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    It is fantastically scenic

    Road-tripping through Rajasthan, the land of mystical beauty and vibrant culture is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure most people earmark to celebrate a big milestone in their life. Often associated with desert landscapes and majestic palaces, this northwestern Indian state has much more to offer than just its famous landmarks. From luxurious hotels and spas to underrated cities and towns, a treasure trove of unique experiences is waiting to be discovered on your next Rajasthan road trip.

    So pack your bags, grab your camera and get ready for an adventure that will take your taste buds for a ride. The back roads of Rajasthan are waiting to be explored, offering an unforgettable journey through this wild and wonderful part of India.

    Rajasthan Road Trip From Major Cities

    Combining all the short and long road trips you can take between the major cities, here’s more information on the most popular routes for a Rajasthan road trip:

    1. Udaipur to Pushkar

    a beautiful peaceful place

    Image Credit: Sudev Kiyada for Unsplash

    At an elevation of 510 meters, Pushkar boasts a unique topography, surrounded by stunning hillocks on three sides. The legendary Nag Pahar, or Snake Mountain, forms a natural border between the cities of Ajmer and Pushkar, adding to the enchanting mystique of this ancient city.

    Distance by road: Approximately 300 km
    Time taken to travel by road: About 6 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions
    Best hotels in Pushkar: Pushkar Palace, Ananta Spa & Resort, Dera Masuda, Bhanwar Singh Palace

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    2. Chittorgarh to Kumbhalgarh

    It is fantastically scenic

    Image Credit: Shail Sharma for Unsplash

    Discover the grandeur and majesty of Kumbhalgarh, a charming small town situated on the breathtaking western range of Aravalli Hills, near the city of Udaipur. This hidden gem is renowned for its crown jewel, the awe-inspiring Kumbhalgarh Qila, one of the largest and most impressive forts in the country. This architectural wonder is truly a sight to behold, and it’s no wonder that it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Distance by road: Approximately 125 km
    Time taken to travel by road: About 3 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions
    Best hotels in Kumbhalgarh: The Aodhi, Fateh Safari Lodge, Kumbhalgarh Fort Hotel, Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh

    3. Udaipur to Mount Abu

    charm and scenic views

    Image Credit: Romi Kalathiya for Unsplash

    Escape the desert heat and bask in the cool mountain air of Rajasthan’s only hill station, the enchanting Mount Abu. Situated at an elevation of 1,220 meters in the breathtaking Aravali Mountains, this must-visit destination is a favourite among travellers seeking respite from the scorching sun.

    Distance by road: Approximately 165 km
    Time taken to travel by road: About 3.5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions
    Best hotels in Mount Abu: The Colonial Manek Manor, Cama Rajputana Club Resort, Hotel Hillock, Palace Hotel (Bikaner House)

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    4. Jaipur to Ranthambore

    a beautiful peaceful place

    Image Credit: Yash Gupta for Unsplash

    As one of the largest and most famous national parks in the region, Ranthambore boasts an array of unforgettable experiences for visitors to savour. From spotting elusive tigers on a thrilling safari to hiking through the park’s lush, verdant terrain, there is no shortage of excitement and wonder to be found here. Once a favoured hunting ground of the Maharajas of Jaipur, Ranthambore has since been transformed into a major wildlife attraction that draws photographers and nature lovers from all over the globe.

    Distance by road: Approximately 180 km
    Time taken to travel by road: About 4 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions
    Best hotels in Ranthambore: The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Aman-i-Khas, Ranthambore Regency, Nahargarh Ranthambhore

    5. Jaipur to Alwar

    charm and scenic views

    Located just a stone’s throw away from both Delhi and Jaipur, this vibrant hub is a must-visit destination for any traveller exploring the region. At an elevation of 268 meters, Alwar boasts stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and a charming climate that beckons visitors year-round. As the district headquarters of Alwar District in Rajasthan, this lively city is an important hub for commerce and culture.

    Distance by road: Approximately 150 km
    Time taken to travel by road: About 3 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions
    Best hotels in Alwar: Neemrana Fort Palace, Lemon Tree Hotel, Alwar Bagh by Aamod, Dadhikar Fort Hotel

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    6. Jaisalmer to Jaipur

    tourist attractions

    Image Credit: Dexter Fernandes for Unsplash

    Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is one of the most iconic destinations for a Rajasthan road trip, with its stunning forts, palaces, and gardens that showcase the state’s rich cultural heritage. Despite being situated in an arid and dry zone, Rajasthan has a diverse and vibrant social culture, and embarking on a road trip through the state’s scenic roadways and highways is a magnificent experience in itself. It is also considered one of the best road trips in Rajasthan.

    Distance by road: Approximately 560 km
    Time taken to travel by road: About 9-10 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions
    Best hotels in Jaipur: Taj Rambagh Palace, Oberoi Rajvilas, Samode Palace, Jaipur Marriott Hotel

    Tips For Rajasthan Road Trip

    one of the most beautiful places

    Image Credit: Sergio Capuzzimati for Unsplash

    Remember to keep water and snacks in the car while driving in Rajasthan. While there are plenty of services available for road trippers, there may be stretches of road without these essentials, making the journey feel endless.

    To prepare for the possibility of losing signal, it’s recommended to have a paper map of Rajasthan on hand.

    It’s important to know who to call in case of a car breakdown, so be sure to have your rental car’s roadside emergency number easily accessible and ask about this service before departing from the rental office.

    If you’re taking a road trip during the summer, ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning is functional before setting off. If you’re travelling during the winter, keep in mind that northern Rajasthan, including cities like Jaipur and Jaisalmer, may experience colder temperatures.

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    Best Time Of The Year For A Rajasthan Road Trip

    one of the most beautiful places

    Image Credit: Barun Ghosh for Unsplash

    If you’re planning a Rajasthan road trip plan, the optimal time to visit is from October to February. During these months, the nighttime temperature drops significantly, while the daytime temperature is moderately low, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Moreover, this period is also when Rajasthan hosts several vibrant and colourful festivals, offering travellers a chance to witness the local culture and traditions.

    Whether you want to explore all of Rajasthan on a long trip that covers multiple destinations or simply want to experience a short ride to a beloved city, a Rajasthan road trip is the best way to go. Explore our Rajasthan tour packages to learn more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Rajasthan Road Trip

    What is the best time to plan a road trip to Rajasthan?

    The best time to plan a road trip to Rajasthan is during the winter season from October to March. The weather during this time is pleasant and comfortable, making it ideal for long drives.

    What are the must-visit places during a road trip to Rajasthan?

    Some of the must-visit places during a road trip to Rajasthan are Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mount Abu, and Pushkar.

    What is the condition of roads in Rajasthan for a road trip?

    The condition of roads in Rajasthan varies, with some highways and state roads being well-maintained while some rural roads can be bumpy and uneven. It's important to research the route beforehand and plan accordingly.

    Is it safe to take a road trip to Rajasthan?

    Yes, it is generally safe to take a road trip to Rajasthan, but it's important to take necessary precautions such as carrying a first aid kit, avoiding driving at night in remote areas, and keeping valuables safe.

    What are some of the famous food items to try during a road trip to Rajasthan?

    Some of the famous food items to try during a road trip to Rajasthan are dal-bati-churma, gatte ki sabzi, laal maas, ker sangri, and mirchi bada.

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