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      Istanbul is one of the most impressive cities that has mesmerizing architecture, delicious food, and warm and hospitable people. Read more

      Bhutan, known as the ‘Land of Thunder Dragons’, is a sovereign country in South Asia. The landlocked country is located in the southern foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and is bordered by the People’s Republic of China in the north and India in the south, east, and west.

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      The thought of spending a holiday in Mexico makes us feel that the days will be spent in a desert. However, what most of us are not aware of is that Mexico is an extraordinary place and winter in Mexico is the perfect time to explore the country.

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      In recent times, Turkey has become one of the most visited countries in the world because of its diversity in landscape, its cultural denotations, art, among others.

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      Every country has its own set of historic glory that defines each of their festivals in ways that are true to country-specific traditions. Although Christmas is considered a popular festival, its roots lay deep in the foundation of a country’s history and culture. If you are in Sweden during the holidays, you are in for a surprise. Not only is it celebrated as a profound cultural extravaganza, but the strands of Biblical significance make it even richer.

      Christmas in Sweden is bestowed upon on 13th December or famously known as St Lucia’s Day as an ode to the upcoming celebrations of the festival. There are stories that go back into heartfelt fables of life and human existence.

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      Every moment in our lives that had us brainstorming about the most romantic places to visit, France has always come up as a unanimous winner. Not only is this country a beautiful denotation of cultural and historical intellect, but nature has inscribed some of the most surreal beauty throughout each and every grain of France.

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      Are you looking for the best villas to stay in Galle? Galle provides you with a large choice of villas that provide you a cozy and comfortable stay. Read more

      A man-made marvel that resembles a palm tree, Palm Jumeirah was made by a real estate company from a series of artificial archipelagos. It is home to some of the finest resorts and restaurants in Dubai and has well-developed roads and public transport. There are quite a few attractions to visit and a host of activities that you can partake in while in Palm Jumeirah. Here is a list of places to visit in Palm Jumeirah.

      5 Places To Visit In Palm Jumeirah

      From getting high at the numerous beach clubs, enjoying a seafood platter at a seaside restaurant, splashing at the water parks, swimming with sharks, this place won’t disappoint.

      • Al Ittihad Park
      • Pro Art Gallery
      • The Lost Chambers Aquarium
      • Nasimi Beach
      • Al Sufouh Beach

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      Dubai Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

      Travel Dubai in Luxury. Visit grand Burj Khalifa or the breathtaking Palm Islands. Enjoy Dhow Cruise, International Buffet Dinner, Dubai City Tour, Desert Safari, Ferrari World and Abu Dhabi City Tour. Book your Dubai holiday package on TravelTriangle.

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      But the list does not end here. Besides spending time at these beautiful places in Palm Jumeirah, there are a host of other activities that you can do in this place that is a haven for vacationers. Giving you an adrenaline rush with a freefall above Palm Jumeirah, to going on exciting wildlife encounters, Palm Jumeirah does not disappoint its visitors. Taxis are available aplenty, and you can also take the monorail to move around. So, get going and spend a luxurious vacation in Dubai

      Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Palm Jumeirah

      Want to know more about this place? See these common queries:

      Q. Who is the owner of Palm Jumeirah?

      A. While the artificial island was developed by the real estate company Nakheel, it is now owned by the government of Dubai.

      Q. When was Palm Jumeirah built?

      A. The construction of the Palm Jumeirah island began in 2001 and was completed in 2007.

      Q. Is Palm Jumeirah sinking?

      A. No, Palm Jumeirah is not sinking.

      Q. How much is the Monorail in Dubai?

      A. It is quite costly as compared to the tickets of Dubai metro. A single passage ticket costs around 20 AED, or INR 375.

      Q. Where does the Atlantis monorail go?

      A. The Atlantis monorail starts from Atlantis Aquaventure station and goes till Gateway station.

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      Book memorable holidays on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations.

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      Going to Munich? Keep these Munich travel tips handy to turn your trip into a hassle-free experience. The largest city of Southern Germany, Munich, is famous for Oktoberfest – the annual beer festival that brings in huge drunk crowds. However, Munich is much more than just a place where beer is brewed. It is a lively place with a rich history and beautiful locations.

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      Munich has an old-school vibe, and even though it is technically a city, it has a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that can be associated with the rural regions of the country. The Germans Read more

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