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      There’s a reason travelers from far and wide go gaga over the foody lanes, roadside stalls, loud dhabas, upmarket restaurants, and quirky cafes of this thriving metro. With the city itself, its food has also evolved over the centuries - embracing the new, preserving the old, and fusing with cuisines of the different corners of the country courtesy the people that brought it here.

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      There’s a reason travelers go gaga over the varieties and flavours of Kerala cuisine! Inspired by a fusion of Malabari, French, and Arabian influences and enhanced with a touch of Kerala’s unique culture, each dish in the state is an experience in itself that will leave you asking for more!

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      Your visit to Phuket is never complete without tasting the street foods in Phuket. Pancakes or roti dipped in the curry or meatballs, or the chewy noodles. You name it, you will find it in the streets of Phuket. Meat on skewers is found on every nook & corner of Thailand streets. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, had the crown of street foods for long, but the hidden secret of street foods in Phuket is slowly emerging out. Thanks to the food aficionados, travel bloggers and YouTubers who made it a point to try and made these places known to the outside world. The taste of Thailand street food is not just the flavor of Thai, but a rich mix of recipes from India to China to Malaysia, etc. All thanks to the history of Phuket as a commercial trading port that attracted tourists and immigrants from all over the world. Thailand is not only blessed with tropical fruits and vegetables, it is also the land of tasty seafood.

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      Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

      Jaisalmer is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan. This historic city is incredibly rich in its culture and heritage. Its rich culture can be seen in the richness of the authentic food here.

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      Along with the fascinating forts and spectacular palaces, the metropolis of Jodhpur is also quite famous among the tourists because of its lip-smacking cuisine. However, when talking about good restaurants, the blue city comes with a plethora of choices, just like its tourist attractions.

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      Fine dining and scrumptious food are what Hyderabad is famous for. The Hyderabadi biryani is a world-famous dish that no one can afford to miss. There are many places where you can dine and enjoy food that pampers your taste buds.

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      India is a land of diversity and this diversity is reflected in the cuisines available in different parts of the country. One of the reasons people visit different parts of India is to taste the delectable dishes that reflect the varied culture. Read more

      Planning to propose or surprise her on your anniversary? If yes, we bet there’s nothing more foolproof than a dinner date at one of the most romantic restaurants in Mumbai. With unending ocean views, mindblowing lighting, seating, and setting, these lovely places to dine and romance will melt her for sure!

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      Odisha reflects the heritage, culture, and traditions through its tourist destinations, religious and cultural centres, people, customs, rituals and last but not the least food. Traditional recipes of mouth-watering Odisha food not only allure the locals but attracts the tourists, especially culinary enthusiasts, and food lovers.

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      It's time to talk about coffee and your favorite cozy abode in the buzzing Bangalore city. Once a peaceful and calm suburb, Bangalore is populated with places that brew tasty coffee, but some places just do it better. Here's a list of some of the best cafes in Bangalore where you can hang out with friends for those never-ending conversations or just sit in peace and finish that new novel you've recently grabbed.

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      Happiness is correlated with food. If you are one such human being whose world revolves around this statement then India is the place you need to be at. Indians are obsessed with food and the never-ending list of street food in India is a testament to that.

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      More often you need to escape the crowd and give yourself the ‘me time’ that you keep yearning for. No, you need not travel to the forest or mountains to find the much-needed respite, you can actually look for the cozy corners hidden in your city streets. There are best cafes in Mumbai are endowed with quirky interiors, and vibrant crowd, that solely thrive on liveliness.

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      Perched on the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, Darjeeling is a gorgeous hill town of West Bengal. Formerly a summer resort of the British Raj, this town speaks stories of its past in many languages. The Tibetan refugees who found a peaceful home here and the proximity of the town to Nepal has blended its air with various cultures. Now you will find buildings done in colonial architecture and food prepared in Tibetan and Nepali cuisine styles. But, Darjeeling has embraced all of it with love. And as a traveler, it will surely be passed on to you. So make sure you try all the popular Darjeeling food while you explore all the amazing places here. Don't forget to take a stroll on Darjeeling Food Junction while you're there. Darjeeling food prices are nominal and can be afforded by almost everyone. 

      Top 20 Darjeeling Food Dishes

      Food is an inseparable element of culture! And if you love getting close to the cultural side of the destinations your visit, knowing and tasting the food dishes of those places would certainly help. Here are some of the most loved Darjeeling food that you must also taste to know the heart of the city:

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      13. Noodles

      A platter of chicken noodles at Golden Point Tea & Snacks

      Noodles can quench your hunger and fill your stomach for a long time. This dish is found in all the restaurants and food stalls. You will have a ball of a time eating this dish. The noodles are made of wheat. They are tossed with vegetables, meat or eggs to prepare a delicious dish. They are also tossed in different spices. They are delicious and tangy and perfect for eating after a rain.

      Where to eat: Kunga Restaurant, Dekevas Restaurant, Kunjini Restaurant, The Park Restaurant

      14. Phambi


      Image Credit: notesfromkpg for Wikipedia

      This is quite a famous street food in Darjeeling which is made of Mung beans and makes a best serve to taste the authentic cuisines of the state. To make this dish the beans are turned into liquid powdery form which is made into steamed cakes and cut into smaller pieces. Later it is lightly fried and served with red chilly sauce which completes the dish.

      Where To Eat: Nanking Restaurant, Kunga Restaurant

      15. Wachipa


      Image Credit: Dhilung for Wikipedia

      This is a local Nepali non-veg dish which is made of minced chicken, fine quality rice and the powder formed of burnt feathers of a chicken. This powder is the key ingredient which adds a unique taste of bitterness in the dish. According to the locals it is believed that the Wachipa can cure body aches.

      Where To Eat: Kunga Restaurant, Penang Restaurant

      16. Shyaa Phaley

      Shya Phaley

      Image Credit: yowangdu.com

      This is a delicious Tibetan dish which is made with flatbread stuffed with seasoned beef or any other variety of meat which suits the preferability. Given a circular or semi-circular shape, this dish is deep fried and served hot and sizzling alongside a spicy chutney and soup.

      Where To Eat: Nanking Restaurant, Kunga Restaurant

      17. Aaloo Dum

      Aloo Dum

      Image Credit: Meri Saheli

      This is a spicy Nepalese dish which is made of boiled potatoes and given a spicy flavour to relish. The basic procedure includes boiling the potatoes and cooking them in hot oil with cumin, garlic paste, onion and red chilies powder. Later it is served with seasoned and freshly chopped corianders alongside rice.

      Where To Eat: NA

      18. Ninguro With Churpi

      Ninguro with Churpi

      Image Credit: ShahTour.com

      This is a delicious and mouth-watering dish which is quite a favorite among the locals in Darjeeling. Considered to be one of the best foods in Darjeeling, this dish is made of local fiddlehead fern and churpi (cheese). This local delicacy is available in a very few restaurants.

      Where To Eat: Kunga Restaurant, Penang Restaurant

      19. Sausage


      Image Credit: Cheddarwurst

      The sausage is quite a homely dish which is made of ground meat of beef or pork which is flavored with salt and spices along with other flavourings. Later the breadcrumbs and the meat is stuffed in a clean intestine. Appears in the shape of a cylinder, this is one of the famous foods in Darjeeling which can be cooked in many ways.

      Where To Eat: Sausage king, Glenary’s Bakery, Restaurant and Pub

      20. Momo


      Image Credit: Kushal Goyal for Wikipedia

      This is a famous Chinese-Tibetan cuisine dish which is prepared with minced meat or vegetables filled in a flour dough. Considered to be one of the most traditional dishes in North-east India, this dish is commonly served with chutney and soup.

      Where To Eat: Darjeeling Tandoori Momos, Darjeeling Momos

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      Is your mouth watering already? Plan a getaway to Darjeeling right away and come, taste the steamy, spicy and flavorsome foods of Darjeeling. Get ready for a Darjeeling food tour that will make you cross borders and leap time at every bite you take. The unforgettable tastes and aroma of the authentic dishes will make you want to come back to this town again and again.

      Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Darjeeling Food

      Q. What is the famous food of Gangtok?

      A. The most famous foods of Gangtok include tomato achar (pickle), momo (steamed dumpling), thukpa (noodle soup), kinema curry (fermented soybean), and gundruk and sinki soup (fermented vegetable soup).

      Q. What is the food of Darjeeling?

      A. The food in Darjeeling is a blend of Chinese and Tibetan flavors. You will find many street vendors and restaurants selling Tibetan or Chinese dishes.

      Q. What is the famous food of Nagaland?

      A. One of the most famous Nagaland dishes is dry bamboo shoots cooked with pork.

      Q. What is the dress of Sikkim?

      A. Bakhu is the traditional dress of Sikkim. Men wear this piece of clothing with a pair of loose trousers and a leather belt. Women belt this outfit over a full-sleeved silk blouse, which is known as honju.

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