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Singapore is undoubtedly a paradise full of greenery and iconic wonders on the earth. And as much as this is true, the fact that the country is a bit heavy on the pockets of some travelers is true as well. But, that shouldn’t stop you from planning a trip there at all, as a holiday in the Merlion land is an experience of a lifetime. But to make sure that it truly is one, here are the top Singapore travel tips that you must take a note of, before you step into the Merlion land.

15 Singapore Travel Tips For Having The Most Hassle-Free Holiday

From how to plan your trip in a hassle-free way to the things you must do in the country for an unregretful experience, these 15 Singapore travel advices will help you the most. So, take a note and remember to follow these whenever you plan to visit the country next!

1. Check the weather & pick the best time to visit Singapore

merlion in singapore

Checking the weather of a destination you wish to holiday at is an absolute must-do as it is the major factor that can make or break your holiday plans. When it comes to Singapore, the country doesn’t experience a pleasant or cool climate and the weather during most of the year is hot & humid with temperature mostly reaching over 30°C. Fortunately, the only saving grace is the rains that make the mornings and evenings a bit more pleasant. So, go through the temperatures that every month witnesses and pick the most suitable time for your trip as this is the most essential Singapore travel tip you ought to follow.

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2. Customize your trip itinerary while keeping everyone in mind

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Unless it’s a solo trip, the experiences you wish to have on a holiday must be picked and finalized keeping everyone who’s traveling in Singapore in mind. For instance, while you may love adventures & want to try the Luge, your parents might not feel the same. In such cases, it is always better to discuss in person and customize your Singapore trip itinerary by including experiences that cater to everyone’s interests and needs. By doing this, you aren’t only ensuring that everybody has a kick-ass time, but also saving the money that might have otherwise got wasted.

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3. Apply for your tourist visa a month in advance

applying for visa

This is one of the most important things to know when traveling to Singapore. We won’t deny that getting your visa application completed and approved is one of the biggest & most important concerns while planning a holiday overseas. But unlike many other places, getting a tourist visa for Singapore is easier and doesn’t take much time (Provided). A month prior to the departure date of your flight is the perfect time to submit your application to the authorized agent nearby, but make sure you do not delay it at all.

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4. Stay in a hotel that’s nearby to the places you wish to visit

hotel booking

Singapore is not a very big country and most of the attractions are in Sentosa or other islands. So, if you’re thinking of spending only a day or two in the country and the rest of the time at other places, prefer booking your stay accordingly. This is certainly the best Singapore travel advice as it will not save your time, but also your energy and money. For instance, choose a hotel on the Havelock Road in Singapore that is closer to the metro station and the major attractions like Clarke Quay, and book a separate hotel in Resorts World Sentosa.

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5. Check with the hotel if they provide a complimentary mobile with a local SIM

local mobile

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Most of the hotels like Furama Riverfront in Singapore offer a device called ‘Handy’, which is a complimentary mobile with a local SIM mostly kept in the rooms of the guests. Having and using these devices instead of your personal ones will help you cut down your roaming charges and stay in touch with your loved ones in the Merlion land. Very often, these devices also have plans like free calling and messaging to India or certain other places. So, make sure you check with your hotel in advance if they provide a handset like this. Having a local sim card is a major requirements while travelling to Singapore, so that you stay connected with your family and friends.

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6. Read about the do’s and don’ts & follow them wisely

do's and don't for singapore

Every country has certain laws, and respecting & abiding by the same is a good traveler’s duty. Smoking in public places or air-conditioned complexes is strictly prohibited in Singapore, and so is chewing a gum in public. Such and similar other don’ts can levy a heavy fine or put you behind the bars if not followed wisely. So, make sure you go through all the don’ts before you step into the Merlion land for experiencing a hassle-free holiday.

7. Avoid the long queues by booking all your entry tickets in advance

online booking

Be it the Singapore Flyer or the SEA Aquarium in Sentosa, every other attraction in the country has an entry ticket and needless to say, there are mostly long queues for buying the same. So, the best way to save your time & energy (also money) is to book all your entry tickets online, well in advance. If you’re booking a holiday package for Singapore, you can also ask your trip planner or agent to do the same for you.

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8. Keep your Singapore dollars handy, especially the cents

singapore currency

From shopping around the famous street markets to stopping & buying a $1 drink, and from taking buses to buying munchies from 7/11, there will be a lot of instances during your trip where you’d be required to pay in change. So, it’s best that apart from carrying your Forex Card, you also carry notes of S$2, S$5, S$10, and a lot of cents. While you may not face an issue during shopping, you most probably will while commuting via buses since the bus driver in Singapore prints your ticket only after you insert the exact change in the money box. (You can for sure put S$2 if your ticket is for S1.50, but don’t expect to get your 50 cents back.)

9. Remember to wear sunscreen & carry a water bottle at all the times

sunscreen on a beach

The weather in Singapore is hot and humid throughout the year, with December and January being the only monsoon months. So, if you’ve opted for Singapore day tours, you will most likely get to face a lot of sun unless you’re really lucky. To deal with the same and ensure that your holiday mood or plan doesn’t get affected, it is best to wear sunscreen with SPF 50+ at all the times, and to carry a water bottle with you, which you can easily refill from any place where you see water taps. (Yes, the water in Singapore is so clean that you can drink from the taps in the shower rooms of your hotel as well.)

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10. For places like Sentosa, commute via public transport

singapore bus

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While Singapore is not a very big country, you might realize that some of the attractions in your itinerary are located on opposite ends. In such cases, the best way to reach in time and not splurge all your money on taxis is to take MRTs or buses. Both are pretty cheap when it comes to fares, very accessible, and quite convenient for the tourists. For instance, if you’re going to Sentosa, you can hop on a bus that will charge you around S$1.25 instead of a taxi whose fare starts from S$3 onwards.

11. Carry minimal valuables, wear comfy shoes & keep a map handy

passport and sunglasses with map

When you’re new to a place, figuring out the directions and locations often seems a bit difficult initially. To avoid such feelings, it is best that you carry a map with you wither in your bag or in your phone. Also, the Merlion land requires both its locals and tourists to walk a lot from one place to another, especially when you’re exploring the country like a traveler. So that your feet don’t hurt too much too soon, make sure you wear comfortable footwear at all the times, and carry only the most essential things. This is one of the most important tips for travelling alone in Singapore.

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12. Keep your camera and phone charged & power banks handy

power banks and backpack

Most of the experiences would cost you a whole day and many of the attractions will seem too breathtaking. So, do make sure that your camera is completely charged (if you’re carrying any), and so is your phone. You can carry the power cord and a couple of power banks in your backpack or handbag to avoid any kind of battery draining situations, and to ensure that you are reachable via phone at all the times.

13. Carry your passport & visa while going places

passport and travel bag

Amongst all the Singapore travel information tips, the most essential and basic one is to ensure that you carry a copy and as well as the originals of your passport & visa wherever you go. This is not only for security reasons since you’re in a new country, but also because a lot of places like the ‘Casino in Marina Bay Sands’ allow free entry only after seeing your identity proof, which they check through your passport.

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14. Bargain wisely, but only at street or flea markets

shopping in singapore

One of the best Singapore budget travel tips is to bargain wisely, but only at places like Bugis Street or Chinatown. Since these are almost like street or flea markets, most of the goods sold here are copies of brands or are non-branded whose cost is very low in comparison to the price. But you must learn the art of bargaining in the Merlion land else you may end up empty handed. One tip is to smile, stay polite, and bargain realistically.

15. Claim a tax refund on your purchases during departure

tax refund fpr tourists

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Another essential Singapore travel information tip is to claim a 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) refund on your purchases from any participating shops like Fossil, Charles & Keith, and more at the airport during your departure. Though, this is only possible if you have spent more than S$100 and have all the bills of the purchased items with you.

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Singapore is a gem in Asia and a kick-ass place to visit, be it for any type of holiday. But to ensure that you have a hassle-free and a value for money experience, make sure that you take a note of all these tips and follow them wisely. And now when you’re done doing that, don’t forget to customize your Singapore trip itinerary with TravelTriangle for an absolutely one-of-its-kind holiday!

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