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Greek street food is wealthy in aromas, flavors, and influences and it’s been entitled one among the world’s hale and hearty cuisines. No wonder Greece is known to be a hub for foodies. The rich taste of the Greek cookery is to be savored at each bite. It takes you on a sensational journey back in time to the land of Ancient Greek gods and heroes who once created the delicious recipes that we tend to rejoice these days. An early version of a cookery book was apparently written by Archestratus in 350 B.C. The Ancient Greek cookery has been formed by the country’s wealthy and disruptive past, the various victories and influences over the centuries resulted during a vivacious fusion of ingredients and tastes.

The Greek food incorporates traces of each the East and West. Foods like yogurt, nuts, sesame seeds, and rice were at first introduced by the Persians. Ingredients like sauces and pasta were being introduced to the cooking scene after the Roman invasion. With the conquest of the ‘Arabs’, spices began to rule the kitchens and several of those, like cumin, cinnamon, and cloves are still commonly utilized in the preparation of dishes till at the present time. The cooking heritage of the empire supplemental freshness, variety, and refinement to the Greek preparation, as a result, a number of the ‘Greek and Turkish’ dishes are virtually identical each in preparation and style.

9 Best Greek Street Food

Read on to know more about different delicacies that you can try while exploring street food in Greek and pick the ones that entice you the most from the lot:

1. Souvlaki and Gyros

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Souvlaki is an all-time classic, juicy, tasteful and best enjoyed hot. For the most part finished with a generous layer of tzatziki (yogurt, garlic plunge), the Souvlaki comprises little bits of meat either pork or chicken flame broiled on a stick. It is served enveloped by warm pita bread, embellished with tomatoes, onion, and fries, dressed with Tzatziki. You can have the alternative to pick which garnishes to incorporate and there is likewise a choice of different sauces. Tzatziki is anyway ordinarily Greek. Souvlaki or souvlakia in plural is additionally regularly served alone, with cuts of bread or flame broiled pita, sprinkled with crisp lemon for additional flavor. It can likewise be served with potatoes and different vegetables.

There is another prevalent dish called gyros which is made of vast bits of meat cooked on a pivoting stick. It is typically presented with tomato, onion and with a velvety sauce made of cucumber, yogurt, and garlic. The meat is then cut utilizing an electric blade, set on warm pita bread and embellished the very same route as the souvlaki. The gyros meat served in Greece is generally pork or chicken, a few shops serve hamburger supper kebab.

Where to try: Street Souvlaki is definitely one place you need to get your Souvlaki and Gyros

2. Loukoumades


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The basic sweet chomps are one of the features of Greek cooking. Usually alluded to as the Greek doughnuts these mixture balls are served newly broiled, absorbed nectar, sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts. In Greece, it is a part of their daily menu, as it is served regularly after meal or family dinner. In spite of the fact that they are served all around the year, Loukoumades are extraordinary amid the winter months. The advanced form of Loukoumades can be delighted in finished with generous layers of chocolate Nutella and frozen yogurt as an afterthought. There are many options to choose your favorite toppings like chocolate, chopped almonds, honey syrup, and cinnamon.

Where to try: Head over to Krios Loukoumades for the best Loukoumades in the city.

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3. Koulouri

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Koulouris is the most famous morning Greek tidbit that is round formed bread garnished with sesame seeds. Particularly they are perused rolls made like a ring so they look something like bagels. They are mostly made of yeast-risen batter that is formed into log ropes and after that contorted into circles. Koulouris are made in various sizes and sold in the city and you should have it fresh. In some places, Koulouris is made quite soft, but in other places like Cyprus, they are found to be crunchy and even harder. In Greece, you will encounter various little merchants selling Koulouris for breakfast stacked with bins in their hands. This staple Greek tidbit, normal in taste and wealthy in nutrients started in Thessaloniki where it was first introduced by refugees who came from Asia Minor. Today it is viewed as a conventional Greek item, with a history which goes back to the Byzantine Empire.

4. Bougatsa

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Bougatsa is a Greek pie that comprises of a phyllo pastry covered with a filling of minced meat, cheddar, or semolina custard. This sweet pastry, prepared between layers of phyllo, decorated with sugar icing and cinnamon is a superb breakfast dish and can be delighted in best when served hot. The recipe was first made in the city of Serres where it was included in the Greek cooking by the foreigners originating from Constantinople. The general population of Greece gave the name Bougatsa implying that it was an appetizing or sweet pita wrapped well inside the cake. The essential distinction that the Bougatsa has with different pies is that it isn't rolled on flour with a rolling pin; rather it is spread out piece-by-piece with oil and margarine. It would be a mesmerizing moment to spent time in Greece Island, on a beautiful evening with friends and eating Bougatsa.

Where to try: Mpougatsa To Neon

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5. Tiropita


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Tiropita is the most popular cheese pie or pita in Greece. While it is famous street food in Greece, it is also a popular dish people make at home. The traditional version of Tiropita contains feta, eggs, homemade phyllo, and olive oil. Most often Tiropitas is shaped like a sail or single serving ones that come in various shapes. Tiropita can be consumed as a snack for breakfast and also as a meal. It can also be served with a seasonal salad like with tomato, cucumber or cabbage. One will find this savory delight in all bakeries of the country. It comes in different shapes and sizes, however most ordinarily it is prepared on a huge plate and afterward cut into squares. This famous Greek cheese pie is a must-try.

6. Spanakopita


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Spanakopita is a titbit, appetizer or light lunch and is especially liked by the children. This exquisite pie is like tiropita, the fundamental distinction is that the filling contains spinach, spring onions, and feta cheddar. This spinach and feta pie has old root and presumably has been affected by the Ottoman Cuisine. It is mostly found in Greek street food stalls as well in all restaurants of Greece. Usually sold in stores too, where it will be presented with tepid which is conventional in Greek cooking. It is an ideal tidbit and an entrancing dish that is ensured to light up your day.

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7. Chestnuts

Roasted Chestnuts

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Roasted chestnuts are a Greek winter delicacy and a much-loved snack. They are very much popular and versatile. Chestnuts can be consumed on their own or by roasted, oiled or baked in the oven. They can be served as a spoon sweet, in jams and spreads and is very much tempting with cakes and also in sweetbreads. One will go over various chestnut-merchants broiling new chestnuts on their little versatile charcoal braziers which they serve in paper cones. Chestnut season customarily begins in October, filling the fresh harvest time air with the sweet scent of the simmering chestnuts.

8. Dried fruits

Dried Fruits

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Another mainstream Greek tidbit which you can purchase from the small road sellers is a variety of dried foods and nuts. The most widely recognized dried organic products are apricots, figs, and raisins, while apples, pears, peaches, and batter are less dried. The blend of solid summer sun with ideal soil conditions creates a sweet item which is amazing. Generally utilized as a backup to Greek yogurt and nectar, dried foods and nuts are a foundation of Greek gastronomic legacy. The demand for dried fruits has increased due to the shift of consumers to healthy sacks. These fruits can be eaten fresh and dried. They are great in taste as well as a healthy snack anytime.

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9. Falafel

Authentic Greek Falafel

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A persistent evolution in food and the craving for something new have extended the Greek culinary scene to new skylines with a presentation of innovative foods. Among the established Greek street foods top choices, guests can likewise appreciate the much-cherished new pattern of falafel, a brilliant option in contrast to the souvlaki, the advanced frank presented with a rich choice of garnishes and additionally the American most loved hotcakes, and many more.

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Greek Street Food: Where To Find

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Greece has seen an ascent in imaginative, flavorful, shoddy and solid choices to take into account all preferences. Some of the top choices for street food in Greece (Athens) are Souvlaki Tou Kosta, famous for its juicy, mouth-watering souvlaki and homemade tomato sauce, the Souvlaki Tou Kosta is a perfect street food destination. Feyrouz is a hotspot for oriental-infused street food I the Capital. Street Work, is an Asian food joint specializing I stir-fry with three branches in Athens. Grexico has brought Mexican flavors to Athens. It caters to vegans and vegetarians too.

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One of the most fascinating ways in which to find Greece is through its cooking. Greek street food in Athens offers a wide-spread menu of delicacies. You can find the lips smacking culinary of Greek in other parts of the world also, for example, Greek street food in Melbourne is also quite popular. Make sure you try this lip-smacking street food on your trip to Greece.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Greek Street Food

What are the most famous Greek street food in the world?

There are several items in Greece that are pretty popular in the world, especially the street food items. Some of them are Souvlaki and Gyros, Loukomandes, Koulouri, Tiropita, and more.

Where can one find Souvlaki and Gyros in Greece?

Souvlaki and Gyros is a popular Greek food that has been quite famous for several years in the country. It can be found at places like Street Souvlaki in Greece.

What are some of the natural snacks that are popular in Greece?

Greece is such a country that has ample varieties of natural food. Some of the natural snack items are chestnuts and dried fruits that are famous in Greece.

Where can one find the famous street food in Greece?

You will find street food items in several parts of Greece. But some of the most popular places that are famous for street food dishes are Souvlaki Tou Kosta, Feyrouz, Athens, Grexico, and many more.

What are some of the Greek street food items that are sweet?

Greece is quite famous for its sweet street foods and dessert items. Some of them are Bougatsa, Koulouri, and many more.

When is the perfect time to visit Greece?

Greece has fantastic weather all year round. But the right time to go there is between April to June. You will be able to explore the place quite comfortably.

How many days are enough for exploring Greece?

You can explore the entirety of Greece within 10 days. If you do not have much time, you can even cover the place within eight days.

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