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    things not to do in israel

    A beautiful country by the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is known for its holy sites, picturesque beaches, and Bauhaus architecture. This country in the middle east is the biblical Holy Land of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. While you can have amazing and unique experiences, there are some things not to do in Israel if you want to keep troubles at bay. Israel is a traditional country because of its holy significance and also has a difficult history. Therefore, it is best to have fun knowing your boundaries well.

    Things To Do In Israel

    Bookmark these tips somewhere to help you plan a safe and hassle-free vacation in Israel. These will keep you away from troubles here

    1. Do not go exploring

    Do not go exploring

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    If you are a wanderer who likes to take the path less taken and go offbeat, Don’t do that in Israel. One of the things not do in Israel is meander around in villages or remote area. Israel is a war-stricken country. So, there are chances there may be active minefields in the area. Please lock your wanderlust nature in the closet while you are on a holiday in Israel if you do not want to die.

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    2. Do not JUST eat hummus and pita

    Do not JUST eat hummus and pita

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    In case you did not know, middle-east cuisine is way beyond hummus and pita. So, you don’t have to survive on it solely. Whether you are non-vegetarian or vegetarian, the options of Israeli food are unlimited. From falafel, shawarma, sabich, salads, try everything. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have the best restaurants where you can enjoy sumptuous Israeli cuisine. And, did you know samosa originated in the middle east? So, you can gorge on a variety of samosas too.

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    3. Do not forget to stay hydrated

    Do not forget to stay hydrated

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    Israel gets hot in the day since most part of the country is desert. So, not carrying water is one of the things not to do in Israel. Staying hydrated is the key. Always carry a water bottle and make sure it is filled. Consume water regularly during sightseeing to avoid fainting or being dehydrated. Not drinking enough water can take a toll on your health.

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    4. Do not dress immodestly

    Do not dress immodestly

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    One of the things you should not do in Israel is dress vulgar. There are a number of holy sites in Israel that you may want to check out. If you are visiting any mosque or museum in Israel, make sure you dress modestly. Avoid wearing skimpy or short clothes. No part of your skin should be bare. Wear a hijab or cover your head when visiting a mosque. Not doing so can get you in trouble which you would want to avoid at all costs.

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    5. Do not not bargain

    Do not not bargain

    Image Source

    If you think you cannot have your way around the prices while shopping in Israel, then you are your wrong. Bargain all you want and haggle for prices when are buying things from the local markets. Just do not pay the first price the sellers in Israel ask from you right away. Shopping in Israel can be a fun and cheap experience. Since there is so much to buy, your negotiation skills will come in handy.

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    6. Do not talk about politics

    Do not talk about politics

    Image Source

    Even if it is the last thing you would be wanting to do in your Israel vacation. Everyone knows about the ongoing conflicts and how complex is the history of Israel is. Talking about politics in Israel with locals or even amongst selves is like waking up a hornet’s nest. So, one of the things not do in Israel is discussing politics. Plus, you have not come to this beautiful country to talk about politics. So, rather focus on exploring places around.

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    7. Do not carry these things

    Shrub Bananas Close Banana Shrub Fruit

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    Instead of what to pack for your trip, you should focus more on what not to bring to Israel. Don’t carry Koran or any book in Arabi language. Your clothes should not have any religious or political prints on them. Refrain from toy weapons or anything that might raise suspicion against you. Drugs are an absolute NO! Even bananas and pineapples are prohibited. Weird, but true!

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    8. Do not hitchhike

    Nature Up People Thumbs Grass Hands Hitchhike

    Image Source

    Had it been any other country in Europe or someplace, hitchhiking would have been fine Although we would still not suggest you get into a stranger’s car unless you have no other choice. But when you are in Israel, one of the things you should not do in Israel is taking a lift from strangers. This is something even Israeli locals would advise you. Safety is paramount when you are backpacking in Israel. So, be cautious at all times.

    9. Do not miss Tel Aviv at night

    Do not miss Tel Aviv at night

    Image Source

    Some people may not find Tel Aviv amazing in the first impression. But if you visit it at night, it will definitely make you change your verdict about this happening city in Israel. The city truly comes alive at night giving you the best of opportunities to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Yo have unlimited bars and clubs to choose from. So, bar-hopping might just be a fun thing to do in Tel Aviv on your trip to Israel.

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    10. Do not mind sharing your food

    Do not mind sharing your food

    Image Source

    Sharing food is in the culture of Israel. When you go to any restaurant in Israel or get invited over in a local’s home, you will see tons of food laden on the table. People have a habit of sitting around, ordering a variety of food, and enjoying it together. There is no concept of ordering a main dish for yourself in Israel. Honestly, there is no better way to try every dish in Israel than this.

    11. Do not miss visiting the lowest point on earth

    Do not miss visiting the lowest point on earth

    Image Source

    Did you know Dead Beach is the lowest point of earth? One of the things not to do in Israel is miss out on visiting the salt lake. Did you also know that you can never drown in the Dead Sea? Too much salt in the lake offers buoyancy to your body which makes you float on the water. On top of it, the mineral-rich mud is therapeutic for your skin. Also, discover the charming oasis, historic sites, picturesque surroundings in the nearby desert.

    12. Don’t go out on Yom Kippur

    Don’t go out on Yom Kippur

    Image Source

    In case you didn’t know, Yom Kippur is the most important festivals of Jewish people. Known as the Day of Atonement, it is a 25-hour long fast. Israel may not have a major Jew population, but no one goes out on road during the festival. From local shops, markets, to public places, everything is closed on Yom Kippur. So, if you are planning a trip to Israel, you might want to check that your dates don’t clash with the festival.

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    Swear by these commandments on your international trip to Israel. Israel is a beautiful country and its people are more beautiful at heart. Yet be safe given the conditions of the country. Do not do anything reckless as it may invite danger. But don’t let it get into your way of having fun.

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