and the magic of Spiti Valley

    (Tuesday) – 27th Sept Kaza – Kunzum Pass- Chandratal Lake (Trekking 5-6 hr)

    We were to do the legendary Chandratal lake trek today and to be on time, we started early in the morning. We reached Kunzum Pass on time and even saw a very beautiful monastery before beginning our trek.

    This was a 12 km trek that would take us to the famous Chandratal lake that sits proudly in the middle of the cold mountain desert of Spiti Valley.

    Avni in Spiti
    Beauty of nature in Spiti

    Finally, our trek started from Kunzum Pass and I was too excited since it was my first trekking experience. Naturally, I was moving way faster than the group and in the end, when the trek was about to finish, I was far ahead than the lot. So there I was at a turn, contemplating, whether I should go towards the lake or towards the camp. I finally took the turn towards the camp thinking that the rest of the group will first assemble here but I was wrong. Waiting at the campsite for a while, I realized that the group had not yet reached, I started enquiring and that is when I got to know that the group was at Chandratal lake. So after freshening up at the camp, I headed towards the lake on my own and that is when I met Shubham, the coordinator from TravelTriangle who was on his way back to the camp to look for me. Relieved, we went back to the lake together to witness it in its full glory.

    Shubham at Chandratal Lake
    Avni and her friends at Chandratal Lake
    Avni with a cute face in Spiti

    True to its fame, the lake was magnificent. It was nestled comfortably between the mountains and offered us a calm, serene, and pristine ambience. I loved my time that was spent here and the views that I saw have forever been etched in my mind. So after we had watched the mesmerizing sunset, we set off for the camp that was setup near the lake.

    The camp stay was amazing and had tents that were nothing short of luxury. It was good staying at this place where everything was managed properly no matter how many feet we up in the mountains.

    The night was spent in the warm embrace of the burning coals and it felt heavenly sitting under the clear night sky watching shooting stars pass by. I was up with a couple till about 3AM in the morning – talking and enjoying the peace that the mountains offered.

    Chandratal Lake in Spiti
    Avneet and her friend at Chandratal Lake

    Day 6: Back to square one

    (Wednesday) 28th Sept Chandra Tal – Batal – Rohtang Pass- Manali – Delhi (125 km/ 4 hrs)

    It was time to return so in the morning after breakfast, we all set off for Manali. Upon our arrival in Manali, Shubham, our trip coordinator upon request, arranged for a hotel for us to change and freshen up for the journey back to Delhi. Post this, we checked out of the hotel and then boarded the bus for Delhi.

    “The trip had ended but the memories and nostalgia for the mountains were about to begin”.

    Avneet in Spiti

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    My trip to Spiti was a special one for many reasons. It was one of those trips that showed me the true spirit of mountains in the form of its people, culture, and of course the nature. During this trip, I witnessed the charm of nature taking over my senses and I could feel my mind adjusting to the calm and peace that the valley offered. And although, this was a solo trip for me but the warmth and welcome that I received from the group led to a lot of beautiful memories and friends. In the end, it is safe to say, I am not the same as I was before I visited the mountains. And I love it.

    High Points:

    • The overall experience of the journey was excellent. Everything from the hotels to transport to food and services was great and managed well.
    • Experiences at Tabo Monastery and Chandratal Lake are forever etched in my mind.

    Tips for travelers: Everyone should go to Spiti at least once in their lifetime for this place has the power to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your soul.

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