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Undoubtedly one of the most romantic places on earth, Santorini lets you explore every aspect of a romantic vacation. The island is surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides offering the most beautiful views ever. The phenomenal resorts and Santorini honeymoon villas are spilled over the cliffs like white marbles shining like stars at night.

There can’t be any place as romantic as this one earth for couples who totally want to immerse themselves in luxury and romantic vistas on their honeymoon. The Greeks are proud of their legacy and are willing to go to any extreme to make your honeymoon as wonderful as a fairytale.

3-star honeymoon villas in Santorini

1. Virginia’s Cave Villas, Oia

an outside pool overlooking a sea

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Built on the volcanic rock, near Castle in the Agios Nikolaos area, Virginia’s Cave Villas is one of the best Santorini honeymoon villas and a great place for the stunning sunset views. The location is such that the villas offers mesmerizing views of the caldera. Also, they have traditional cave-style rooms equipped with luxurious amenities like personal pool and a balcony overlooking the calm sea waters.

The best things about the villa: Serene views of the caldera and proximity from the sunset point
Average tariff: INR 20,000 per night

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2. Turquoise Tranquility Villa, Oia

terrace of Turquoise Tranquility villa in Santorini

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In the heart of the small town of Oia, lies the charming Turquoise Tranquility villa. The three church domes in front of the villa attract tourists and photographers from all over the world, and is probably one of the most photographed places on Santorini Island. The incredibly captivating Cycladic architecture and its luxurious rooms attract many newlyweds. The cave-house has a tunnel which leads to a balcony and a veranda with a magical view of the sea. All this makes  Turquoise Tranquility one of the finest and luxurious honeymoon villas in Santorini.

The best things about the villa: Other that the beautiful views and the finest luxury? It’s the instagram-worthy blue domes
Average tariff: INR 24,000 per night

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3. Onar Villas, Oia

the gorgeous Onar Villa at night

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Tucked away on a hillside in a beautiful Imerovigli village, Onar Villas consists of five traditional houses and a special modern house called Camellia Villa. All the houses have a panoramic view of the volcano and the caldera. It is settled in an absolutely serene and splendid place that inspires romance. Each villa comes with a private pool, large balcony, and colourful roof garden.

The best things about the villa: Extremely warm staff and a romantic boat ride organized by the staff
Average tariff: INR 30,000 per night

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4-star honeymoon villa in Santorini

4. Santorini Windmill Villas, Imerovigli

a garden terrace of a windmill style villa

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Among the best honeymoon villas in Santorini, The Santorini Windmill Villas are situated on the north-east coast of the island, right in the middle of Fira. The beautiful location offers panoramic view of the neverending Aegean Sea. The crimson reflection of the rising sun on the sea waters can be witnessed right from your balcony and room. Each villa in the complex is completely independent, equipped with private terrace pool, and a colourful garden, thus making it an ideal villa for honeymoon couples.

The best things about the villa: A delicious breakfast and absolutely comfortable beds
Average tariff: INR 20,000 per night

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5. Celestia Grand, Fira

Top view of Celestial Grand at night

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Celestia Grand is a perfect hideaway for romantic couples who want to get lost in the beauty of the deep blue Aegean Sea. The minimal decor, the comfort, and mesmerizing views of the volcanic landscapes from the cliff attract newlyweds. You’re going to love the private pool overlooking the spectacular volcanic and sea views.

The best things about the villa: Other than the luxury and the stunning views, it’s the extremely courteous staff and a bottle of Santorini wine for couples on arrival.
Average tariff: INR 30,000 per night

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6. Pegasus Villas, Imerovigli

infinity pool at the terrace of Pegasus villas

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Beautifully set over the cliff, Pegasus Villa is a unique blend of modern and traditional architecture. This luxurious villa is a perfect retreat for a newlywed couple planning for a carefree and memorable vacation. It has exterior Jacuzzi overlooking the sea, a private pool, restaurant, and a pool bar for a comfortable and relaxed vacation. This is the best opportunity to enjoy the magic and the mystery of this romantic island with your love.

The best things about the villa: Delicious food with dramatic views
Average tariff: INR 25,000 per night

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7. Blue Canaves Villa, Oia

terrace pool with cabanas around at Blue Canaves Villa

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Perched about 150 meters above the gleaming blue waters of the caldera, Blue Canaves Luxury Villa is among the finest Santorini honeymoon villas. The villa once served as a winery and a cellar, which can be seen in its vaulted ceilings and arched openings. It combines the warm atmosphere and luxurious amenities to provide an unforgettable experience to honeymooners. The sensual living room with double Jacuzzi and a romantic bedroom are surely going to win your hearts.

The best things about the villa: The most beautiful and romantic cave-style rooms with absolute privacy
Average tariff: INR 35,000 per night

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5-star honeymoon villas in Santorini

8. Oia Mansion, Oia

Luxury Jacuzzi pool at terrace of Oia Mansion at night

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Oia Mansion is a landmark and a point of reference for the island, yes, it’s that popular in Santorini. The glorious ambience, the vaulted ceilings, extremely stunning chandeliers, rare antique furnitures, and hand-finished oak floors give this villa a supreme look. You can sit in your Oia Mansion’s balcony and see the sun hide behind the sea while having a glass of Ouzo with your love, oh, so romantic! These unbelievably alluring views make this place a perfect hideout for couples in love.

The best things about the villa: Delicious authentic Greek food and the best sunset point
Average tariff: INR 40,000 per night

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9. Grace Santorini Villa, Imerovigli

terrace pool at Grace Santorini Villa overlooking the volcanic landscapes

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Celebrate your honeymoon in the unmatched luxury of Grace Santorini Villa with your love. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the azure sky and a calm ocean from your very own balcony. Meticulously designed and planned, this villa’s amenities make your stay truly special. From a 3D satellite TV to a personal Jacuzzi, it has everything a couple would need.

The best things about the villa: The champagne bar and the infinity pool
Average tariff:
INR 60,000 per night

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10. Villa Estelle, Imerovigli

Interior of luxurious Villa Estella room with a pool in balcony

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Settled on the caldera’s highest point on Santorini Island, lies a quaint village of Imerovigli, where lies the beautiful Villa Estelle. The villa has the best terrace offering absolutely gorgeous view of the island of Thirasia and Aegean Sea. There are sun loungers on the terrace for you to enjoy the lovely sunset or lie under the star-studded sky with your partner. With large windows, white furniture, traditional arches, and utmost luxury, this villa provides a sense of comfort and coziness to newlyweds.

The best things about the villa: It’s mainly known for its awe-inspiring views
Average tariff: INR 80,000 per night

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If luxury and beauty is all you expect from your romantic vacation, your best bet is to spend your honeymoon days in one of these Santorini honeymoon villas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Santorini Honeymoon Villas

Which is the best hotel in Santorini?

Grace Santorini in Imerovigli, Katikies Hotel in Oia, Astra Suites in Imerovigli, and Athina Luxury Suites in Fira are some of the best Santorini honeymoon places.

Where should I stay in Santorini?

Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli are counted among the best places to stay in Santorini as they are several romantic places to explore as well as luxurious hotels that are perfect for a romantic stay.

Is Santorini good for honeymoon?

Yes, Santorini is one of the most beautiful places to explore in the world with your loved one. You will find several boutique hotels that are luxurious and provide some of the best services to couples.

How do I plan a honeymoon to Santorini?

From watching the sunset in Oia to riding in the most romantic Catamaran Cruise, there are several activities and places that you should include while planning your honeymoon in Santorini

Which is the best month to visit Santorini?

June to September is marked as the best time to explore the beaches in Santorini as the weather is pleasant to have a laid-back day on the beach. For sightseeing, good views, and hiking, March, May, October, and November mark the best months to explore Santorini.

What should I buy in Santorini?

While exploring the markets in Santorini, you will find many wooden art pieces and volcanic scrub stones that you must buy here. Apart from this, you can also buy Santorini wine which redefines this drink.

How long should you stay in Santorini?

You must stay in Santorini for at least a week to explore the top tourist attractions and indulge in the best activities that this place has to offer.

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