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Korea, situated in East Asia is a top tourist destination. It offers various amazing experiences to the travelers. Apart from that people visit Korea for winter sports and to enjoy various traditional and interesting festivals such as the mud festival. Around 12 million people visit Korea every year making tourism one of the most flourishing industries in Korea. And this is the reason one can find amazing restaurants in Korea. These restaurants will leave you asking for more as they offer delicious food along with a unique and alluring ambience. We have listed for you some restaurants in Korea that never fail to impress the travelers with their service and food.

10 Best Restaurants in Korea For Delicious Food

Korea has a number of restaurants which offer lip-smacking and delicious food. Here we have listed top 10 restaurants in Korea for you to have an exciting eating experience.

1. Jungsik Seoul

Jungsik Seoul

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Located in South Korea, it is one of the best restaurants in Korea. One can find amazing korean food here and to add to your excitement, it is not that expensive as well. Also, one more added point about this restaurant is that it uses most of the traditional ingredients and serves them with a modern twist. It is also one of the Asia’s 50 best restaurants. This Korean restaurant will provide an amazing eating experience for sure.

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2. Braai Republic

Braai Republic

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Located in Seoul, South Korea, one can find African cuisine and barbeque in this restaurant. One unique and exciting thing about this restaurant is that it serves food in home style cooking. It serves meat pies that are freshly baked and it is one of the best things about this restaurant. It is one of the top Seoul Korean Restaurant and is a must visit. The traditional and delicious South African food is just amazing and totally lip-smacking. You will definitely have an amazing experience.

3. The Parkview

The Parkview

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This restaurant in Korea offers international, Asian and Korean cuisines. Located in South Korea, this restaurant also offers vegetarian and vegan food options to the travelers. Also, the place is famous for its Sunday brunch. The place provides the best buffet in Korea without any doubt. You will surely have an amazing dining experience in this restaurant.

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4. Sanchon


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Founded by a Buddhist monk, it is a top vegan restaurant in South Africa. It offers Asian and Korean cuisines. What is special about here is that the food is prepared with natural ingredients and there is no use of artificial additives. The ambience of the restaurant is also unique with music and lanterns. Buddhist artworks add to the ambience of the place. Korean dance performance is also organized on a regular basis in the restaurant for the guests.

5. Gurkha Indian Restaurant

Gurkha Indian Restaurant

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Located in Myeongdong, this restaurant offers Chinese, Indian and Nepalese food to the guests. One can find fulfilling and delicious food here which is worth the amount paid for. The traditional cuisines offered in this restaurant are just amazing. The ambience is good and the prices are also reasonable in this restaurant. Don’t forget to try the Indian food of this restaurant as you visit Korea.

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6. La Yeon

La Yeon

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Taste the traditional Korean food in an elegant style. One of the best restaurants in Korea, this Korean restaurant also holds a Michelin 3 star rating. This high end restaurant will leave you asking for more surely. The beautifully presented food leaves the guests pleases. Have your food with stunning view. The beautiful interiors of the place leave the guests asking for more. Don’t forget to reserve a table and have lip-smacking food in this restaurant.

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7. Cook and Book

Cook and Book

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Located in South Korea, it is one of the top rated restaurants of Korea. The restaurant offers amazing vegan food options to the guests. The cute interior and the friendly staff of the place will add on to your experience of the place. And its delicious food makes it worthy of visiting. One can also find delicious vegan sweets in this restaurant. And don’t forget to try the vegan eggplant lasagna offered by this restaurant.

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8. Korea House

Korea House

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This place is much more than a restaurant. Apart from the delicious food, it also offers entertainment to the guests. The guests can enjoy some amazing cultural performances along with lip-smacking food. The cultural show will keep you rooted to this place. It is one of the best places to experience and enjoy Korean culture. Visit the place at night and it will leave you mesmerized. So, don’t forget to visit this Korean restaurant on your visit to Korea.

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9. Ganges Restaurant

Ganges Restaurant

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As the name also suggests, it is an Indian restaurant. The restaurant offers delicious food combined with an amazing ambience. Savour on the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian food that this restaurant offers. The tandoor dishes are the specialty of this restaurant. It is a great Indian restaurant in Korea without any doubt.

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10. Maple Tree House

Maple Tree House

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It is a very famous and premier barbeque chain with operations in Korea since 2005. This restaurant has become a premium dining space offering the best barbeque. This family restaurant in Korea will surely leave you mesmerized with its beautiful interiors. Do visit Maple Tree House
for some amazing food undoubtedly.

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Do you love trying different types of food cuisines? And if you are visiting Korea, then you are bound to find some absolutely amazing restaurants in Korea. These restaurants in Korea will add on to your trip and you will find yourself in a totally heavenly abode. So what are you waiting for? Plan a vacation to Korea with TravelTriangle and have an alluring experience. Don’t forget to try the food there as you go on exploring the amazing country.

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