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    scenic places in vagamon

    Vagamon in Kerala is a small hill station that emerges from within the borders of Idukki District. This sleepy town, which was once a quiet and forgotten land is now the eye of major tourist activity.One of the must-visit places in Kerala, Vagamon is one of the very few places in India that is still not touched by commercialization. Despite its remoteness, the place is very easily accessible and offers up a mélange of sights close to nature that city dwellers would pay anything to have.

    The town with its bunch of tourist places in Vagamon is a treat for everyone. Before you leave this hilly town, there are a few spectacular places to visit in Vagamon. The tourist places near Vagamon are also worth adding to your itinerary.

    Places to visit in Vagamon you can’t miss

    1. Vagamon Pine Forest

    view of the pine forests

    Image Source

    The first place to hit in Vagamon leaving all other tourist places in Vagamon out if you are a forest lover is the Pine Forest. A popular shooting spot for movie makers, this sparse wood is originally a manmade one. Created during the British Raj, the forest still stands overlookinf the enchanting valley. The Maramala Falls and this are the twin greatest attractions of Vagamon.

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    2. Marmala Waterfall

    natural beauty

    Image Source

    Marmala Waterfall, located along the Erattupetta route is one of the top places to visit in Vagamon. A place as pristine and unspoiled as Vagamon itself, Marmala is a 131′ waterfall nestled amidst thick greenery. Falling inside what is officially a private estate, the waterfall was an obscure spot even until a few years. The Marmala Waterfall is fast turning into one of the most visited tourist places in Vagamon.

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    3. Thangal Para

    huge rock viewpoint

    Image Source

    Although recognized as a place of pilgrim, Thangalpara is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Vagamon. Thangalpara, as the name goes refers to a huge rock that sits at the edge of a precipice that was once the resting place of the Hasrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba, a revered Sufi Saint.

    4. Barren Hills

    sightseeing of barren hill

    Image Source

    Although the name does not do much to grab the attention of the visitors, the Barren Hills of Vagamon is one of the most enticing places to visit in Vagamon. Different in each season, the hills change from lush to bare as the cycle of season rolls on. This is one place to be if you want to experience all the four seasons in Kerala.

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    5. Vagamon Lake

    surroundings of hills and greenery

    Image Source

    The Vagamon Lake is a spectacular sightseeing location within the borders of this town. A perfect companion to this sleep, quiet town of Kerala, the lake is bordered by hilly elevations that are clothed in verdant greenery. The Vagamon Lake is not a huge one but is big enough for boating, rowing, and similar water activities. It’s one of the highest-rated Vagamon tourist spots.

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    6. Mundakayam Ghat

    sunrise and sunset point

    Image Source

    Blue peaks and above them hang a smoky gray sky. That’s how Mundakayam Ghat looks most days. A popular sunrise and sunset point and one among the most highly recommended Vagamon places to visit, the rocky and unfavorable road leading up to this place makes it all the most elusive.

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    7. Vagamon Fall

    scenic destination for couples

    Image Source

    A second fall that makes it to the Vagamon tourist places list, the Vagamon falls makes a scenic destination for a short couple of hour’s day trip. Although quite small, its milky water and scenic surroundings make it worth a halt.

    8. Idukki Dam

    overview of dam

    Image Source

    The Idukki Dam across the beautiful Periyar River is a geometric marvel. The construct of the dam which is a double curvature arch gravitates people all over the country and enlists itself as one of the Vagamon Kerala tourist places. Overlooking a scene that equals to a painter’s imagination, this place is a must-see for anyone and everyone who admires nature.

    If you’re on a trip to a lesser known yet incredibly scenic destination in Kerala, Vagamon is the place for you. Have you got a new place to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Vagamon


    Q. What is Vagamon famous for?

    A. Vagamon is one of the most beautiful towns in Kerala. This quaint town is famous for its astounding places to visit, beautiful meadow, tea gardens, and green valleys.

    Q. Is Vagamon worth visiting?

    A. From terrific hotels to enticing must do’s, Vagamon has a lot to offer to all travelers and you should definitely explore the places to visit in Vagamon as they will make your vacation extra special for sure.

    Q. What is the best time to visit Vagamon?

    A. Vagamon is an adorable town that looks breathtakingly beautiful in monsoon season and if you are wondering about the best time to visit it then you must visit it between June to September.

    Q. Is Vagamon safe?

    A. Yes, Vagamon is completely safe for a vacation and a lot of travelers visit it all round the year.

    Q. How can I go to Vagamon from Bangalore?

    A. You can easily take a direct flight from Bangalore to Vagamon and reach in around 1 hour. You can also board a train from Bangalore to Vagamon or reach the town by hiring a taxi. The road journey will take around 11 hours 18 minutes.

    Q. Which are the best restaurants in Vagamon?

    A. If you are a food lover and are looking for the best restaurants in Vagamon then you should visit the famous ones like The Green House Restaurant and Palozhukumpara Restaurant.

    Q. What can I shop for in Vagamon?

    A. You can shop for Tea, Coffee, Cinamon and handmade chocolates on your vacation in Vagamon.

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