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    Places near istanbul

    Istanbul is one of the big cities of Turkey and spreads across Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus Strait. the city is historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople. Istanbul has a very rich history and culture and various destinations for tourists to visit and see and because this city is so famous and packed with things to see and do, it sometimes overshadows the numerous cities and attractions that are near the city or around it and this article will list the places near Istanbul and the beautiful cities near Istanbul that you can visit.

    Gorgeous Places Near Istanbul

    If you are planning to visit Istanbul for a holiday, do not just limit yourself to the city. There are many interesting places near and around Istanbul that can add some extra punch to your vacation. If not all, here are 10 best places near Istanbul that you must visit on priority.

    1. Belgrad Forest

    Belgrad Forest

    Image Source

    This is a mixed deciduous forest which is located adjacent to Istanbul and is a popular destination for tourists who want to escape the bustle of the city and enjoy the natural beauties that are preserved in this forest. Tourists can drive to the forest from Enterprise offices and enjoy activities like trekking and hiking through its numerous trails, taking nature walks or even having a picnic or a barbeque at some of the designated areas which are a favorite pastime for even the locals during the weekends, this is one of the more beautiful places near Istanbul.

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    2. Prince Islands

    Prince Islands

    Image Source

    Also called Prince’s Island this is a cluster of nine islands that are based off the Asian coast of Istanbul, people can visit these islands by a ferry ride from Istanbul. These islands are popular for the fact that there are no motorized vehicles allowed so there are horse drawn carriages only, the other aspect of these Islands is the architecture and the untouched forests which will make you feel like you have time traveled into the past. This is one of the more relaxing places to go near Istanbul.

    3. Kilyos


    Image Source

    This is a resort town or village which is located in the Sariyer district and is a well-known seaside destination as it rests on the Black Sea coasts, the tourists come here to visit and enjoy some of the beaches and visitors can also enjoy the big parties organized during the weekends or visit the 14th century Genoese castle which is in the village.

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    4. Cappadocia


    Image Source

    This historical place is located in Central Anatolia and one of the most popular places to visit near Istanbul. This historical site is known for its ‘fairy chimneys’ which are a cluster of tall, cone-shaped rock formations which are located in the Monks Valley, there are also bronze age homes which are essentially home of the cave dwellers and there are also churches which were carved into rocks which all can be viewed today. Tourists come here to view these historical sites and also to take a hot air balloon ride over the valley or hiking which are rather popular, this site is ideal for students, historians, and people interested in the history of this area.

    5. Edirne


    Image Source

    This city which is located in the region of East Thrace and was the capital of the Ottoman Empire before Istanbul was captured, this is one of Istanbul neighboring cities and is rich in culture and history and travelers can come to see the amazing architecture, many iconic mosques, cathedrals, Palaces and more. Visiting this city is an amazing experience and an opportunity to learn about its history and culture and it is among the most beautiful cities near Istanbul.

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    6. Blue Mosque

    Blue Mosque

    Image Source

    This mosque is also known as Sultan Ahmet Mosque is a historical mosque which is now among popular tourist places near the Istanbul airport, the mosque is called blue mosque due to the blue tiles on the interior and the fact that the mosque appears blue during the sunset time due to the light. This is an amazing view and it still functions as a place of worship along with being a popular tourist destination.

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    7. Bursa


    Image Source

    This is among one of the tourist cities near Istanbul with various attractions and things to do along with being famous for Turkish cuisine. This industrialized metropolitan city has amazing architecture, numerous mosques and historical sites, many parks and botanical gardens and an amazing mountain backdrop. This city is located in northwest Anatolia, within the Marmara Region and is a must visit a city that is near Istanbul along with Edirne.

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    8. Şarköy

    A beach in Sarkoy near Istanbul

    Image Source

    This small seaside town which is located in the Tekirdag Province on the north coast of the Marmara Sea can be reached by inland roads. This place is for having the longest beach in Turkey which was dirty before but was cleaned up and received a blue flag, you can go fishing, swimming or even motorboating from here to Avsa or Marmara islands, the town has numerous hotels, bars, and clubs to enjoy as well as wineries which tourists can visit and indulge in some wine tasting since this area is known for wine-making.

    9. Sapanca


    Image Source

    This is a town located in the Sakarya Province in the Marmara region and has become a tourist destination recently due to its amazing natural environment, the lake and also the fact that it is located just below the Kartepe ski resort which makes visiting this town during the winter for winter sports ideal. The town has a number of resorts and hotels along with pubs, bars, and clubs that you can enjoy while on your visit there.

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    10. Antalya


    Image Source

    This city is the fifth most populated city in Turkey which is located in the Eponymous province and borders the Taurus Mountains, it is the capital of the province and is also Turkey’s biggest international sea resort which attracts numerous tourists every year. The city has numerous historical sites like the Roman theater Aspendos, the old harbor and the old city, Perge and many more, tourists also go for guided city tours and also some amazing boat tours. This city has numerous modes of accommodations, bars and pubs, clubs, museums etc and is among someone the best places near Istanbul that you can visit.

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    These are some of the best places near Istanbul for you to visit. Istanbul itself is an amazing city with numerous attractions and rich culture, but if you are an explorer at heart then you must visit these destinations and more as there are numerous places to see near Istanbul. So, plan a trip to Istanbul right away and explore the city in and out.

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