Portugal is a land of sparkling contradictions. Let’s have a look at the Portugal travel guide which comprises the rolling mountains that follow the Douro Valley to Roman vestiges and medieval cobblestone lanes in Porto, to the vigorous cosmopolitan vitality of Lisbon; it’s no surprise this European masterpiece has aroused the excitement of travelers from across the globe. This year, the limelight is well and positively on Portugal – and this compelling tourist destination will not deceive. Here we have described the entire destination that you should visit and also have mentioned the peak and low season when to visit and when to avoid visiting Portugal,

When To Visit Portugal?


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Peak Season: June to September

While there is not any wicked time to tour Portugal, as it relies on what you aspire to watch, though if you desire to bypass huge crowds and high expenses, it is best to dodge the periods of July to August. If you are looking for the best Portugal travel guide that can help you in the perfect projection of your tour, then you can get it from here. Throughout this period, you can suspect scorching temperatures and hiked costs as this is when utmost Europeans move here for their vacation weekends.

Low Season: December to March

With approximate temperatures just 9°C in some sections of Portugal, the base period is much cooler and is distinguished by heavy rainfall. Few tourists are spotted in the southern parts of Portugal as various hotels and beach thorps close for the wintertime. Accommodation might also be restricted in few parts, as periodically features and encompassing eateries will close throughout this season

Best Places To Visit In Portugal

If you’re projecting a tour to Portugal, here are essential tips for first trips to Portugal and comprehensive list of places to visit in Portugal. Hope you enjoy them all.

1. Lisbon

Lisbon city view

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It’s difficult to overlook the charm that Lisbon occupies. With iconic neighborhoods like Belém to the sheer, cobblestoned alleys of Alfama, Lisbon has no curtailment of contemporary neighborhoods and communities to keep you amused. Make certain you tour iconic constructions such as the Praça do Comércio, Castelo de São Jorge, and the São Roque Church for an elegant exhibition of Baroque architecture.

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2. Sintra


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There is no apology not to tour Sintra, as it is simply a quick train trip from Lisbon. Sintra is significantly like a fairytale community and is dashed with turreted dwellings set among verdant hills. When in Sintra, travelers solely must tour the Pena Palace of 19th-century, extravagantly outfitted in late Victorian vogue and building, and is decorated earthenware sculptures and oil sketches.

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3. Porto

Porto view at night

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This humble small seaside town is loaded with sufficient art and culture to meet your inner-explorer and presents unique chances to tick off striking monuments on the riverside saunter, incorporating the Porto Cathedral in entire its Romanesque brilliance, the San Francisco cathedral, and the Bolsa Palace. If you discover yourself in Porto on the vacation weekend, a tour to Mercado Bolhao is a must-do.

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4. Madeira

Sky high view

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Merely a stone's throw apart from the continent, the archipelago of Madeira is a spot to staggeringly magnificent hills, natural beaches and a food view to emulating other towns around the globe. Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin were both told to have constantly toured this rare island, so great to walk in their footprints and uncover out what turns this island so fascinating.

5. The Algarve

Beautiful place

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Bragging few of the high-grade beaches in Portugal (or Europe, for that concern), the Algarve is the southernmost province in Portugal and a must-visit for those who are passionate to beaches. From the similarities of Lagos to the drowsy city of Tavira, there are adventures aplenty inside the Algarve. Make assured you rest down for a seafood meal in Albufeira, an ancient fishing community where the produce is as pristine as you can perceive.

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6. Óbidos

Amazing place

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Historic, Majestic, and Enchanting. This must indicate we’re viewing at the exclusive fortified city of Óbidos – an antiquated getaway. Here, you can suspect to find colorful clumps of houses erected with conventional architecture and stuffed with exotic flowers, and though you are there, you can traverse the adjacent fishing community of Peniche.

Things To Do In Portugal

With its striking beaches, wholesome countryside, friendly people, and delicious local food, Portugal are, unsurprisingly, among Europe’s most famous touring destinations.

1. Taste the Portuguese Port Wine

Portuguese Port Wine

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Port wine, commonly just introduced to as a port, is unquestionably Portugal's most popular export. But you haven't literally taken port till you have assayed its infinite forms in Portugal.
Tour Porto and visit the producers' cellars, where you will get to know about how the port is prepared and taste few of the most prominent port types, or trip the Douro valley where the statistics are raised.

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2. Listen to Some Fado

Listen to Some Fado

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Fado is Portuguese Folk Music, and it has two main varieties, the Coimbra style, and the more upbeat mournful Lisbon style titled after the towns they were formed in. Try and visit them both! You can reserve your own place at various bars across the town.​

3. Hit the Beach!

Beach view

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The Algarve region of Southern Portugal has a fantastic coastline with stunning waters and fabulous beaches. You can get whatever sort of beach you are searching for, whether for sunbathing or swimming, isolated or whole of fellow sun worshippers. Since the beaches are in the most southwestern point, like Sagres, give excellent surfing provisions.

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4. Explore the Douro Valley

Douro Valley view

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The name of port wine derives from the town of Porto, the Douro valley. The wineries are literally placed here (Porto is where the wine is aged, packed in bottles and deposited) and are the traditional demarcated wine area on the planet.

Visiting the scenery of the Douro valley will surely amuse you, even if you are not interested in port or its manufacturing process.

5. Explore the Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary

Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary

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Bom Jesus do Monte is a spiritual sanctuary just outward of Braga, hardly take an hour from Porto. Perched on the peak of a mountain are gardens and a church, which you can either walk up the fantastic zig-zagging staircase or get the funicular up to. Try getting the funicular up to the tip and stepping below the stairs since every steering has something exciting to watch.

6. Experience the nightlife in Lisbon

nightlife in Lisbon

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The Bairro Alto region has acknowledged the site to run for a night out in the town. When the sun falls down the horizon indicates one thing – it’s an occasion to cheer. And while the town appears active late at twilight, it’s not confined to the party goers. Tourists can go bar hopping, or feast outside late at night, or the grab a late night theatre concert.

7. Surf at the beaches

Surfing in water

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With the expanding reputation of surf camps along the shore of Portugal, it only presents insight for you to learn to surf a few of the high-grade beaches in the realm. If you’re an upper-level surfer, take a summary of Praia do Norte, just outside the casting village of Nazaré. You can also get a highly reliable and trusted northern Portugal travel guide from here. If you are a newcomer, tour the beaches of Ericeira for a moderate initiation.

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As per the best of our expert knowledge we have discussed above the comprehensive Portugal travel guide that will lead you to let you reach the perfect destinations. It will help you plan an amazing trip to Portugal as you will know where to go and where not. Hope the details that we have mentioned above are sufficient, but in case you are craving to grab more, feel free to reach out to us; we will be glad to help you out!

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