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Bali seems like a postcard right out of those fairy tales where the simple pleasures of being are a never-ending saga of nature’s mystic creations. Bali’s eastern coast consists of rolling hills on one side and the unadulterated blue ocean on one that seems forever stuck in time. Among this beauty that is already difficult to put to words, lies the fascinating Ujung Water Palace, a place of unforetold delight, beauty and above all, the contentment of a lifetime. If you are someone who does not believe in physically traveling the world without acknowledging the wisdom in it, this is your place to be!

About Ujung Water Palace

About Ujung Water Palace

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One of the most intriguing this about Ujung Water Palace is that it has a saga going in the backdrop attributing the place as haunted. Stories go back in time where the then king suspected the locals of practicing black magic. Many other side stories go along with the history of the place, but over the years, it has acquired the name of a spooky terrain. Keep this aside, and the beauty of the place is unparalleled. The amalgamation of local and foreign architectural styles is infused in its design. A must visit for everyone who wishes to experience royal extravaganza in the form of ethereal beauty; Ujung Water Palace is definitely the place to be.

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Ujung Water Palace History

Ujung Water Palace History

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The story of the foundation of this place goes back to the Karangasem dynasty that has been spinning their magical architectural wonders from early 10th century to the modern past of 20th century. This kingdom flourished in its commerce, art and, cultural appreciation through many projects that have been undertaken over the years. There is a subtle hint of Hinduism painted throughout their works blended with the right amount of Balinese spirituality every now and then. As children of this world, we all know how a dynasty worked, and a king’s mansion or court somehow materialized and propagated his success. The last ruler of the dynasty built Ujung Water Palace in Bali around the 20th century as an extension to the already extravagant palace. It is a matter of royal prestige and the amount of artistic acknowledgment that he received was truly a global feat.

Best Time To Visit Ujung Water Palace

Best time to visit Ujung Water Palace

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Since Bali typically has a humid tropical weather all around the year, one can plan for a trip any time of the year. However, for the best recommendations, the best time to visit Ujung Water Palace Karangasem is dispersed among the months of January, May and, August. The spells of rain during the monsoon is a beautiful addition to the already mesmerizing natural elegance of this place. One can definitely pick an off-season in order to avoid the line of a crowd. However, these crowds do not denote thronged areas and are well maintained in terms of civic intelligence.

Places To Stay At Ujung Water Palace

Places To Stay At Ujung Water Palace

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East Bali is a place that is one of nature’s best-kept secrets and is hidden away from the complex monotones of loud city life. There are peace and tranquillity written in its air which is something everyone looks for when on holiday. If you wish to stay the night around Ujung Water Palace, the options are aplenty. The most prominent and exquisite on is the Candi Beach Resort & Spa which is located within a coconut orchard and rolls out to a majestic beach.

There are many other options available near to the palace as well. One can book according to their budget and get great deals on places. Irrespective of the type of place one chooses to stay in, every one of them comes with a tropical vibe of beach and coconuts and everything else that comes with it. We recommend you to book as early as possible to get justified rates on rooms and suites. Most hotels come with many different services like spas and restaurants and guarantee a wonderful stay for all their guests.

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Opening Hours And Entrance Fee At Ujung Water Palace

Opening Hours And Entrance Fee At Ujung Water Palace

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Ujung Water Palace, Bali opening times is open every day between 6 AM and 5 PM. However, for special documentary, filming and photography requests, the time limit might be altered with special permission and additional charges.

Ujung Water Palace entrance fee is very inexpensive compared to the things that one gets to see and experience there. For both children and adult, the admission ticket price is a mere $2.5, and if someone wishes to take a ride in the boat, they pay an extra $1.5. In long comparison, these prices are really nothing and what you get in exchange is a priceless experience that is going to adorn your memories of Bali in Indonesia forever.

Things To Do At Ujung Water Palace

This palace has so many things to do in and around the place, that you’ll be spoilt for choice. So, while you’re here, take a look at some of the things you can enjoy on the palace grounds!

1. The Royal Experience

The Royal Experience

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This place attracts a history buff more than anyone else. The photographs and manuscripts depicting the rise and fall of the empire, its stories and conquests are all stringed together under one roof. The master bedroom which belonged to all the kings in line is a whole another experience in itself, a sense of larger than life standards of living. The room overlooks lotus-laden ponds and a vivid landscape. Imagine walking up to a view like this every morning of every day!

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2. The Ponds

The Ponds

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The large ponds within the territory of Ujung Water Palace probably hold the most attraction. These three exquisite ponds in the southern and northern maps of the palace were used as meditation camps. The building of Bale Bengong on the side of one of those water bodies is another architectural accomplishment. The history of superstition is intriguing as the water of one of these ponds were used to determine the guilt of a person sent to court for justice. The kings bedroom actually lies suspended on one of the ponds, making it yet another engineering feat of those times. Each of these ponds is adorned by the greenest of greens and gives an alluring vibe to the entire place. If you are lucky enough, you can spot splurge of lotus across the ponds floating about in a carefree waltz. The beauty and calmness here have a whole different flavor altogether.

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3. Bisbis Hill

Bisbis Hill

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Located at an altitude higher than the rest of the place, a building of majestic height and stature gives a view of the entire property like a panoramic shot. From spending a calm afternoon through self-exploration and wonder to a perfect arena for spending the time with loved ones, this place blends spiritual bliss and wisdom. This building is sometimes used for meditation, but the exhilarating overall vine and the distant view of the Bisbis Hill make life so much easier!

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4. Balai Kambang

Balai Kambang

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One of the most historically significant buildings in the palace is Balai Kambang that lies suspended on a pond. From court juries to celebratory feasts, this venue has experienced many events of the past. Thus, both politically, culturally and socially active, Balai Kambang used to be the central head of the royal territory. Spend some time here to bask in the glorious tales of yore and learn the wisdom that this place has to offer.

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5. Intense Photography

Intense Photography

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Photography has taken a center-stage in this area in recent times. From new couples posing for wedding shots to amateur as well as professionals shooting their lenses to capture the ethereal beauty of the place, everyone seems to enjoy photography at Ujung Water Palace. The mountain in the background, the green abode of natures creation, the architectural feats, everything looks magical in photographs. The photogenic natural artistry of the entire area is mesmerizing that retains memories and stories from long ago. Not only can one practice their hands at photography here, but the honest air in the sky makes for an adventure altogether.

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How To Reach Ujung Water Palace


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Ujung Water Palace tour does not usually come under one’s itinerary. As a result, there is still no direct transportation. The location is right beside the Tirtagangga Water Palace, and one can rent a car to reach there by road.

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