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Arizona is much beyond the story book vision of barren lands, open stretched roads, majestic landscapes and maybe a few cute desert animals. Carved out of the Colorado River, the majestic landscape sets up a pretty picture of the city. The Grand Canyon and the sunsets are sights to capture and behold for a lifetime. Feel the chills of the wind in the winters and treat the eyes to the scenic sights while driving from Phoenix to Prescott. Apart from that, you can even be a part of various activities like paragliding and diving when in the beautiful state.

But like many, you might not know anything about the state and it is strange to visit the city without knowing what you are actually signing up for. So, before planning a trip to Arizona, check out these Arizona travel tips that come in handy and help you plan a better trip.

10 Arizona Travel Tips To Make Your Experience Better

Here are a few travel tips that will help you plan your trip to Arizona the perfect way. Go through these tips and make your holiday in the state all the more fun.

1. Travel In The Right Weather

When To Visit

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If you wish to visit Southern Arizona then the best months to visit are from January to March however the favourable months to visit the Northern area between June to August. Arizona offers a lot of attractions to choose from. One can visit national parks, animal reserves and sanctuaries. You can also plan a visit to Tempe and Mesa when planning a visit to the state in this time of the year.

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2. Take Notes Of The Time Zone

Take note of the time zone

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If you are an International tourist, you will have to adjust to the drastic time difference. The state follows a Pacific Time Zone in the summers. However in winters, the place follows a Mountain Standard Time. At first you might find some trouble in getting sleep at first, but your body will adapt to it over time and so there is nothing to worry about it.

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3. Look For The Perfect Accommodation

Look For The Perfect Accommodation

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It is always better to sort your accommodations on priority, when you are traveling to any part of the world. You will find an array of Hilton and Marriott hotels all across the state. You will also find luxurious resorts and hotels in the nearby areas and it entirely depends on your choice of accommodation. Camping is yet another efficient accommodation in the city if you wish to experience the outdoors. You will find a plethora of camp sites across the state which are the best places to stay in Arizona. From lavish lodgings to camping under the stars, you can have it all here!

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4. Pack Accordingly

Pack accordingly

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Climate in Arizona is purely determined by the temperature and the amount of precipitation happening. Remember to pack casual, comfortable and loose clothes when traveling in summers. Hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are some essentials while packing your bags for Arizona. Try wearing comfortable shorts and cotton shirts in summers while in winters ensure to carry jackets and sweaters. If you are going hiking, try packing clothes you don’t mind sweating in and can be cleaned easily. These Arizona travel tips will help you enhance your holiday experience in the city.

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5. Know The Safety Concerns

Know the safety concerns

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When in Arizona, bed very cautious along the border area as the state is close to Mexico. As a major part of the place constitutes of desert, thus dehydration is very prominent in the city. While visiting the local attractions, always carry a water bottle along. Hikers who are planning to visit the Grand Canyon should be aware of the flash floods and thunderstorms. These are some safety tips while traveling to Arizona.

6. Beware Of The Weather

Beware of the weather

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Being a state of extreme weather, Arizona gets really cold in winters and alternatively hot in winters. Take the unpredictable weather of the place into consideration. Check the weather report several times before packing for Arizona. The spring and fall months are usually pleasant and mild and the warm weather is perfect for sports and sightseeing. Be prepared for any kind of weather and pack cautiously.

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7. Figure Out Your Mode Of Transport

Figure out your mode of transport

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It is always advisable to have your own car or cab to get around the place. The towns in Arizona are quite far apart however all forms of transportation are available in the city. Buses and light rails are in abundance with stops throughout the Phoenix metro area.

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8. Try The Mexican Fusions

Try The Mexican Fusions

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Known for its amazing Mexican fusion dishes, the southwestern flavors will leave you craving for more. The street stalls are famous for the nacho chips, burritos and salads. Rusconi’s American Kitchen and Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana are the must visit eateries around the place. Alcohol is banned in some of the parts in Arizona, but you can find delicious lemonades almost everywhere.

9. Experience The Local Culture

Experience the local culture

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With a rich heritage and culture, Arizona is full of tribal areas and lets you experience the different cultures and customs. With approximately 22 native American tribes, the state is just the perfect place to get close and personal with the wilderness.

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10. Plan A Grand Canyon Trip In Advance

Plan A Grand Canyon Trip

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Even day hikes to the Grand Canyon require a pre-booking of lodgings. If you wish to camp at the Anyon you will have to book your stays pretty early.

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Arizona is an ultimate tourist destination and treats all types of people well and your holiday will become all the better if you plan and pack just the right way with these Arizona travel tips. If this is your dream destination as well, then plan your trip to the state soon and make lifetime memories and also keep in mind these things to know before you visit Arizona.
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