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    Attention new mommies! Creative writer Sukanya Sen, mother to a year old boy, shares tips on planning the first trip with your baby. And no, this is not a ‘what to carry guide’, which you find plenty online. Infact she addresses everything you should consider while planning a holiday travel with your little one – right from where to go and how to plan; to what to do and what not.

    Keep aside all Postpartum Stress and Plan for your First Trip with your Little One

    A couple playing with their little daughter on a vacation

    Image Courtesy: Bonnie Patowary and Premjit Adhikary

    People say babies bring miracles to life, they do wonders and change your life completely. I second all these. Moreover, I emphasise the fact that life changes 360 degrees after having a baby. Motherhood is all about sleepless nights, smelly diapers, formula feed, and tiny little hands and feet. It is also about prolonged postpartum depression for new mommies. They often look for vacations or holiday getaways, which act as effective antibiotics to break the dark side of staying back at home.

    With a new little family member, traveling or planning holidays becomes little different and tricky, and especially the first trip, when your baby is not even a year old. It is not easy or simple like earlier vacations, where choosing the destination was based on geographical locational preferences, budget, and sight-seeing options. Now there are many points that need to be taken into consideration before finalizing the complete plan for traveling with an infant.

    Minimum Travel Time & Ease and Comfort of Travel

    Road trip or train journeys leading to the decided destination should be hassle-free and easy. For example, hilly and undulating roads leading to remote hill stations, winding pathways, or jungle resorts are not advisable while traveling with babies. Even if you are driving, just keep in mind that the baby is too young to travel through winding, steep, and difficult roadways.

    Prolonged travel makes them cranky and uneasy; so choose a destination that can be easily approached in minimum time.

    Big No to Stop Overs

    A couple and their baby taking a quick nap during a stop over

    Image Courtesy: Akanksha and Vaibhav Saxena

    Stop overs are not only time consuming but also a matter of botheration and stress, especially with an infant. With loads of luggage, stop overs at airports or change of trains might cause uneasiness for the baby. Reasons for this could be hampered feeding cycle or disturbed sleep.

    There is no point creating discomfort to the little traveler, instead choose a destination that can be reached directly from hometown.

    Check Weather Forecast

    You should pick a place for holiday that is neither too hot nor too chilly; neither too dry nor too humid. Extreme weather conditions cause uneasiness to the baby – the little one may feel cold or sweaty. And any which case, you have killed the fun of traveling with an infant.

    Go for an All Inclusive Package

    With an infant, never mind to pay little extra to get an all-inclusive package that covers accommodation and other facilities. While zeroing down on the hotel options, check for services needed for infants – meals, doctors on call, and cab facilities. Your chosen destination should have nice hotel options.

    Homestays, youth hostels and lodges just don’t work with infants.

    Go for a Light Itinerary

    Hectic travel plans and chaotic tour schedules are not conducive for infants. If it’s a 5 days’ trip, going out every morning for a hectic sight-seeing programme is not a favorable option with babies. They are too young and delicate to take that travel stress. If it’s a seaside vacation, try and spend days on the beach enjoying beach-food and building sand castles. Let them enjoy and be on their own.

    Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

    Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

    In short, plan your trip with light sight-seeing plans and maximum relaxation.

    A family enjoying a relaxed holiday

    Image Courtesy: Pragya and Rahul Singh

    Another pointer for first time parents. While fixing the travel plan, double check whether all the accommodations allow infants or not. While for most Indian destinations it may seem obvious, be sure when traveling to party hot spots like Goa. Even for traveling within the city, there are several museums, amusement parks, churches, and other spots that have minimum age for entry.

    Better to be well aware rather than getting disappointed on spot.

    This is not the Time for Adventures

    This is for adventure freak couples! Now you have been promoted to being parents. So let’s put a break to the adventure trips like paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, and snorkeling for a while till the little one attains the permissible age. Right now it’s time for a relaxed and peaceful trip by the sea side or by the mall road of a renowned hill station.

    Glance through all the necessary pointers and keep in mind each of them while choosing the travel destination. After all it is your first trip as a mom too! You have all the reasons to rejoice and relax.

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