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Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, is a beautiful place to travel to and explore. The mountains and the alpine lakes will leave you totally mesmerized. It is also a hub of culture and art. The vibrant and colourful place will leave one asking for more. Also, the lip-smacking food of the city deserves a special mention. There might not be much of history here, but the beauty of the place makes it worth a visit. There are a number of bars and clubs that one can visit to experience the Bishkek Nightlife. The place has a vibrant nightlife. Various small clubs and bars form a major part of Bishkek. And many young travelers and tourists find the city quite delightful.

Bishkek Nightlife: 8 Best Places To Visit For Fun

Bishkek is a hub of nightclubs and bars where one can have an amazing nightlife experience. Here is a list of places that you can visit to witness Bishkek nightlife:

  • Promzona Club
  • Coyote Bar
  • Center Bar
  • Cheback Pub
  • Bar 12
  • Retro Metro Nightclub
  • Save The Ales
  • Munchen Pub

1. Promzona Club

Promzona Club

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It is one of the top clubs in Bishkek. The interiors of the club will add on to your experience. Located in Cholpon-Ata St, it is one of the oldest clubs in Bishkek. One can groove and dance on the dj for the whole night without getting tired. Rock music is their speciality. Many times, the club also hosts live performances. The entry to this club will cost you around 450 INR. One added advantage about visiting this club is that there is no strict dress code to enter this club and enjoy.

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2. Coyote Bar

Coyote Bar

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Located in Togolok Moldo St, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Coyote Bar is famous for providing the typical night club fun to the visitors. It can be a bit expensive when compared to other bars and pubs in the area but will not leave you disappointed. But, the place remains highly crowded, so if you don’t like too much of a crowd, then you can avoid visiting this bar.

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3. Center Bar

Center Bar

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Located in Chuy Ave, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Centre Bar provides great food and service to the guests. It also provides an option of outdoor seating to the guests where they can enjoy the amazing Bishkek city nightlife. One can savour on Japanese and European cuisine in the bar. The location of the bar adds on to the value it provides to the guests. It also houses a karaoke bar for those who love to sing their hearts out.

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4. Cheback Pub

Cheback Pub

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It is without any doubt one of the best places in Bishkek to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city. Enjoy the European and Mexican cuisines as you party with your friends. There is live music in the pub at night which adds on to the alluring experience that this nightclub provides. This stylish bar will leave you asking for more.

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5. Bar 12

Bar 12

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Located in Razzakov St in Bishkek, it is one of the most happening bars of Bishkek. The bar finds it place in the top seven bars in Bishkek to enjoy nightlife. The excellent food and the exceptional service of the bar, would make you love the place surely. Do visit this bar to have an amazing experience of Bishkek Nightlife. The dance floor will add on to your experience. One can also enjoy under the open air at night and enjoy the mesmerizing experience provided by the bar.

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6. Retro Metro Nightclub

Retro Metro Nightclub

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Located in Aitmatova Ave in Bishkek, this nightclub opens at nine at night and remains open till six in the morning. One can enjoy the retro hits along with the modern music in this nightclub. The brightest of music will leave you asking for more. This modern nightclub will leave you with a totally relaxing experience. The place is crazy with energy and leaves the guests full of enthusiasm and energy. It is one of the best places to visit to enjoy the nightlife in Bishkek.

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7. Save The Ales

Save The Ales

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Save The Ales is an all women run brewery. The place has an amazing ambience and offers American and Vietnamese cuisine to the guests. There is also a Thai cafe in the bar. There is also a backyard towards the end of this cafe which makes this place all the more cool. One can find the best craft beer of Bishkek here. The hospitable and friendly staff will leave you wanting to visit the place again.

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8. Munchen Pub

Munchen Pub

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The amazing ambience of this club attracts the travelers to enjoy in this German themed pub. The club has all the western options for food which is very delicious. The club runs throughout the night till six in the morning. One can enjoy the Bishkek Nightlife in very reasonable prices here. The aura of the place will drive you crazy and asking for more.

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Planning a trip to Bishkek? These lively nightclubs and bars in Bishkek will leave you asking for more. The Bishkek nightlife will leave you totally mesmerized. Party the whole night and you will not get tired. So, don’t forget to experience the Bishkek Nightlife. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a vacation to Bishkek with TravelTriangle and have an amazing experience.

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