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March 20th, 2022: Superheroes may be fictional but the life lessons that they teach us are for real. Be it character building, doing the right thing, standing up for justice, or saving people from every trouble, superheroes have never left any stone unturned to inspire us in ways that are indescribable. And while the world is gripped with the fears of Covid-19, here are ten times Marvel Avengers inspired us to self-quarantine, stay safe, and make this place a better world, even after the endgame!

10 Times When The Avengers Taught Us To Self-Quarantine

Let’s see what your favorite Avengers have taught us for so long, and whether we can fit our feet in their shoes or not to do whatever it takes?

1. Iron Man

Iron Man Avengers Endgame

Ever wondered how Iron Man managed to make “work from home” look so fascinating? Guess he always did what he loved, and after all, there was proof that he had a heart!

2. Hawkeye

Hawkeye Avengers Endgame

Image Credit: Quora.com

His sixth sense was stronger than most of the women on board. He always saw the trouble coming, which is why he built his home far away from all the chaos. Smart move eh!?

3. Hulk

Hulk Avengers Endgame

Image Credit: Quora.com

Getting away from the crowd worked even for a giant like him. He always seemed to be the most destructive one but see how he managed to get on the quinjet, and chose to self-quarantine to calm himself down!

4. Black Panther

Black Panther Avengers Endgame

Image Credit: Quora.com

This guy has a quality to teach us all. Of all of them, King T’Challa knew that shielding his home from the eyes of the world is the key to staying safe from the trouble. How do you think he came up with “Wakanda Forever”? Duhhh!

5. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Avengers Endgame

Image Credit: Marvel.com

Last one to enter the squad but she did that in style. Staying away in space, she practiced social distancing before any of us to protect not just the Earth but also all the worlds in the multiverse. Clearly proves she’s a woman of few words, but quite a lot of substance. Isn’t it?

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6. Black Widow

Black Widow Avengers Endgame

Image Credit: iO9

Agent Romanoff is an epitome of sacrificing self for the greater good of the world. For the love of Black Widow, we bet you can keep your usual routine aside temporarily for a healthier environment out there for everyone, including yourself. Can you?

7. Nick Fury

Nick Fury Avengers

Image Credit: Looper.com

One helluva character who’s got the looks of a villain but always saves the day for his mitron. Stays underground, believes in meditation, fosters patience and discipline, but he makes sure he gets the job done for the good of his people with the help of his S.H.I.E.L.D.

8. Spiderman

Spiderman Avengers

Image Credit: Keengamer.com

Who else can teach the importance of covering ourselves up better than Spiderman? Always has his mask on, and even when he was far from home, his manners were on point.

9. Thanos

Thanos Avengers Endgame

Image Credit: IGN India.com

Everyone kind of criticized Thanos but his ways only dealt with overpopulation. He did care for nature given the fact he was adapting to a simple life by doing farming and being content with the limited resources. Isn’t this something we as responsible citizens of the world should be doing? It’s never too late to take care of the nature that nurtures you back!

10. Captain America

Captain America Avengers

Image Credit: Animatedtimes.com

Last but not the least, our charming Cap was the first one to self-quarantine for about 70 years in ice. No wonder he got enough time to work on those killer looks. Having said that, if he can do that for so long, why can’t you for a few days?

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What the world is suffering today due to the coronavirus scare, is no different than what fans felt when Thanos swiped half the population. Truth always tastes bitter but the fact remains that nature has its own way of dealing with the mess that humans have left behind. Thanos’ execution may have gone wrong, but Captain’s vision of seeing “a pod of whales over the bridge of Hudson River”, signifies that it was only for the greater good, and there’s still hope.

And before nature snaps again, let’s assemble to make this world a better place hoping that together, we can!

And in case you want to tell something related to how your other favorite Avengers have inspired you, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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