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Are you an Underwater enthusiast? Do you sometimes wonder what would life be like as a fish? Are you envious of your swimmer friends who can hold their breath for ‘oh so long’ underwater? Then, Aqaba is the city in Jordan that you should turn to. Aqaba is located in the northernmost tip of the Red Sea and is the sole coastal city of Jordan. This is the reason the city is famous for its exhilarating watersports. However, snorkeling in Aqaba is the most popular watersport amongst tourists and beginners. This activity can also be attempted by nonswimmers and is considered the safest watersport amongst locals. So, peruse through this handy guide to memorable and fun-filled snorkeling in Aqaba.

About Snorkeling In Aqaba

About Snorkeling In Aqaba

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Snorkeling in Aqaba is easily one of the most comfortable and convenient watersports in the city. Tourists and locals often take part in the Red Sea snorkeling in Aqaba which has so many famous diving sites, like sunken tanks and aircraft that might have perished in the waterbody a long time back. There are many companies that offer snorkeling and diving services and equipment. So, you can either register yourself at one of these places to first receive training and instruction regarding snorkeling or if you are already a professional, you can don your own goggles and required instruments and go scouring the colorful marine life in the sea. It is always better to get training and a set of instructions before going for this activity, however, this is your personal choice. Snorkeling requires you to stay on a particular surface level of the water and attain a magnificent view of the sea and its beautiful elements from up top.

Best Time To Go For Snorkeling In Aqaba

Best Time To Go For Snorkeling In Aqaba

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Usually, the locals go for snorkeling throughout the year. However, tourists might find the weather and climate fluctuations a tad bit uncomfortable. So, the best time to go for wildlife snorkeling in Aqaba is during the months between January and May. this is considered as the peak season for snorkeling. You will see many tourists rushing to experience the exciting watersport. If you are a beginner and alone, you could always make friends with other tourists and have them accompany you during your turn o snorkel. However, if you want a lesser crowd, try to visit during October and November. These months do not see as many people but are still the most ideal time to go for a snorkeling adventure.

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Best Snorkeling Sites In Aqaba

Snorkeling in Aqaba lets you come across various rare and enamoring sites that you should see in this lifetime itself. The view of such sites is an experience in itself and lets you in on so much information about the situation and reason for the presence of such an invaluable thing in the sea. Some of these sites are natural and few of these are manmade. It is interesting to get a peek at both aspects of life and growth on earth. However, always refer from a guide regarding these sites as you cannot go around looking in the whole sea because of its expanse and massive size. So, here are some of the best snorkeling sites in Aqaba.

1. Jordanian Air Force C-130

Jordanian Air Force C-130

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Believe it or not, there is a whole aircraft sunk in the sea. This is a very famous site snorkelers and divers. Snorkelers can avail of the view over the sunken aircraft. This plane was lowered into the sea in 2017. It is over 25 meters long and allows you to enjoy the site and the overlooking view of the aircraft carrier to your heart’s content.

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2. American M42 Duster Tank

American M42 Duster tank

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The American M42 Duster tank has been in the sea for a very long time. The tank is also a very popular site amongst locals and tourists for snorkeling. The tank has been in the sea since 1999 and the reason behind its presence, in the waterbody, is still unknown. This is why it is such a famous site with regard to exploration and snorkeling.

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3. Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs

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The major reason and highlight behind snorkeling in Aqaba are the coral reefs. The Red Sea has a huge number and variety of coral reefs strewn across the massive waterbody. Snorkelers get a chance to see the beauty of these corals and also notice the colorful marine life blooming in the sea. The coral reefs are beautiful but tourists are not allowed to take them out of the water as it may disturb its growth.

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Tips To Keep In Mind Before Snorkeling In Aqaba

There are various steps and procedures that have to be followed before deciding to go for any watersport in Aqaba. Snorkeling in Aqaba follows a similar process. So, the things to remember before going for an exciting journey in the sea are quite a few but essential for your benefit.

  • Please select the center or company of your choice where you would like to learn snorkeling and get training. After selecting, please call and book your slot at least a week prior to your expedition.
  • After booking a date, you will be called for training where you will learn hand gestures and various methods of precautions to be followed. You will also be informed about the use of each equipment and clothing material.
  • On the day of snorkeling, do not directly jump into the water from the shore. You will be taken to a specific snorkeling site on a glass bottom boat and will be helped into the water from the vessel.
  • Make sure that you have not eaten for the past 4 hours before snorkeling. Also, plan the hydro journey at least 12 hours before you travel to another place or country.
  • If you plan to snorkel without any experienced guide, it is advisable to not go for it alone. Have some friends or family members with you during snorkeling.
  • Ensure that you have all the important equipments and clothes for the snorkel. The oxygen tank is the major piece of equipment needed, so, trial test it outside the water too before going into the waves.
  • Memorize the visual of your boat or ship as you have to emerge from the water as soon you hear the calling whistle.
  • The cost of snorkeling in Aqaba is actually not that pricey. It is approximately JD 350 and goes even lower if you are already a professional snorkeler.

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Snorkeling in Aqaba is altogether a different experience for travelers and visitors. It is something that people try before going for full-fledged scuba dive. Snorkeling is a great way of viewing the colorful marine life and coral reefs of the sea. You do not get to see such wonders on the land, so let the underwater enthusiast in you fly and zip through the water and discover the secret life of fishes and dolphins. So what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags, gather your friends and family and plan a trip to Jordan. Drop by the mesmerizing city of Aqaba and go for the heart racing and famous watersports.

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