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If you are looking forward to visiting a place that has both rugged like appearance and snow capped mountains, then Kaza is the place to be. The capital town of Spiti Valley shares ethnicity with Tibet. Holding the specialty of having the world’s highest petrol bunk, the place is known for its scintillating beauty. Another major wow factor of this place is that despite the temperatures dropping down to minus 40 degrees Celsius in the winters, vegetables like potatoes can be grown in that harsh weather conditions itself. The place holds a lot of monasteries and it is the last point before one enters the Manali-Leh Highway. A journey in the Kuzumla Pass is a dream for all the adventure sports enthusiasts and bikers. Not just this but there is a long list of things to do in Kaza which will leave you surprised and out of breathe.

Things To Do In Kaza

These are a must to do things one should be experimenting at Kaza of Himachal Pradesh. The few are listed below.

1. Visit The Monasteries

Sakya Kaza Monastery

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Monasteries are located atop hillocks and provide a very glorious sight to the travelers. Though there are many monasteries in India, especially in Himachal Pradesh, the monasteries found at Kaza are one of its kind due to the ancientness. One can also go for an overnight stay in the monastery at Spiti which is the second oldest after the monastery found in the Lhasa region of Tibet. The monasteries are made of mud, clay and other natural building materials. The interiors of the monasteries are smeared using sandalwood which provides an excellent atmosphere for one to meditate.

Location: Tabo Monastery
Timings: Any time of the day
Entry fee:: None

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2. Go Out For Shopping

Shopping in Kaza

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Shopping is one of the best things to indulge in while one is at Kaza. The marketplace at Kaza is one of the most vibrant places to indulge in shopping in Himachal Pradesh. Some of the rarest souvenirs like prayer flags, Buddhist statues, and other Buddhist materials can be purchased from here for the beloved ones. One of the most unique things found in this place is the human thigh bones and skulls which are decorated out of gold and silver which are used as religious material. One can also buy Spiti T-shirts from this place. Shopping at Kaza is not like shopping at any other places in India.

Location: Main Market Kaza
Timings: 7 am to 10 pm
Entry fee:: None

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3. Star Gazing

Star Gazing

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Star Gazing is something that every human being who loves to connect with nature loves doing. One can just lie down in the roof and look up at the sky and look at the marvelous spread of shining, twinkling stars. When this in itself could give one whole lot of happiness, then imagine lying down under the blanket of stars at villages which are more than 10,000 to 15,000 feet above the sea level. The villages which are located very much above sea level are inhabited that can’t be found very easily.

Location: Dhankar Village
Timings: None
Entry fee:: None

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4. Rafting In River Spiti


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Rafting is one of the best water sport activities one can enjoy in the very cold waters of River Spiti. Rafting involves getting on to an air-inflated boat and a group of four would sit on both sides of the raft and enjoy a splashing ride in the chilly waters. The required safety gear is sold in the valley. Some lifeguards would accompany a team while they raft in the waters. Rafting is a very common water sport in Himachal Pradesh. One has to indulge in it to enjoy thoroughly what the water sport could offer.

Location: Spiti River
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm
Entry fee:: Varies during the season. Minimum 200 per person

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5. Chilling By The Riverside

Chilling by the riverside

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The riverside is a great best to chill by putting up a tent or just lying down by picking up a book to read. As the river meanders along the different routes, there are enough places where one could just lie down and stare at the sky and involve themselves in any fun activities. The natural formation along the river in Spiti Valley has some of the rarest rocks and pebbles. This type can be found only in a rocky cum snow-clad terrain like Himachal Pradesh. In other parts of India, one couldn’t bask near the waters very close like how one could bask near the waters of Spiti River. The other banks have clayey soil, whereas this riverbank has soil which is dry, which is suitable for having a fun, chill time.

Location: Spiti River
Timings: None
Entry fee:: None

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6. Ride Along The Treacherous Roads

Ride along the roads

Image Source

If you are very adventurous by nature, then you should never miss trying taking a ride in one of the world’s most dangerous roads. While one approaches the Spiti Valley from the Kinnaur Route, one could see a lot of warning signs on boulders could fall from above, there could be a landslide, etc., All these roads are not laid using tar and they are cut through rocks and tunnels. The tyres of the vehicle should be designed in such a way that they can accommodate these kinds of roads. One cannot use the vehicles which one uses regularly in cities. A bike with tyres that suit the terrain of the region must be hired. This is truly a very exciting experience.

Location: Road from Kinnaur to Spiti
Timings: 8 am to 4 pm preferred
Entry fee:: None

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7. Wishing Stones

Wishing Stones

Image Credit: Dongtan Ko for Pixabay

The entire region of Himalayas is filled with positivity and ways of establishing connect with Mother Nature. The place has become a millennial paradise. There are some special ways by which the millennials could establish a conversation with Mother Nature. There is a wide variety of rocks and stones which are found in the region. They are of varying sizes, shapes and structures. One could stack the stones or the pebbles found in the region one above the other and make a wish. This is usually done using seven stones. This is one of those special activities which could only be done in the regions like Spiti Valley.

Location: Spiti River
Timings: None
Entry fee:: None

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8. Taking A Stroll In The Villages


If you wish to have a look at and experience houses that you would have seen in the animated movies or straight out of a picture that a kid draws, then the villages in the region of Spiti Valley is the place to be. The villages are surrounded by very huge snow-clad mountains on all sides. There is a very pretty lake which is in the middle of the village. The lake is surrounded by houses on all sides. The houses also have an animal pen right in the doorsteps. The villages are made of numerous lanes and not very broad roads which one could usually spot in the cities.

Location: Nako Village
Timings: None
Entry fee:: None

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9. Camping

Camping in Spiti

Image Source

Camping in the nights around a lake is one of the most exhilarating experiences one should try out. One could put up a tent and camp in the nights in the tent by staring at the night sky which is filled with beautiful stars. The best part is that one could even spot some shooting stars in the sky if they are lucky. The best season to camp is during summers as the temperatures are not harsh. If you are fine with camping in temperatures that are nail-biting, then one could prefer camping in the snow itself. One of the most memorable experiences is the hike from the campsite to the main river right in the morning after a heavy sleep. The breath of fresh air hitting on one’s face is a boon for those who have lived all their lives in the cities.

Location: Moon Lake
Timings: none, preferred night time
Entry fee:: cost incurred to set up camp

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10. Lunching With The Lamas


Image Source

A visit to any monastery is incomplete without sipping on a hot cup of tea. It is very refreshing to sip on a cup of tea that too in these cold weather. Filled with monasteries, one could spot a lama everywhere. The young Lama boys and the kids are always very friendly and are ready to pose for pictures how many ever times you ask them. If you reach the monastery in the mornings, then you are served with Spitian Bread and a cup of tea. If you reach during lunchtime, then the lamas force you to have lunch with them. This includes rice, dal and some simple vegetable. The spread is not extravagant but the unpolluted, served with love feel is what makes the meal complete in these places.
Location: Komnik Monastery

Timings: 6 am to 6 pm
Entry fee:: None

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11. Visiting The Mummy Village


Image Source

You need not visit the Pyramids to spot a mummy, there is one in the region of Spiti Valley itself. This mummy has been found in the year 1975 during an army excavation in the region and it is found that the age of the mummy dates back to more than 500 to 600 years old. This is said to be a mummy of a very spiritual lama who had devoted his life to the enlightenment of the masses. The mummy is dressed in silk robes and it is found in squatting position. The teeth and the hair are still preserved very much neatly in these villages. This mummy is placed in a glass enclosure that is open to visitors.

Location: Gue Village
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm
Entry fee:: None

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12. Sending Postcards And Refueling

Sending Postcards

Image Source

Being a very high-altitude region, one can indulge in the activities in which one could even take part in other parts of India but gain a different and memorable experience here altogether. One of the world’s highest post office and refueling station is located in this region. Sending a postcard to one’s beloved from these kinds of places would signify their love for the person. One could also fuel their bikes in one of the world’s highest petrol bunks.

Location: Post Office: Hikkim, Spiti district; Petrol Pump: Gramphu-Batal-Kaza Road, Kaza, Himachal Pradesh 172114
Timings: Post office open during office hours and petrol bunk is open from 7 am to 5 pm
Entry fee:: None

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Kaza is one of those places which is very less known to even the regular tourists and ardent travelers. When one thinks of Himachal Pradesh, places like Shimla and McLeodganj strikes one’s mind. Even the adventure sports bikers think of Leh and Ladakh when they plan to go on a bike trip in the Himalayas. Kaza is truly an explored beauty and one should be at Kaza to experience the surrealness of the place. Kaza is a biker’s paradise with great views and roads. So if you have the adrenaline rush inside, then make sure to plan a vacation in Himachal Pradesh and don’t miss taking a ride to Kaza.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the best time to visit Kaza?

The best time to visit Kaza is from May to September. The temperatures are very much bearable and the temperature is not frozen.

How should one reach Kaza?

There are two routes to reach Kaza. The Manali route is open from June till December. The Shimla route is open all year round.

Do the communication networks work at Kaza?

The communication networks work well at Kaza. Mobile phone operators like BSNL and Airtel have good network connections there. It is advised to carry a power bank as one could face some electricity shortages in Kaza.

What are the things one should carry on their trip to Kaza?

One should carry glasses, sunscreen, and waterproof shoes. As snowy regions are wet and the water might seep into one’s shoes, one should also carry waterproof shoes. It is not necessary to carry a water bottle as the tap water can be consumed as it is straight from the Himalayas.

What are the must-try foods at Kaza?

The hill Maggi, Thukpa and the spicy momos are the must-try foods at Kaza. The beer and whiskey made using barley are made locally.

What are the health precautions one should follow on their trip to Kaza?

One should avoid smoking or drinking or be on drugs on their trip to Kaza. One should also carry some first aid if in the case when one travels on the bike.

Which are the best places to stay near Kaza?

The best kind of place to stay near Kaza is homestays. There are enough hotels in the vicinity. But, to experience the true essence of the place, one needs to stay at Homestays and huts.

What kind of transport facilities one should prefer while on their trip to Kaza?

There are a lot of private vehicles that one can hire while making their trip to Kaza. Buses ply regularly from the downhills of Himachal Pradesh to the valleys.

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