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Moldova is one of the most underrated tourist destinations. Still counterfeiting this phrase? Well, many don’t even know that this country exists in the first place and let us tell you that they are missing out on some of the most amazing locations to visit around. Nestled in between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is one of the most beautiful countries which has a little to offer to every person visiting there. Even with the lack of tourist influx throughout the year, it is not surprising that some of the hotels in Chisinau are way more costly than you could possibly imagine them to be. Chisinau is the capital of Moldova and is one of the most popular cities around with a rich culture and history in prevalence. So, if you are on a low budget and want to explore this lesser known gem, then, read about some affordable hostels in Chisinau to save those coins.

10 Best Hostels In Chisinau

Here is a list of 10 best hostels in Chisinau for a nice and hassle free experience of staying in the country! Take a look!

1. Tapok Hostel

Tapok Hostel

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If you want to have a home away from home experience, the Tapok Hostel is one of the best options for you to look into. This is one of the best places to just chill out and actually makes new friends with the people you will be sharing your space with. The entirety of the hostel is painted with vibrant and loud colors which are what ends up making this place so lively and loved by the majority of the people who visit there. The hostel has recently been revamped and redecorated to ramp up their services. They have an open terrace where the borders can light up the barbeque and just have a good time with friends out in the open. The staff and the location are also praised in the majority of the reviews you will read so that is a definite plus.

Location: Armeneasca 27 A, Chisinau, Moldova
Price: Starts from INR 485.80
Ratings: 4.5/5

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2. Amazing Ionika Hostel

Amazing Ionika Hostel

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Just as the name of the hostel suggests, the Ionika Hostel in Chisinau is possibly one the best around, if not the best. It is situated in the Historical City Centre. The best thing about this hostel is the fact that it is situated just a few minutes walking distance from the main street of Stefan Cel Mare. The best of the cafes and restaurants are all located just around 300 m away from the place which further makes it an amazing option to look into. It is also just 3 minutes walk away from the Walk Tower, which is yet another amazing spot to visit and see. You will also find a number of museums close by if that is something that intrigues you.

Location: Strada Kogalniceanu 62/8, Chisinau, Moldova
Price: Starts from INR 578.91
Ratings: 4.5/5

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3. Retro Moldova Hostel

Retro Moldova Hostel

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Next on the list of Chisinau Hostels is the Retro Moldova Hostel. The staff and the owners of the hostel do workaround to provide travelers with a comfortable and happy stay. It is located just 100 meters away from the City Centre and is just a few minutes walk from some of the most iconic sightseeing spots like the Cathedral and the Central Park. The hostel is quite quaint and consists of just 2 door rooms, 1 private rooms, and 2 common areas. The friends you meet and make here are worth the experience. They do have a well-equipped kitchen where you can cook your meals and save some money there as well. They provide with hot showers throughout the day, which is something you don’t need to be tensed about.

Location: Str. Cosbuc 3, ap.24, Chisinau, Moldova
Price: Starts from INR 566.76
Ratings: 3.5/5

4. Funky Mamaliga Hostel

Funky Mamaliga

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Just like the unique name, the interiors and the entire building of the hostel are quite different as well. This place is for people who are into active socialization and like to party and make new friends. The hostel does seek dynamic borders so if you are one and want to have the time of your life, this is the place to be in. Even this is located in the historical city center and is a mere 10 minutes walk away from some of the most significant spots around in Chisinau. They also provide the travelers with a well-equipped kitchen which they can use to cook their own meals. The backyard and roof terrace further add to the excitement.

Location: Str. Kogalniceanu 16, Chisinau, Chisinau, Moldova
Price: Starts from INR 404.71

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5. Hostel Suisse

Hostel Suisse

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If you are looking for the cheapest hostels in Chisinau, the Hostel Suisse is actually a very good option for you to look into. Located in the heart of Chisinau, it opens many options for you. It is also just 2 minutes walk away from the National Assembly Square. Each of the dorms has individual wardrobes and all the rooms are air-conditioned. Apart from a well-equipped kitchen, you also get an amazingly clean room to stay in, which is pretty amazing for the price that you pay.

Location: Stefan Cel Mare, 148 ap 14, Chisinau, Moldova
Price: Starts from INR 485.80

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6. Chisinau Chill Hostel

Chisinau Chill Hostel

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Just as the name suggests, the Chisinau Chill Hostel is yet another one of the amazing ones that many travelers prefer staying in. It is located in a very quaint and quiet neighborhood, which is perfect for someone who is looking for a chilled out time in Chisinau. The hostel prides in the services they do provide and if you are someone who is looking around trying to find a comfortable and clean place to stay in, this is the one.

Location: Lev Tolstoi 52, Chisinau, Moldova
Price: Starts from INR 404.83
Ratings: 5/5

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7. IQ Hostel

IQ Hostel

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Don’t get deterred by the name thinking only people with high IQ reside there. They might but that is not the criteria to fit in there. Much like the majority of the hostels, even this one does provide with all the common necessities one would need to get along through a comfortable stay in the hostel. They offer an entirely equipped kitchen where you can cook your own meals if you wish to save money.

Location: Alexei Sciusev 19/4, Chisinau, Moldova
Price: Starts from INR 485.80
Ratings: 4/5

8. Art Rustic Hostel

Art Rustic Hostel

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The Art Rustic Hostel is situated just around 800 m away from some of the most popular sightseeing spots around in Chisinau. The name of the hostel is mainly because of the interiors of this place which screams art and the rustic nature of the place around. The hostel has around 13 rooms in total which accommodates 36 people. You can avail all the basic amenities there.

Location: 79/1, Alexandru Hijdeu str. , Chisinau, Moldova
Price: Starts from INR 5445.50
Ratings: 4.5/5

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9. Hostel City Centre

Hostel City Centre

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The Hostel City Centre is yet another one of the amazing hostels around in Chisinau that you can stay in for a reasonable price. It is located in a walkable distance from some of the most popular sightseeing spots around in Chisinau. The guests can avail all the basic amenities and enjoy a comfortable stay there.

Location: 32 Strada Pușkin, 2012 Chişinău, Moldova
Price: Starts from INR 1374.00

10. Hostel Artico

Hostel Artico

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The last but not the least is the Hostel Artico. It is located just a few minutes walking distances from the Stefan The Great City Park and some of the most popular sightseeing spots around in Chisinau. They provide the guests with a comfortable stay with all the necessary amenities they need for their stay.

Location: 169 Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt, 2004 Chişinău, Moldova

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Finding hostels in Chisinau is possibly quite easy owing to the wide range of options you get. If you are on a tight budget and need an affordable option, the hostels are actually a very good enough option to look into. So, plan a trip to Moldova and stay at one of these for the perfect holiday!

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