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    Woman cycling with baby

    In modern times, couples have a mind boggling time when they enter the parental phase.

    But Karen Edwards and Shaun Baynes, a London-based couple had different plans in life when they took their 10-week old daughter, Esme on an adventure of her lifetime.

    1. Make Way For The Toddler!

    With a clear cut vision of motivating parents who shared the same kind of love for travel, Karen stated on her website that “your travel days don’t have to be over.” Having decided to use her one-year-long maternity leave to travel around the world, Karen and Shaun decided to tag their little baby partner along their journey.


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    2. Baby Onboard!


    Since it was a 10-month adventure, their budget was a collective outcome of Karen’s maternity leave pay and Shaun’s savings from freelance landscaping projects. Apart from this, the couple also sold their car and rented their house for some extra income.

    Shaun and Karen also set some packing goals other than parenting goals. They packed their luggage into 3 lace bags that actually fit into one big backpack. Yes, you heard that right!

    3. First Step Towards A Journey Of Miles!

    Karen and Shaun’s family and friends had earlier thought that these two had gone nuts. But when Esme had already visited four countries by the time she was four months old, they proved that it was only the notions that were wrong and not traveling with the baby.

    4. Like A Doll!


    Karen, an ardent traveler and a nurse by profession also states that, “the thoughts of travelling with kids can be quite daunting for many parents.”

    On the contrary, they witnessed that their daughter was very well behaved and was enjoying road trips, camping in different settings, long-haul flights, various cultures, ferry rides, natural landscapes and thousand other little things.

    Time flew and in a span of just 10 months, they had journeyed to Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand. Before turning one, Esme had now visited more countries than most of the adults can visit in their lifetime.

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    5. Beach Baby Forever!


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    6. Taking a Power Nap!


    7. Super Surfer!

    8. Fun In The Sky!


    9. Pic With Petronas Is A Must!

    10. The Three Musketeers!


    11. Fun Unlimited With Daddy Dearest!

    12. Baby’s Day Out!


    13. Time For Some Monkey Business!

    14. Ready To Fly Again!


    15. Like A Star!

    16. Like Mother Like Daughter!


    17. Where Do I Go Next?

    18. Sundays In Venice Be Like!


    19. For The Love Of Flying!

    20. Tour de Paris With Mumma!


    21. Florence Is Pretty, But I’m Prettier!

    22. Perks Of Being A Toddler!


    23. Just Hanging Around!

    24. I’m a Citizen Of The World!


    25. One With The Pack!

    26. Love, Life & Laughter!


    27. This Is Just The Beginning!

    Karen and Shaun were more than successful in living their lives out of a backpack and with a baby on-board. Rising above people’s notions, satisfaction filled their souls when reality became their achievement. That was the moment when they realized that what they had planned was not just a momentary travel plan but a journey to be cherished, forever!

    28. Hey! I’m Not Done Yet!


    29. Until We Meet Again …

    30. Travel, Explore & Inspire!


    Inspired much?

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