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The marvellous Sacred valley is a timeless place of the Incas who worked very hard to protect their heritage and at the same time they kept promoting their native culture. From the very beginning of the Incas empire, the valley has been used as the main region for agricultural experimentation. The area is currently a very popular tourist hot spot. The tourists who visit here get a taste of the Inca culture and the place offers a glimpse into the Peruvian history. The travelers explore the Inca fortress and the spectacular Machu Picchu.

The Sacred valley is a great place to visit in order to discover and learn how intelligent and hardworking were the Incas. Following is a tour guide for you to explore the Sacred valley, Peru across its length and breadth. Some Sacred valley facts along with the Sacred valley weather information is provided as well.

Best Time To Visit The Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley (around Pisaq), Peru

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The peak season is from June till August. The accommodation and tours are usually booked well in advance. The ideal time to visit the Sacred valley is right before the peak season in the month of April or May else after the peak season in the months of September or October before the rainy season begins. The weather is pleasant during these times and the place is less crowded.
The rains start from or after the month of October. The rains are fierce in here as its causes many landslides and disrupts the road transport. And the dry season witnesses sub zero temperatures mainly in the months of June and July.

Things To Do In Sacred Valley

Check out the list of things you can do while you are exploring the Sacred Valley in Peru. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Ollantaytambo Ruins

Ollantaytambo Ruins

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This is where Manco Inca Yupanqui fought the Spanish colonizers in 1537, the Inca fortress . The Inca fortress can be visited by climbing 200 plus steps that leads to a ceremonial center, the immensity of the Sacred valley can be seen from here. This is an incomplete yet best preserved Inca citadel present. The Inca trail starts from the town of Ollantaytambo to the citadel of Machu Picchu.

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2. Pisac Terraces

Pisac Terraces view

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Pisac is one of the first towns that you will find on the Sacred valley route. The metal works is what stands out in this town of artisans. Trueque is a millenary custom practiced here every Sunday. The most important landmark of Pisac is in the heights. You can find an archaeological complex where in is the largest pre hispanic cemetery of America. The agricultural terraces that descend the mountains are called andenes and is used till date. Pisac is among the most important archaeological site located in Peru.

3. Color Culture Chinchero

Shopping items

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The town of Chinchero is at 12342 feet from sea level. Here, the Quechua community weaves using ancient art of textiles with a certain thoroughness that they have inherited from the Incas. The tours here show you in what way they make and dye the garments or blankets. The Old Square here is a baroque style church, and will let one understand how the Spanish and Inca culture got mixed together.

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4. Skylodge Adventure Suites


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This is one very unique thing to experience in the Sacred valley. This is an air suspended hotel for the intrepid explorers. The capsule type suspended rooms can fit 12 number of people and all of these are 1300 feet from the ground. To get here you will need to be zip lining or reach there by climbing the mountain via ferrata. The stay needs to be booked at least two months in advance.

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5. Tambomachay


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This is an ancient Inca place that was mainly used for storage. Water was worshiped in this place. There is a hot spring nearby along with two waterfalls. The canals and aqueducts carry huge volume of water till date. The Tambomachay could have been a military post.

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6. Inca Science

Inca technology

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The Inca technology never stops to surprise the world. The archaeological complex in Moray is dedicated to agriculture. The people believe that the Incas built a laboratory where they used to domesticate the plants that came from unknown parts of the empire. The circular terraces are spectacular and the moisture level in the lower terraces is more than the ones above. Thus, it demonstrates a few microclimates which are essential for the growth of plants which are from other region or climate.

7. Salinas de Maras


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The Inca infrastructure still used by the people of Sacred valley are the Salinas de Maras which means salt ponds of Maras. There are 3000 salt ponds that were built by the mountain side and each family here owns at least one. The Sun evaporates the water and the salt then is ready to collect. The ponds can looks white or red depending on its stage of evaporation. The ponds from distance tend to look like an ancient city by the mountains.

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8. Sailing Milky Way

Milky Way

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Sacred valley receives all types of tourists throughout the year. The river Vilcabamba-Urubamba of Sacred valley was considered to the mirror image of the Milky way by the Incas. Rafting and kayaking in the river are two options if you are looking for extreme adventure.

9. Huchuy Qosqo

Huchuy Qosqo

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Huchuy Qosqo translates to little Cusco. This is an archaeological complex where the vestiges of citadel that is as important as Pisac and Ollantaytambo. This happened to be Inca Wiracocha beloved estate. The walk to Huchuy Qosqo takes about half a day and it looks like an old majestic Inca place.

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10. Qenqo

Large rock

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This is among the most intricate and intriguing archaeological site in Sacred valley. This happens to be an astronomical center of the Inca’s. this amphitheater has an underground chamber to save the secret rites and also has a mortuary hall. The place was used to worship the Pachamama, Quechua for mother earth and the Sun.

How To Reach Sacred Valley?

Green valley

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Sacred Valley covers over 100 kms of area. Cusco is the closest airport and visitors usually start by visiting Pisac first. Buses from both Pisac and Cusco are available and departs on hourly basis and costs you 3 to 4 Soles. There are taxis available as well but be warned that the taxis do drive fast along the mountain roads, they cost around 40 to 60 Soles. The collectivos are a cost effective and popular mode of transport here and is available throughout various locations. They cost about 5 to 6 Soles. As for packing carry all the basic necessities and pack clothes as per the time you wish to visit. Carry first aid kit and insect repellent that will come handy during forests.

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Here we have a detailed guide for a trip to the Sacred Valley, highlighting all major things including the weather, tour, altitude, places to go and several facts relating to Sacred Valley. It is advisable to carry a map of the Sacred Valley on your international vacation.

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