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    Best Places To Visit In Aqaba

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    The city of Aqaba is one of the most marvelous cities in Jordan. The city offers you amazing sightseeing, malls, restaurants and a variety of other places to hang out that has helped to generate revenue through tourism. This surge in tourists has led the government to invest more in this place in order to attract more tourists. There are a lot of places to visit in Aqaba that will help you learn more about the culture and history of the place.

    8 Best Places To Visit In Aqaba

    The city of Aqaba is a beautiful place with an amazing coastline. There are numerous places to visit in Aqaba to make the best out of your trip. Take a look at them.

    • Aqaba Castle
    • Aqaba Marine Park
    • Sharif Hussein Bin Ali Mosque
    • Ayla
    • Al-Ghandour Beach
    • Aqaba Aquarium
    • Archaeological Site Of Aqaba Church
    • Aqaba Bird Observatory

    1. Aqaba Castle

    Aqaba Castle View

    Image Source

    Aqaba castle also is known as Mamluk Castle or Aqaba Fort is a very important part of the history for the Arabs. The fort was originally built by the Crusaders in the 12th century and then destroyed and rebuilt by various people. The fort became a historic symbol during the Arab Revolt as this highly defended Turkish fortress was occupied by the Arab rebellions who were led by the famous Lawrence of Arab who led an amazing camel charge on this fort. Two other famous parts of history lie next to this fort; one is the flag of the Arab Revolt and the other is the home of Sharif Hussein which has now been converted into a museum.

    Location: Aqaba, Jordan
    Timings: 8am to 6pm

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    2. Aqaba Marine Park

    Aqaba Marine Park View

    Image Source

    This amazing marine park in Aqaba is one of the most visited places in the city. The place offers a wide range of activities like diving along with small shopping centers and numerous food stalls providing you with the best of local cuisines. The place is ideal to spend your day with your family or friends and make some amazing memories on your trip. The place also offers you an amazing view of the sea and lets you relax in a cool and calm environment.

    Location: Aqaba, Jordan
    Timings: Open 24 hours

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    3. Sharif Hussein Bin Ali Mosque

    Mosque View

    Image Source

    Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque is one of the major mosques in the city. This beautiful mosque made of white marble has an amazing design and architecture. The mosque intrigues a lot of people through its scenic beauty. The surroundings of the mosque are clean and green making the atmosphere of the place really cool and calm, thus enabling you to spend some peaceful time here at this amazing mosque.

    Location: Aqaba, Jordan

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    4. Ayla


    Image Source

    Ayla is an important place to visit in Aqaba. Though the place is not an amazing scenic beauty but forms an integral part of the places to visit in Aqaba due to its historical importance. Ayla is one of the oldest Islamic cities that was founded in 650. The ruins of this city fascinate a lot of architecture and historians from all around the world thus making it an important tourist site. This ruined city acts as a perfect example of how cities were planned and laid down in historic times.

    Location: K. Hussein St. 26, Aqaba, Jordan

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    5. Al-Ghandour Beach

    Al-Ghandour Beach

    Image Source

    This beautiful beach in Aqaba is the perfect place to spend your days in the city. The beach offers activities like swimming, boating and much more. The place is crowded with locals and international tourists who come here to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, while the cool water comes and touches their feet. The place is filled with small food joints that serve you the best local food in the area. The place is also famous because of the beautiful sighting of the sunset here that creates a completely different atmosphere.

    Location: Aqaba, Jordan

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    6. Aqaba Aquarium


    Image Source

    This small and simple but beautiful place takes you on a journey of the variety of aquatic flora and fauna. The place has beautiful fishes and a major attraction that is an octopus. This is a suitable place to visit during the day time and you will be amazed at the variety of beautiful fishes that are here. It is a good place to spend your day with friends or family. The aquarium clearly shows the richness of the marine lifestyle in the waters of Jordan.

    Location: Aqaba, Jordan
    Timings: Open 24 hours

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    7. Archaeological Site Of Aqaba Church

    Aqaba Church View

    Image Source

    Aqaba church is another important part of the city’s history. The church is said to be the oldest known purposely built church of the world and hence forms an important location for many. Historians and archaeologists from all around the world come to this site to learn about its built and design. The church is said to survive because of its peripheral location with the late Roman Empire, that saved its destruction from the Great Persecution that broke out a few years after the church was built.

    Location: Ar-Rashid St., Aqaba, Jordan

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    8. Aqaba Bird Observatory

    Bird Observatory

    Image Source

    This is one of the best places in the city to relax and get a break from the hustle of the city. Aqaba Bird’s Observatory is an ideal place to go to where you can see a variety of beautiful birds. The place is lush green with trees and plants and the only thing you can hear is the wind and the birds. This beautiful place is a must-visit on your trip to Aqaba. This is an ideal place to spend some time with your family while creating memories on your amazing trip.

    Location: Aqaba, Jordan
    Timings: 8am to 3pm

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    Now you know the best of the city without any doubt. The mentioned sites are the best places to visit in Aqaba to make the best memories and help you explore most of the city. These beautiful places will help you spend the best time with your friends and family. So stop thinking! Hurry up and plan your trip to Aqaba on your next vacation.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Places to Visit in Aqaba

    What is Aqaba known for?

    Situated in Jordan, Aqaba is a beautiful coastal city that is known for its historical monuments and rich cultural heritage. Founded during the Roman Empire, Aqaba includes an array of exquisite attractions that ensures a worthwhile visit.

    Which is the best time to visit Aqaba?

    September to November is considered as the best months to visit Aqaba, as the weather is quite pleasant during this time of year and you will be able to explore various attractions without any hassle.

    Is it safe to visit Aqaba during covid times?

    Yes, it is perfectly safe to visit Aqaba during covid times, as it has a relatively low number of covid cases. But don’t take our word for it: check up on the latest travel advisory, Covid-19 measures, and the number of cases before your departure. It is safer to undertake solo travel or with a small group of people to somewhere that is not overly crowded at the moment.

    Which are the best attractions in Aqaba?

    Some of the popular places that you must explore during your visit to Aqaba are Berenice Beach Club, Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, Aqaba Marine Park, Islamic Ayla City, Cedar Pride Shipwreck, and Aqaba Archeological Museum.

    Which are the best things to do in Aqaba?

    Comprising an array of archeological sites, Aqaba is a place that attracts numerous history buffs as they get to explore various remains of the ancient era. Visitors can also enjoy various water adventures at some of the popular beaches in Aqaba.

    Which are the best restaurants in Aqaba?

    Some of the popular restaurants in Aqaba that offers a wide range of savory dishes are Firefly Burger Aqaba, Khubza & Seneya, Sushi Corner, Captain’s Restaurant, Al-Shami, Gadget Jeeren, Kubba Levantin Restaurant,and Mirwas Restaurant and Cafe.

    Which are the best hotels in Aqaba?

    Some of the popular hotels in Aqaba are Movenpick Resort & Residences Aqaba, Al Manara, Movenpick Resort, Inter Continental, Kempinski Hotel, Luxotel Aqaba Beach Resort, Oryx Hotel, and Grand Tala Beach Resort.

    How many days are required for Aqaba?

    Being a popular destination in Jordan, Aqaba comprises numerous intriguing attractions that you can explore during your stay. If you are planning to visit Aqaba then it is suggested that you plan at least a 4-5 days tour to explore various exquisite attractions that it has on offer.

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