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Arizona is a majestic city state found in the southwest region of the United States. The Great Canyon is a perfect blend of deserts, beaches, recreational and spa centers, diversified american cultures, and Mexican inspired flavoured cuisine. Apart from splendid raw beauty of the promised land, it was widely renowned for the existence of ghosts, dinosaurs, and aliens. If you are an adventurous soul, look for the innumerable haunted places in Arizona and get going on a journey to exhibit a death or glory approach towards the heavenly destination.

8 Top Haunted Places In Arizona

While you are exploring the beautiful country, look forward for the extremely horrifying destinations in the United States. Right here, we have provided to you the most famous haunted places in Arizona. Read all about them:

1. Birdcage Theatre

Birdcage Theatre

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Among enormous haunted places in Arizona, Birdcage Theatre is an extremely daunting brothel situated on the East Allen Street of Tombstone city. It is believed to home over 26 dreadly ghosts. As known, over the past years, the former den have seen 16 severe bloody fights. Even today, one can witness more than 140 bullet holes in that building. Moreover, the visitors have claimed to experience ghost sightings of the sex workers and cowboys residing there. If you are a fearless soul, then do have a thrilling and ghostly night tour here.

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2. Vulture Gold Mine

Vulture Gold Mine

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The Vulture Gold Mine is a horrifying places located in one of the most haunted ghost towns in Arizona, Wickenburg. In the past years, it was known to be a great reason behind the foundation and development of the central towns of Arizona in the United States. Furthermore, many Travel Channels who paid a visit to the mine claimed for it being spooky instead. A lot of travelers are witness to the smell of food being cooked, sounds of kitchen items, hard rocks being thrown, and aparitional appearances.

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3. Copper Queen Hotel

Copper Queen Hotel

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The Copper Queen Hotel, Restaurant and Saloon is considered to be one of the major haunted attractions in Arizona. Unlike other scary places, it is believed to be have more than a single ghost haunting people around. Where some of the visitors said to encounter an old age man wearing a top hat and smoking a cigar in their rooms, others noticed a small boy giggling around the halls. Moreover, attractive men are often introduced by a ghostlike appearance of Lowell who was found dead after being rejected by her lover for marriage.

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4. Oliver House

Oliver House

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Reckoned to be a spooky place of ghost hunters, the Oliver House built on Sowles Avenue was once a bisbee providing accommodation to many. It is an otherworldly site which has seen plenty of murders arising from the adultery cases in the United States. Over the years, numerous amount of guests have complained for encountering ghost hunters everywhere. They have also reported unnatural incidents, including slamming of doors, footsteps in the hall, and loud sounds of gunshots nearby. That is why such scary places in Arizona are not recommended to be explored at late hours.

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5. Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains

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Another ghostly place added to the list is the Superstitions Mountains right outside the Apache Junction in Arizona. Although it is a major attraction for folks in the valley, the place has plenty of supernatural incidents attached to it. People who have wandered around the hills claim to have seen unexplained light at a distance. Also, according to the locals, it was originally located right at the site of ‘Lost Dutchman’s Mine’.

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6. The Carleton House

The Carleton House

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Known to be one of the best haunted houses in Arizona, the Carleton house was marvellously constructed on Fort Huachuca in the late 18th century. The tall building used as a hospital is said to have a rocking chair at a specific corner for the spirit of Charlotte. Many officers living with their family members have reported sounds of that chair moving all around the house. As the tall goes, Charlotte was a middle age woman who gave birth to a child who was found dead shortly in that hospital. After a few days, she also died unaware of the buried body of her infant. That is why, now she has most probably come in search of her lost child.

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7. Thornton Road Domes

Thornton Road Domes

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The Thornton Road Domes are concrete structures being situated on terrain lands of Casa Grande in Arizona. In the early 80’s, the construction of offices and factories was being held by generic and electronic manufacturers of California. It was the time when something spooky and shady was observed on the fields. Many workers claimed to be eyewitnesses of the unusual occurrences, such as hitting around rocks, loud screams, and slamming car doors. As a result, the Pinal Country had to order for the destruction of these domes.

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8. Colossal Cave

Colossal Cave

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Colossal Cave is one of the popular haunted places in Arizona located on the outskirts of Tucson. According to the history, the cave was a hiding place for bandits who went away with tons of gold and currency from the trains. On an exciting tour to the cave, one may easily spot remnants of the stolen fortune. It is no surprise that around four ghost spirits are said to reside inside the cave. It is believed to be most dreadful after sunset. In order to avoid uninvited guest, make sure you visit the place in daylight.

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Are you ready to explore the mysteries of the fascinating city and be accompanied by anonymous travellers on your journey? If yes, then get going on an enthralling excursion to USA in the United States. But before entering into a test of your daredevil skills, make sure to know all about the listed haunted places in Arizona. Also, share all of your unique horrifying experiences of the trip with us!

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