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    Yogyakarta Street Food

    The cultural and artistic hub of the island of Java, Yogyakarta is not only famous for its serene atmosphere but also for the diverse variety of food offered by the locals in their kiosks. If you are planning to explore Indonesia anytime soon then make sure you include Yogyakarta in your itinerary and sample some of the traditional and flavorsome food that they have to offer. Set aside some time from sightseeing and reserve it to explore the city’s food culture. The waft of freshly cooked food will allure to the small stalls assembled by the locals selling some of the most popular Yogyakarta street food. If you come across any such place around the streets then don’t hesitate to ask for some super-delicious dishes. Let’s take a look at a list of street food that you can and must try out when in Yogyakarta.

    Top 10 Street Food In Yogyakarta

    Here is the list of the famous Yogyakarta street food to hunt down in the city. All the foodies, get ready and note down this list of food as it will help you savor some of the most delicious dishes of the city.

    1. Chicken Noodles

    Chicken Noodles

    Image Source

    Chicken noodles cooked in a rich sauce is the best street food in Yogyakarta. One can choose from chicken pieces and chicken feet or can opt for a jumbo bowl that includes everything. So, if you are planning gulp down this dish then gear up for a super-amazing punch of flavors that is both sweet and savory with a hint of peanut aftertaste. Presented with some sambal and a glass of iced tea, this dish is an intriguing yet tasty concoction of flavors that you cannot afford to miss when in Yogyakarta.

    Where To Try: Mie Ayam Bu Tumini
    Price Range: 8,000-10,000 Rupiah

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    2. Bakso


    Image Source

    Bakso is not your regular meatball soup and is full of flavors that you might have not tasted before. Some stalls serve amazing blends of Bakso with new flavors that will make you take another round of this dish. It is served with a whole bone marrow which is known as Bakso Sumsum along with a tantalizing broth. You will find a mozzarella version of Bakso that is served with a giant meatball overflowing with cheese.

    Where To Try: Baksonya Bakso Maharani
    Price Range: 9,000-20,000 Rupiah

    3. Bakmi


    Image Source

    Bakmi is one of the comfort foods for the locals in the city and thus while taking a street food tour in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, you will find that Bakmi is always included in it. There are two versions of Bakmi – soupy and dry. Both the versions include eggs and noodles that are topped with spring onions and shredded chicken.

    Where To Try: Bakmi Mbah Mo
    Price Range: 15,000-20,000 Rupiah

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    4. Fresh Fruit Adorned With Ice

    Fresh Fruit Adorned With Ice

    Image Source

    Invented in the early 70s, one cannot thank enough the person who created such an out-of-the-box dessert. In Yogyakarta, you will find many roadside stalls that serve freshly cut fruits like pineapple, avocado, and coconut and serve it with ice, jelly cubes, and tasty concoctions. If you have had your meal and come across such a stall then do stop and have your dessert here.

    Where To Try: Es Buah PK
    Price Range: 5,000-8,000 Rupiah

    5. Gudeg


    Image Source

    If Nasi Lemak is the best dish in Malaysia, then Yogyakarta is ruled by Gudeg and its varieties. The star of this dish is jackfruit which is stewed for hours with spices and coriander and is plated on a banana leaf. Gudeg is served with coconut-flavored chicken and tempeh that makes this dish more flavorful.

    Where To Try: Gudeg Pawon
    Price Range: 15,000-30,000 Rupiah per portion

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    6. Garang Asam Kudus

    Garang Asam Kudus

    Image Source

    If you are looking for traditional street food in Yogyakarta then you must try Garang Asam Kudus which is none other than chicken cooked in banana leaf. The chicken is cooked in bilimbi, coconut milk, spices, and bay leaves to give the chicken a flavorful taste. The final outcome is tender meat with a hint of sourness.

    Where To Try: Rumah Makan Blimbing
    Price Range: 15,000-25,000 Rupiah

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    7. Charcoal Coffee

    Mug Bokeh Tin Smoke Grates Grill Camp Food

    Image Source

    When in Yogyakarta, you cannot miss out on Charcoal Coffee that is black and strong because of the hot charcoal added to the drink. It is believed that charcoal draws out the acidity of coffee without changing the taste of it. Do watch frothy splutter when charcoal is added to the coffee and capture it in a boomerang or rewind options on Instagram because it’ll be worth it.

    Where To Try: Koi Joss Lik Man

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    8. Es Dawet

    Es Dawet

    Image Source

    Want something cool to beat the heat in Indonesia? Look for a stall that serves Es Dawet, a cool dessert that one cannot miss. It is basically a combination of colored rice, tapioca flour jellies, jackfruit, palm sugar syrup, and coconut milk. Consuming Es Dawat is one of the perfect ways to cool off after traversing the pokey lanes of the Beringharjo Market.

    Where To Try: Mbah Hari

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    9. Satay Klathak


    Not trying satay in Indonesia is a sin that no one would like to commit. If you are planning to skip this Yogyakarta street food then you are going to miss the best dish in Indonesia. Meat is equally divided on skewers to ensure proper cooking from all sides. Moreover, Satay Klathak is seasoned only with pepper and salt, unlike other satays. Along with it is served peanut sambal as it is the traditional way of eating satay.

    Where To Try: Satay Klathak Pak Pong

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    10. Crepes


    Image Source

    During your Yogyakarta street food tour, you cannot miss out on Crepes that are freshly prepared in front of you. If you are planning a vacation with your family then your kids are surely going to be excited with this Yogyakarta street food. You can choose what fillings you want for your crepes like chocolate, banana, cheese, condensed milk, and many more.

    Where To Try: Kue Leker Pak Yo

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    With so many options to choose from Yogyakarta street food, you must be drooling already. The flavors of the dishes offered by the locals cannot delete from your mind and will make you come back for more. So, make sure you try these top street foods while exploring the lanes of Yogyakarta and Java. Gear up, pack your bags and plan your Indonesia getaway with TravelTriangle for a hassle-free getaway this year. Whether planning a trip with family or friends, Yogyakarta is the perfect place to be!

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