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Aqaba is comfortably located near the red seas and next to the Wadi Rum which has made it the triangle of tourism in Jordan. It is one of the most tourist visited areas in the country and is the only coastal city of Jordan. This place is famous not because of its proximity to the red sea but because of so many stimulating things to do in Aqaba. In case you are wondering what is there to do in Aqaba, you have come to the right place as the activities range from heart-in-the-mouth water sports to relaxing spas and birdwatching. So, here is a list of the best things that you must definitely try in Aqaba that will leave you wanting and running for more chances to repeat the same activities.

7 Things To Do In Aqaba

Aqaba houses within itself numerous activities or things that can be undertaken on your next trip to the Jordans. So, check out the top 7 top things to do in Aqaba while making your way around Jordan. 1. Windsurfing: Ride Against The Strong Breeze 2. Snorkeling And Scuba Diving: Test Your Agility In Water 3. Arabic: Experience The Student Life Again 4. Jewelry: Make It On Your Own 5. Birdwatching: Enjoy The View Of The Flighty Creatures 6. Quad Biking: Fly Through The Desert 7. Henna: The Indian Touch In Aqaba

1. Windsurfing: Ride Against The Strong Breeze


Image Source Windsurfing is one of the best things to do in Aqaba. It combines your love for surfing and sailing. While you hold on to the boat post to prevent yourself from falling over, the increasing speed tests your arm strength to an invigorating extent. The surfing comes with a cherry on top, and that is training. Before you are sent to set sail on the waves, you will be trained and taught various hand gestures that will indicate your status on the surfing pad. So, gear up for tryst with the wind, with your hair blowing, just like they do it in movies.

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2. Snorkeling And Scuba Diving: Test Your Agility In Water

Snorkeling And Scuba Diving

Image Source It is no secret that middle eastern countries love water sports. However, Aqaba takes it to another level, with its extensive underwater tours. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the most popular watersports that even the locals take part in and enjoy. These two activities may sound and look similar but are completely different. Snorkeling requires you to view the underwater life from a breathable water lever. However, scuba diving takes you to the floors of the ocean and seas with an oxygen tank attached to you. In Aqaba, while scuba diving you will not only get to see the colorful marine life but also the remains of many sunken ships and tanks. So, go on a watersport spree and get a chance to see the aquatic life of Aqaba.

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3. Arabic: Experience The Student Life Again


Image Source Learning Arabic is something that so many people hope to accomplish. In Aqaba, you get pamphlets in tourist centers that guide you on how to make a basic conversation with a local. There are also many institutions that hold Arabic crash courses and also teach you how to write a few basic words. It is a beautiful experience for the tourists as it helps you to mingle easily with the Aqbawis and also learn fragments of their beautiful culture and traditions. So, do not miss out on the next Arabic writing course you chance upon.

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4. Jewelry: Make It On Your Own


Image Source Each time you buy a new piece of jewelry, wishful thinking of owning a few more similar pair of earrings or necklace crosses your mind. Aqaba allows its visitors to try out jewelry making. You are taught how to select and prepare the thread that will lay the base for the rest of your work. After that, you will learn how to assemble an assortment of beads into a necklace or bracelet or any other thing you were planning to create. So, the next time you make a stop at Aqaba, make your own sturdy jewelry products and flaunt them in your hometown.

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5. Birdwatching: Enjoy The View Of The Flighty Creatures


Image Source Birdwatching is one of the relaxing things to do in Aqaba. The city has so many migratory birds making a stop en route to their desired destination. You can always grab a pair of binoculars and head out to the zoos and national parks that house these birds. There are over 500 species that make a stop at Aqaba during the spring season. You can always wind down and relax while watching the birds pecking and feeding their young ones. So, head down to the nearest waterbody where you will most likely find interesting species of birds making their way to another place.

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6. Quad Biking: Fly Through The Desert

Quad Biking

Image Source The Deserts in Aqaba have a plethora of opportunities that allow you to have so much fun. One of the most fun things to do in Aqaba is Quad bike riding. You will get a chance to ride a quad across the sandy deserts. The ride over sand dunes makes the experience exhilarating and gives you so much satisfaction for making through the desert on a quad. The quad riding also allows you to make stops in between to get a few snacks for yourself and again get back to the invigorating ride.

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7. Henna: The Indian Touch In Aqaba


Image Source Are you a little hesitant or maybe a little scared to get inked? No worries, Aqaba has got your back. Aqaba provides its tourists to apply henna. Henna is basically the dye from the henna tree which is used to make intricate designs on your hands. This lasts at least 3 weeks and is a must try for tourists. Henna is also used for beautification purposes but it is widely used as a design concept on hands and wrists especially during wedding seasons. So, head towards the local markets of Aqaba and get your design of choice drawn on your hands and enjoy everyone’s loud gasps while admiring the beautiful artwork on your palms.

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There are numerous other exciting things that you can do in Aqaba that include golf playing, camel touring, shopping and cycling. However, these things can be best experienced when you personally visit the coastal city located near the red sea. Your trip to Aqaba can be made more memorable by visiting even the Wadi Rum nearby which will definitely make you feel like an Aqbawi. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and family and plan a trip to Jordan and experience the enchanting and exotic city of Aqaba. Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Things to Do in Aqaba

Can you swim in Aqaba beaches?

Yes, you can swim in Aqaba beaches. Besides swimming, you can also try your hands at several water adventures such as windsurfing, scuba diving, waterskiing, snorkelling, sailing, jet skiing, and more.

What is Aqaba known for?

Situated in Jordan, Aqaba is a beautiful coastal city that is known for its historical monuments and rich cultural heritage. Founded during the Roman Empire, Aqaba includes an array of exquisite attractions that ensures a worthwhile visit.

Is it safe to visit Aqaba during covid times?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to visit Aqaba during covid times, as it has a relatively low number of covid cases. But don’t take our word for it: check up on the latest travel advisory, Covid-19 measures, and the number of cases before your departure. It is safer to undertake solo travel or with a small group of people to somewhere that is not overly crowded at the moment.

Which are the best places to visit in Aqaba?

Below are some of the best places to visit in Aqaba:
1. Aqaba Castle
2. Aqaba Marine Park
3. Sharif Hussein Bin Ali Mosque
4. Ayla
5. Al-Ghandour Beach
6. Aqaba Aquarium
7. Archaeological Site Of Aqaba Church
8. Aqaba Bird Observatory

Which is the best time to visit Aqaba?

September to November is considered as the best months to visit Aqaba, as the weather is quite pleasant during this time of year and you will be able to explore various attractions without any hassle.

How many days are enough for exploring Aqaba?

A trip of 4-5 days would be enough to witness the best of Aqaba. To enjoy your vacation, you can go sightseeing and indulge in outdoor activities.

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