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Jordan is a place famous for seaside resorts, amazing architecture, and nature reserves. One of the major attractions in Jordan remains the Dead Sea which is considered as a natural spa because of high salt concentration. It is one of the places where you cannot sink in! Apart from these, the other tourist’s magnet remains the shrines of Prophet Muhammad’s companions, historical cities of Petra and Jerash, and markets for shopping in Jordan. Jordan is home to almost one lakh archaeological and tourist sites.

Shopping In Jordan

While vacationing, we are always on the lookout for some worthy trinkets and baubles we might find to take back home. But the thing is we often don’t know from where to shop or where are the best shopping locations. But for all the shopaholics, your dream is about to come true as we compile the best shopping places in Jordan that you can shop from and find some beautiful items to take them back home with you. So keep your bags empty and wallet full as this list is going to make you shop everything!

  • Al Balad
  • Mecca Mall
  • Rainbow Street
  • Souk Jara
  • Wadi Rum Visitor Centre
  • Why Not Shop
  • Taj Mall
  • Jerusalem Bazar
  • Made In Jordan
  • Nadia Dajani Jewelery
  • Trinitae At The Soap House
  • Ola’s Garden

1. Al Balad

Al Balad

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If you love street shopping then Al Balad is where you should be headed to. The word ‘Balad’ translates to downtown and the place is more than sixty years old. The place is vibrant and full of life. It is called the heart of the city and rightly so because you will find loud music playing, and the streets are always busy and bustling with activities. The place has a vintage touch to it. It is like a window to the old and traditional marketplaces. The shops here range from sweets, spices, apparels. Apart from the shopping stores, you will find ample cafes and restaurants. Do look for some souvenirs as there are so many things to look for in Al Balad that you are bound to find some.

Location: K. Talal St.
Timings: 10 am to 10 pm
What To Buy: Fresh food, handicrafts, traditional gifts, antiques, souvenirs, perfumes

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2. Mecca Mall

 Mecca Mall

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The mall gets its name from Mecca Street on which it is located. The mecca mall is one of the best shopping malls in Jordan. The mall is a one-stop location for most of your needs. Be it grocery, clothing, books, pharmacy, the Mecca mall has it all. This is a place where high-end brands meet the inexpensive shopping. While you are here, you might want to pick some gifts for your loved ones as the mall has many good gift shops with huge varieties of stuff. It is common that we get tired after shopping. But the Mecca Mall has a huge food court which offers you with a lot of restaurants and cafes. The place is also good to have some of the best traditional Jordanian food. The mall is wheelchair and baby trolley friendly. The mall also has some recreational activities like ice skating and trampolines.

Location: Abdullah ad Dawud, Amman, Jordan
Timings: 10 am to Midnight
What To Buy: Books, groceries, apparels, accessories, gifts

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3. Rainbow Street

Rainbow street

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The Rainbow street is an amalgamation of shops, pubs, hookah bars, and restaurants. If you want to experience a lot of things at once, then Rainbow Street is an ideal spot for you. With one of the most visited shopping streets in Jordan, Turkish coffee is quite popular here. The place also has some of the oldest houses in Jordan. It is also great for viewing the city. You will also find the palace of the old king here amongst other historical places.

Location: Amman, Jordan
Timings: 10 am to 7 pm
What To Buy: Souvenirs, handicrafts, art, tea, jewelery, candles

4. Souk Jara


The Souk Jara is a perfect place to find some great arts and handicrafts. The place is quite crowded so you will have to make space for yourself to take a look at kiosks. The Souk Jara has some baubles that you will never find in malls. The prices quoted for the items are quite high but don’t forget to bargain. The only drawback is that this place is only open on Fridays during the summer time. Also to find taxis in the area is little difficult to find taxis at night time, so plan your commute well in advance.

Location: Rainbow St., Amman, Jordan
Timings: 10 am to 10 pm
What To Buy: Handicrafts, handmade accessories, T-shirts, antiques, paintings

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5. Wadi Rum Visitor Centre

Wadi Rum Visitor Centre

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Wadi Rum is a raw beauty. The surroundings are breathtaking and are a good place to experience the nature up close. The place is even more beautiful during night time as you can see the clear skies. The place is best to take some authentic souvenirs back home for friends and family. The charm of the products is that the items are mostly homemade or made at a local workshop and are made by women. Some of the items that you might find here include rugs that are made from camel hair, apparels, textile items, and ceramics.

Location: Wadi rum village, Jordan
Timings: 8 am to 4 pm
What To Buy: Authentic souvenirs, textiles, ceramics, apparels

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6. Why Not Shop

Why not shop

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The place is located in Petra which is famous for its archaeological sites. The shop is beyond treasury which sells some amazing traditional handicrafts, jewelry, pottery bowls, wall hangings, and spices. The shop may not look appealing at one go, but once you enter, you will realize that it is worth the visit.

Location: Petra
Timings: N/A
What To Buy: Wall hangings, traditional handicrafts, tribal jewelery, spices, pottery bowls, rugs

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7. Taj Mall

Taj mall

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Taj Mall is a place where some of the best shopping in Jordan can be done. The mall has huge varieties of stores that cover apparels, toys, gift items. Plus this place has a food court and if you are in a mood for relaxation, you can also watch a movie has this place has a cinema hall. The mall is also home to some of the renowned luxury brands of the world. Taj Mall is also one of the picturesque malls, so don’t forget to click some photos!

Location: Pr. Hashim St 72, Amman, Jordan
Timings: 10 am to 10 pm
What To Buy: Home decor, apparels, groceries, leather bags, gadgets

8. Jerusalem Bazar

Jerusalem Bazar

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The place is every shopper’s dream come true! The Jerusalem Bazar would remind you of classic street shops with a touch of tradition to them. There is so much stuff here that you have to look out for some amazing blink and miss items. Popular things that are sold here include embroidery items, quilts, jewelry, cushions, and some other traditional items which ooze old Jordanian history and culture.

Location: Aqaba, Jordan
Timings: 10 am to 10 pm
What To Buy: Quilts, cushions, fresh produce

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9. Made In Jordan

Made in Jordan

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The name Made in Jordan gives a hint to what the place might hold. Everything of this place is made by the local artisans of Jordan. The items are authentic and of top-notch quality. Subsequently, the place has some high prices and the prices are fixed. There is no bargaining entertained. If you are looking for some unique products to take back home to remind you of your trip to Jordan, then Made in Jordan shop is a must visit-place.

Location: Wadi Musa, Jordan
Timings: N/A
What To Buy: Quirky bottles, products by local artisans

10. Nadia Dajani Jewellery

Nadia Dajani Jewellery

Jordan is quite popular for its jewelry items. Nadia Dajani is one of the most popular jewelry stores in Amman. The jewelry found here are of silver, gold, copper and other precious jewels. What makes the jewelry unique is that certain Arabic words and phrases which have some spiritual backing are converted into calligraphy and then are incorporated into the designs of the jewelry. The idea behind using words and phrases is that the concept of peace and harmony should prevail everywhere.

Location: InterContinental Hotel Amman, Amman 11183, Jordan
Timings: 9 am to 9 pm
What To Buy: Watches, gemstones, silver jewelery, copper jewelery

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11. Trinitae At The Soap House

Trinitae at the Soap house

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The shopping in Jordan is a fun experience in its own way. While there are tons of shops which will sell you some of the fanciest trinkets, the soap house is way more different than your traditional shops. For all the beauty fanatics, this place is like a dream come true. You will find some aromatic soap in different flavors. The store is known for having genuine dead sea soap which is also considered to be of the finest quality. Apart from the soaps, you will find other skincare products like face oil, body wash, body scrub and much more. The location of the shop may be a little difficult to find but this is one of the shops that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Location: Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan
Timings: 9 am to 7 pm (Monday to Saturday), 11 am to 6 pm (Sunday)
What To Buy: Aromatic soaps, body wash, body oil, facewash, scent difusers, creams

12. Ola’s Garden

Ola’s Garden

Image Source

Souvenirs are one thing that every tourist is willing to buy. It is a tangible representation of your memories on holidays. But to find a perfect souvenir is a task. It has to something which is related to the location you are visiting and at the same time has to be worth the money. Ola’s Garden is one such place where you will find some of the most eccentric and quirky little things to take home as souvenirs. And the best part is that it is handmade. The beauty of the handmade product is different and special in its own way. It is a beautiful place, with jazz music playing. It’s a different kind of shopping experience.

Location: Building No. 60, Khirfan Street | End of Rainbow Street, First Circle, Amman 1181, Jordan
Timings: 11 am to 6:30 pm
What To Buy: Scarves, necklaces, handcrafted fashion clothing and jewelery

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Jordan can be considered as a paradise for those who love shopping. From high street fashion to products that are an essence of the culture of Jordan, Jordan has it all. We hope that the list we have combined helps you in planning your trip in Jordan. So, book your tickets soon and have a great time shopping in Jordan!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping In Jordan

What should I buy in Jordan?

The authentic and most affordable items can be bought be in Jordan that they will fit the suitcase and capture the whole Jordanian culture. They are traditional scarves, hand-painted ceramics, locally made chocolate, hipster T-shirts and accessories, Ajloun olive oil, local artwork, Arabic sweets, and of course Jewellery.

What is famous in Jordan?

The major tourist attractions in Jordan include visiting historical sites like Petra, the Jordan River, Mount Nebo, Madaba, a lot of beautiful mosques and churches and there are unspoiled natural locations like Wadi Rum.

What is special in Jordan?

Jordan is the home of the ancient city of Petra. It is also known as the “Rose City” and it is also famous for its unique architecture carved directly into the rock face. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is also one of the New 7 Wonders of the World like the Arab states in the Middle East.

What is special in Jordan?

Jordan is the home of the ancient city of Petra. It is also known as the “Rose City” and it is also famous for its unique architecture carved directly into the rock face. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is also one of the New 7 Wonders of the World like the Arab states in the Middle East.

Do I need a visa to travel to Jordan?

Yes, you will require a passport and a visa. However, the visas are not issued upon the arrival at King Hussein or Allenby Bridge land border crossing. The US citizens should be in possession of a valid visa to Jordan or to have a special entry permit and from the Jordanian Ministry of Interior to enter the Jordan at this crossing.

Is visiting Jordan safe?

Of course, Jordan is safe for Americans and other nationalities to visit and it is a strong ally of the United States too. According to the US Department of State, the only areas in Jordan that American travelers should avoid are the borders with Syria and Iraq.

What food is Jordan known for?

The national dish of Jordan is the traditional dish made of lamb cooked in the sauce of fermented dried yogurt called Jameed and it is mainly served with rice or bulgur. A casserole made of the layers of rice, vegetables, and meat.

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