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Being a landlocked city, Munich does not get easy access to many beaches. However, there are a lot of lakes close by. Munich itself has the fifth largest lake in Germany and the river Isar that flows through Munich offers some places where people can relax or sunbathe. So, if you’re looking for a few beaches near Munich, well, your search comes to an end. Some of the best ones are surely going to sweep you off your feet and you get to unwind with the perfect scenic setting!

5 Best Beaches Near Munich

For those visiting Munich and are looking for beaches, here are the best places where you can experience the beaches of Munich. Take a look to know more.

  • The Isar Beach
  • Hundestrand
  • Strandbad Feldafing
  • Strandbad
  • Percha Strand

1. The Isar Beach

The Isar Beach

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Located by the river Isar are small patches of land that serve as beaches for those who live in the city. Even though it is not as vast as beaches by the sea, it can be a good place to go for a run, do some cycling or even sunbathe during the summer. From here, you can see the Wittelsbacherbrückebridge as well as different other historic buildings. This is something you will not get at traditional beaches.

By the Isar, you will get a rafting stage too. Even though this is technically not a beach, this small place by the Isar river is a perfect place for surfers to catch a break. And yes, people surf in the Isar just like they would surf the waves of a sea. The water of the river varies from time to time and near this concrete landing stage, the flowing water makes waves that people from all over Munich come to surf. The landing stage makes it easy for beginners to get into surfing. You do not have to paddle to the waves. During the fall, the water can get quite cold, and if you are not careful, you can get cuts and bruises in your hand from holding the stage.

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2. Hundestrand


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If you have a pet along with you, then the beach by Hundestrand at Rottach-Egern is excellent. It is a dog beach by the lake where you can enjoy the sun or the shade. Since the beaches by Isar are closed down during bathing season and often the river has a strong flow, it gets risky to go there with a pet. The dog beach is in the western part of the bathing beach, which is separated with a fence and is officially declared to the Dog Beach.

You even get bags dispensers too. There is an entrance fee for the dog beach though. There are sunny and shady berths scattered across the place. A beautiful flat waterfront is located by the lake from which you can throw balls and sticks into the cool water relentlessly. It is a great place to spend time with your pets.

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3. Strandbad Feldafing

Strandbad Feldafing

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‎Located by the Starnberg Lake, this is a great place to enjoy the sun. If you are looking for a vacation by the beach near Munich, then this is it. It is a green meadow directly by Lake Starnberg in Germany, Europe. You can even borrow sun loungers and umbrellas. There are restaurants nearby with local specialties, as well as, pizzas. During the summer, the water temperature just stays perfect for a bath. There the ample parking space, and a lot of kiosks for your basic necessities.

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4. Strandbad


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This is one of the beaches close to Munich that offer a special place for children. It is essentially a small lake that often gets crowded on weekends. It is a great place to swim, the food is good and the entire atmosphere is quite family friendly. In terms of food, you can get grilled meat, fish, salads, burgers, ribs, and Asian food If you want, you can even enjoy the sunset from a small wooden raft on the lake. After dinner, you can round off the evening lounging by the Lake with comfortable bean bags along with candlelight and a drink.

Another beach nearby is the StrandbadUtting. This location offers some of the best views of the lake. You can look far and wide from here while sitting really close to the lake. This tiny beach also has a tower and the view from the tower is simply breathtaking. There is also a beer garden. In there, you have access to beer, snacks, and delicious grilled barbecue. The grilled barbecue is the ideal way to spend the evening by the lake.

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5. Percha Strand

Percha Strand

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Located by the Lake Starnberg is this patch of land called the Percha beach. It’s one of the more placid beaches near Munich Germany. This place is directly on the Seestubnand is quite popular. There is a walkway with which one may enter it directly and can access deeper waters. The bridge itself is a great place to relax. There are multiple ladders lead differently far into the Lake. Toddlers can play on the shore in shallow water if they have a parent looking other them. Often people spend time catching small fishes using buckets. During summers, this place can be quite crowded. If you prefer something quieter, you can go a few hundred meters of towards the mountain and past the water guard booths is the less populated part of the beach. People come here to canoe.

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People do not generally visit Munich to experience amazing beaches. Even though there are no sea beaches near Munich, the city does have a few places by the water where you can relax or bathe in the sun. Furthermore, if you want, you can also surf, even though the experience can be completely different. So, plan your trip to Europe for a mesmerizing tour of the scenic city of Munch with your friends and family!

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