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Peru is an amazing place to have an adventurous trip at. If you haven’t seen the Machu Picchu then you must add it on your bucket list. If you are an avid traveler and desire to visit the beautiful places on earth you must visit, Moray Inca Ruin. This place is an archeological site in Peru and covers 50 kilometers at the northwest of Cuzco. The place is situated at the west of the Maras villages. Moray Inca ruin contains unusual Inca remnants, like many terraces in circular depression and it’s 30 meters deep. Although the real purpose of these circular depressions is not revealed yet, the features, design, orientation creates a different temperature like 15 0C from top to the bottom.

About Moray Inca Ruin

About Moray Inca Ruin

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The place will give you a bowl like impression and it looks like the Greek amphitheater. The huge terraces are at the center and they are very large in size, approximately 150 meters of depth. This thing leads to the bottom and this place never gets entirely flooded, no matter how much it rains. These terraces are divided by many staircases, and these extend to the upper side like a wheel. The most believed theory for this place is that it was planned for agricultural research place.

The temperature here varies from the top to the bottom, and this is the very thing that is similar to the modern greenhouses. This is thought that the Incas, used to experiment the climate changes issue on the corps. It is now believed that the Inca priests used to check the production of the corps in the Andean region. Another wonder is the water supply worked on the terraces. The lowest level never gets flooded even after a heavy rain, and the reason has been given that the bottom place is porous in Moray Inca ruin and has natural rocks, that prevents the waterlogging.

Best Time To Visit

Beautiful place

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You can visit the Moray (Inca ruin) from May to September, as these are the dry season in there. However, you can always visit the place during the month of October, because of the festive season in there. The local people gather at the place to pray to toe the Moray Raymi, and they drink and eat in the celebration of good harvest. In reality, they actually offer their prayers to the Sun. So if you are intrigued to experience how the local people live there and to see the Inca religion in front of your eyes you can always visit in October.

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10 Things To Do In Moray Inca Ruin

Moray Inca Ruin is a marvellous place to visit and a things to do list will make your trip more exciting. Take a look!

1. Pisac Market

Market products

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This place is located close to Cusco and has a local market of the region. You can get several arts and crafts here, and you can always go on a souvenir shopping spree in this small market. Once you are in Peru and are visiting Moray Inca Ruin, you must explore this market if you love shopping.

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2. Ollantaytambo Ruins & Town

Town view

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This place is located at the side of the Sacred Valley, and you will get to see the cobbled streets and small cafes on the roadside. This very town is the proof of Inca Township. Try to visit the chocolate museum here. The Inca ruins of this place are located at the side of the stonework of Machu Picchu, and these places were used by the Emperor Pachacuti.

3. Paragliding


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If you love a little thrill and want to experience the adrenaline rush, then you must get along with paragliding in this place. Get the panoramic view of the sacred valley and you won’t need any experience with the flying. All the adventure lovers should definitely try paragliding in Peru.

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4. White River Rafting

White River Rafting

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Get on with the white river rafting and visit the Inca ruins from the raft. This very thing is very challenging and you can have this adventure with your friends. You can also try out the mountain biking, and have your journey through the dirt roads at the side of Inca ruins.

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5. The Salt Pans

The Salt Pans view

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Experience the Moray terraces, and get amazed by the ancient agriculture of the Incas. The site is located in Moray near Maras. This very place is famous for its local salt evaporation ponds.

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6. Action Valley Zip-Lining

Action Valley Zip-Lining

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Action valley is filled with so many daunting adventures and one of them is ziplining. This place has South America’s highest bungee jumping and the zipline is of 110 meters. You can book this zip line tour which includes 5 hours including a trek through the jungle, lunch, and you will get an option for quad bike tour as well.

7. Weaving Cooperatives

Weaving Cooperatives

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Visit the local Inca people of the place. Buy their crafts and get to know about the ancestors. As weaving is a very popular craft in Peru, the local people will even let you try out the weaving.

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8. Golden Cola

Cola view

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Try out the Golden or Inca cola in here. Golden cola has all the rights to the drink and it’s available in Peru only. The drink has a greenish color and it tastes different and this is on you to find out.

9. Guy

Delicious food

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This is actually a guinea pig roasted or fried. You can surely try this local food out in here. Peruvian people have this food for 5000 years, and every restaurant has this item. This food is also not for the faint-hearted people, because you are trying out fried or roasted guinea pigs and this is not the food you generally eat.

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10. Skylodge


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Stay in the coolest hotel and that is Skylodge. These are small glass rooms that hang from the cliff, and if you love stargazing, then you must opt this option. The Skylodge isn’t cheap and it is situated 40 minutes away from Cusco, but if you want the amazing view of the sacred valley then the extra price will be worth it.

How To Reach?

Taxi view

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To reach the moray Inca ruin in Peru you can take a taxi from the Cusco or buses are also available from there. The bus will take 2 hours to reach the place. You can always take a trip from Urubamba or Ollantaytambo and start your journey from there. If you take a taxi from Cusco it will take 80 soles for one way journey. Also, if you have less time you can ask the hotel or your tour guide for a short time journey to the sacred valley. You will have to buy the tickets at Cusco and it takes 70 soles. Moray entrance fee IS $15 to $25. The complete tour tickets from Cusco costs, 130 soles.

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Try spending some amazing days at Moray Inca ruins and have your heart find peace in ancient Inca ruins. If you have come to look for adventure and adrenaline rush, you will get that from here too. Take your time visiting the place also, and try out the adventures such as paragliding, river rafting, and mountain biking to have the best memories from this entire place. You can always try out the Skylodge, even though it’s pricey but it will give you a lifetime experience and your money will not be wasted in any way. So, now when you are aware about all the details about Moray Inca Ruin, plan your international vacation soon!

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